Sep 16th, 2019
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  1. Update 2:
  2. New tutorial
  3. -Updated tutorial with more control explanations
  4. -Clearer objectives
  6. Mini Map
  7. -See your objectives with the mini map, turn it off in the Main Menu for full immersion
  9. New settings
  10. -Aiming sensitivity slider in Main Menu
  11. -Mini Map toggle
  12. -Revised "Clear Progress" option
  14. Bird Guides
  15. -Call the birds to guide you in your travels. If they can, they will help.
  17. Revised levels
  18. -Slight level updates
  20. Revised Dog Follow
  21. -If your dog is far away, choose Follow in the dog menu to bring him close
  23. Bug fixes
  24. -Carry sound volume on new level
  25. -Cursor hides when using controller
  26. -Aim camera sensitivity
  27. -Tutorial fixes
  28. -Refined controls
  29. -Aiming is now default when equipping bow and arrow
  31. Update 1:
  32. Small revisions to the tutorial (more to come)
  33. Changed default settings when using bow and arrow. Aiming is now default
  34. Information regarding hub level
  35. Running is now the default state
  36. Carrying the son is now default
  37. Revised Main Menu intro level
  38. Small fixes to first level
  39. Gameplay option for survival or casual mode on initial setup (see main menu settings to toggle survival mode)
  40. Bug fixes
  41. Performance optimization
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