Apr 9th, 2018
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  1. Lostbelt No. 1 Eternally Frozen Empire - Anastasia The Imperial Princess of the Beast Country
  3. Chapter 1
  4. The Empire of the Beasts
  6. PART I
  8. *Since it's a self named character, the character name used in the translation will be Ritsuka Fujimaru*
  10. ??? "...Alright, hup."
  12. ??? "...Shit things are getting rough. Another 3 would be required judging from the smell. If I don't pin it down now, winter's going to be the end of me dying from hunger for good. I guess I have to stick around further..."
  14. *Roar*
  16. ??? "...urgh!"
  18. *slash*
  20. ??? "Shit, it's the Krichats"
  22. *bang* *bang* *bang*
  24. ??? "Shit! Take this!"
  26. *Kick*
  28. ??? "Die! Die! Eat this....and die!"
  30. *Splat*
  32. ??? "Hah, Hah, Hah....Shit, what a waste!"
  34. *Splat*
  36. ??? "Sigh...shit, the brain leaked has to be at least this or else.......My stomach's...growling...anything but dying from starvation..."
  38. *shakes*
  40. ??? "....Earthquake! Is that huge thing coming out? Guess there goes all the worry about dying from starvation...Aaah, shit. It's cold, and it's especially cold today...and Oprichniki might be listening in as usual...Guess this winter will make things a little more rougher than usual. Even so, what the hell is that, that huge ----- tower lookalike tree anyway..."
  42. ------This is a history where one walks hand-in-hand with the phantasmal beasts.
  43. The unceasing snow storms, and humans have reached its unique evolution in order to go against those phantasmal beasts that keeps multiplying.
  44. Weak equals evil, losing means death, while the tough and mighty, lauded and praised as the absolute justice.
  45. In this eternally frozen world where the theory of the weak are victims of the strong is brought to its logical conclusion,
  46. Come Ritsuka Fujimaru and the others, with their foot stepping into this diverged history----------
  48. -----
  50. Fujimaru woke up
  52. Fou "Fou? Fou!"
  54. Fujimaru "....Good morning, Fou..."
  56. Fou "Fou. Fou, foou."
  58. Fujimaru "A week passed...Guess I'm one step closer in calling this Border's room my third home..."
  60. Fou "Fou? Fou."
  62. *knock* *knock* *knock*
  64. Mash "...Good morning, senpai. Are you awake?"
  66. Fujimaru "Of course, I'm up"
  68. Mash "I'm glad you are. Please excuse me as I've brought you breakfast. I guess today we're having army rations again...and that, only 6 days worth of rations left."
  70. Fujimaru "....Thank you. Time to dig in."
  72. ---
  74. Mash "We're currently still diving within the imaginary realm and it has been approximately one week since. Though we detected no signs of further pursue from the enemy who suppressed Chaldea...we're uncertain and worried whether this situation will continue. Our universe is composed of the concept we call "Time". Originally, "Time" has always been about the present without the past nor future, and as long as the time stacks and moves forward, we will face no problems even if we experience any disorder on the time before and after. However ---- In this imaginary number realm, the time does not pile. As long as we remain in this realm though we may not face any degradation in aging whatsoever, there is no saying what will happen once we enter back into the normal realm. We might not see a second passed by, and similarly a time worth hundreds of years may have passed since. Taking a fairy tale as an example, it's the same as having a Rip van Winkle feeling. Even if a phenomenon similar to Pandora's Box were to occur, it should not surprise us one bit.
  76. Ritsuka "That sounds...scary. Aren't we going to surface?"
  78. Mash "If we manage to secure a route, we will be. Our new director Goldorf has been proposing that we should hold a meeting on looking into the possibility of surfacing at 7 every morning so...looks like we're having the meeting soon. Let us head to the control room then, Senpai."
  80. Fou "Fou, foou!"
  82. ---
  84. Mash "Even so, the interior of Shadow Border is wider than expected, and that's a relief. By distorting the space within, we have managed to secure space 2 times bigger than normal. Thanks to that we've managed to secure basic amenities. Though I do feel bad for having 4 staff members in one room..."
  86. Fou "Fou, Fouu?"
  88. Mash "Your concern is appreciated, Fou-san. As for me, I'm currently having the treatment room as my personal room as I undergo adjustments as a Demi Servant periodically as well. What other private rooms...oh that's right. New Director Goldorf is currently having the captain's cabin all by himself. Da Vinci-chan has her own capsule found in the computing device room, while Holmes sleeps in his own workshop."
  90. Fou "Kyuu. Fou!"
  92. Mashu "What's rest would be the HVAC control room, and the armory room. Those rooms are out of reach thanks to orders from our new director. Though the entire area is equivalent to roughly 2 large scale cruisers here, it takes only several meters thanks to the command room, which is also the cockpit. Well then, let's pick up and move along."
  94. ---
  96. Goldorf "Geez, can we just cut the crap now, Mr.Detective! Why can't we surface! Haven't we already entered the safe zone a long time ago!"
  98. Holmes "That's not easy as it sounds. We may have to start defining what "safe zone" means and what it refers to beforehand. Shall we safely conclude that, once we've entered this imaginary number realm, we are now safe for good without enemies surrounding us? The answer is no, a complete no, mister. To start, there are no enemies in this imaginary number realm, so there is no need to even consider any possibilities of enemy pursue. Rather we should focus on the threat which is much large than the ones we are seeing right now. That's right, in other words, instead of asking "When can we surface?", we should scratch our heads and ask "how do we surface?" here.
  100. Goldorf "A..Are you saying that we can never surface? Ho ho ho, Holmes! Just how are you able to babble such terrible things by heart!?”
  102. Mashu "(Senpai. Looks like we're looking at our new director and Holmes-san trying to get better acquainted here. I'm rather reluctant to get in their way however...)"
  104. Mashu "Good morning everyone. Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight, reporting to confirm on the current situation."
  106. Fujimaru "Good morning"
  108. Holmes "Oh, I see that both of you are now here. I take that both of you had your breakfast?"
  110. Mashu "Yes. We had Italian style rations for our breakfast. While senpai is getting ready to take his/her bite."
  112. Goldorf "Hoh. Quite a sad one to hear that a low level staff like you would have rations for breakfast. I just had my french toast with a good amount of milk tea just now. It's the responsibility of the captain. Considering how I'm tasked to rally my crews in line, it's necessary for me to take in as many calories as possible."
  114. Meuniere "...Good grief, working hard to conquer our preserved food supply, just what the hell does he think he is...."
  116. Holmes "Hahaha, that's fine that's fine. Food quality is indeed vital in determine the state of one's mental health. For humans who normally can't hold themselves back, it'd be fine to just normally keep in mind a good meal.  It's also a relief to know that a cup of tea keeps any factor that upsets the harmony away. Am I right, Meuniere?"
  118. Meuniere "Buh, I guess I can't go against what Holmes just said here...considering the person who couldn't hold back the most is actually holding back right now..."
  120. Holmes "Hahaha, is this about me? Why, I do have my prized potion with me right now! I could have just use that to stabilize my mental condition in case of need! I have nothing to worry about as I can keep going on for a month!"
  122. Fou "Fou..."
  124. Goldorf "Argh, like I couldn't care less about your level of patience! We're returning to where we left off, Holmes! You just mentioned that we "cannot surface" instead of we "won't surface". Please explain your reason here, can you? Considering I've gone all my way to elect you as Chaldea's new management consultant here, so consider this reassignment as a debt you owe me for, and explain it simple and clean to me, your new director. Like seriously."
  126. Holmes "Hmm ---- I'm not the one to be baited by titles nor position but management consultant job is one that I have yet to experience. Considering that I've been scouted on the ability that I have not been able to utilize up till now, I'd say that honestly had my heart leaped up."
  128. Mashu " (....Umm. Why would he feel that way? Don't tell me that our new director Goldorf has a fatal wish to make here?)
  130. Meuniere "(Non. You see, we have our technical consultant Da Vinci here, right? I guess he elected Holmes for this position by force considering there are no other suitable positions available I suppose?)"
  132. Goldorf "Argh cut those small talks behind me, you underling and that Demi-Servant! And then, what now Holmes! Straight to the point and be honest, are we gonna be saved or not!?"
  134. Holmes "The question on "whether we'll be saved or not?" is just too broad and vague, so I can't really answer that. However let's discuss on the possibilities of surfacing here. It's not that we can't levitate ourselves up. To put it precisely, there is no place for us to land ourselves. In this Imaginary Number Realm that we're currently diving in ----- in other words, in order to return back to reality from the minus world, we require a "connection" with the reality. Hence to speak, an anchor. Originally as long as it is something that exists in reality, a "connection" will be formed regardless of circumstances. Therefore if anyone here manages to form a relationship there, they should be able to properly escape the Imaginary Number Realm. However, it's impossible for us to do that now. Which means----the Earth is currently in a bleached white state."
  136. Goldorf "Hahaha, what a joke. Bleached white? In other words, nothing's left? It's true that we saw something terrible at the South Pole. The seven asteroid....lookalike objects, a giant falling object. If we're talking that scale, it should have caused tremendous damage to the crash site, several times far bigger than the explosion seen in Tunguska event. However it shouldn't go beyond that, are you telling me that this level of explosion wiped off all countries around the world? Furthermore ---- Yes, furthermore! There is no way the Clock Tower, which have been in existence since before year zero, ended up destroyed! Not to mention, the London Clock Tower, the largest magical fortress that is protected by hundreds and hundreds of defense mechanism lying around everywhere! They can't be destroyed just like that, even if the Earth is destroyed before them!"
  138. Fujimaru:
  139. 1. (.....Did no one ever report on what happened during the Demonic Fog City (London) incident....)
  140. 2. (.....He'd probably not believe that......)
  142. Fou "Fou, Fo."
  144. Holmes "Truly unfortunate, but pardon my words Mr. Goldorf, the London Mage Association is however, destroyed. All countries in the world are destroyed, and the humans ended up drifting elsewhere while leaving us behind. At the very least, Kirschtaria Wodime believed that this would happen before he'd proudly make that proclamation."
  146. Goldorf "D..don't be ridiculous here. There is no way the world would be so easily destroyed, impossible......right? T...the others are thinking the same too, right?"
  148. Mashu "..........."
  150. Meuniere ".........."
  152. Goldorf "Arghh, what are those gloomy faces! Fujimaru! Fujimaru-kun!! This just came to me, I know you're one brash kid, but by comparison you and I should possess the same sensitivity here! So do me a favor and tell those people, and tell them that Holmes' words are just nonsense!"
  154. Fujimaru: I'm sorry but there are previous instances here, so please discard your fantasy and admit the truth.
  156. Goldorf "Eh? No, what's with this serious expression here, are you for real? You, aren't you the same type as I am?"
  158. Fou "Fou."
  160. Goldorf "Impossible ---- If that's the case then, are you really certain that there is "nothing" up there? My lovely Hawaii islands! Monaco GP! THAT DREAMY SUZUKI CIRCUIT, TOO!? No...this, if that's the case....just straight up establish a new mage organization then, how about it? Convert risks into chances here, Goldorf!"
  162. Meuniere "Impossible. We did make it clear that all humans are destroyed. Unless you want to manage an organization with no one but an old man like you, then be my guest."
  164. Goldorf "I'm no old man! I'll have you know that I'm a handsome young man, much more than you!"
  166. Holmes "Well, even so, if we're talking about surface point, there is however one possibility remain."
  168. Holmes "There is one link remaining on Earth where we have ties with, and with that there is definitely a room for existence, yes ----- The army that assaulted Chaldea, the Oprichniki. All of us here know them, and in reverse, they know about us, too. If that's the case, our relationship with them will be far from just being an Imaginary Number. So if we are to surface right now, our chances of landing where they are situated right now will be highly likely."
  170. Mash "That's..."
  172. Fujimaru "Heading into stronghold of those black soldiers...."
  174. Goldorf "M...muh, right at the heart where the enemies are located...I see. Indeed, that's an extremely dangerous place to poke into..."
  176. Mash "...Yes. However, we can't stay in this Imaginary Number Realm forever. We only have a little left of what's available in Shadow Border. Food, water, and electricity is already as scarce as it is..."
  178. Holmes "That's right. Regardless, to surface is the only choice left. However, even if we are to do so, we need to find the right timing. Luckily we have Paper Moon at hand here, and it is possible for this compass to measure both ordinary realm and Imaginary Number realm simultaneously. By basing on that, I've managed to locate the safest place by comparing around regardless of which point we would land at ----- and scanned around areas without any enemy signals. Isn't that right, Da Vinci? I suppose it's time to announce your results?"
  180. Da Vinci "Yes. Call me and a good morning back at you, this is Da Vinci-chan speaking~! Rather I've been listening in and heard all of it. I've managed to obtain what happens within Shadow Border while I'm acting as a life form unit in my own computing device room☆. That's why Mr. Goldorf, just be informed that you will never be keep anything away from my eyes. The same applies to you too, Holmes."
  182. Da Vinci "Now then, I've marked all domains where the Oprichniki would appear at, and all calculations required to create a course to surface towards the direction is done as well. We're in luck here, we're seeing a nice tidal current coming at the right moment. We may be able to ride on that course starting 5 minutes from now. Next wave when, you ask? The next would be after 10 days, that's when Shadow Border's inner electricity would almost go down completely. Now what am I trying to say is ---------"
  184. Fujimaru "If we want to surface up to the ground, we have to do it RIGHT NOW -----!?"
  186. Da Vinci "Oh yes! A good reply Fujimaru-chan! Save your praises for me later! By the way, according to Paper Moon, by riding on this wave, we are going to experience roughly 90 days of difference between here and ground above. By landing on ground above, the date will be early April, year 2018. Well, well, we should be lucky that the error range is this much for now. worse comes to worst, we might have to experience hundred years of difference if we're to ride the next wave. By the time we got back to normal realm with that timing, everything would have been over by then☆."
  188. Goldorf "W..Wait wait wait wait! This whole Imaginary Number Diving thing you spoke of, you're telling me that just days of diving would create such an amount of errors!? Hu...Hundred years later you say? If we were to land on that time, the Muzik family would no doubt die off for real! That's my home you know!"
  190. Meuniere "This old man, He sure did proper self assessment only on those aspects huh..."
  192. Holmes "Well, to start with, everything that exists on ground above is already done and destroyed anyway. So, what now, ladies and gentlemen? Now's the perfect time to ride on this ideal wave if we are to head towards the ground, but are you all prepared then? We have no idea what's coming for us once we reached the "outside" unless we escape this realm. However here's one thing I'm certain - We're going to land ourselves directly on Oprichnik's stronghold. Beware though as the moment we enter the normal realm, the chances of them coming after us immediately is highly likely. Or rather ------"
  194. Fujimaru "
  195. 1. ....Guess we'll have to do this!
  196. 2. M..maintain our current situation!"
  198. Goldorf "Are you obsessed with adventures or something!?"
  200. *crash* *bang*
  202. Mash "ugh! Mr.Meuniere, what's that!?"
  204. Meuniere "Uncertain! We might have crashed onto something! Detecting a cease of activity located at the left propeller!"
  206. *Alarm rings*
  208. Meuniere "Discovered a boundary wall in the Imaginary Number Realm! Armor damage due to the impact from the crash! Detected partial failure in logical procedures!"
  210. Goldorf "W-w-w-w-w-what now, armor damage!? Argh, That's what you get for using such cheap materials, all you poor peasants! I could have invest as many as I could if I still have my assets with me right now!"
  212. Holmes "(Hmm. So purchasing Chaldea completely emptied his assets)"
  214. Da Vinci "Ummm, no can do! The balance of this vehicle could not be maintained~! Stopping Imaginary Number diving! Stopping Imaginary Number diving! I can somehow make it if I could lift the vehicle bow upwards, but I'm certain this vehicle will require fixes from the outside after this."
  216. Fujimaru "Holmes! New Director Goldorf!"
  218. Holmes "Yeah, considering we're getting ourselves in this situation, time to say goodbye to Imaginary Number Diving. Get ready to surface, ladies and gentlemen!"
  220. Da Vinci " I take that everyone here made up their mind? Now then, time to let Shadow Border ride on the wave!"
  222. Goldorf "Hey, don't just decide things out of the blue! W-wait, where's my seat belt, seat belt! All hands, get seated! Avoid falling out and get hurt in the process! Fujimaru, you too! Can't get serious at all when there's only one seat belt in this car! Speaking from personal experience here!"
  224. Announcement
  225. "Paper Moon Planetary Itinerary Map, begin plus minus convergence . Shadow Border will soon enter real number area port. Anchoring (Colluding) "Haken" (The proof of existence) within the Real Number Realm. Locking target: Oprichniki."
  227. Fujimaru "What's going on now...!?"
  229. Holmes "No one knows for sure, and no one can predict what's going to happen. So, just prepare yourself and be ready. Now what awaits us after surfacing above the ground ---- Of course that's up to us to confirm what's going on with our own two eyes."
  231. Announcement
  232. "Begin surfacing from Imaginary Number Realm. Time required to reach Reality Number Realm: 30 seconds."
  234. Announcement
  235. "Announcing the end of Imaginary Number Diving. Now begin surfacing towards the Reality Number Realm."
  237. ---
  241. A.D 1570 Lostbelt No. 1 Eternally Frozen Empire - Anastasia
  242. The Imperial Princess of the Beast Country
  244. ----
  246. Part I END
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