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Chris Skrodzki - Sexual Harassment

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Nov 20th, 2014
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  1. I told this guy off for an unwarranted sexual comment on a Facebook thread. Here's his original comment and a private message he sent me in response.
  3. Chris Skrodzki
  4. Suck my dick for $20? It's not going to suck itself.
  5. [continued here:]
  7. Chris Skrodzki
  8. This is an argument? If you want to get into a discussion we can but I think that that misses that point, again- who gives a damn? I just wanted to let this fool know that he's being a man child by seeking an avoidance strategy as opposed to addressing his main concern. If you are really offended with my superior grammar or vocabulary (which is funny since I'm not even a native English speaker), since for some reason you are convinced I use a thesaurus when I internet- I am just educated. Also, if I were to acknowledge your position the issue is we have two very different view-points on what has transpired here, as well as two very different moods of appropriate interaction. You can sit on your little pedestal and throw shit off of it thinking yourself right since you think me vague; yet again, I maintain that you missed the point of missing the point of missing the point. You see, this is hardly a discussion, since there is a different level of commitment to this issue, as well as, your inability to realize implicit rejection nor understand how to address this issue. A nutshell of advice (and no, I'm not going to give you half a nut-cracker), if you do not know what flavor the kool-aid is, then you'd best not jump in.
  9. Also, you are an immature prick. smiley-face
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