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  1. 19:19 < spm_Draget> Java3D: If I use a MouseRotate behavior in my viewingplatform transformgroup, I can use my mouse to nativagte. I have that working. But when rotating to the
  2.                     side and up, the camera gets tilted (so to say rotated along the viewing-vector). Can I prevent this somehow?
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  5. 19:23 < Planck_> spm_Draget: You can lock the up-vector, if that's what you want
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  7. 19:23 < Planck_> E.g. instead of having a general orientation quaternion or matrix, just use two Euler angles
  8. 19:24 < spm_Draget> Planck_: Any hint on how to do that? (sounds like what I want)
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  12. 19:28 < Planck_> I don't recall the Java3D specifics, but you basically adjust two azimuth & elevation Euler angles, and use those to set the transformation for the view platform
  13.                 instead of a matrix or quaternion
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  15. 19:29 < cbeust> Planck_: you just single handedly elevated the intellectual level of this channel to levels yet unseen
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