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Disaster Resources for Oklahoma Pets & Animals

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May 21st, 2013
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  1. Animals needs help too during disasters. Please consider donating to a shelter or rescue in Oklahoma. The following is a list of resources to help tornado victims and their beloved pets. Also, farm and wildlife animals need our assistance as well.
  3. #okpets #okcpets #opok
  5. Animal Shelters and Rescues in Oklahoma
  6. Oklahoma Wildlife Rescue Orgs
  8. Shelters, Rescues and Vets taking lost and injured pets for emergency care
  10. The Oklahoma City Animal Shelter is taking stray pets that have been made homeless. They can be contacted at SE 29 & Bryant, 1.5 miles east of I-35 - main telephone contact is (405) 297-3100 URL:
  12. The Animal Resource Center is taking in pets misplaced by the tornado.
  13. They're located just north of Moore at the I-240/I-35 intersection. Address is 7949 S. I-35 Service Road. Their number is 405-604-2892 URL:
  15. Banfield Charitable Trust is taking emergency vet care assistance in OKC. URL: and
  17. Anne's Country Club for Pets is offering emergency shelter/boarding for displaced pets. For more info call 405-478-2303
  19. Displaced animals will be brought to AEC Animal Emergency Center of OKC
  20. 931 SW 74th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73139
  22. Animal Medical Center-Midwest City offers emergency vet care to OK tornado pets. Call (405) 732-0043
  24. Pets needing shelter or medical attention can be brought to Benchmark Animal Hospital in OKC. Call 405-547-8381.
  26. Donations and Fostering
  28. Oklahoma Humane Society Disaster Relief Fund
  30. To donate and foster misplaced dogs contact Heartland Lab Rescue. URL: and on Twitter @heartlandlabsok
  32. Horses in dire need of aid at Orr Family Farms in Oklahoma City. No Internet. Pls call 405-799-3276 to help them.
  34. Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division
  35. If you want to donate on-line to the animals from OKC and those coming into the shelter from other areas who need medical or other care after these tornadoes, please go to and follow the link to the Donation Station
  37. Resources
  39. First Aid for Pet Owners:
  40. Animal Resource Center
  41. Moore Oklahoma Tornado Lost and Found Animals
  42. Lost and Found Pets in Moore, OK
  44. Trouble financially feeding pets Oklahoma City Animal Shelter may be able to help. Please contact their Pet Food Bank at 405-316-3663 or send an email to /
  46. How to Post a Lost/Found Pet (from Moore Oklahoma Tornado Lost and Found Animals
  47. 1. Post a good color photo (or description if you don't have one)
  48. 2. Add  city, state, neighborhood
  49. 3. Include breed and description of your pet - color, markings, weight, scars, etc
  50. 4. Add contact info - phone/email
  51. 5. Include other details such as collar, microchip, etc.
  52. 6.  Your post will be shared so please be sure to include contact info.  (Again your post will be shared via facebook so include only the contact info you want shared.  If you want someone to contact you via facebook, make sure you can accept facebook messages from people who are not your friends, and check your other folder in messages )
  53. 7. Please update us on the status, and if the page helped reunite your pet, please let us know
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