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  1. RULES
  4. You must make your profile and characters public, otherwise there is no way to see that you are playing the allowed skills below.
  6. As soon as you enter Merveil's Cavern (when you get access to lvl 12 gems) and beyond, you can only use the following "underused" skills and/or their Vaal version:
  11. Golems (only Lightning, Chaos, or Stone)
  12. Icestorm
  13. Magma Orb
  14. Power Siphon
  15. Animate Guardian
  16. Wither
  17. Frost Bomb
  18. Lacerate
  19. Ancestral Protector
  20. Charged Dash
  21. Lancing Steel
  22. Fire Trap
  23. Lightning Strike
  24. Earthquake
  25. Ice Crash
  26. Wild Strike
  27. Incinerate
  28. Dual Strike
  29. Flamethrower Trap
  30. Vigilant Strike
  31. Ethereal Knives
  32. Firestorm
  33. Cremation
  34. Shrapnel Shot
  35. Molten Shell
  36. Dark Pact (see note below regarding Summon Skeleton)
  37. Flame Surge
  38. Mirror Arrow
  39. Storm Burst
  40. Contagion (No essence drain, so if you want to use Contagion (which I don't recommend, knock yourself out!)
  41. Explosive Trap
  42. Static Strike
  43. Flame Totem
  44. Spectral Shield Throw
  45. Siege Ballista
  46. Viper Strike
  47. Molten Shell
  48. Split Arrow
  49. Burning Arrow
  50. Animate Weapon
  51. Heavy Strike
  52. Infernal Blow
  53. Shockwave Totem
  54. Explosive Arrow
  55. Puncture
  56. Sweep
  57. Ice Trap
  58. Lightning Tendrils
  59. Conversion Trap
  60. Freeze Mine
  61. Frenzy
  62. Glacial Hammer
  63. Siphoning Trap
  64. Detonate Dead
  65. Storm Burst
  66. Seismic Trap
  67. Frost Wall
  68. Fire Nova Mine
  69. Blast Rain
  70. Ball Lightning
  71. Orb of Storms
  72. Bladefall
  73. Spectral Throw
  74. Fireball
  76. OTHER
  79. Defensive skills: Molten Shell, Tempest Shield, Immortal call, Bear Trap etc. - all defensive skills are okay
  81. Skeletons: Because of Summon Skeleton's unique interaction with Dark Pact, you can use a 4-Link Summon Skeleton NOT Vaal Summon Skeleton, with any of the following support gems (Fortify, Minion Life, Minion and Totem Elemental Resist, Spell Totem, Empower). With or without summon skele, Dark Pact use is very low.
  83. Golems: You can use any of the three golems listed above in any way you choose. However, Ice Golem and Flame Golem may only be unlinked, or linked to defensive support gems (like minion life) or CWDT.
  85. Heralds: This was a big oversight last time! You may use any heralds so long as they are unlinked (Enlighten Support being the only exception). Banners have the same rule (you can use Generosity with banners).
  87. Other Exceptions: corpse creation skills, offerings, auras, curses, support gems and skills (molten shell, warcries, blood rage, arctic armor, etc). counterattacks (these CAN be linked to damage supports if you choose), non-damaging totems, and movement skills (except cyclone, consecrated path, and flicker strike). You can use Ancestral Warchief totem for the buff only (i.e. unlinked).
  90. This private league is hosted by ttv/Korive
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