Dec 7th, 2020
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  1. root@savage:~/endlessh# ./endlessh -v -4 -p 22
  2. 2020-12-08T04:24:55.965Z Port 22
  3. 2020-12-08T04:24:55.965Z Delay 10000
  4. 2020-12-08T04:24:55.965Z MaxLineLength 32
  5. 2020-12-08T04:24:55.965Z MaxClients 4096
  6. 2020-12-08T04:24:55.965Z BindFamily IPv4 Only
  7. 2020-12-08T04:45:12.516Z ACCEPT host= port=56707 fd=4 n=1/4096
  8. 2020-12-08T04:45:15.799Z ACCEPT host= port=58276 fd=5 n=2/4096
  9. 2020-12-08T04:45:32.523Z CLOSE host= port=56707 fd=4 time=20.007 bytes=8
  10. 2020-12-08T04:48:35.969Z CLOSE host= port=58276 fd=5 time=200.170 bytes=263
  11. 2020-12-08T04:55:28.756Z ACCEPT host= port=47764 fd=4 n=1/4096
  12. 2020-12-08T04:55:48.774Z CLOSE host= port=47764 fd=4 time=20.018 bytes=19
  13. 2020-12-08T05:08:08.786Z ACCEPT host= port=52663 fd=4 n=1/4096
  14. 2020-12-08T05:08:13.562Z ACCEPT host= port=54362 fd=5 n=2/4096
  15. 2020-12-08T05:08:28.797Z CLOSE host= port=52663 fd=4 time=20.011 bytes=3
  16. 2020-12-08T05:11:13.715Z CLOSE host= port=54362 fd=5 time=180.153 bytes=264
  17. 2020-12-08T05:13:08.581Z ACCEPT host= port=64233 fd=4 n=1/4096
  18. 2020-12-08T05:13:11.812Z ACCEPT host= port=49466 fd=5 n=2/4096
  19. 2020-12-08T05:13:28.595Z CLOSE host= port=64233 fd=4 time=20.014 bytes=31
  20. 2020-12-08T05:15:51.950Z CLOSE host= port=49466 fd=5 time=160.138 bytes=262
  21. 2020-12-08T05:17:30.110Z ACCEPT host= port=33102 fd=4 n=1/4096
  22. 2020-12-08T05:18:20.155Z CLOSE host= port=33102 fd=4 time=50.045 bytes=78
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