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  1. James Alefantis' instagram late 11/5/16. by morning of 11/7/16 it was set to private.
  3. We recently found the instagram account of James Alefantis. The contents of it are indescribably bizarre and the contexts of the posts and comment chains are weird. Alefantis does not have any children nor do his closest associates, but the photos seem to be a near constant assortment of different children of a variety of ages, intermingled between posts about gay bars, clubs, photos of common rape drugs, and piles of foreign currency. After it being trawled through for 24 hours it has been set to private. A large set of archived copies can be seen here in the next section. Similarly the instagram and twitter accounts of Comet Ping Pong are being edited selectively. The accounts of the people favoriting and commenting on these posts are equally bizarre in both content, context, and demeanor.
  4. - Girl, striped, taped to table
  5. - Michelle Obama playing Ping Pong
  6. - Girl, drinking milk
  7. - Girl, standing in basket
  8. - Photo of refrigerated meat locker, weird comments
  9. - Baby eating pizza "oh my god. Stop it" comment
  10. - "Boum Boum" Room (euphemism for brothel)
  11. - Close up of an eye of a dead pig
  12. - Close up of toddler boy
  13. - Girl in yellow dress running on grass
  14. - "Long Dong Pizza Shop"
  15. - Marina Abramovic
  16. - Someone holding girl, #chickenlover hastag (euphemism for gay pedophilia)
  17. - Girl and newborn
  18. - "French kissing" a taxidermied dog
  19. - Topless model
  20. - Girl in striped shirt, at park
  21. - Screencapture of Child Beauty pageant show episode, subtitle about pizza
  22. - Painting of 69 position sex on-top of slice a huge of pizza.
  23. - "German Baby: $1200" photo of doll
  24. - Two individuals staring at hole in foundation of Comet Ping Pong
  25. - Photo of Ping Pong being played between Obama and young boy at WH Christmas Party
  26. - Letter Alefantis received from Hillary Clinton
  27. - Trenching work in basement of Comet Ping Pong
  28. - "Ping pong in London sounds fun" $$$$ and Xanax bottles
  29. - "I LOVE KIDS" T-Shirt with two shirtless men
  30. - Yet another photo of an infant, no name
  31. - Infant described as a #hotard, a portmanteau of "whore" and "retard"
  32. - NSFW from Jeff Koons and Cicciolina exhibit.
  33. - Foursquare post with a child's face (in striped shirt) censored with pizza slice clip-art
  34. - #cumpanda presumably artist Matt Sesow
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