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Jun 26th, 2012
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  1. @th3j35t3r
  3. Your out of control ego is sickening. You had jack all to do with this incident and you sit here yet again like you did with Team Poison glory hounding all the work. LeRes actually did research, you did nothing but boast about it and cast ritual taunts in every other tweet.
  5. You want to take credit for this? Put your money where your mouth is clown. Prove it. Post chatlogs with the feds, censor your name out if you want. Show us YOUR research and YOUR work that lead to them being arrested.
  7. This is all the FBI's doing. None of your own.
  11. I don't think i saw your name anywhere on that article.
  13. "Now I think I mentioned their nasty little credit card fraud habit way on the 7th June back here:
  17. Guess who else did?
  19. Everyone. They were using a forum to buy stolen credit cards on the surface in front of all seeing eyes. 99.9% of the time those sites are stings.
  21. Claiming that they would go down for stealing people's credit cards is like stating the obvious. They all go down.
  23. "@joshthegod suddenly after having the biggest ego (cue detractors to say mines bigger) on the internet – went MIA – as of right now he is 6 days into his silence. This is no coincidence."
  25. You two did butt heads when it came to egos. But that doesn't make your ego any smaller or holier than thou. Your ego is so amazingly huge that you make TriCk look tame in comparison.
  27. You have your followers all drinking your kool aid thinking you are some freedom fighting hacker, when in reality all you do is DDOS some random terrorist affiliated site and yell "Tango Down".
  29. You're more useless than the Anons who spam DDOS. You not only do nothing to stop these sites, but you actually give them spotlight by showing off a site on twitter that people would have otherwise never known existed.
  31. So what do you do in the long run? You put a site down for a few hours under the safety of the good old US of A because if you did it to any other site, you would be in jail by now, and in the end you just prevent these terrorists from talking to each other for a few ours. Wow, you're a real hero.
  33. You're like Kim Jong Il. Paint a picture of yourself as some great hero of the people and you never respond to your nay sayers. The most you will ever respond or retweet to is someone who posts the equivalence of "Lol Jester's a fag" to make yourself look like you have a stand point of moral superiority when in reality you are just as much of a liar as the next person.
  35. You brainwash your followers this way and i feel sorry for them because they never hear the whole story. You're like the Fox News of Hacktivism. You fool people into thinking you are a fully accepted standard when the truth is more than half of the internet hates you. You steal other people's work, you retweet only the good things about yourself, you give your followers a half baked story, you have no real heroic activities that make this world better. The only thing good about you is your over all message, and sadly, just like Team Poison. You don't follow through.
  38. "Teaser: If I was a gambling man I might hazard a wager on the ‘CarderProfit Forum’ being a honeypot/sting that *someone* setup. Just a wild stab in the dark you understand."
  40. I know you set this up as some subtle tongue in cheek word play to accept praises when people say YOU were the one who set it up and when a person points out that you DIDN'T set it up you can turn them down and deny it honestly.
  42. Like now.
  46. "According to documents released by the Justice Department, the sting — dubbed “Operation Card Shop” — began in June 2010, when the FBI established an undercover carding forum called “CarderProfit” ( to identify users who were buying and selling stolen credit card accounts and goods purchased with stolen accounts.
  48. The FBI kept track of Internet addresses used by forum members, and used members’ login information to gather additional information about registered users. The agency said it tightened the noose in May 2012, when it began imposing new membership requirements to restrict site membership to individuals with established knowledge of carding techniques or interest in criminal activity."
  50. Are you going to claim that you are part of the Federal Bureau now? Can it, because i'm not even going to sit by and watch this lie have a chance to even take off.
  54. But you did.
  56. Here
  60. Here
  64. And so on. What's funny is while you were busy hurling insults at them the real master mind was busy actually doing something to uncover who they really were. Let's pull up the curtain and give the appreciation to the man that actually deserves it.
  68. Don't believe me? You seem to like editing YOUR timeline to your favour to save face value. But you Can't edit LeRes' timeline. You spout out the information he dug up the moment he gets his hands on it. It's all there in black and white. UG Nazi may be the Credit Card thieves, but you're just a plain Credit Thief.
  70. "Many thanks to Leres and the others both outside and ‘on the inside’ who have been all over these assholes over the last 3-4 weeks."
  72. That's probably the most honest thing you've said in your entire career.
  75. We all knew you were going to pull this. We all called it way ahead of time when you started this one month of waiting. You were waiting for the inevitable. And something tells me, when your clock would have struck the last hour, i'm sure you would have said something along the lines of you contacted the feds and just sent them more insults and wait for them to get V& sooner or later so you can stand on top of an incident you never had anything to do with.
  78. Want to prove you did? Like i said. Put your money where your mouth is and show us you had something to do with it.
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