rclone mount error

Apr 7th, 2021
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  1. acmadmin@BABYLON:/volume1$ sudo rclone mount gdrive: /volume1/gdrive —-allow-other
  2. Usage:
  3. rclone mount remote:path /path/to/mountpoint [flags]
  5. Flags:
  6. --allow-non-empty Allow mounting over a non-empty directory. Not supported on Windows.
  7. --allow-other Allow access to other users. Not supported on Windows.
  8. --allow-root Allow access to root user. Not supported on Windows.
  9. --async-read Use asynchronous reads. Not supported on Windows. (default true)
  10. --attr-timeout duration Time for which file/directory attributes are cached. (default 1s)
  11. --daemon Run mount as a daemon (background mode). Not supported on Windows.
  12. --daemon-timeout duration Time limit for rclone to respond to kernel. Not supported on Windows.
  13. --debug-fuse Debug the FUSE internals - needs -v.
  14. --default-permissions Makes kernel enforce access control based on the file mode. Not supported on Windows.
  15. --dir-cache-time duration Time to cache directory entries for. (default 5m0s)
  16. --dir-perms FileMode Directory permissions (default 0777)
  17. --file-perms FileMode File permissions (default 0666)
  18. --fuse-flag stringArray Flags or arguments to be passed direct to libfuse/WinFsp. Repeat if required.
  19. --gid uint32 Override the gid field set by the filesystem. Not supported on Windows.
  20. -h, --help help for mount
  21. --max-read-ahead SizeSuffix The number of bytes that can be prefetched for sequential reads. Not supported on Windows. (default 128k)
  22. --network-mode Mount as remote network drive, instead of fixed disk drive. Supported on Windows only
  23. --no-checksum Don't compare checksums on up/download.
  24. --no-modtime Don't read/write the modification time (can speed things up).
  25. --no-seek Don't allow seeking in files.
  26. --noappledouble Ignore Apple Double (._) and .DS_Store files. Supported on OSX only. (default true)
  27. --noapplexattr Ignore all "*" extended attributes. Supported on OSX only.
  28. -o, --option stringArray Option for libfuse/WinFsp. Repeat if required.
  29. --poll-interval duration Time to wait between polling for changes. Must be smaller than dir-cache-time. Only on supported remotes. Set to 0 to disable. (default 1m0s)
  30. --read-only Mount read-only.
  31. --uid uint32 Override the uid field set by the filesystem. Not supported on Windows.
  32. --umask int Override the permission bits set by the filesystem. Not supported on Windows.
  33. --vfs-cache-max-age duration Max age of objects in the cache. (default 1h0m0s)
  34. --vfs-cache-max-size SizeSuffix Max total size of objects in the cache. (default off)
  35. --vfs-cache-mode CacheMode Cache mode off|minimal|writes|full (default off)
  36. --vfs-cache-poll-interval duration Interval to poll the cache for stale objects. (default 1m0s)
  37. --vfs-case-insensitive If a file name not found, find a case insensitive match.
  38. --vfs-read-ahead SizeSuffix Extra read ahead over --buffer-size when using cache-mode full.
  39. --vfs-read-chunk-size SizeSuffix Read the source objects in chunks. (default 128M)
  40. --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit SizeSuffix If greater than --vfs-read-chunk-size, double the chunk size after each chunk read, until the limit is reached. 'off' is unlimited. (default off)
  41. --vfs-read-wait duration Time to wait for in-sequence read before seeking. (default 20ms)
  42. --vfs-used-is-size rclone size Use the rclone size algorithm for Used size.
  43. --vfs-write-back duration Time to writeback files after last use when using cache. (default 5s)
  44. --vfs-write-wait duration Time to wait for in-sequence write before giving error. (default 1s)
  45. --volname string Set the volume name. Supported on Windows and OSX only.
  46. --write-back-cache Makes kernel buffer writes before sending them to rclone. Without this, writethrough caching is used. Not supported on Windows.
  48. Use "rclone [command] --help" for more information about a command.
  49. Use "rclone help flags" for to see the global flags.
  50. Use "rclone help backends" for a list of supported services.
  51. Command mount needs 2 arguments maximum: you provided 3 non flag arguments: ["gdrive:" "/volume1/gdrive" "—-allow-other"]
  52. acmadmin@BABYLON:/volume1$
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