Date a live listing

ultimatemegax Mar 14th, 2013 81 Never
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  1. Date A Live will come in 6 volumes of 2 episodes each for 8,925 (v1)/7,980 (v2-6) yen on BD, 7,875 (v1)/6,930 (v2-6) yen on LE DVD, and 5,880 yen on RE DVD.
  3. Included in the first volume is a box and 6-slotted digipak designed to hold all the discs. Each individual volume will come in a amaray case with Satoshi Ishino cover art/disc art (each illustration is newly drawn and cover/disc art are not the same). Each volume will contain a character arc PV and the first volume will contain the textless OP/ED.
  5. Volume 2 comes with a short novel containing two stories written by Koushi Tachibana (original author) and an application ticket to have priority access to purchase an event ticket.
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