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  1. ***********************************************************
  2. DOWNLOAD: https://bigbridge.studio/CareerDayGui0.0.70.1.exe
  3. DISCORD:  https://discord.gg/6Yw6HbK
  4. ***********************************************************
  6. ***********************************************************
  7. Last update: 4/19/19 - v.70.1
  10. Latest update
  11. - Sell in all shops is fixed
  12. - Starting stats / abilities are completely rehauled and should be logical
  13. - Fork Tower should require Cara and you should get a message if you dont have Cara
  14. - Choco respawns in world 3 at the Pirate's Cave - if you wish to enter the Pirate Cave, use the back entrance or enter in world 1
  15. - Black Chocobo should be stable - its strongly recommended to get these 2 rewards before acquiring the Earth Crystal
  16. - Earth Crystal room should properly give rewards
  17. - Exdeath in world 2 should not block encounters afterwards
  18. - Hiryuu in world 2 should not interact if you see him in Bal
  19. - Can leave Exdeath Void final room (previously would wrong warp you back)
  20. - All vehicles can be slowed down with B
  21. - Many locations have been blocked from WarpShard use: Fork Tower, Bchoco, Fire powered ship boiler room, Earth crystal chamber, Zeza fleet cabins, Submarine, Death Valley, Antlion's nest, sealed room of kuzar, Pirate cave entrance, Wind shrine chamber, Torna Canal, Karnak castle, Water shrine chamber, Airship, Magic Lamp area
  23. New features
  24. - Press B while riding vehicles will slow them down
  25. - While in battle, pressing Pause, then L+R+Select will instantly end the battle (same as resetting, for convenience)
  29. Known bugs:
  30. - If you are ever placed between worlds unexpectedly, use the WarpShard. World travel is designed to only take place here, and proper flags are set/unset through using the WarpShard. Many issues can be resolved.
  31. - The Warp spell sometimes puts you in World 3. Preferable to use WarpShard.
  32. - Leaving/completing Barrier Tower may mess up your worlds - using WarpShard should fix
  33. ***********************************************************
  35. The beta of Final Fantasy V: Career Day is ready for testing!
  36. The premise is to collect the 4 Tablets via bosses to gain access to the endgame.
  38. Use the downloaded .exe patcher to patch to a FFV ROM (either original Japanese ROM or a ROM with the RPGe translation applied). The file is safe if your browser gives you an issue. Click on "<path to rom>" to apply a patch, and a new directory will be created with the spoiler log & the new ROM next to the patcher.
  40. Visit these locations for random rewards:
  41. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTVNvqRuTaOWRaVw0NGbGKpWJSdA2DQNPLFeb2IrhxaMHJ3AUxcgE0VQu6VkvFY0mbN7-u1WjSafAeA/pubhtml?gid=329908252&single=true
  43. And defeat these bosses (checks) for chances at key items or high value rewards:
  44. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTVNvqRuTaOWRaVw0NGbGKpWJSdA2DQNPLFeb2IrhxaMHJ3AUxcgE0VQu6VkvFY0mbN7-u1WjSafAeA/pubhtml?gid=1015588297&single=true
  46. These are the key items and what they unlock:
  47. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTVNvqRuTaOWRaVw0NGbGKpWJSdA2DQNPLFeb2IrhxaMHJ3AUxcgE0VQu6VkvFY0mbN7-u1WjSafAeA/pubhtml?gid=985739416&single=true
  49. Submit bugs here:
  50. https://goo.gl/forms/iaszl6lvaje4zsRd2
  52. Notes:
  53. - The Rift will allow you to progress based on the number of tablets you have, it does not matter which order you receive them in, and the numbers do not matter for specific progress
  54. - As of now, Exdeath in his World 2 castle is a fightable boss, but does NOT yield a key item check. You can fight if you'd like, but there's no progress. The next revision of Career Day plans to make Exdeath in World 2 a more major part of the game
  55. - Similarly, all the Rift bosses do not yield key item checks. Refer to the specific boss list for bosses that may yield key items
  56. - Bosses are now randomized to a tiering system that changes their AI patterns and gives them stat anchors.
  57. - Monster-in-a-boxes are back
  58. - The WarpShard is given to the player immediately and allows warping to the worlds portal at any time. There will absolutely be bugs if you do this at certain points - we want you to find them and report. For example, using WarpShard while in Torna Canal makes your sprite a boat and messes up other sprites. However in most areas it's very much fine to use. Be cautious when you use the WarpShard and make sure you save often
  59. - Use the Config menu to set encounters on/off and to adjust EXP/ABP reward multipliers
  60. - There is a special MAGIC DEBUG SHEEP in the bottom right of Easterly sheep pen that will give you all key items. Make a backup save before interacting with it, then use this only if you get stuck during a seed and want to finish
  61. - Press B while riding vehicles will slow them down
  62. - While in battle, pressing Pause, then L+R+Select, then unpause, will instantly end the battle (same as resetting, for convenience)
  65. Thanks for playing!
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