Quiet Sunsets 7 (AiE, Celestia)

Jun 19th, 2016
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  1. Part 6 -
  3. >You moaned as whatever magic that put you under wore off.
  4. >Every inch of your body felt like it was made of lead.
  5. >Even your eyes refused to open right away.
  6. >'Easy Anon, one step at a time' you told yourself as memories from the night before came back.
  7. >You remember your date, you remember the park, the long kiss...
  8. >The attack.
  9. >Blue eyed unicorns came from all directions and--
  10. "Princess Celestia!"
  11. >Any weariness you felt was gone in an instant.
  12. >You sprung awake, pushing off the stone floor.
  13. >You tried to stand but you were covered in some kind of green, sticky goop.
  14. >It clung to you, your dress clothes, everything.
  15. >You pulled and tugged, trying your damndest to break free.
  16. >Eventually, one sharp yank pulled the slime free of your arm.
  17. >It took part of your dress shirt with it, but Cross Stitch would have to live with it.
  18. >Alright, one arm free, now you could maybe get this junk off you and--
  19. >"Anon, calm down, it is alright."
  20. >--find Princess Celestia?
  21. >She's here too?
  22. >"Stay still, I'll remove the ichor."
  23. >A golden glow surrounded the ichor and the solid green muck melted into liquid.
  24. >You were able to pull free with minimal damage to the rest of your clothing.
  25. >Swatting the rest of the fluid off, you stepped back from a small puddle you left behind.
  26. >"I am grateful the spell wore off, you had me worried for a moment."
  27. >You leaned against the cold stone of wherever you were.
  28. >"Are you injured?"
  29. >You shook your head no, slumping back to the floor.
  30. >Celestia smiled softly and cantered over to you.
  31. >She managed to retain her grace, despite some green stains on her fur and patches of dirt and grime here and there.
  32. >Her mane was a bit tangled as well, but it still flowed along her body as she walked.
  33. >She leaned on the wall and sat next to you, resting her head against your shoulder.
  34. "What happened?"
  35. >"Changelings abducted us. I had read a few reports from Keen Eye about ponies being abducted on the outskirts of the city. Hearts and Hooves day had over four separate incidents. All couples taking romantic walks then vanishing. They were discovered a few days later confused and drained of their energy. Keen Eye had attempted to set up traps for them but the changelings never took the bait."
  36. >Keen Eye was an earth pony who worked for the scouting division of the guard.
  37. >Just as his name implied, he was one hell of an investigator.
  38. >It was hard to imagine him being stumped by these creatures.
  39. "Traps?"
  40. >"There are a few guards who fancy one another. We put them on patrol together without their armor and crossed our hooves."
  41. >She chuckled and you shook your head.
  42. >"Ironic they found us instead, is it not?"
  43. >She nuzzles your shoulder a little.
  44. >You could tell she wanted you to pet her or stroke her mane but you couldn't bring yourself to.
  45. >It felt wrong, you didn't feel you deserved to be able to touch her like that, given the circumstances.
  46. >You felt her lift her head, as if to silently ask a question, but she continued her explanation.
  47. >"You were not in Equestria at the time of the Royal Wedding, but you were briefed on changelings, were you not?"
  48. "I was. I didn't expect to see them. Stonehoof made it sound like they were extinct."
  49. >"The majority of Chrysalis' brood was expelled from our Kingdom during Princess Cadence's wedding. We suspected a few splinter groups may have remained. When the abductions began to happen, our fears were confirmed. But they always occurred outside the city. To have one happen so close to the castle...they must be more organized than we feared or bordering on desperation."
  50. >You felt another nuzzle yet you still didn't budge.
  51. >Celestia sighed quietly.
  52. >"Or possibly, they sensed a source of energy they couldn't possibly resist, hmm?"
  53. >She chuckled again and poked your leg with her hoof.
  54. >You continued to stare straight ahead.
  55. >You were in a small cave with its entrances sealed with hard green slime, it was difficult to find humor in any of this...
  56. >"Are you sure you're not hurt? You're acting oddly."
  57. "I'm fine."
  58. >You felt a hoof touch your cheek and nudge your head to the side.
  59. >She wanted you to look at her.
  60. >Her lavender eyes were full of concern and you felt your heart sink.
  61. >"What is troubling you?"
  62. >You looked to the floor and sighed.
  63. "I failed you, Princess Celestia."
  64. >She blinked and shook her head.
  65. >"Anon. That is ridiculous, you have been nothing but a gentleman."
  66. "But when you needed me to protect you I couldn't do a thing! I was down before I even knew what was going on!"
  67. >You slipped away from her and stood, nearly bumping your head on the cave roof.
  68. >"Anonymous. I ordered you to not to fight. You trusted me where many would not have."
  69. "And they subdued me and took us both prisoner."
  70. >Celestia looked away and sighed.
  71. >"They were not the reason for your abduction."
  72. >Your look of puzzlement was all she needed to continue.
  73. >"Their magic is too weak and you are foreign to our world. When you were a recruit, did you not brag that the unicorn corps had trouble hitting you with spells?"
  74. >That earned a small smile, memories of frustrated unicorns with dents in their helmets from where you swatted them with the blunt end of your spear.
  75. >They claimed you had been cheating, using some sort of rune of protection when you sparred.
  76. >The next day you came to the yard in nothing but your underwear and knocked every one of their helmets off.
  77. >"It requires a powerful sorcerer and willingness on your part for magic to have a true effect on you. It is a great strength, but in matters of subterfuge it can be problematic."
  78. >Your jaw began to drop as you realized what had actually happened.
  79. "You...put me to sleep?"
  80. >"It was necessary. If the changelings were to discover you weren't a common unicorn, they might have panicked and run. Now, we're in their hive. We can discover who is in charge of this rabble and put and end to it once and for all."
  81. >Holy shit.
  82. >You wanted to be angry, but you were too impressed by her quick thinking.
  83. >While you had been sizing up the changelings and deciding who to fight first, Celestia put you to sleep and letting both of you be captured.
  84. >"I am sorry for the deception, Anon. As Princess, my duty is to all of Equestria. If that means I must put my date to sleep allow us to be captured by an enemy, I'm afraid I would make the same decision every time."
  85. >You snorted but nodded in understanding.
  86. >But you felt betrayed, no matter how much of what Celestia said made sense.
  87. "So..."
  88. >You tapped your foot on the stone floor, trying to figure out a way to word this.
  89. >Was everything an act then?
  90. >It couldn't be, that kiss, her tears, her smile, they couldn't all be fake.
  91. >The way she looked at you now, even, eyes full of concern with a hint of sadness.
  92. >No reason to make her feel worse.
  93. >But she still messed up, far as you were concerned, and you shouldn't just roll over either.
  94. >Be the man she loves, Anon.
  95. >The man who isn't afraid to treat her like an equal.
  96. " that the truth or do you have some sort of kidnapping thrill?"
  97. >An equal who isn't above being made fun of.
  98. >"P-pardon?"
  99. >She looked puzzled and you couldn't stop yourself.
  100. "Hey we all have our little kinks. I would have preferred you gave me a heads up we'd be doing the deed in a changeling hive but I guess it would cheapen the thrill if you told me."
  101. >She gasped and turned bright red, kicking at the floor.
  102. >You smirked and she frowned at you.
  103. "It's not my place to judge, Your Highness, I was sworn to serve and protect, afterall--"
  104. >She silenced you with a kiss.
  105. >It was hardly the passion filled embrace from earlier, but her cheeks were hot with embarrassment.
  106. >You stroked her neck and felt a tiny shiver, a feeling of relief that she hadn't soured the relationship.
  107. >When she pulled away, you winked.
  108. >"Thank you, Anonymous."
  109. "Maybe warn me next time."
  110. >"You might have resisted my magic..."
  111. "You know I can't resist you."
  112. >OK, cheesy, but she bit her lip and looked away flushed.
  113. >Cheesy works sometimes.
  114. >You rolled your shoulders and took another look around the cell.
  115. "So do the guards know? Are they on the way to rescue us?"
  116. >"That won't be necessary. Stand aside, please."
  117. >You did as you were told, taking a few steps to the side and back.
  118. >She advanced on the green goop blocking the entrance.
  119. >Her horn glowed a brilliant yellow and a beam of energy crashed into the barrier, melting the changeling ichor down to a puddle of slime
  120. >She looked back to you and smiled, nodding toward the exit.
  121. >She lead the way out, with you close behind, into a large stone cavern.
  122. >The cavern was mostly empty, a few changelings buzzing above you two, not quite aware they had a jailbreak.
  123. >Off in the distance you could see the moonlight gleaming through a hole in the ceiling.
  124. "Looks like the only way out is up. I'll get to ride you afterall, Princess."
  125. >She huffed and poked you with her hoof.
  126. >"We're not escaping, Anon, not yet."
  127. "Oh?"
  128. >"One of these creatures assaulted us, ruined our date, and took my hat."
  129. >A changeling started chittering, pointing at both of you with a makeshift spear.
  130. >Celestia zapped him with another bright beam from her horn.
  131. >He fell to the floor in a crumpled heap, twitching.
  132. >You nodded, hurrying over to the fallen bug and taking his spear.
  133. >Not nearly as nice as your sentry weapon, but it'll do.
  134. >"I really liked that hat, Anonymous."
  135. >She stormed deeper into the hive, her hooves thumping hard on the stone floor.
  136. >Quick bursts of illumination followed by insect like screeches followed in her wake.
  137. >You blinked, looking at the spear in your hands.
  138. >Would you even need it?
  139. >Hell hath no fury...
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