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  1. Ответы на iotex-викторину:
  2. 1. Which research papers will IoTeX release in June 2018?
  3. -"Faster Dual-key Stealth Address for Blockchain-based IoT Systems" and “Roll-DPoS Consensus Mechanism” yellow paper
  4. 2. What did Dr. Xinxin Fan mention at 2:56 in IoTalks #1?
  5. -To achieve full native privacy, IoTeX uses three components
  6. 3. What transaction privacy-preserving techniques has IoTeX adapted for IoT and used in their blockchain (sub-chains)? *
  7. -Ring signatures, stealth addresses, and bulletproofs
  8. 4. Choose the right statement: *
  9. - Xinxin Fan will present at the International Conference on Blockchain (ICBC) in Seattle, WA
  10. 5. What other blockchain project uses the dual-key stealth address protocol (DKSAP)? *
  11. - Monero
  12. 6. What is one important reason why IoTeX chose to innovate on the already state-of-the-art DKSAP and adapt it for IoT to create DKSAP-IoT? *
  13. - DKSAP requires blockchain nodes to constantly monitor the blockchain
  14. 7. When tested in an embedded computing environment, IoTeX’s DKSAP-IoT reduces computational overhead by approximately:
  15. - 50%
  16. 8. What IoTeX innovation will NOT be included in Testnet Alpha, which is IoTeX’s second code release to be released in late June? *
  17. - Lightweight virtual machine for smart contract execution
  18. 9. Which one of the following does NOT belong to the security properties DKSAP-IoT provides? *
  19. -Privacy-preserving computation
  20. 10. Which elliptic curve does DKSAP-IoT rely on? *
  21. - 283-bit binary Koblitz curve
  22. 11. How to redeem points to IOTX tokens? *
  23. - Via IoTeX Profile System (https://iotex.io/login)
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