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  1. [8:21]
  2. OpiumCoffee:
  3.     Hey man, Jimi told me to hit you up on steam regarding the merger or cooperation or w/e he's got in mind.
  5. [8:22]
  6. SheNDA:
  7.     Yeah. How many devs / players / Staff do you have so far?
  9. [8:28]
  10. OpiumCoffee:
  11.     Verne is the dev, we're using Helix and his gamemode so far. Players, don't quite know yet, so far it's 15 people who are actively subscribed to Stalker notifications in our discord.Staff, well. It's quite different in here as it's a community with different roleplay servers, so we've got a system in place. I'm basically in charge of the Stalker section and staff in their Hl2RP.Game Masters = Staff/AdministrationGame Managers = DM's / event dudes.Bailol, Nier, MrFix, Jimi are Game MastersJeff Belinger, Baker Maker / Tovarisch are Trial Game Managers, I'm aware of Baker's previous transgressions on other places, on MANY other places including some of my own, but I'm willing to give the guy another chance, so far he's been quite uhh... Well, don't know how to put it, but I'd say obedient and not a fucking hotheaded retard like he used to be.Bailol and Nier are pals from Point of Contact, don't know if you know anything bout that stalker rp.Fix I know from Eastern Haven from when he was banned in FN, he came and joined us for a while, he doesn't seem as bad as you people tell me he is. So far he hasn't demonstrated to me any of the accusations you guys have made against him.Jimi you already know.Jeff is another dude from PoC, he's basically well uh, autistic, sometimes he loses his shit, hence he's on trial as well.
  12.     Oh yeah, Spicy's in here too. He's a Game Manager, tho he's not in the discord.
  14. [8:37]
  15. SheNDA:
  16.     I'm going to go over ideas / terms with my Head Admin tomorrow because I think he should have a say, but what I have in mind currently may not be very much to your liking...I'd first want to re-evaluate the Staff to ensure they are trustworthy and fit for their positions. It's not about nepotism, but a Staff team without trust and respect isn't a team at all. I'm not sure where you yourself would fall- I'm not willing to share any community authority or ownership with you because I'm solely funding everything, including development, and that's what a community owner does...they pay the bills. I think you could also be evaluated for Staff, but for the sake of fairness, the fact that you would be merging wouldn't boost your chances
  18. [8:42]
  19. OpiumCoffee:
  20.     How does this " Evaluation " work? My chances? As in...?
  22. [8:44]
  23. SheNDA:
  24.     I don't know yet, exactly. Icechuck is the Head Administrator, so he is primarily concerned with managing the Staff team. I just think it'd be good to have something there to verify if they're good for it or not instead of just including everybody, because a STALKER RP REALLY needs an /effective/ Staff team, and an effective Staff team needs to be well-designed and well-chosen
  26. [8:44]
  27. OpiumCoffee:
  28.     Alright, how do you feel about MrFix?
  29.     Oh yeah, about the funding. Verne funds our project, he basically asked me to be his community manager to put it in any way.
  31. [8:50]
  32. SheNDA:
  33.     MrFix is, from my experience and observations, an individual that always seems to have an ulterior motive to just about everything he does. Any actions he takes on either an OOC level or an IC level always benefit him either OOCly or ICly. He primarily establishes friendships and trust with individuals in high positions authority in order to both manipulate them for his own ends and protect himself from ridicule by anyone lower than them. He is a man who rarely admits he is wrong, not only out of pride, but because he genuinely believes it. I recall an argument with him about STALKER lore where I had actual screenshot evidence straight from the game to support my argument, and he responded with a reasonable counterargument, but insisting that I'm wrong and an "idiot". He has also said /multiple times/ "everyone else is wrong" and "why is everybody always wrong?" He's made jokes on his own name and implies he is the "fix" to all of a server's problems, and this makes me think he has a Messiah, if not a superiority, complex. I'd be willing to allow him to play on the server, but I insist on depriving him of any tools he would be able to use to cause any of the problems he did before- no technician, no trader, no faction leadership (NCO/CO), no Staff
  34.     he not only not responded with a reasonable counterargument*
  36. [8:52]
  37. OpiumCoffee:
  38.     Do you still have that picture?
  40. [8:54]
  41. SheNDA:
  42.     No, I don't. To be more specific, we were arguing about whether Stalkers could easily leave the Zone, and he insisted they could because it's mentioned in CoP. I pointed out how most of the Stalkers in CoP are further north so they're inherently more experienced than the rest of the Zone, and provided a screenshot of a Stalker in the Cordon saying that the Military isn't allowing anyone to leave. He could've responded saying "that's a rookie in Rookie Village, he probably has no contacts or resources to leave so the Military is an obvious and big obstacle", but he instead responded by calling me an idiot and insisting I'm just wrong
  44. [8:56]
  45. OpiumCoffee:
  46.     [8:22]SheNDA:   Yeah. How many devs / players / Staff do you have so far?Alright, what about you?
  48. [8:56]
  49. SheNDA:
  50.     Ah
  51.     Head Admin - Icechuck
  52.     Senior Admin - None so far
  53.     Admin - Dorionite, CommandoKiwi, Mu-Alpha, Rook Sha, Sheriff, Zeta, Zippy
  54.     Trial Admin - Goose, Osprey
  55.     Developer - CommandoKiwi, SlimmyLJimmy, SilverWolf, Nasca
  56.     CommandoKiwi is the main coder / programmer of the gamemode and server, SilverWolf primarily works on SWEPs, and SlimmyLJimmy and Nasca work on modelling
  57.     Those are our dedicated developers, I am willing to and looking for independent devs to commission
  58.     As for players, I'd say about 30-40. Some/most of the Discord are friends of interested players that have been invited to hang out and play games (despite me asking that everyone invited should be interested in the server, but oh well)
  60. [9:02]
  61. OpiumCoffee:
  62.     Why did you acceed to even consider a merger?
  64. [9:03]
  65. SheNDA:
  66.     Because Jimi said that both your server and I's have both good and similar ideas, and he'd rather there be one better larger server than two competing ones, and I agree with him there
  68. [9:10]
  69. OpiumCoffee:
  70.     Well, what are your ideas for it?
  72. [9:11]
  73. SheNDA:
  74.     I think it'd be best if you went over our community meeting agendas and recaps in announcements, they may give you plenty of ideas we have planned for the server without requiring me to write a college thesis
  76. [9:11]
  77. OpiumCoffee:
  78.     Alright
  80. [9:23]
  81. OpiumCoffee:
  82.     Anyways, I'll consider all of this and talk it over with my staff team.
  84. [9:24]
  85. SheNDA:
  86.     Like I said, that isn't final. I haven't talked about any of this with my Head admin yet
  88. [9:24]
  89. OpiumCoffee:
  90.     I am aware. I do have to talk this with my staff team too, as I just mentioned.
  92. [12:08]
  93. OpiumCoffee:
  94.     So, I've read the docs. You chose pre-cop, how so?I've also noticed there hasn't been any more reports since 5th October
  95.     Sorry, 8th*
  97. [12:08]
  98. SheNDA:
  99.     Reports?
  101. [12:08]
  102. OpiumCoffee:
  103.     Well, the meetings, the docs basically
  105. [12:09]
  106. SheNDA:
  107.     And pre-CoP as in before Degtyarev's deployment but after Operation Monolith
  109. [12:09]
  110. OpiumCoffee:
  111.     Has the progress stagnated?
  112.     I see, why such a choice?
  114. [12:10]
  115. SheNDA:
  116.     Somewhat, school and work occupying much of people's time, plus the fact that we're now working on the economy, which is the biggest aspect of any STALKER RP server
  117.     Pre-CoP will allow players to experience the events of CoP ICly and it provides a good foothold to establish the story of the server, rather than starting right after CoP
  119. [12:11]
  120. OpiumCoffee:
  121.     Why not Pre-CS?
  122.     This way they would be able to experience all of the Stalker events with their own hands and eyes, hands meaning they would be potentially the ones who change the story and drive it.
  124. [12:12]
  125. SheNDA:
  126.     Servers taking place during the games never tend to be very narratively active- it just becomes the players doing menial activities while they hear about CS and Strelok happening in the background. CoP is a tightly confined narrative that players are able to experience up close and personal, and it's primarily meant to establish an introduction to the post-CoP story
  127.     Also some/most of the playerbase is from Fusion Networks, and that server died during pre-CoP. The setting will allow players from that server to apply for a character transfer so they can still RP their character while fitting the server setting and lore. It's meant to be an incentive for interest
  129. [12:17]
  130. OpiumCoffee:
  131.     That really depends on how you project the server to the players, the narrative can be done by themselves with a little bit of guidance and Stalker's landmarks, doesn't necessarily have to even be CS or to strictly follow canon, the landmarks are still viable if doing so. So it wouldn't basically be happening in the background. Doing CoP is basically the same, right? Letting them experience these events, but this narrative activity you talk about could also be applied to this concept as well, so, for instance, you would have the players doing menial activities while they hear about Degtyarev and his gang.Plus post CoP has been done so many times and it usually ends up with menial tasks and an uninteresting storyline and narrative, there is no build up for the players to follow other than the same stuff over and over, major events are well known, uninteresting, there's no Duty disabling the brain scorcher, just putting an example.Oh yeah, I can see that clearly viable. But I mean, you could simply let them do their same characters with the same character progression, or similar. They simply want the scripts they had back, lol.
  133. [12:19]
  134. SheNDA:
  135.     You can't really hear about Degtyarev and his gang when what they're doing is supposed to be in the same region and sometimes the same /building/ as the players' characters. And post-CoP is meant to inspire creativity so that there are major events, plus the way we're establishing character and faction politics will allow us to create events playing off what the characters are doing and deciding
  136.     just hear about*
  137.     Also, that isn't necessarily true. The players interested in transferring their characters have already acknowledged that some / most of their items are going to be downgraded or removed entirely. The players interested in transferring have characters that they've been developing for months, if not years- one or two since the beginning of Sevilidan (the server before Fusion Networks, both were in the same universe / continuity). A period around CoP is the only appropriate time period where their development is relevant, since they've done roleplay and events directly related to the main story in CS and ShoC
  139. [12:24]
  140. OpiumCoffee:
  141.     Ohh
  142.     Didn't know thatp art
  143.     That part*
  144.     I've heard of Sevilidan, what happened back there? I know Madcombat mostly because I RP'd on Sevilidan's Fantasy discord RP, but it was cancer af.
  146. [12:25]
  147. SheNDA:
  148.     Lore isn't going to be exactly the same as Fusion's - characters will need to describe their entire backstory and roleplay as best they can, so that the Staff team can approve or deny certain parts
  149.     The plan is to void all of the dumb shit and keep the good stuff
  151. [12:25]
  152. OpiumCoffee:
  153.     Right, makes sense
  155. [12:27]
  156. SheNDA:
  157.     Madcombat ended up abusing his power several times, especially ICly, and the community frustration with him grew to the point that he shut down the server in anger, but then tried to play it off as a crash after he realized what he had done. The staff team became fed up with him after this and they stole his server and database, and moved to Fusion, where Deadi / Omni offered to host them
  158.     Fusion continued where Sevilidan left off, voiding dumb shit and keeping good stuff, until it died, and now we're basically doing that again. I don't want to necessarily be seen as "Fusion 2.0" however. Even though some/most of the playerbase is the same and the characters are the same, we are trying our best to reinvent and refine the systems Fusion and other STALKER RPs had / have, with as few flaws as possible
  159.     That's part of the reason it's taking so long
  161. [12:31]
  162. OpiumCoffee:
  163.     What Systems do you want to have in place that are new or different from Garry's mod 2012 rp system?
  164.     So far every single RP system and tool has been literally the same as 2012's rp format that was established it hasn't changed a little bit
  165.     So far every single RP system and tool has been literally the same as 2012's rp format that was established it hasn't changed a little bit
  167. [12:33]
  168. SheNDA:
  169.     For one, technicians and traders will have more power and be more than glorified NPCs- they have real political influence on the server because factions will need to rely on them for regular supplies and maintenance
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