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May 27th, 2018
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  1. # Lang file for SavageFactions by drtshock & ProSavage
  2. # Use & for color codes.
  3. # Made with love <3
  7. root:
  8. AUTHOR: misc
  9. RESPONSIBLE: misc
  10. LANGUAGE: English
  12. LOCALE: en_US
  13. REQUIRESUNICODE: 'false'
  14. DEFAULT: 'true'
  15. STATE: complete
  16. LOCAL:
  17. AUTHOR: misc
  18. RESPONSIBLE: misc
  19. LANGUAGE: English
  20. REGION: US
  21. STATE: complete
  22. COMMAND:
  23. HELP:
  24. NEXTCREATE: <i>Learn how to create a faction on the next page.
  25. HOME: '<i>And don''t forget to set your home:'
  26. '404': '» This page does not exist'
  27. BANK:
  28. '1': <i>Your faction has a bank which is used to pay for certain
  29. '2': <i>things, so it will need to have money deposited into it.
  30. '3': <i>To learn more, use the money command.
  31. PLAYERTITLES: <i>Player titles are just for fun. No rules connected to them.
  33. '1': <i>Claimed land with ownership set is further protected so
  34. '2': <i>that only the owner(s), faction admin, and possibly the
  35. '3': <i>faction moderators have full access.
  37. '1': <i>Set the relation you WISH to have with another faction.
  38. '2': <i>Your default relation with other factions will be neutral.
  39. '3': <i>If BOTH factions choose "ally" you will be allies.
  40. '4': <i>If ONE faction chooses "enemy" you will be enemies.
  41. '5': <i>You can never hurt members or allies.
  42. '6': <i>You can not hurt neutrals in their own territory.
  43. '7': <i>You can always hurt enemies and players without faction.
  44. '8': ''
  45. '9': <i>Damage from enemies is reduced in your own territory.
  46. '10': <i>When you die you lose power. It is restored over time.
  47. '11': <i>The power of a faction is the sum of all member power.
  48. '12': <i>The power of a faction determines how much land it can hold.
  49. '13': <i>You can claim land from factions with too little power.
  51. '1': <i>Only faction members can build and destroy in their own
  52. '2': '<i>territory. Usage of the following items is also restricted:'
  53. '3': <i>Door, Chest, Furnace, Dispenser, Diode.
  54. '4': ''
  55. '5': <i>Make sure to put pressure plates in front of doors for your
  56. '6': <i>guest visitors. Otherwise they can't get through. You can
  57. '7': <i>also use this to create member only areas.
  58. '8': <i>As dispensers are protected, you can create traps without
  59. '9': <i>worrying about those arrows getting stolen.
  60. ADMIN:
  61. '1': "&a» &a/f claim safezone \n claim land for the Safe Zone"
  62. '2': "&a» &a/f claim warzone \n claim land for the War Zone"
  63. '3': "&a» &a/f autoclaim [safezone|warzone] \n take a guess"
  64. MOAR:
  65. '1': 'Finally some commands for the server admins:'
  66. '2': '<i>More commands for server admins:'
  67. '3': '<i>Even more commands for server admins:'
  68. DESCRIPTION: |2-
  70. &a» Display a &ahelp page
  71. NEAR:
  72. DESCRIPTION: Get nearby faction players in a radius.
  74. MSG: 'Cette commande est désactivée!'
  75. FORMAT: '{playername} ({distance}m)'
  76. USE:
  77. MSG: 'Membres de la faction à proximité'
  79. DESCRIPTION: 'Ouvrir le menu d''Amélioration'
  80. MONEYTAKE: '{amount} ont été prélevés de votre compte.'
  81. NOTENOUGHMONEY: 'Vous n''avez pas assez d''argent!'
  82. ADMIN:
  83. NOTMEMBER: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s n''est pas membre de votre faction.'
  84. NOTADMIN: '&c&l[!]&e Vous n''êtes pas l''administrateur de la faction.'
  85. TARGETSELF: '''&c&l[!]&e Le joueur ciblé ne doit pas être vous-même.'
  86. DEMOTES: '&c&l[!]&e Vous avez rétrogradé %1$s de la position d''administrateur de la faction.'
  87. DEMOTED: '&c&l[!]&e Vous avez été rétrogradé de la position d''administrateur de
  88. la faction par %1$s'
  89. PROMOTES: '&c&l[!]&e Vous avez promu &6%1$s au poste d''administrateur de faction.'
  90. PROMOTED: '&c&l[!]&e &6%1$s a donné à &6%2$s le leadership de &6%3$s.'
  91. DESCRIPTION: Hand over your admin rights
  92. NOMEMBERS: '&c&l[!]&e Personne d''autre à promouvoir, s''il vous plaît dissoudre la faction.'
  93. AHOME:
  94. DESCRIPTION: Send a player to their f home no matter what.
  95. NOHOME: '%1$s n''a pas de f home.'
  96. SUCCESS: $1%s was sent to their f home.
  97. OFFLINE: '%1$s est hors ligne.'
  98. TARGET: You were sent to your f home.
  100. DESCRIPTION: Announce a message to players in faction.
  101. FREECAM:
  102. ENEMYINRADIUS: Freecam disabled, An enemy is closeby!
  103. OUTSIDEFLIGHT: Please dont leave the flight radius!
  104. ENABLED: Freecam is now enabled!
  105. DISABLED: Freecam is now disabled
  106. DESCRIPTION: Go into spectator mode
  108. ENABLED: '&c&l[!]&e Maintenant auto-claim chunk pour <h>%1$s<i>.'
  109. DISABLED: '&c&l[!]&e Auto-claim des chunk est maintenant désactivée.'
  110. REQUIREDRANK: '&c&l[!]&e Vous devez être %1$s pour claim des chunks.'
  111. OTHERFACTION: '&c&l[!]&e Vous ne pouvez pas claim des chunks pour %1$s.'
  112. DESCRIPTION: Auto-claim land as you walk around
  113. AUTOHELP:
  114. HELPFOR: Help for command "
  115. BAN:
  116. DESCRIPTION: Ban players from joining your Faction.
  117. TARGET: '&c&l[!]&e Vous avez été banni de %1$s'
  118. BANNED: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s a banni %2$s'
  119. SELF: '&c&l[!]&e Tu ne peux pas te bannir toi-même.'
  120. INSUFFICIENTRANK: '&c&l[!]&e Votre rang est trop bas pour bannir %1$s'
  121. ALREADYBANNED: '&c&l[!]&e Ce joueur est déjà banni!'
  122. BANLIST:
  123. DESCRIPTION: View a Faction's ban list
  124. HEADER: '&c&l[!]&e ILy a %d bans pour %s'
  125. ENTRY: '%d. %s &r// %s &r// %s'
  126. NOFACTION: '&c&l[!]&e Vous n'êtes pas dans une faction.'
  127. INVALID: '&c&l[!]&e The faction %s does not exist'
  128. BOOM:
  129. PEACEFULONLY: '&c&l[!]&e This command is only usable by factions which are
  130. specifically designated as peaceful.'
  131. TOTOGGLE: to toggle explosions
  132. FORTOGGLE: for toggling explosions
  133. ENABLED: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s has %2$s explosions in your faction''s territory.'
  134. DESCRIPTION: Toggle explosions (peaceful factions only)
  135. BYPASS:
  136. ENABLE: '&c&l[!]&e You have enabled admin bypass mode. You will be able to build
  137. or destroy anywhere.'
  138. ENABLELOG: ' has ENABLED admin bypass mode.'
  139. DISABLE: '&c&l[!]&e You have disabled admin bypass mode.'
  140. DISABLELOG: ' has DISABLED admin bypass mode.'
  141. DESCRIPTION: Enable admin bypass mode
  142. BANNER:
  143. DESCRIPTION: Turn a held banner into a war banner
  144. NOTENOUGHMONEY: '&c&l[!]&e Vous n''avez pas assez d''argent.'
  145. MONEYTAKE: '&c&l[!]&e ${amount} ont été prélevés de votre compte.'
  146. SUCCESS: '&c&l[!]&e Vous avez créé une bannière de guerre !'
  147. DISABLED: '&c&l[!]&e Buying warbanners is disabled!'
  148. TPBANNER:
  149. NOTSET: '&c&l[!]&e Votre faction n''a pas de bannière de guerre !'
  150. SUCCESS: '&c&l[!]&e Se téléporter sur la bannière de guerre de votre faction.'
  151. DESCRIPTION: Teleport to your faction banner
  152. CHAT:
  153. DISABLED: '&c&l[!]&e Les canaux de chat intégrés sont désactivés sur ce serveur.'
  154. INVALIDMODE: '&c&l[!]&e Mode chat non reconnu. Veuillez entrer ''&da'',''&af'',''&6m''
  155. ou ''&fp'''
  156. DESCRIPTION: Change chat mode
  157. MODE:
  158. PUBLIC: '&c&l[!]&e Chat &fPublic.'
  159. ALLIANCE: '&c&l[!]&e Chat &dAlliance.'
  160. TRUCE: '&c&l[!]&e Chat &5Truce.'
  161. FACTION: '&c&l[!]&e Chat &aFaction.'
  162. MOD: '&c&l[!]&e Chat &dMod.'
  163. CHATSPY:
  164. ENABLE: '&c&l[!]&e You have enabled chat spying mode.'
  165. ENABLELOG: ' has ENABLED chat spying mode.'
  166. DISABLE: '&c&l[!]&e You have disabled chat spying mode.'
  167. DISABLELOG: ' has DISABLED chat spying mode.'
  168. DESCRIPTION: Enable admin chat spy mode
  169. CLAIM:
  170. INVALIDRADIUS: '&c&l[!]&e Si vous spécifiez un rayon, il doit être d''au moins 1.'
  171. DENIED: '&c&l[!]&e Vous n''avez pas la permission de claim dans un rayon.'
  172. DESCRIPTION: Claim land from where you are standing
  174. INVALIDRADIUS: '&c&l[!]&e Si vous spécifiez une distance, elle doit être d''au moins 1.'
  175. DENIED: '&c&l[!]&e You do not have permission to claim in a line.'
  176. DESCRIPTION: Claim land in a straight line.
  177. ABOVEMAX: '&c&l[!]&e The maximum limit for claim line is %s.'
  178. NOTVALID: '&c&l[!]&e %s is not a cardinal direction. You may use north,
  179. east, south or west.'
  180. CONFIG:
  181. NOEXIST: '&c&l[!]&e No configuration setting "%1$s" exists.'
  182. SET:
  183. 'TRUE': '" option set to true (enabled).'
  184. 'FALSE': '" option set to false (disabled).'
  185. ADDED: '"%1$s" set: "%2$s" added.'
  186. REMOVED: '"%1$s" set: "%2$s" removed.'
  187. OPTIONSET: '" option set to '
  188. COLOURSET: '" color option set to "'
  189. INTREQUIRED: 'Cannot set "%1$s": An integer (whole number) value required.'
  190. LONGREQUIRED: 'Cannot set "%1$s": A long integer (whole number) value required.'
  191. DOUBLEREQUIRED: 'Cannot set "%1$s": A double (numeric) value required.'
  192. FLOATREQUIRED: 'Cannot set "%1$s": A float (numeric) value required.'
  193. INVALID:
  194. COLOUR: 'Cannot set "%1$s": "%2$s" is not a valid color.'
  195. COLLECTION: '"%1$s" is not a data collection type which can be modified with
  196. this command.'
  197. MATERIAL: 'Cannot change "%1$s" set: "%2$s" is not a valid material.'
  198. TYPESET: '"%1$s" is not a data type set which can be modified with this command.'
  199. MATERIAL:
  200. ADDED: '"%1$s" set: Material "%2$s" added.'
  201. REMOVED: '"%1$s" set: Material "%2$s" removed.'
  202. LOG: ' (Command was run by %1$s.)'
  203. ERROR:
  204. SETTING: Error setting configuration setting "%1$s" to "%2$s".
  205. MATCHING: Configuration setting "%1$s" couldn't be matched, though it should be... please report this error.
  206. TYPE: '''%1$s'' is of type ''%2$s'', which cannot be modified with this command.'
  207. DESCRIPTION: Change a conf.json setting
  208. CONVERT:
  209. BACKEND:
  210. RUNNING: '&c&l[!]&e Already running that backend.'
  211. INVALID: '&c&l[!]&e Invalid backend'
  212. DESCRIPTION: Convert the plugin backend
  213. COORDS:
  214. MESSAGE: '&c&l[!]&e Les coordonnées de {player} sont {x},{y},{z}'
  215. DESCRIPTION: broadcast your coords to your faction
  217. DISABLED: 'Désactiver'
  218. SET: '&c&l[!]&e You have set the faction checkpoint at your Location.'
  219. GO: '&c&l[!]&e Teleporting to faction checkpoint'
  220. INVALIDLOCATION: '&c&l[!]&e Invalid Location! You can set checkpoints
  221. in your claims or &2wilderness.'
  222. NOT:
  223. SET: '&c&l[!]&e You have to set the faction checkpoint first.'
  224. CLAIMED: '&c&l[!]&e Your current faction checkpoint is claimed, set a new
  225. one!'
  226. DESCRIPTION: Set or go to your faction checkpoint!
  227. CREATE:
  228. MUSTLEAVE: '&c&l[!]&e Vous devez d''abord quitter votre faction actuelle.'
  229. INUSE: '&c&l[!]&e Ce nom est déjà utilisé.'
  230. TOCREATE: to create a new faction
  231. FORCREATE: for creating a new faction
  232. ERROR: '&c&l[!]&e Il y a eu une erreur interne en essayant de créer votre faction. Veuillez réessayer.²&'
  233. CREATED: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s<i> a créé une nouvelle faction: %2$s'
  234. YOUSHOULD: '&c&l[!]&e Tu devrais maintenant: %1$s'
  235. CREATEDLOG: ' a créé une nouvelle faction : '
  236. DESCRIPTION: Create a new faction
  237. DEINVITE:
  238. CANDEINVITE: '&c&l[!]&e Les joueurs que vous pouvez désinviter: '
  239. CLICKTODEINVITE: '&c&l[!]&e Cliquez pour révoquer l''invitation de %1$s'
  240. ALREADYMEMBER: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s<i> est déjà membre de %2$s'
  241. MIGHTWANT: '&c&l[!]&e Vous voudrez peut-être: %1$s'
  242. REVOKED: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s<i> a révoqué votre invitation à %2$s.'
  243. REVOKES: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s a révoqué l''invitation de %2$s.'
  244. DESCRIPTION: Remove a pending invitation
  245. DELFWARP:
  246. DELETED: '&c&l[!]&e warp supprimée %1$s'
  247. INVALID: '&c&l[!]&e Impossible de trouver le warp %1$s'
  248. TODELETE: to delete warp
  249. FORDELETE: for deleting warp
  250. DESCRIPTION: Delete a faction warp
  252. CHANGES: '&c&l[!]&e Vous avez changé la description de %1$s à:'
  253. CHANGED: '&c&l[!]&e La faction %1$s<i> a changé leur description en:'
  254. TOCHANGE: to change faction description
  255. FORCHANGE: for changing faction description
  256. DESCRIPTION: Change the faction description
  257. DISBAND:
  258. IMMUTABLE: '&c&l[!]&e Vous ne pouvez pas dissoudre Wilderness, SafeZone ou WarZone.'
  259. MARKEDPERMANENT: '&c&l[!]&e Cette faction est désignée comme permanente, donc vous ne pouvez pas la dissoudre.'
  261. YOURS: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s a dissous votre faction.'
  262. NOTYOURS: '&c&l[!]&e La faction &f%2$s a été supprimé.'
  263. HOLDINGS: '&c&l[!]&e &Vous avez reçu la banque de la faction dissoute, totalisant %1$s.'
  264. DESCRIPTION: Disband a faction
  265. FLY:
  266. DISABLED: '&c&l[!]&e Sorry, Faction flight is disabled on this server'
  267. DESCRIPTION: Enter or leave Faction flight mode
  268. CHANGE: '&c&l[!]&e Faction flight %1$s'
  269. COOLDOWN: '&c&l[!]&e Vous ne subirez pas de dégâts de chute pendant {amount} secondes'
  270. DAMAGE: '&c&l[!]&e Faction flight désactivé en raison de l''entrée en combat'
  271. 'NO':
  272. ACCESS: '&c&l[!]&e Tu ne peux pas voler dans le territoire de %1$s'
  273. EPEARL: '&c&l[!]&e Vous ne pouvez pas lancer des perles de l''ender en volant!'
  274. ENEMY:
  275. NEAR: '&c&l[!]&e Le vol a été désactivé un ennemi est à proximité.'
  276. CHECK:
  277. ENEMY: '&c&l[!]&e Impossible de voler ici, un ennemi est à proximité.'
  278. FWARP:
  279. CLICKTOWARP: '&c&l[!]&e Cliquez pour Warp !'
  280. COMMANDFORMAT: '&c&l[!]&e /f warp <nomduwarp> [motdepasse]'
  281. WARPED: '&c&l[!]&e Téléporter à %1$s'
  282. INVALID:
  283. WARP: '&c&l[!]&e Warp %1$s introuvable'
  284. PASSWORD: '&c&l[!]&e Mot de passe invalide !'
  285. TOWARP: to warp
  286. FORWARPING: for warping
  287. WARPS: 'Warps: '
  288. DESCRIPTION: Teleport to a faction warp
  289. PASSWORD:
  290. REQUIRED: '&c&l[!]&e Mot de passe du Warp:'
  291. TIMEOUT: '&c&l[!]&e Mot de passe du Warp annulé'
  292. HOME:
  293. DISABLED: '&c&l[!]&e Sorry, Faction homes are disabled on this server.'
  294. TELEPORTDISABLED: '&c&l[!]&e Sorry, the ability to teleport to Faction homes
  295. is disabled on this server.'
  296. NOHOME: '&c&l[!]&e Votre faction n''a pas de home. '
  297. INENEMY: '&c&l[!]&e Vous ne pouvez pas vous téléporter à votre home de faction pendant que vous êtes sur le territoire d''une faction ennemie.'
  298. WRONGWORLD: '&c&l[!]&e Vous ne pouvez pas vous téléporter à votre home de faction alors que vous êtes dans un autre monde.'
  299. ENEMYNEAR: '&c&l[!]&e Vous ne pouvez pas vous téléporter à votre home de faction alors qu''un ennemi se trouve à %s blocs de vous.'
  300. TOTELEPORT: to teleport to your faction home
  301. FORTELEPORT: for teleporting to your faction home
  302. DESCRIPTION: Teleport to the faction home
  303. INSPECT:
  304. DISABLED:
  305. MSG: '&c&l[!]&e Inspect mode is now disabled.'
  306. NOFAC: '&c&l[!]&e Inspect mode is now disabled, because you do not have
  307. a faction!'
  308. ENABLED: '&c&l[!]&e Inspect mode is now &aEnabled.'
  309. HEADER: '&m---Inspect Data&m---//x:{x},y:{y},z:{z}'
  310. ROW: '{time} // {action} // {player} // {block-type}'
  311. NODATA: '&c&l[!]&e No Data was found!'
  312. NOTINCLAIM: '&c&l[!]&e You can only inspect in your claims!'
  313. BYPASS: '&c&l[!]&e Inspecting in bypass mode'
  314. DESCRIPTION: Inspect blocks!
  315. INVITE:
  316. TOINVITE: to invite someone
  317. FORINVITE: for inviting someone
  318. CLICKTOJOIN: Click to join!
  319. INVITEDYOU: 'vous invite à vous rejoindre '
  320. INVITED: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s à inviter %2$s à votre faction.'
  321. ALREADYMEMBER: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s est déjà membre de %2$s'
  322. DESCRIPTION: Invite a player to your faction
  323. BANNED: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s est banni de votre faction. Ne pas envoyer d''invitation.'
  324. JOIN:
  325. CANNOTFORCE: '&c&l[!]&e Vous n''avez pas la permission de déplacer d''autres joueurs dans une faction.'
  326. SYSTEMFACTION: '&c&l[!]&e Les joueurs peuvent seulement rejoindre des factions normales. Ceci est une faction du système.'
  327. ALREADYMEMBER: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s %2$s est déjà membre de %3$s'
  328. ATLIMIT: ' &c&l[!]&e The faction %1$s is at the limit of %2$d members,
  329. so %3$s cannot currently join.'
  330. INOTHERFACTION: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s must leave %2$s current faction first.'
  331. NEGATIVEPOWER: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s cannot join a faction with a negative power
  332. level.'
  333. REQUIRESINVITATION: '&c&l[!]&e This faction requires an invitation.'
  334. ATTEMPTEDJOIN: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s tried to join your faction.'
  335. TOJOIN: to join a faction
  336. FORJOIN: for joining a faction
  337. SUCCESS: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s successfully joined %2$s.'
  338. MOVED: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s moved you into the faction %2$s.'
  339. JOINED: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s joined your faction.'
  340. JOINEDLOG: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s joined the faction %2$s.'
  341. MOVEDLOG: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s moved the player %2$s into the faction %3$s.'
  342. DESCRIPTION: '&a» Join a faction'
  343. BANNED: '&c&l[!]&e You are banned from %1$s.'
  344. KICK:
  345. CANDIDATES: '&c&l[!]&e Players you can kick: '
  346. CLICKTOKICK: 'Click to kick '
  347. SELF: '&c&l[!]&e You cannot kick yourself.'
  348. NONE: '&c&l[!]&e That player is not in a faction.'
  349. NOTMEMBER: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s<b> is not a member of %2$s'
  350. INSUFFICIENTRANK: '&c&l[!]&e Your rank is too low to kick this player.'
  351. NEGATIVEPOWER: '&c&l[!]&e You cannot kick that member until their power is
  352. &apositive.'
  353. TOKICK: to kick someone from the faction
  354. FORKICK: for kicking someone from the faction
  355. FACTION: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s kicked %2$s from the faction!'
  356. KICKS: '&c&l[!]&e You kicked %1$s from the faction %2$s!'
  357. KICKED: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s kicked you from %2$s!'
  358. DESCRIPTION: Kick a player from the faction
  359. LIST:
  360. FACTIONLIST: '&c&l[!]&e Faction List '
  361. TOLIST: to list the factions
  362. FORLIST: for listing the factions
  363. ONLINEFACTIONLESS: 'Online factionless: '
  364. DESCRIPTION: '&a» See a list of the factions'
  365. LOCK:
  366. LOCKED: '&c&l[!]&e Factions is now locked'
  367. UNLOCKED: '&c&l[!]&e Factions in now&a unlocked'
  368. DESCRIPTION: Lock all write stuff. Apparently.
  369. LOGINS:
  370. TOGGLE: '&c&l[!]&e Set login / logout notifications for Faction members to: %s'
  371. DESCRIPTION: Toggle(?) login / logout notifications for Faction members
  372. LOWPOWER:
  373. HEADER: '&8&m--------&8<Players with power under {maxpower}&8>&8&m---------'
  374. FORMAT: '{player} &8({player_power}&8/{maxpower}&8)'
  375. DESCRIPTION: Shows a list of players in your faction with lower power levels
  376. MAP:
  377. TOSHOW: to show the map
  378. FORSHOW: for showing the map
  379. UPDATE:
  380. ENABLED: '&c&l[!]&e Map auto update &aENABLED.'
  381. DISABLED: '&c&l[!]&e Map auto update DISABLED.'
  382. DESCRIPTION: Show the territory map, and set optional auto update
  384. DESCRIPTION: 'Update the lines that /f map sends'
  385. SET: '&c&l[!]&e Set /f map lines to &a%1$d'
  386. CURRENT: '&c&l[!]&e Current mapheight: &a%1$d'
  387. MOD:
  388. CANDIDATES: '&c&l[!]&e Players you can promote: '
  389. CLICKTOPROMOTE: 'Click to promote '
  390. NOTMEMBER: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s7 is not a member in your faction.'
  391. NOTADMIN: '&c&l[!]&e You are not the faction admin.'
  392. SELF: '&c&l[!]&e The target player musn''t be yourself.'
  393. TARGETISADMIN: '&c&l[!]&e The target player is a faction admin. Demote them
  394. first.'
  395. REVOKES: '&c&l[!]&e You have removed moderator status from %1$s.'
  396. REVOKED: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s is no longer moderator in your faction.'
  397. PROMOTES: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s was promoted to moderator in your faction.'
  398. PROMOTED: '&c&l[!]&e You have promoted %1$s to moderator.'
  399. DESCRIPTION: Give or revoke moderator rights
  400. COLEADER:
  401. CANDIDATES: '&c&l[!]&e Players you can promote: '
  402. CLICKTOPROMOTE: 'Click to promote '
  403. NOTMEMBER: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s is not a member in your faction.'
  404. NOTADMIN: '&c&l[!]&e You are not the faction admin.'
  405. SELF: '&c&l[!]&e The target player musn''t be yourself.'
  406. TARGETISADMIN: '&c&l[!]&e The target player is a faction admin. Demote them
  407. first.'
  408. REVOKES: '&c&l[!]&e You have removed coleader status from %1$s.'
  409. REVOKED: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s is no longer coleader in your faction.'
  410. PROMOTES: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s was promoted to coleader in your faction.'
  411. PROMOTED: '&c&l[!]&e You have promoted %1$s to coleader.'
  412. DESCRIPTION: Give or revoke coleader rights
  414. ADDED: '&c&l[!]&e Added %1$f power to %2$s. New total rounded power: %3$d'
  415. DESCRIPTION: Modify the power of a faction/player
  416. MONEY:
  417. LONG: '&c&l[!]&e The faction money commands.'
  418. DESCRIPTION: Faction money commands
  420. SHORT: show faction balance
  421. DESCRIPTION: Show your factions current money balance
  423. DESCRIPTION: Deposit money
  424. DEPOSITED: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s deposited %2$s in the faction bank: %3$s'
  426. DESCRIPTION: Transfer f -> f
  427. TRANSFER: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s transferred %2$s from the faction "%3$s"
  428. to the faction "%4$s"'
  430. DESCRIPTION: Transfer f -> p
  431. TRANSFER: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s transferred %2$s from the faction "%3$s" to
  432. the player "%4$s"'
  434. DESCRIPTION: Transfer p -> f
  435. TRANSFER: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s transferred %2$s from the player "%3$s" to
  436. the faction "%4$s"'
  438. DESCRIPTION: Withdraw money
  439. WITHDRAW: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s withdrew %2$s from the faction bank: %3$s'
  440. OPEN:
  441. TOOPEN: to open or close the faction
  442. FOROPEN: for opening or closing the faction
  443. OPEN: open
  444. CLOSED: closed
  445. CHANGES: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s changed the faction to %2$s.'
  446. CHANGED: '&c&l[!]&e The faction %1$s is now %2$s'
  447. DESCRIPTION: Switch if invitation is required to join
  448. OWNER:
  449. DISABLED: '&c&l[!]&e Sorry, but owned areas are disabled on this server.'
  450. LIMIT: '&c&l[!]&e Sorry, but you have reached the server''s limit of %1$d
  451. owned areas per faction.'
  452. WRONGFACTION: '&c&l[!]&e This land is not claimed by your faction, so you
  453. can''t set ownership of it.'
  454. NOTCLAIMED: '&c&l[!]&e This land is not claimed by a faction. Ownership is
  455. not possible.'
  456. NOTMEMBER: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s is not a member of this faction.'
  457. CLEARED: '&c&l[!]&e You have cleared ownership for this claimed area.'
  458. REMOVED: '&c&l[!]&e You have removed ownership of this claimed land from
  459. %1$s.'
  460. TOSET: to set ownership of claimed land
  461. FORSET: for setting ownership of claimed land
  462. ADDED: '&c&l[!]&e You have added %1$s to the owner list for this claimed
  463. land.'
  464. DESCRIPTION: Set ownership of claimed land
  466. DESCRIPTION: Kill holograms in a radius, admin command
  468. DISABLED: '&c&l[!]&e Sorry, but owned areas are disabled on this server.'
  469. WRONGFACTION: '&c&l[!]&e This land is not claimed by your faction.'
  470. NOTCLAIMED: '&c&l[!]&e This land is not claimed by any faction, thus no owners.'
  471. NONE: '&c&l[!]&e No owners are set here; everyone in the faction has access.'
  472. OWNERS: '&c&l[!]&e Current owner(s) of this land: %1$s'
  473. DESCRIPTION: List owner(s) of this claimed land
  474. PEACEFUL:
  475. DESCRIPTION: '&c&l[!]&eSet a faction to peaceful'
  476. YOURS: '&c&l[!]&e%1$s has %2$s your faction'
  477. OTHER: '&c&l[!]&e%s has %s the faction ''%s<i>''.'
  478. GRANT: '&c&l[!]&e granted peaceful status to'
  479. REVOKE: removed peaceful status from
  480. PERM:
  481. DESCRIPTION: '&c&l[!]&e&6Edit or list your Faction''s permissions.'
  482. INVALID:
  483. RELATION: '&c&l[!]&eInvalid relation defined. Try something like ''ally'''
  484. ACCESS: '&c&l[!]&e Invalid access defined. Try something like ''allow'''
  485. ACTION: '&c&l[!]&e Invalid action defined. Try something like ''build'''
  486. SET: '&c&l[!]&e Set permission %1$s to %2$s for relation %3$s'
  489. DESCRIPTION: Toggles a faction's permanence
  490. GRANT: '&c&l[!]&e added permanent status to'
  491. REVOKE: '&c&l[!]&e removed permanent status from'
  492. YOURS: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s has %2$s your faction'
  493. OTHER: '&c&l[!]&e %s has %s the faction ''%s''.'
  494. PROMOTE:
  495. TARGET: '&c&l[!]&e You''ve been %1$s to %2$s'
  496. SUCCESS: '&c&l[!]&e You successfully %1$s %2$s to %3$s'
  497. PROMOTED: promoted
  498. DEMOTED: demoted
  499. COLEADER:
  500. ADMIN: '&c&l[!]&e Coleaders cant promote players to Admin!'
  501. DESCRIPTION: /f promote <name>
  502. WRONGFACTION: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s is not part of your faction.'
  503. NOTTHATPLAYER: '&c&l[!]&e That player cannot be promoted.'
  504. NOT:
  505. ALLOWED: '&c&l[!]&e You cannot promote to the same rank as yourself!'
  507. DESCRIPTION: Toggle faction power permanence
  508. GRANT: added permanentpower status to
  509. REVOKE: removed permanentpower status from
  510. SUCCESS: '&c&l[!]&e You %s %s.'
  511. FACTION: '&c&l[!]&e %s %s your faction'
  512. NOACCESS: '&c&l[!]&e You don''t have access to that.'
  513. POWER:
  514. TOSHOW: to show player power info
  515. FORSHOW: for showing player power info
  516. POWER: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s » Power / Maxpower&a » %2$d /%3$d %4$s'
  517. BONUS: ' (bonus: '
  518. PENALTY: ' (penalty: '
  519. DESCRIPTION: '&a» Show player &apower info'
  521. HELP:
  522. '1': '&c&l[!]&e You must specify "p" or "player" to target a player or "f" or
  523. "faction" to target a faction.'
  524. '2': '&c&l[!]&e ex. /f powerboost p SomePlayer 0.5 -or- /f powerboost f SomeFaction
  525. -5'
  526. INVALIDNUM: <b>You must specify a valid numeric value for the power bonus/penalty amount.
  527. PLAYER: Player "%1$s"
  528. FACTION: Faction "%1$s"
  529. BOOST: <i>%1$s now has a power bonus/penalty of %2$d to min and max power levels.
  530. BOOSTLOG: '%1$s has set the power bonus/penalty for %2$s to %3$d.'
  531. DESCRIPTION: Apply permanent power bonus/penalty to specified player or faction
  533. ALLTHENOPE: '&c&l[!]&e Nope! You can''t.'
  534. MORENOPE: '&c&l[!]&e Nope! You can''t declare a relation to yourself'
  535. ALREADYINRELATIONSHIP: '&c&l[!]&e You already have that relation wish set
  536. with %1$s.'
  537. TOMARRY: to change a relation wish
  538. FORMARRY: for changing a relation wish
  539. MUTUAL: '&c&l[!]&e Your faction is now %1$s<i> to %2$s'
  540. PEACEFUL: '&c&l[!]&e This will have no effect while your faction is peaceful.'
  541. PEACEFULOTHER: '&c&l[!]&e This will have no effect while their faction is
  542. peaceful.'
  543. DESCRIPTION: Set relation wish to another faction
  544. EXCEEDS:
  545. ME: '&c&l[!]&e Failed to set relation wish. You can only have %1$s %2$s.'
  546. THEY: '&c&l[!]&e Failed to set relation wish. They can only have %1$s %2$s.'
  547. PROPOSAL:
  548. '1': '&c&l[!]&e %1$s wishes to be your %2$s'
  549. '2': '&c&l[!]&e Type /%1$s %2$s %3$s to accept.'
  550. SENT: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s were informed that you wish to be %2$s'
  551. RELOAD:
  552. TIME: '&c&l[!]&e Reloaded all configuration files <i>from disk, took %1$d
  553. ms<i>.'
  554. DESCRIPTION: Reload data file(s) from disk
  556. DESCRIPTION: Unclaim all safezone land
  557. UNCLAIMED: '&c&l[!]&e You unclaimed ALL safe zone land.'
  558. UNCLAIMEDLOG: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s unclaimed all safe zones.'
  559. SAVEALL:
  560. SUCCESS: '&c&l[!]&e Factions saved to disk!'
  561. DESCRIPTION: Save all data to disk
  563. DESCRIPTION: Scoreboardy things
  565. SUCCESS: '&c&l[!]&e Banner Pattern Set!'
  566. NOTBANNER: '&c&l[!]&e The item is not a banner!'
  567. DESCRIPTION: set banner pattern for your faction
  569. DESCRIPTION: /f defaultrole <role> - set your Faction's default role.
  570. NOTTHATROLE: '&c&l[!]&e You cannot set the default to admin.'
  571. SUCCESS: Set default role of your faction to %1$s
  572. INVALIDROLE: Couldn't find matching role for %1$s
  573. SETFWARP:
  574. NOTCLAIMED: '&c&l[!]&e You can only set warps in your faction territory.'
  575. LIMIT: '&c&l[!]&e Your Faction already has the max amount of warps set (%1$d).'
  576. SET: '&c&l[!]&e Set warp %1$s and password ''%2$s'' to your location.'
  577. TOSET: to set warp
  578. FORSET: for setting warp
  579. DESCRIPTION: Set a faction warp
  580. SETHOME:
  581. DISABLED: '&c&l[!]&e Sorry, Faction homes are disabled on this server.'
  582. NOTCLAIMED: '&c&l[!]&e Sorry, your faction home can only be set inside your
  583. own claimed territory.'
  584. TOSET: to set the faction home
  585. FORSET: for setting the faction home
  586. SET: '&c&l[!]&e %1$s set the home for your faction. You can now use:'
  587. SETOTHER: '&c&l[!]&e You have set the home for the %1$s faction.'
  588. DESCRIPTION: Set the faction home
  590. DESCRIPTION: Set max vaults for a Faction.
  591. SUCCESS: '&aSet max vaults for %s &ato &b%d'
  592. VAULT:
  593. DESCRIPTION: Open your placed faction vault!
  594. INVALID: '&c&l[!]&e Your vault was either claimed, broken, or has not
  595. been placed yet.'
  596. OPENING: '&c&l[!]&e Opening faction vault.'
  597. GETVAULT:
  598. ALREADYSET: '&c&l[!]&e Vault has already been set!'
  599. ALREADYHAVE: '&c&l[!]&e You already have a vault in your inventory!'
  600. CHESTNEAR: '&c&l[!]&e There is a chest nearby'
  601. SUCCESS: 'Sucessfully set vault.'
  602. INVALIDLOCATION: 'Vault can only be placed in faction land!'
  603. DESCRIPTION: Get the faction vault item!
  604. RECEIVE: 'You have recieved a faction vault!'
  605. NOMONEY: 'You do not have enough money'
  606. MONEYTAKE: '{amount} has been taken from your account'
  607. SHOW:
  609. SELF: You are not in a faction
  610. OTHER: That's not a faction
  611. TOSHOW: to show faction information
  612. FORSHOW: for showing faction information
  613. DESCRIPTION: '<a>Description: <i>%1$s'
  614. PEACEFUL: This faction is Peaceful
  615. PERMANENT: <a>This faction is permanent, remaining even with no members.
  616. JOINING: '<a>Joining: <i>%1$s '
  617. INVITATION: invitation is required
  618. UNINVITED: no invitation is needed
  619. NOHOME: n/a
  620. POWER: '<a>Land / Power / Maxpower: <i> %1$d/%2$d/%3$d %4$s.'
  621. BONUS: ' (bonus: '
  622. PENALTY: ' (penalty: '
  623. DEPRECIATED: (%1$s depreciated)
  624. LANDVALUE: '<a>Total land value: <i>%1$s %2$s'
  625. BANKCONTAINS: '<a>Bank contains: <i>%1$s'
  626. ALLIES: 'Allies: '
  627. ENEMIES: 'Enemies: '
  628. MEMBERSONLINE: 'Members online: '
  629. MEMBERSOFFLINE: 'Members offline: '
  630. COMMANDDESCRIPTION: Show faction information
  631. DEATHS:
  632. TIL:
  633. RAIDABLE: '<i>DTR: %1$d'
  634. EXEMPT: <b>This faction is exempt and cannot be seen.
  635. NEEDFACTION: 'You need to join a faction to view your own!'
  637. HEADER: '&8&m-------------&8<{faction}''s claims&8>&8&m-------------'
  638. FORMAT: '&8[{world}]: {chunks}'
  639. CHUNKSFORMAT: '&8({x}&8,{z}&8)'
  640. DESCRIPTION: show your factions claims!
  642. PENDING: 'Players with pending invites: '
  643. CLICKTOREVOKE: Click to revoke invite for %1$s
  644. DESCRIPTION: Show pending faction invites
  645. STATUS:
  646. FORMAT: '%1$s Power: %2$s Last Seen: %3$s'
  647. ONLINE: Online
  648. AGOSUFFIX: ' ago.'
  649. DESCRIPTION: Show the status of a player
  650. STUCK:
  651. TIMEFORMAT: m 'minutes', s 'seconds.'
  652. CANCELLED: <a>Teleport cancelled because you were damaged
  653. OUTSIDE: <a>Teleport cancelled because you left <i>%1$d <a>block radius
  654. EXISTS: <a>You are already teleporting, you must wait <i>%1$s
  655. START: '<a>Teleport will commence in <i>%s<a>. Don''t take or deal damage. '
  656. TELEPORT: <a>Teleported safely to %1$d, %2$d, %3$d.
  657. TOSTUCK: to safely teleport %1$s out
  658. FORSTUCK: for %1$s initiating a safe teleport out
  659. DESCRIPTION: Safely teleports you out of enemy faction
  660. SEECHUNK:
  661. ENABLED: 'Seechunk enabled!'
  662. DISABLED: 'Seechunk disabled!'
  663. TAG:
  664. TAKEN: <b>That tag is already taken
  665. TOCHANGE: to change the faction tag
  666. FORCHANGE: for changing the faction tag
  667. FACTION: '%1$s<i> changed your faction tag to %2$s'
  668. CHANGED: <i>The faction %1$s<i> changed their name to %2$s.
  669. DESCRIPTION: Change the faction tag
  670. TITLE:
  671. TOCHANGE: to change a players title
  672. FORCHANGE: for changing a players title
  673. CHANGED: '%1$s<i> changed a title: %2$s'
  674. DESCRIPTION: Set or remove a players title
  676. DESCRIPTION: Toggles whether or not you will see alliance chat
  677. IGNORE: Alliance chat is now ignored
  678. UNIGNORE: Alliance chat is no longer ignored
  679. TOGGLESB:
  680. DISABLED: You can't toggle scoreboards while they are disabled.
  681. TOP:
  682. DESCRIPTION: Sort Factions to see the top of some criteria.
  683. TOP: Top Factions by %s. Page %d/%d
  684. LINE: '%d. &6%s: %s'
  685. INVALID: Could not sort by %s. Try balance, online, members, power or land.
  686. TNT:
  687. DISABLED:
  688. MSG: 'This command is disabled!'
  689. INVALID:
  690. NUM: The amount needs to be a number!
  691. DEPOSIT:
  692. SUCCESS: 'Successfully deposited tnt.'
  693. NOTENOUGH: 'Not enough tnt in tnt inventory.'
  694. EXCEEDLIMIT: 'This exceeds the bank limit!'
  696. SUCCESS: 'Successfully withdrew tnt.'
  697. NOTENOUGH: 'Not enough tnt in bank.'
  698. AMOUNT: 'Your faction has {amount} tnt in the tnt bank.'
  699. POSITIVE: 'Please use positive numbers!'
  700. DESCRIPTION: add/widthraw from faction's tnt bank
  701. TNTFILL:
  702. HEADER: '&c&l[!]&e Filling tnt in dispensers...'
  703. SUCCESS: '&c&l[!]&e Filled {amount} Tnt in {dispensers} dispensers'
  704. NOTENOUGH: '&c&l[!]&e Not enough tnt in inventory.'
  705. RADIUSMAX: '&c&l[!]&e The max radius is {max}'
  706. AMOUNTMAX: '&c&l[!]&e The max amount is {max}'
  707. MOD: '&c&l[!]&e Tnt will be used from the faction bank because you dont have the
  708. specified amount in your inventory and you are a {role}'
  709. DESCRIPTION: Fill tnt into dispensers around you
  710. UNBAN:
  711. DESCRIPTION: Unban someone from your Faction
  712. NOTBANNED: '%s isn''t banned. Not doing anything.'
  713. UNBANNED: '%1$s unbanned %2$s'
  714. TARGET: '&aYou were unbanned from &r%s'
  715. UNCLAIM:
  716. SAFEZONE:
  717. SUCCESS: <i>Safe zone was unclaimed.
  718. NOPERM: <b>This is a safe zone. You lack permissions to unclaim.
  719. WARZONE:
  720. SUCCESS: <i>War zone was unclaimed.
  721. NOPERM: <b>This is a war zone. You lack permissions to unclaim.
  722. UNCLAIMED: '%1$s<i> unclaimed some of your land.'
  723. UNCLAIMS: <i>You unclaimed this land.
  724. LOG: '%1$s unclaimed land at (%2$s) from the faction: %3$s'
  725. WRONGFACTION: <b>You don't own this land.
  726. TOUNCLAIM: to unclaim this land
  727. FORUNCLAIM: for unclaiming this land
  728. FACTIONUNCLAIMED: '%1$s<i> unclaimed some land.'
  729. DESCRIPTION: Unclaim the land where you are standing
  730. CLICKTOUNCLAIM: Click to unclaim &2(%1$d, %2$d)
  732. TOUNCLAIM: to unclaim all faction land
  733. FORUNCLAIM: for unclaiming all faction land
  734. UNCLAIMED: '%1$s<i> unclaimed ALL of your faction''s land.'
  735. LOG: '%1$s unclaimed everything for the faction: %2$s'
  736. DESCRIPTION: Unclaim all of your factions land
  737. VERSION:
  738. NAME: '&c&l[!]&e &k||| &r&4SavageFactions &k|||&r » By ProSavage'
  739. VERSION: 'Version » %1$s'
  740. DESCRIPTION: Show plugin and translation version information
  742. DESCRIPTION: Unclaim all warzone land
  743. SUCCESS: <i>You unclaimed ALL war zone land.
  744. LOG: '%1$s unclaimed all war zones.'
  745. RULES:
  746. DISABLED:
  747. MSG: 'This command is disabled!'
  748. DESCRIPTION: set/remove/add rules!
  749. ADD:
  750. INVALIDARGS: Please include a rule!
  751. SUCCESS: 'Rule added successfully!'
  752. SET:
  753. INVALIDARGS: Please include a line number & rule!
  754. SUCCESS: 'Rule set successfully!'
  755. REMOVE:
  756. INVALIDARGS: Please include a line number!
  757. SUCCESS: 'Rule removed successfully!'
  758. CLEAR:
  759. SUCCESS: 'Rule cleared successfully!'
  760. command:
  761. help:
  762. invitations: '<i>You might want to close it and use invitations:'
  763. LEAVE:
  764. PASSADMIN: <b>You must give the admin role to someone else first.
  765. NEGATIVEPOWER: <b>You cannot leave until your power is positive.
  766. TOLEAVE: to leave your faction.
  767. FORLEAVE: for leaving your faction.
  768. LEFT: '%s<i> left faction %s<i>.'
  769. DISBANDED: <i>%s<i> was disbanded.
  770. DISBANDEDLOG: The faction %s (%s) was disbanded due to the last player (%s) leaving.
  771. DESCRIPTION: \n &a» Leave your faction
  772. CLAIM:
  773. PROTECTED: <b>This land is protected
  774. DISABLED: <b>Sorry, this world has land claiming disabled.
  775. CANTCLAIM: <b>You can't claim land for <h>%s<b>.
  776. ALREADYOWN: '%s<i> already own this land.'
  777. MUSTBE: <b>You must be <h>%s<b> to claim land.
  778. MEMBERS: Factions must have at least <h>%s<b> members to claim land.
  779. SAFEZONE: <b>You can not claim a Safe Zone.
  780. WARZONE: <b>You can not claim a War Zone.
  781. POWER: <b>You can't claim more land! You need more power!
  782. LIMIT: <b>Limit reached. You can't claim more land!
  783. ALLY: <b>You can't claim the land of your allies.
  784. CONTIGIOUS: <b>You can only claim additional land which is connected to your first claim or controlled by another faction!
  785. FACTIONCONTIGUOUS: <b>You can only claim additional land which is connected to your first claim!
  786. PEACEFUL: '%s<i> owns this land. Your faction is peaceful, so you cannot claim land
  787. from other factions.'
  788. PEACEFULTARGET: '%s<i> owns this land, and is a peaceful faction. You cannot claim
  789. land from them.'
  790. THISISSPARTA: '%s<i> owns this land and is strong enough to keep it.'
  791. BORDER: <b>You must start claiming land at the border of the territory.
  792. TOCLAIM: to claim this land
  793. FORCLAIM: for claiming this land
  794. TOOVERCLAIM: to overclaim this land
  795. FOROVERCLAIM: for over claiming this land
  796. CLAIMED: <h>%s<i> claimed land for <h>%s<i> from <h>%s<i>.
  797. CLAIMEDLOG: '%s claimed land at (%s) for the faction: %s'
  799. DISABLED: <i>Over claiming is disabled on this server.
  800. TOOCLOSETOOTHERFACTION: <i>Your claim is too close to another Faction. Buffer required is %d
  801. OUTSIDEWORLDBORDER: <i>Your claim is outside the border.
  802. OUTSIDEBORDERBUFFER: <i>Your claim is outside the border. %d chunks away world edge required.
  803. CLICK:
  804. TO:
  805. CLAIM: Click to try to claim &2(%1$d, %2$d)
  806. MAP:
  807. OUTSIDEBORDER: 'This claim is outside the worldborder!'
  808. YOUAREHERE: You are here
  809. GENERIC:
  810. YOU: you
  811. YOURFACTION: your faction
  812. NOPERMISSION: <b>You don't have permission to %1$s.
  813. FPERM:
  814. NOPERMISSION: 'Your faction leader does not allow you to %1$s.'
  815. DOTHAT: do that
  816. NOPLAYERMATCH: <b>No player match found for "<p>%1$s<b>".
  817. NOPLAYERFOUND: <b>No player "<p>%1$s<b>" could not be found.
  818. ARGS:
  819. TOOFEW: '<b>Too few arguments. <i>Use like this:'
  820. TOOMANY: '<b>Strange argument "<p>%1$s<b>". <i>Use the command like this:'
  821. DEFAULTDESCRIPTION: Default faction description :(
  822. OWNERS: 'Owner(s): %1$s'
  823. PUBLICLAND: Public faction land.
  824. FACTIONLESS: factionless
  825. SERVERADMIN: A server admin
  826. DISABLED: disabled
  827. ENABLED: enabled
  828. INFINITY: ∞
  829. CONSOLEONLY: This command cannot be run as a player.
  830. PLAYERONLY: <b>This command can only be used by ingame players.
  831. ASKYOURLEADER: '<i> Ask your leader to:'
  832. YOUSHOULD: '<i>You should:'
  833. YOUMAYWANT: '<i>You may want to: '
  835. VERSION: 'Translation: %1$s(%2$s,%3$s) State: %4$s'
  836. CONTRIBUTORS: 'Translation contributors: %1$s'
  837. RESPONSIBLE: 'Responsible for translation: %1$s'
  839. TOOSHORT: <i>The faction tag can't be shorter than <h>%1$s<i> chars.
  840. TOOLONG: <i>The faction tag can't be longer than <h>%s<i> chars.
  841. ALPHANUMERIC: <i>Faction tag must be alphanumeric. "<h>%s<i>" is not allowed.
  842. PLACEHOLDER: <This is a placeholder for a message you should not see>
  844. NOFACTION: 'You need a faction to use a warbanner!'
  845. COOLDOWN: 'The warbanner is on cooldown for your faction!'
  846. INVALIDLOC: 'You can only use warbanners in enemy land or the warzone'
  847. COMPASS:
  848. SHORT:
  849. NORTH: N
  850. EAST: E
  851. SOUTH: S
  852. WEST: W
  853. CHAT:
  854. MOD: mod chat
  855. FACTION: faction chat
  856. ALLIANCE: alliance chat
  857. TRUCE: truce chat
  858. PUBLIC: public chat
  859. ECON:
  860. 'OFF': no %s
  861. FORMAT: '###,###.###'
  862. RELATION:
  863. MEMBER:
  864. SINGULAR: member
  865. PLURAL: members
  866. ALLY:
  867. SINGULAR: ally
  868. PLURAL: allies
  869. TRUCE:
  870. SINGULAR: truce
  871. PLURAL: truces
  872. NEUTRAL:
  873. SINGULAR: neutral
  874. PLURAL: neutrals
  875. ENEMY:
  876. SINGULAR: enemy
  877. PLURAL: enemies
  878. ROLE:
  879. ADMIN: admin
  880. COLEADER: coleader
  881. MODERATOR: moderator
  882. NORMAL: normal member
  883. RECRUIT: recruit
  884. REGION:
  885. SAFEZONE: safezone
  886. WARZONE: warzone
  887. WILDERNESS: wilderness
  888. PEACEFUL: peaceful territory
  889. PLAYER:
  890. CANTHURT: <i>You may not harm other players in %s
  891. SAFEAUTO: <i>This land is now a safe zone.
  892. WARAUTO: <i>This land is now a war zone.
  893. OUCH: <b>Ouch, that is starting to hurt. You should give it a rest.
  894. USE:
  895. WILDERNESS: <b>You can't use <h>%s<b> in the wilderness.
  896. SAFEZONE: <b>You can't use <h>%s<b> in a safe zone.
  897. WARZONE: <b>You can't use <h>%s<b> in a war zone.
  898. TERRITORY: <b>You can't <h>%s<b> in the territory of <h>%s<b>.
  899. OWNED: '<b>You can''t use <h>%s<b> in this territory, it is owned by: %s<b>.'
  900. COMMAND:
  901. WARZONE: <b>You can't use the command '%s' in warzone.
  902. NEUTRAL: <b>You can't use the command '%s' in neutral territory.
  903. ENEMY: <b>You can't use the command '%s' in enemy territory.
  904. PERMANENT: <b>You can't use the command '%s' because you are in a permanent faction.
  905. ALLY: <b>You can't use the command '%s' in ally territory.
  906. WILDERNESS: <b>You can't use the command '%s' in the wilderness.
  907. POWER:
  908. NOLOSS:
  909. PEACEFUL: <i>You didn't lose any power since you are in a peaceful faction.
  910. WORLD: <i>You didn't lose any power due to the world you died in.
  911. WILDERNESS: <i>You didn't lose any power since you were in the wilderness.
  912. WARZONE: <i>You didn't lose any power since you were in a war zone.
  913. LOSS:
  914. WARZONE: |-
  915. <b>The world you are in has power loss normally disabled, but you still lost power since you were in a war zone.
  916. <i>Your power is now <h>%d / %d
  917. NOW: <i>Your power is now <h>%d / %d
  918. PVP:
  919. LOGIN: <i>You can't hurt other players for %d seconds after logging in.
  920. REQUIREFACTION: <i>You can't hurt other players until you join a faction.
  921. FACTIONLESS: <i>You can't hurt players who are not currently in a faction.
  922. PEACEFUL: <i>Peaceful players cannot participate in combat.
  923. NEUTRAL: <i>You can't hurt neutral factions. Declare them as an enemy.
  924. CANTHURT: <i>You can't hurt %s<i>.
  925. NEUTRALFAIL: <i>You can't hurt %s<i> in their own territory unless you declare them as an enemy.
  926. TRIED: '%s<i> tried to hurt you.'
  927. NOPAGES: <i>Sorry. No Pages available.
  928. INVALIDPAGE: <i>Invalid page. Must be between 1 and %1$d
  929. title: '&bFactions &0|&r'
  930. wilderness: '&2Wilderness'
  931. wilderness-description: ''
  932. warzone: '&4Warzone'
  933. warzone-description: Not the safest place to be.
  934. safezone: '&6Safezone'
  935. safezone-description: Free from pvp and monsters.
  936. toggle-sb: You now have scoreboards set to {value}
  937. faction-leave: <a>Leaving %1$s, <a>Entering %2$s
  938. faction-announcement-top: '&d--Unread Faction Announcements--'
  939. faction-announcement-bottom: '&d--Unread Faction Announcements--'
  940. default-prefix: '{relationcolor}[{faction}]'
  941. faction-login: '%1$s &9logged in.'
  942. faction-logout: '%1$s &9logged out..'
  943. nofactions-prefix: '&6[&a4-&6]&r'
  944. date-format: MM/d/yy h:ma
  945. raidable-true: 'true'
  946. raidable-false: 'false'
  947. WARMUPS:
  948. NOTIFY:
  949. FLIGHT: 'Flight will enable in &d%2$d seconds.'
  950. TELEPORT: 'You will teleport to &d%1$s in &d%2$d seconds.'
  951. ALREADY: 'You are already warming up.'
  952. CANCELLED: 'You have cancelled your warmup.'
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