Dazzling Daughters' Dating Disaster (DadAnon)

Apr 7th, 2017
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  1. >Be Adagio Dazzle
  2. >"So when I finally find them after driving myself crazy looking for them throughout the store, they're in the toy aisle ripping open a bunch of stuff that I had to pay for of course. I was so angry with them I nearly bust open a blood vessel!"
  3. >You snarl beneath your disguise as you watch your father and principal laugh with each other.
  4. >Disgusting, you thought as you hid behind a tree as the two of them had a picnic in the local park.
  5. >Then again, you only have yourself to blame for letting it get this far.
  6. >You should have seen the signs earlier!
  7. >Every joke, every admiring glance shared as they grew more acquainted with each other through your numerous punishments.
  8. >And the flirting!
  9. >You turn to look at your sisters, who had their own hiding place in the bushes nearby.
  10. >It's time to end this.
  11. >Pulling out your cellphone, you begin to text Sonata and Aria their orders.
  12. >They were going to provide a suitable distraction, while you sabotaged their meal.
  13. >You hit send.
  14. >Aria looked away from Dad and Cinch's conversation at her own phone.
  15. >She glanced at you, and you nodded.
  16. >Showtime.
  17. >Aria nodded and pulled up her disguise.
  18. >She would pretend to be a thief, snatch Cinch's purse, then run away while Dad and the bitch chased after her.
  19. >While they were away, you and Sonata would sabotage their food using the stuff you brought.
  20. >Now, all you had to do is wait for the right moment to begin while they weren't paying attention
  22. >Be Aria Blaze
  23. >And you really hoped Adagio's plan worked.
  24. >You did NOT want to be forced to call your principal 'Mom'.
  25. >Hiding in bushes sucks too, by the way. What with the branches poking into your side.
  26. >But it would be worth it if this succeeded.
  27. >You and the blue doofus were positioned a few meters right behind Dad and Cinch.
  28. >This moment would be perfect.
  29. >"Hey, Aria?" Sonata whispers.
  30. >If it weren't for your 'partner'.
  31. >"I know we're trying to get Dad to break up with Cinch, but I've been thinking-"
  32. "Shocker."
  33. >She glared at you.
  34. >"I'm serious." she hissed lowly.
  35. "Fine. What?"
  36. >"Cinch might be mean, but I think she and Dad would make cute kids if they got married." she whispered.
  37. >WHAT?
  38. >You shudder at the thought of it.
  39. >"Plus, I'm tired of being the youngest. Y'know? I want to see what it's like to be the older sister for once."
  40. >You facepalmed.
  41. "Just... stop, so I can focus."
  42. >You turn your attention back to Dad and Cinch.
  43. >"So, you have any interesting stories?" your dad asks.
  44. >Cinch smirks, "Have I told you about the time I had a student hit on me?"
  45. >"Do tell."
  46. >Huh. With the semi-casual clothes and relaxed demeanor, Cinch actually doesn't come off as a huge cunt for once.
  47. >That's when you see your opening.
  48. >You pat Sonata on the shoulder and whisper.
  49. "Stay here, I'm about to go."
  50. >She nods.
  51. >Slowly but surely, you stand up and begin to creep up onto the two while their backs are turned.
  52. >Slowly...
  53. >Slowly...
  54. >Slowly...
  55. >You reach for Cinch's purse and-!
  56. >*YOINK!*
  57. >You make a break for it!
  58. >"HEY!" you hear Dad and Cinch shout in surprise from behind you.
  59. >You hear Dad's footsteps trailing behind you as you run, with Cinch not far behind by the sounds of it.
  60. >They wouldn't be able to catch you though.
  61. >You were in the top two of the track team, second only to that bitch Indigo Zap, for a reason.
  63. >Be Adagio Dazzle again.
  64. >You grin maliciously as you watch Dad and Cinch race off to catch Aria.
  65. >Leaving the rest of their stuff unattended.
  66. "Sonata, let's go!"
  67. >"Got it!" your blue-haired sister pops up out of the bushes.
  68. >The two of you go over to the picnic basket.
  69. >You reach into your pocket to pull out what you brought.
  70. "Sorry, Dad. I want you happy, just not with her."
  71. >Your pour a single laxative caplet into Cinch's drink, which quickly dissolves.
  72. >Then you take out spice powder, and sprinkle a bit on her food.
  73. >You knew Cinch liked spicy foods. Let's see how she likes this...
  74. >""Hey, Dagi?"
  75. "What is it?"
  76. >You looked up to see Sonata with a conflicted expression on her face.
  77. >Oh not this shit again.
  78. >"Are you sure this is right? Maybe having Cinch as a stepmom wouldn't be so bad?"
  79. >You snort.
  80. "Sonata, just no. It would be like having a drill sergeant living with us."
  81. >"But it looks like she makes Dad really happy..."
  82. "I'm sure he'll find someone else who makes him happier with enough time."
  83. >Maybe even someone like Mom...
  84. >"I guess."
  85. >You go back to your work, but what Sonata said sticks in your mind a bit.
  86. >What if it really wouldn't be that bad? Sure, Cinch would definitely be really anal about you getting your stuff done but if she makes Dad happy...
  87. >But dealing with her at home in addition to seeing her at school just sounds like such a hassle.
  88. >"Adagio."
  89. >No, you were right. This had to be done. Cinch was bad for Dad. You knew Mom would hate her if she was still alive today.
  90. >"Adagio!"
  91. >It's like Dad told you when you broke up with your last boyfriend, there are plenty of fish in the sea. He'd be sad for a while, but you're sure he'd find someone better for him.
  93. >You jump as you finally register someone calling your name.
  94. >You look up to see Sonata looking like a deer caught in headlights.
  95. >You feel a poke on your shoulder.
  96. >"Ahem."
  97. >You freeze, and slowly turn around.
  99. >You see Dad with a decidedly not amused expression on his face, holding an embarrassed Aria.
  100. >Cinch stands right next to him, glaring at you with her arms folded.
  101. "H-Hi, Dad?"
  102. >He says nothing, just continuing to glare at you.
  103. >You quickly turn your gaze to Aria.
  104. "What happened to 'they would never catch you'?!"
  105. >Aria scratched the back of her head.
  106. >"Yeah.... I tripped on a rock and they caught me."
  107. >You get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.
  108. >"Six months. No computer, no allowance, no phone, no going out with your friends. You're going to do extra chores around the house. You are GROUNDED, missy." Dad snarled.
  109. >You summarize your current situation with the only word that fits.
  110. "Fuck."
  111. >"Make that seven months."
  112. >Shit
  113. >THE END.
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