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Generic Bingo Rules

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  1. Rules:
  2.  ~ Games should not be played simultaneously.
  3.  ~ Restriction goals (ex. No Saving) apply to all games played.
  4.  ~ The "Console" restriction by itself includes all video game consoles and handhelds. See tinyurl.com/ListOfGameConsoles and tinyurl.com/ListOfHandheldConsoles for full lists.
  5.  ~ Simple VS modes should not be used. Games like Smash Bros or Mortal Kombat should only use the Story/Arcade/Adventure mode.
  6.  ~ Race files are permitted in games where they are common, well-defined, and would otherwise make the game pretty unusable (10+ minute intro). This includes Majora's Mask and Super Mario Sunshine. See the Rules section of a game's SRL page for guidance.
  8. Bans:
  9.  ~ Unless otherwise specified in the goal, flash/browser games are banned.
  10.  ~ Games developed by the racers are banned.
  11.  ~ Test/Debug/Dev/Sandbox/etc modes are banned.
  12.  ~ Scribblenauts, Garry's Mod, and Minecraft (Creative) are banned.
  13.  ~ "The Great Gatsby for NES" is allowed (as *clearly* it counts as a NES game). Kappa
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