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Fallout: Beyond Equestria Session 18 (Part 3)

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  1. [2012-12-19 14:15:35] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Eighteen: Northern Blues (Part Three)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHjpOzsQ9YI
  2. [2012-12-19 14:15:41] <Kkat> 3Cold.
  3. [2012-12-19 14:15:48] <Kkat> 3Darkness has blanketed the mountains, bringing with it heavier snow and a deeper cold.  The caravan companions huddle together in the wreckage of an old zebra prisoner transport while wild animals prowl the night.
  4. [2012-12-19 14:15:54] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  5. [2012-12-19 14:16:36] * Mitzi sits outside, not being able to fit inside t he transport with everypony else, accompanied by her trio of dogs. Lupa looks like a bit of a nervous wreck at the moment
  6. [2012-12-19 14:19:23] * Get_Lost hugs the first pony at hoof while sleeping and shivers because of the terrible cold
  7. [2012-12-19 14:19:33] * Bookwright shivers a little inside the wagon. The cold sinks its teeth into everything, and quite refuses to let go.
  8. [2012-12-19 14:20:52] * Kid tosses a pot from her back outside with Mitzi. Hey, water's water, even if you have to melt and boil it before you drink it. She isn't a fan of the cold, either. "'Ey. Mitzi. B-bring me some o' th' fire. Th' v-v-vents in th' back 'ere 'll vent th' smoke out enough."
  9. [2012-12-19 14:21:25] * Mitzi has a jacket, thick hide and is a Hellhound. She's not entirely comfortable, but she's okay. She looks back to Kid; "Fire in dere eez not gud idea. What yu need eet fur?"
  10. [2012-12-19 14:21:52] * Bookwright nods, "Bad idea to bring fire into an enclosed space."
  11. [2012-12-19 14:22:51] * Shatara stirrs slightly within the carriage.
  12. [2012-12-19 14:23:03] * Kid clenches her teeth. "S-s-so's freezin' t' death. An', look, there's vents in th' back fer this sorta shit. It ain't spreadin'. I don' see why fuckin' f-f-freezin's somethin' we have t' add onto our steadily increasin' amount 'o problems."
  13. [2012-12-19 14:23:48] * Noble_Heart took up likely far too much room inside the transport (no that's not a fat joke), settled down beside Copy Cat for warmth and comfort of another of her own kind. "We hope that the rest of Our travels are more pleasant than this night."
  14. [2012-12-19 14:27:07] * Kid would totally make a fat joke if she actually mentioned that. She grinned. "Why? 'Cause yer princess hooves actually gettin' dirty fer' a change?" For once, she'd be happy to take the cold if it meant winning this competition. "Mitzi! Gimme th' Fire! C'mon!"
  15. [2012-12-19 14:27:27] <Kkat> 3Time slowly passes.  Snow continues to fall.
  16. [2012-12-19 14:27:59] * Get_Lost and get lost continues to sleep, hugging some random pony, probably copycat
  17. [2012-12-19 14:28:00] * CopyCat shivers a little, her casting of Equestria's Love beginning to fade. "Y-yes, it is quite chilly. I'm glad we can share our warmth with everypony."
  18. [2012-12-19 14:28:21] * Mitzi picks up a burning log with her paw and holds it out to Kid; "Uh can't fit in dere."
  19. [2012-12-19 14:28:42] * Shatara remains curled in his corner of the shelter.
  20. [2012-12-19 14:28:59] * Bookwright muses, "If you folks don't mind, I'd like to sidetrack us a little bit. This wagon was headed for 'Social Re-Acclimation Center #5 - Crystal Empire'. It sounds like some kind of... Prison camp. I want to explore it. According to the route marked out on the mini-computer, it's about a day's travel from here."
  21. [2012-12-19 14:29:51] * Noble_Heart frowns and looks down towards Kid, snuggling up against CopyCat and laying a wing across the other alicorn. "Neigh. Because Our companions are most discomforted by the cold. We do not like it either. But We are certain that We could survive if We must. But We would not wish Our little ponies to suffer unduly from poor planning." She looks up towards Bookwright. "Then We
  22. [2012-12-19 14:29:51] * Noble_Heart shall go with you. We believe We'll need more supplies for comfort."
  23. [2012-12-19 14:30:03] * Mitzi perks up; "Crystal? Like... empire eez made of gems?"
  24. [2012-12-19 14:30:57] * Bookwright shrugs, "Mitzi, your guess is as good as mine."
  25. [2012-12-19 14:31:49] * Get_Lost is sleeping, so she can't reply, and you know that no reply is as good as silent consent.
  26. [2012-12-19 14:32:09] * Bookwright continues, "...but I don't think the 're-acclimation center' is made of jewels."
  27. [2012-12-19 14:32:10] * Kid gingerly takes it with her tippy hooves and sticks the stick in the ventilated area. There. No smoke inhalation for these ponies. She blew on her hooves. "It ain't bad planning. We got a fire goin', we got food, an' we got a whole bunch'a water out there." She nodded at Bookwright, smirking a barterpony's grin. Scavenging instincts itched awake in the back of her mind. "Yeah. Ah'm guessin'...
  28. [2012-12-19 14:32:12] * Kid ...that it ain't all actually made 'a gems an' all, but it jus' might have some loot worth takin'."
  29. [2012-12-19 14:33:51] * Bookwright huffs, blowing a swirling cloud of vapor into the deceptively chilling night, "Looting and ransacking is all fine and good, but its history... now that's the treasure that interests me the most."
  30. [2012-12-19 14:34:17] * Mitzi looks slightly disappointed. Think about it; a Kingdom of Gems to a mutated descendant of the Diamon Dogs? Very appealing. She looks to Bookwright; "Heestoree eez not shiny."
  31. [2012-12-19 14:34:32] * CopyCat uses Get_Lost's flank as a pillow and lays her head down, tired from her repeated castings, and basks in the glow of the fire. "I'd be happy to follow you ponies wherever we go."
  32. [2012-12-19 14:35:37] * Noble_Heart slowly settled down towards sleep, snuggled close together around the fire for warmth and comfort. She let out a quiet yawn. "Then in the morning We suggest setting out for Our new goal. Whatever was done there is surely worth knowing of. And We may find something of use in Our journeys." She slowly settled her head down relaxing near the flames.
  33. [2012-12-19 14:36:18] * Bookwright "When you dig a gem from the earth, does it shine and sparkle? No, it must be cleaned, and cut, and perhaps set into jewelry for its true beauty to be apparent. The same is true of history. On the surface it may be dry and dusty, but the things it can teach us are infinite."
  34. [2012-12-19 14:37:16] * Mitzi looks to her claws and hide; "Uh can cut und polish really quick though."
  35. [2012-12-19 14:38:26] * Kid chuckles, throat hoarse from the cold. "See? Mitzi gets it. History don't put food in yer' mouth, and it ain't gonna secure a trip back home more n' likely." She decided that she didn't like that creeping doubt crawling up the back of her mind. What if there isn't going to be a home to go back to after you do what you need to do? She shook her head. Fight the enemy you have in front of you....
  36. [2012-12-19 14:38:26] * Kid ...Come on. Get your head in the right place.
  37. [2012-12-19 14:38:40] * Bookwright "I think we're stretching the analogy too far. We should sleep."
  38. [2012-12-19 14:38:48] * Noble_Heart lowers her head a bit and mumbles quietly. "Memory orbs are shiny..." Closing her eyes to get some rest.
  39. [2012-12-19 14:39:38] * Mitzi has no idea what a memory orb is. "Wut's memoree orb?"
  40. [2012-12-19 14:40:16] * Bookwright "It's a gem that holds a memory. Unicorns can experience the memory, if we wish."
  41. [2012-12-19 14:41:06] * Mitzi nods; "Uh deedn't know gems cud do dat." She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small emerald, observing it curiously.
  42. [2012-12-19 14:41:38] * Kid shakes her head and tries to get comfortable. "Ah don' think that affects her none."
  43. [2012-12-19 14:41:42] * Bookwright "Most can't. It takes a lot of magic and special preparation."
  44. [2012-12-19 14:41:59] * Shatara rolls over and runs into Get_Lost.
  45. [2012-12-19 14:42:40] * Get_Lost eeps and wakes up "EEEEP! i'm awake, i'm awake! the answer is 1976! oaklahoma! the independence act!"
  46. [2012-12-19 14:44:23] * Mitzi slips the gem back into her pocket and pets Lupa, hoping to calm him down a bit. He looks very agitated after being nearly rent in two by a bear and almost snatched up by a harpy or somesuch.
  47. [2012-12-19 14:45:29] * Shatara squawks in surprise at the mare rattling off some bizzare, nonsensical facts, jumping back to his corner of the shelter.
  48. [2012-12-19 14:45:46] * CopyCat mumbles sleepily at her moving pillow. "Hmm... this isn't a quiz at the orphanage."
  49. [2012-12-19 14:46:51] * Kid tries to slip into a exhausted sleep, snerking awake, ears perked up and eye bleary. "Ah, shaddup. It's night n' ah'm tired as a dog. No offense, Mitzi."
  50. [2012-12-19 14:47:15] * Mitzi blinks; "Uh'm not tired at all. Lupa und Vi are though."
  51. [2012-12-19 14:47:53] * Get_Lost blinks a couple of times and realizes she's no more in the dreamlands "uh... sorry i... i was dreaming... i guess" the mare shakes her head slowly and turns on the other side, trying to get some more sleep.
  52. [2012-12-19 14:49:25] * Get_Lost just a moment before falling asleep again, mutters something about missing a certain peppermint.
  53. [2012-12-19 14:49:38] * Noble_Heart opens one of her eyes briefly, before closing it again and yawning. "We believe it is a good time for sleep."
  54. [2012-12-19 14:52:34] <Kkat> 3Night passes.  
  55. [2012-12-19 14:53:02] * Mitzi fiddles with her bandages, eventually removing them to showcase a few fresh scars from the fight with the Yao Guai. She sighs and traces a claw through the snow.
  56. [2012-12-19 14:53:03] <Kkat> 3Soon enough, the cold grey of dawn pours through the wooded canyon.
  57. [2012-12-19 14:53:26] <Kkat> 3The snow has stopped, and a deeper, biting cold has settled in.
  58. [2012-12-19 14:53:44] * Mitzi and her dogs took turns napping and watching
  59. [2012-12-19 14:55:29] * Get_Lost wakes up without the slightest intention of going out, but there is no choice about that, so the mare checks that her winter outfit is perfectly closed and eats some sugar rich food.
  60. [2012-12-19 14:55:51] * Noble_Heart shivers slightly as she beat her wings, shaking small bits of ice off her feathers and snorting out a cloud of frozen smoke from the frigidity of the air. Very slowly standing up as she found herself restrained by the interior of the truck. Frowning down at the burned out remains of the fire. "We are cold and this transport was not built for one of Our size. We would like
  61. [2012-12-19 14:55:51] * Noble_Heart to leave as soon as possible."
  62. [2012-12-19 14:57:35] * Mitzi looks up to Noble_Heart; "Yu need tu eat?"
  63. [2012-12-19 14:57:45] * Bookwright groans and steps outside, into the morning /even colder/ than the night. Shaking himself out, he prances in place to warm op a little bit, "Oooh, it's cold it's cold it's cold *SNIFFFFFFF-Ahhhh*. Rise and shine everypony! It's only going to get warmer from here on out!"
  64. [2012-12-19 14:57:47] * Kid gets up at the crack of dawn, muscles deciding they might as well have freezer burn and that they've had enough. She forces herself up shakily and gets a small package of dried apples from her saddlebags. She munches in silence, stopping only to briefly step outside to bring her pot in. The fire was likely long dead. Figures, she'd have to get up and get it going again.
  65. [2012-12-19 14:58:04] * Shatara groans.
  66. [2012-12-19 14:59:48] * Get_Lost mutters "i hate cold.."
  67. [2012-12-19 14:59:50] * Noble_Heart frowned as she ducked her head to step out of the truck, only to find the outside air even worse. Beating her wings a few moments for warmth as she trotted in place to try and warm up. Mitzi's question drew her attention as her stomach rumbled. "We could use something to eat, yes. These days are hard and difficult, but We are hopeful there is something worth eating."
  68. [2012-12-19 15:00:29] * Mitzi pulls some meat she tore off the bear and begins to eat it as is.
  69. [2012-12-19 15:00:59] * Bookwright has some pre-war food in his bags, but he'd prefer not to eat it if he can avoid it.
  70. [2012-12-19 15:01:10] * Kid glares at Bookwright. Fuck you, pony. You don't get to be this chipper this early in the morning. She snorts, cold getting up in her sinuses. "Ah brought extra food. Jus' gotta warm this snow up n' we got fresh water."
  71. [2012-12-19 15:02:09] * Kid checks her shotgun. Shells are still there. "Anypony feel like comin' wi' me t' get some firewood?"
  72. [2012-12-19 15:02:41] * Get_Lost shrugs "if i have just to haul it, yes"
  73. [2012-12-19 15:02:42] * Bookwright nods, continuing his 'getting warm dance', "That's a good idea, Kid. I've got a canteen that needs filling. Sure I'll help find firewood, I'm not completely helpless in the wilderness.
  74. [2012-12-19 15:03:30] * Mitzi stands up; "Uh can get wud."
  75. [2012-12-19 15:04:02] * Get_Lost since a lot of ponies seem to like the woodcutter career, the mare decides to perform a last attempt at salvaging the wagon
  76. [2012-12-19 15:04:37] * CopyCat yawns and stands up shakily. She casts her ignore weather spell without even thinking about it. "Goodmorning everypony. I brought some groceries with me from the Pears if anypony is hungry."
  77. [2012-12-19 15:05:18] * Kid lets out a hiss from the back of her throat and shakes loose some of the mucus from the back of her throat with a somehow fillyish coughing spree. She was not a morning pony. She is not a cold-loving pony. This was the wrong environment for her. She still needed firewood. Yes. She got up and cautiously opened the door, wandering a bit.
  78. [2012-12-19 15:05:19] * Noble_Heart frowns, sticking near Get Lost. "We shall help Get Lost with the salvage, and protect her lest something like what attacked last night returns." She stretched her rear legs a few moments, bowing her head to CopyCat. "We would appreciate anything you could spare."
  79. [2012-12-19 15:07:11] * Mitzi finds her way over to the nearest tree and begins stripping any reasonably sized branch she can reach. Which would be a lot of them, given her size and build.
  80. [2012-12-19 15:08:19] * CopyCat nods. "Of course. I brought it for everypony. And it's better to eat it now while it's still fresh... although the cold air might actually help it last."
  81. [2012-12-19 15:11:00] * Noble_Heart bows her head slightly, looking up towards the trees. "We wonder if these trees might once have grown something worth eating. Or whether We can find pine trees. We have heard that roasted pinecones are quite good."
  82. [2012-12-19 15:11:24] * Get_Lost with noble's help, starts inspecting the whole thing trying to find something useful, like spare toolboxes or simply spare parts for weapons or to fix an engine or such
  83. [2012-12-19 15:11:25] <Kkat> 3Kid is in luck, spotting some fresh mint for tea while searching for firewood.
  84. [2012-12-19 15:13:02] * Mitzi does not question the dietary choices of ponies, but looks wiered out at the suggestion of eating pinecones.
  85. [2012-12-19 15:14:10] * Get_Lost sighs and shakes her head after a careful inspection "nah, it's final: there's nothing in this heap of junk"
  86. [2012-12-19 15:14:17] <Kkat> 3Get_Lost looks over the wagon again, but finds nothing more she can do for it and no salvageable parts save for the two rear wagon wheels.
  87. [2012-12-19 15:14:39] * Kid smirks, then takes the wild mint back to the others, and goes ahead and to make a batch with some melted snow for the water. It's better than hot water by itself, at the very least. And you get your calories where you can in the wild. "Noble, that's a bunch a' horse malarky. Pinecones'll cut up your mouth n' good. Roasted pine nuts, however, r' good eats."
  88. [2012-12-19 15:15:45] * Get_Lost "can't pines be used to start a fire? they seem quite easy to set on fire...."
  89. [2012-12-19 15:18:34] * Noble_Heart taps her chin with a forehoof, frowning slightly. "Are you certain? We are sure We remember pinecones being quite delicious." She shook her head. "But We are uncertain. Many things do not make sense, even after so long." She moved towards Kid to help start the fire. "We will help you in your preparations. We should hasten to eat before We must leave."
  90. [2012-12-19 15:19:00] * Mitzi looks her fresh scars over. Pity she wouldn't be able to use them to tell the story of single handedly bringing down a bear.
  91. [2012-12-19 15:20:28] * Kid gives Noble a dirty look. "I'm good. Ah don' need ya'll's help t' start a fire, it's th' one thing that ah c'n' do best." Besides, she kept a little flint and steel on hand for such an occasion.
  92. [2012-12-19 15:20:49] <Kid> (on hoof, rather)
  93. [2012-12-19 15:21:48] * Mitzi only knows the old fashioned bow and splint method for starting a fire. She didn't have any rope though
  94. [2012-12-19 15:22:06] * Noble_Heart frowned slightly, tilting her head to one side at Kid's comment. "We are sorry. We did not wish to belittle your efforts nor talents. We suppose you must take your victories where you can find them." Bowing her head briefly and turning to step away.
  95. [2012-12-19 15:23:32] * Get_Lost takes a look around, especially in the sky "well, as long as the sky is clear it shouldn't be a problem...."
  96. [2012-12-19 15:23:38] * CopyCat lays her quilt down near the prospective fire and lays out a pile of fruit and vegetables she had brought for just such an occasion. "I'm sure if we roasted some of these over the fire it would make for a lovely breakfast."
  97. [2012-12-19 15:25:58] * Kid didn't know whether to take that as an insult or a statement of fact, so she just compromised by narrowing her vision at Noble_Heart and resuming things as usual. "Sure. Sounds tasty. Hey, Noble. What's yer favorite fruit? 'M guessin' Copycat's is pears?"
  98. [2012-12-19 15:27:31] * Noble_Heart didn't even have to pause to answer that question. "Apples." She didn't even turn around, so autonomous was her opinion on the subject. "But We do not expect to find more properly grown apples." She looked down at the spread of fruit curiously as CopyCat unloaded.
  99. [2012-12-19 15:28:00] * Get_Lost takes the first cup-seeming object, puts some snow in it and the pours some sparkle cola on it "hey, does someone want to try this?"
  100. [2012-12-19 15:28:06] * Mitzi sits quiely and pets her dogs while sharing her bear meat with them. She looks a little dejected.
  101. [2012-12-19 15:29:26] <Kkat> 3Bookwright and Kid both happened to cast a gaze towards the northern sky in time to see a dark, bug-like form swoop between the low-hanging clouds that obscure the upper peaks.
  102. [2012-12-19 15:30:52] * Kid rolled her eye and decided to put some apple chips in the tea-to-be. "... Folks. Guns out. We got company.
  103. [2012-12-19 15:31:44] * Mitzi perks up when Kid mentions company. She whips the magical rifle off her back immediately
  104. [2012-12-19 15:31:53] * Bookwright stops fiddling with twigs just in time to see... something. "...The heck? There's something up there. Everypony, get ready! We've company!"
  105. [2012-12-19 15:34:02] * CopyCat 's ears droop. "Oh dear." She casts a quick spell as her friends call out the danger.
  106. [2012-12-19 15:34:13] * Noble_Heart was distracted looking over the array of fruits and vegetables, the call of alarm enough to drag her attention away, but far too late to spot whatever was up there. "Are you certain? We do not see anything."
  107. [2012-12-19 15:34:34] * Kid says, casually dropping her paper sack of dried goods and placing a hoof on her .44 magnum. "Company to th' north. Don't shoot yet, you'll give out our location." She said, tone low, clear, and serious. "Did anypony but me see what exactly that was? Shatara, do you see anythin' on yer pipbuck?"
  108. [2012-12-19 15:35:30] * Shatara readies his rifle and scans for the threat, his EFS on as always. "I don't think..."
  109. [2012-12-19 15:36:04] * Get_Lost turns towards the place everypony is looking and tries recognising whatever is coming their way
  110. [2012-12-19 15:37:16] * Mitzi holds her rifle a little slack. She didn't see anything. Or hear anything for that matter.
  111. [2012-12-19 15:37:18] * Get_Lost "ah... maybe it's not hostile?"
  112. [2012-12-19 15:39:12] * Kid frowns gravely. "... Get food in yer belly quick, we're leavin'. I saw some'n buggy lookin' up in th' clouds by th' mountain peaks, an' anythin' like that is either an' Enclave pegasus or anythin' well equipped enough t' deal wi' 'em."
  113. [2012-12-19 15:40:08] * Bookwright "I agree. Let's eat and depart, soon.
  114. [2012-12-19 15:40:09] <Bookwright> "
  115. [2012-12-19 15:40:41] * Noble_Heart nods her head to Kid, putting her attention back towards the food. "Then there is no time to spare to cook. Thankfully vegetables and fruit are good even raw." She set about collecting herself a small amount, devouring it quickly. Now was not the time for savoring food, however good it might be.
  116. [2012-12-19 15:40:50] * Get_Lost enclave, great, just great.... why not some more ruthless assassins coming down for their stuff? the medic quickly noms something and packs up her stuff, ready to leave
  117. [2012-12-19 15:40:58] * Mitzi tears off the last chunk of bear meat and swallows it, then stands up, her dogs ready and at attention.
  118. [2012-12-19 15:42:43] * Bookwright takes a portion. Cold vegetables for breakfast, yay!
  119. [2012-12-19 15:42:56] * Kid sips her weak apple-mint tea and gets ready to go, putting out the fire and quick. They aren't going to deal with folks like her dad. No. She's seen what they were like. A pang of horror and perhaps a bit of sorrow made her mane stick up on end.
  120. [2012-12-19 15:43:11] * Shatara eats something.
  121. [2012-12-19 15:44:27] * Bookwright fills his canteen with the remainder of the melted water. No sense letting it go to waste.
  122. [2012-12-19 15:44:44] * Noble_Heart levitated one of the spare tea cups up to drink herself, draining it fairly quickly. "Your cooking is as good as always, Kid. We thank you." Lowering it back to the filly and turning her head towards Bookwright. "Which direction are we to head?"
  123. [2012-12-19 15:45:00] * CopyCat quietly munches a carrot. "Kid, may I share some of your tea? It smells refreshing."
  124. [2012-12-19 15:45:09] * Mitzi keeps her rifle out and waits for the group to start moving. She may have a natural sense of direction, but she had to know where she was going first.
  125. [2012-12-19 15:45:24] * Get_Lost drinks some tea too, hot drink is best drink with all this cold
  126. [2012-12-19 15:45:35] * Get_Lost "thank you"
  127. [2012-12-19 15:46:08] * Kid tips her hat at Noble. "Sure. I didn' make it so that it goes up an' gets cold." There was kindness in her apprehension, perhaps out of fear more than anything.
  128. [2012-12-19 15:47:10] * Bookwright "Shatara has the tag for the Center in his pipbuck. I've also got a crude map, if need be. I'm pretty sure the road we came off of will take us there, and that's probably our best bet for making good time."
  129. [2012-12-19 15:47:30] * CopyCat has a drink of warm minty goodness. "Thank you very much, Kid."
  130. [2012-12-19 15:48:39] * Get_Lost taps her chin "actually, now that i think of it, the dead traveled of yesterday had plasma wounds..." the mare frowns "does it sound as bad as i think it sounds?"
  131. [2012-12-19 15:49:25] * Bookwright "Get Lost, it doesn't mean anything in particular. Poor Sergeant Donner had been dead for a long time when we found him."
  132. [2012-12-19 15:49:30] * Noble_Heart nods her head, looking to Shatara, "Then please lead on. We must move quickly if We are to avoid these potential hostiles." She looks back up towards the clouds with a frown.
  133. [2012-12-19 15:50:33] * Bookwright tilts his head up the hill, indicating the road above, "The road will let us make best time, but it will leave us completely exposed. If that flying thing wants to take a shot at us, we'd be pretty much letting it."
  134. [2012-12-19 15:50:46] * Shatara mrfs softly and takes point, keeping his rifle handy. "Now watch this place turn out to be an Enclave outpost..."
  135. [2012-12-19 15:51:29] * Mitzi keeps her ears up and alert. There was really no time for feeling down about herself when she still had to continue looking after the ponies she was traveling with. Although she would have to tell them her real reason for being here sometime soon, especially after the Yao Guai fiasco.
  136. [2012-12-19 15:52:40] * Get_Lost follows the group, keeping an eye in the sky and one to her back... that means, she doesn't look where she walks...
  137. [2012-12-19 15:52:56] * Bookwright warily follows Shatara.
  138. [2012-12-19 15:53:51] * Kid frowns. Didn't that one base mention a Thunder head? The fur on her withers stood up on end as she fled the camp towards... Wherever they were going. Anything is better than here.
  139. [2012-12-19 15:54:26] * CopyCat gathers up the remaining food and trudges after the others, the snow crunching beneath her hooves.
  140. [2012-12-19 15:54:33] * Noble_Heart spread her wings and flew above, careful not to get too far ahead. Instead trying to keep her eyes on the clouds and the potential dangers from above.
  141. [2012-12-19 15:55:03] * Shatara keeps a steady course, folowing the trail while keeping oriented to the marker on his ethereal compass. Yay, magitech!
  142. [2012-12-19 15:55:51] * Mitzi makes sure she has a fully loaded sparkle-pack in her rifle, although they all kind of looked the same.
  143. [2012-12-19 15:58:43] * Bookwright mutters, "...Reached the troops at the Sentinal... ... ...Guys? I think that thing Kid and I saw /was/ Enclave."
  144. [2012-12-19 15:59:26] * Bookwright continues, "Call it a hunch, but I was just remembering something I read on a terminal back in that Solaris facility we were in."
  145. [2012-12-19 15:59:47] * Get_Lost "and this probably means they sighted us at this point.... isn't that wondertastic?" the medic groans
  146. [2012-12-19 15:59:57] * Shatara pokes around at his pipbuck a bit. Wasn't this thing supposed to have a radio?
  147. [2012-12-19 16:00:50] * Kid frowned. She didn't like what she remembered. "It mentioned a Thunderhead. There's only one left'a those. Fuckin' fantastic." Especially since who she remembered was on it. Her father would never let her forget who was on it.
  148. [2012-12-19 16:01:43] * Noble_Heart frowns, beating her wings to keep in the air and following. "We are uncertain what We will be able to do to help against such foes. But We will do our best and try to prevent them from causing additional harm." She looked towards the clouds again. "Perhaps We will be fortunate and they will be friendly, but We do not expect it. Ponies on high are so rarely willing to talk
  149. [2012-12-19 16:01:43] * Noble_Heart with those beneath." She snorted in irritation.
  150. [2012-12-19 16:02:28] * Mitzi looks to Noble_Heart and raises an eyebrow at that last comment
  151. [2012-12-19 16:02:38] * Mitzi 's eyebrows are HUGE
  152. [2012-12-19 16:04:26] * Get_Lost sighs "well... a lot of time passed since the conflict, maybe they aren't a bunch of pirates, assassins and asses anymore?" offers the doctor
  153. [2012-12-19 16:07:24] * Kid grimaces and remembers what her father did. The times during those stupid holidays where he'd have his old friends together, and they'd put their cigarettes out on her and her mother's coat and call her a grounder and her father said nothing whenever they didn't see her as a daughter, just a slave, and how whenever they left he would say he was so so so sorry but would let it happen next...
  154. [2012-12-19 16:07:25] * Kid ...year and... She decided to keep off that train of thought.
  155. [2012-12-19 16:07:36] <Kkat> 3The cold persists as the caravan companions move through the mountains, headed for the mystery of the SRAC-CE.   After a couple hours, they find where a path diverges from the road they had previously traveled, forking off towards their new destination.  
  156. [2012-12-19 16:08:02] * Bookwright "Well, Shatara? Which fork do we take?"
  157. [2012-12-19 16:09:12] * Mitzi sniffs the cold air
  158. [2012-12-19 16:09:46] <Kkat> 3As they approach, the keen ears of many of the group catch an odd whirring sound from somewhere not far.   Shatara can tell that it comes from up ahead on the main road, not from the path to the SRAC-CE.  She also finds the sound familiar.
  159. [2012-12-19 16:10:24] * Noble_Heart looks back down towards Shatara for input. "Yes. We are uncertain about Our course. Do you have direction?"
  160. [2012-12-19 16:10:47] * Mitzi hears it and turns in that direction; "Yu hear dat?"
  161. [2012-12-19 16:10:53] * Kid perks an ear up. "Does anyone else hear that fuckin' noise?"
  162. [2012-12-19 16:11:59] * Shatara blinks and flicks an ear. "The hell...?" He risks a bit of altitude in attempt to see the sound's source.
  163. [2012-12-19 16:12:23] <Kkat> 3(As a side note, Shatara's PipBuck radio is getting nothing but static.  You've moved beyond the reach of even DJ Pon3's signal.
  164. [2012-12-19 16:12:33] <Kkat> 3)
  165. [2012-12-19 16:12:57] * Get_Lost turns one ear towards the sound trying to find some regularity in it, a telltale sign that it could be a machine making the sound
  166. [2012-12-19 16:14:45] <CopyCat> * looks up at the sound, shaken from someone else's train of thought. "I can hear it too. I'm not sure what it is though."
  167. [2012-12-19 16:18:55] * Shatara remembers back to Solaris. "I think it's more of them damn...turtlecopter...things. Lookin more and more like this place is occupied..."
  168. [2012-12-19 16:20:24] * CopyCat "Turtlecopters? That sounds... adorable."
  169. [2012-12-19 16:20:27] * Noble_Heart frowns, her horn glowing briefly as a shield encompassed herself. "Then We suggest that we move quickly down our intended path, before such things may find us again."
  170. [2012-12-19 16:21:57] * Get_Lost "whatever a turtlecopter is, i'd love to study one, but not if we are getting fried with plasma in the process... i'm with noble: let's move"
  171. [2012-12-19 16:22:10] * Kid feels a shiver go down her spine, grabbing at her revolver and checking the sights. She didn't say anything, she merely checked the path and kept going cautiously.
  172. [2012-12-19 16:22:23] * Bookwright nods, "Shake a leg ponies."
  173. [2012-12-19 16:22:54] * Mitzi gets the lead out of her... wait, she's not wearing pants
  174. [2012-12-19 16:24:20] * CopyCat tilts her head. "They're not good? Oh dear. I think we should move on quickly too."
  175. [2012-12-19 16:25:08] * Mitzi keeps her rifle out at all times now.
  176. [2012-12-19 16:25:32] * Mitzi is getting a little itchy now in the trigger finger, but the memory of rushing in to fight the bear held her back.
  177. [2012-12-19 16:26:04] * Get_Lost follows the others, keeping her head low and hoping for the best
  178. [2012-12-19 16:26:41] <Kkat> 3A brief glimmer of red flickers on Shatara's EFS compass as the turtlecopter skirts the edge of its range, winking out again as the caravaners move farther away.
  179. [2012-12-19 16:27:22] * Shatara keeps a watchful eye in the direction of the machines while continuing to lead the others towards the marker.
  180. [2012-12-19 16:29:55] <Kkat> 3The group seems safe, the tutlecopter having failed to spot them.
  181. [2012-12-19 16:32:19] * Bookwright "I think they're called 'Tanks', actually. C'mon, let's get going."
  182. [2012-12-19 16:33:18] <Kkat> 3Towards midday, the cold gets less biting as the caravan companions trudge beyond the woods and up between the mountain cliffs, following the ancient road.  Then the wind starts to pick up, lashing at their coats and manes (and feathers).  
  183. [2012-12-19 16:33:40] * Noble_Heart stays above the group, her shield still up. Despite the danger having passed, she wasn't going to drop the spell until she was certain they wouldn't be attacked. "We hope this is not a long journey. The dangers of this place are quite problematic." She shudders slightly at the strong wind blowing around.
  184. [2012-12-19 16:34:41] * Mitzi keeps her rifle out so that she could react immediately to trouble if any came their way.
  185. [2012-12-19 16:35:01] * Mitzi looks to Bookwright; "Yu know anyteen about dis Crystal place?"
  186. [2012-12-19 16:35:36] * Kid looks back cautiously, wind biting at her cheeks. She didn't seem to care at the moment, she's still running on adrenaline and horror. "C'mon! We gotta keep movin', gotta lose 'em. We gotta fuckin' lose 'em." She seems, for once, scared.
  187. [2012-12-19 16:36:04] * CopyCat wraps her quilt around herself tighter against the cold, her spell having faded away over time.
  188. [2012-12-19 16:38:09] <Kkat> 3As the companions reach a frozen plateau, snow begins to fall again, the flakes of cold white whipped about harshly by the wind.
  189. [2012-12-19 16:41:20] * Kid curses under her breath. She seemed to calm down maybe a little bit. She still hated the snow, but at least it was much, much better than death. "Hey. Hey, are ya'll okay? There's a plateau up here. Are we okay?"
  190. [2012-12-19 16:41:44] * Mitzi looks to Kid and lowers her rifle; "Are -Yu- okay?"
  191. [2012-12-19 16:42:05] * Bookwright casts a sideways glance at Shatara, "Are we there yet? How much further?"
  192. [2012-12-19 16:43:14] * Kid gives Mitzi a sharp look. "Ah'm fine. I'm fine!" She wasn't fine. "We jus'... We need t' reach th' end of this plateau. CopyCat, Shatara, can ya'll get a good look at what's up there an' ahead?"
  193. [2012-12-19 16:43:40] * Mitzi leans in and smells Kid; "Yu smell nervous und stressed."
  194. [2012-12-19 16:43:55] * Shatara checks his map.
  195. [2012-12-19 16:45:38] * CopyCat looks at Kid for a few moments before nodding and taking to the air. She joins Shatara and waits for him to check his PipBuck.
  196. [2012-12-19 16:46:08] * Kid scoffs. "I smell it. Ah' look it. An' ah guess ah sound like it. Ah jus' need th' matchin' dress an' ah'll have th' complete set. Can ya'll blame me?"
  197. [2012-12-19 16:47:01] * Mitzi shakes her head; "No, Uh deedn't want tu blame, just wanted tu know."
  198. [2012-12-19 16:51:12] * Mitzi could tell that Kid was afraid, but that seemed strange to her. She hadn't been afraid when they fought those griffons or the bear. What was it about this specific situation that frightened her?
  199. [2012-12-19 16:52:16] <Kkat> 3According to Shatara's map, the caravan ponies are under two hours away now.  The SRAC-CE is supposedly on the massive, snow-covered plateau that stretches before you.
  200. [2012-12-19 16:53:07] * Bookwright nods to Shatara. "Very well then. Lead on, please."
  201. [2012-12-19 16:53:39] * Mitzi picks Kid up and puts her on her shoulder; "Dere. Now Uh'll keep yu safe from whatever yu eez scared uv, okay?"
  202. [2012-12-19 16:55:07] * Kid is distracted by Mitzi. It was comforting, but she didn't like being stallionhandled. "Naw, naw. Ah-ah'm fine. Jus'... I don' like Enclavers. Mmkay?"
  203. [2012-12-19 16:57:05] * Mitzi nods; "Enclave eez angry ponies. Dey lose ponies und flyeen ships in da blast dat destroyed old home."
  204. [2012-12-19 16:57:31] <Kkat> 3Afternoon has just begun to slip towards evening when CopyCat, Bookwright and Noble_Heart all spot a single, forlorn structure in the distance.  It doesn't seem like much of an empire, or even much of a facility.
  205. [2012-12-19 16:57:56] * Noble_Heart swooped up a bit and moved with Shatara and CopyCat. "We suggest moving quickly. The wind and snow may get worse." She was clearly not happy, shaking her legs in the air and keeping in motion as much as possible to avoid getting frozen. She pauses to peer off into the distance. "We believe We may see something!"
  206. [2012-12-19 16:58:34] * CopyCat points out a structure from her aerial vantage point. "There's some kind of building up ahead."
  207. [2012-12-19 16:59:04] * Bookwright blinks flakes from his eyes, "That's gotta be it. Looks pretty decrepit..."
  208. [2012-12-19 16:59:52] * Mitzi looks to Kid; "Uh herd ENclave used flyeen ships to keel many ground ponies. Eez dat why dey scare yu?"
  209. [2012-12-19 17:00:55] * Kid just shakes her head with that wild look in her eye, leaping down off of Mitzi's shoulder and keeping pace with the front of the group. "Naw. Naw, that ain't it at all."
  210. [2012-12-19 17:01:03] * Bookwright "C'mon folks, I wanna be inside that there building before evening falls. It's only going to get colder from here on out."
  211. [2012-12-19 17:01:09] * Noble_Heart looks down to Bookwright, "Did you believe it would not be? This place has been centuries alone in the cold and dark. We are amazed any structures still stand after so long." She flaps her wings, shaking the snow from her feathers, then slowly descending towards the ground to move ahead of the group, pushing through the snow rather uncomfortably.
  212. [2012-12-19 17:02:33] * Mitzi follows next to Kid, keeping her rifle out but not up. "Can I ask wut eet eez den?"
  213. [2012-12-19 17:06:33] <Kkat> 3As the party approaches, they get a better look at the dilapidated structure -- a single hut, roof caved in from an overload of snow.  The building's brown and puce facade is largely preserved.  A wrought-iron lamp hangs near the door, its cracked glass allowing it to fill partially with snow.  A pole juts from one corner, having once held a sign or flag.  
  214. [2012-12-19 17:07:56] <Kkat> 3A short distance away, a striped pole, capped with a golden ball, juts out of a snowdrift, canting to one side.  
  215. [2012-12-19 17:08:28] * Mitzi is just sort of following the group unconsciously, mainly concerned with Kid, who was the closest thing to a friend she had among ponies.
  216. [2012-12-19 17:08:39] * Kid frowns and tries to think of a way to tell her. How do you wrap up her thoughts about her dad in a mere sentence. "... Dad was an' asshole." She didn't seem much like elaborating. She starts sprinting towards the brown and puce building. "Let's get in, c'mon! Before we freeze over!"
  217. [2012-12-19 17:09:41] * CopyCat flutters to the ground and follows just behind Noble.
  218. [2012-12-19 17:10:00] * Mitzi blinks, then charges after Kid, barreling up to the door. She stops before crashing into or through it though, suspecting the thing might collapse if she did.
  219. [2012-12-19 17:10:12] * Noble_Heart shudders heavily as she follows along after Kid. "We are sorry for your parental frustration." Rushing into the structure as quick as she could manage. "We are certain there must be more of this facility than just this building. It is not large enough to house more than a few ponies."
  220. [2012-12-19 17:11:24] * Bookwright concurs with Noble_Heart, " It has to have facilities to keep prisoners of some kind. This looks like an outpost of some kind."
  221. [2012-12-19 17:13:21] * Mitzi attempts the door on this little structure
  222. [2012-12-19 17:15:32] * Shatara glances between the shack and his pipbuck map. "I...don't think this is it. We're not far, though..."
  223. [2012-12-19 17:16:27] * Noble_Heart shivers and shakes herself to get the snow off. "Should we continue now, then? The storm does not seem pleasant and We are uncertain this terrain will hold Us safely through the night."
  224. [2012-12-19 17:17:15] * Bookwright puzzled and puzzed till his puzzler was sore.
  225. [2012-12-19 17:19:02] <Kkat> 3Howls sound across the plateau.  First one, then a chorus.  Kid recognizes the howls all to well.  Timberwolves.  Drawn down out of the mountain woods no doubt by the scent of the caravaners' trail.
  226. [2012-12-19 17:19:53] * Mitzi can probably smell the mix of wood along with the howls to have some vague idea of what was coming.
  227. [2012-12-19 17:20:22] * Noble_Heart raises her head, ears twitching. "We are now certain this will not be sufficient cover. We recommend moving onward as quickly as possible. Looking to Shatara for guidance, her glowing shield still illuminating the area around her dimly.
  228. [2012-12-19 17:20:53] * Shatara glances between the shack and Noble_Heart, pointing the way.
  229. [2012-12-19 17:21:19] * CopyCat casts her own shield and nods at Noble_Heart.
  230. [2012-12-19 17:21:59] * Kid shakes with rage. "FfffffFFFFFF- What th' fuck are Timberwolves doin' out here?" She yells, trying the door to the station. "In! We'll funnel 'em in! If we're fightin', we're fightin' on our terms!"
  231. [2012-12-19 17:22:35] * Mitzi readies her rifle and puts her dogs on alert. However... it had worked before with the regular canines. She wondered if perhaps these howling creatures that smelled of timber could be equally intimidated.
  232. [2012-12-19 17:24:54] * Bookwright "Huh? Timberwolves? What are you talking about?"
  233. [2012-12-19 17:27:45] * Kid gives Bookwright a severe look. "Timberwolves! Wolves made outta wood n' bramble! We had 'em a lot back home. Usually, they don' bother you so long as you don't bother them, n' they even tell y' when th' Zap Apples are ready t' get got. But when they get hungry, they eat jus' about anythin'!"
  234. [2012-12-19 17:28:39] * Bookwright "Uh... Yeah, I knew that. Heh... Um. Why do you all have your guns out?"
  235. [2012-12-19 17:29:09] * Kid gives the door another push. "'Cause they sound hungry!"
  236. [2012-12-19 17:30:36] * Noble_Heart looks down towards Kid. "We believe that now is not the time for discussions of obscure plantlife, no matter how useful Zap Apples may be. For now We suggest that Our friends move quickly. We shall endeavour to slow Our enemies in their pursuit as they come closer. This building is not large enough for us to make a stand!"
  237. [2012-12-19 17:30:52] * Bookwright looks between the dilapidated shack and the direction that Shatara is pointing. "Uh... Um... Yeah! Okay! Let's go!"
  238. [2012-12-19 17:30:57] <Kkat> 3The door grudgingly opens, then pulls off one of its hinges for good measure.  The interior of the building is only a third what it once was, due to a collapsed ceiling and alicorn-sized drifts of snow.
  239. [2012-12-19 17:32:36] * Mitzi has once again proven herself to be best door wrecker.
  240. [2012-12-19 17:33:04] * Kid rolls her eye. "It's because it's small that we could prolly pull it off! They only have one way in, an' we have range on our side!" She looks inside for anything grabbable. Hey, fear doesn't have to override greed, when greed finds itself useful so often.
  241. [2012-12-19 17:33:10] <Kkat> 3However, the interior reveals the purpose of this place where the exterior did not.  Rows of benches, a luggage area half-covered in snow, and ticket booths.  The remains of a sign on the wall reads "... all points South" and a partial list of departure times.
  242. [2012-12-19 17:35:44] * Mitzi blinks; "Wut's all dis fur?"
  243. [2012-12-19 17:37:30] * Bookwright calls out, nearly shouting: "Wait! Stop! I know how to scare them off! Anyone who can whistle, do it! Make lots of noise, but make it all high pitched!"
  244. [2012-12-19 17:37:56] * Mitzi blinks and looks at Bookwright; "Ar yu crazee? Dat wud hurt Ur too."
  245. [2012-12-19 17:38:08] * Bookwright "Mitzi, you may wanna plug your ears for this, this is gonna get mighty uncomfortable for you. Shatara! Can you shriek?"
  246. [2012-12-19 17:38:33] * Kid shuffles through her things, taking out a pot that once served tea not an afternoon ago. "Got it! I like how you think! Mitzi! Jus' cover yer ears! This 's gonna hurt!"
  247. [2012-12-19 17:38:46] * Noble_Heart kept herself in the air. "Then We recommend Our friends get inside! We shall remain here, outside their reach." She peered off into the distance to try and determine where the timberwolves were coming from, sticking near the structure which was mostly collapsed, but having little idea how to help with Bookwright's suggestion.
  248. [2012-12-19 17:39:23] * Mitzi only knows a whistle that she used to call her dogs, and occasionally when she was younger, her family members, closer to her.
  249. [2012-12-19 17:40:05] * Shatara nods towards Bookwright, hovering outside the former rail depot and scanning for the approaching canine-tree-things.
  250. [2012-12-19 17:40:37] * Bookwright purses his lips and whistles up and down the scales, getting ready for the Timberwolves.
  251. [2012-12-19 17:41:01] * Kid then took the still off of her back. Oooh, this is going to be loud. This is going to suck. With a sharp inhalation, she started /whaling/ on her still with the pot.
  252. [2012-12-19 17:41:35] * Mitzi frowns and motions to her claws paws; "Uh can't really cover Ur ears wit dese." She then flinches and scrambles back as Kid starts making noise, yelping and trying to cover her ears with the flats of her paws as best she could.
  253. [2012-12-19 17:41:46] * CopyCat joins Noble_Heart in the air. She could try whistling and she even had a (friendly-fire prone) gun.
  254. [2012-12-19 17:43:30] * Bookwright curses, Mitzi is right... Hm.
  255. [2012-12-19 17:47:57] * Bookwright "Mitzi, I have an idea. Get Lost has some non-magical bandages. We can wrap them around your head, and that should block out the sound."
  256. [2012-12-19 17:49:04] * Mitzi winces; "Cud Uh try to scare dem off? Eet wurked wit ur dogs."
  257. [2012-12-19 17:53:37] <Kkat> 3Out of the storm, the first dark shapes of the timberwolves appear.  The one in the lead is more visible, a massive wolf of evergreen wood and tuffs of pine-needle fur that catch the snow.   It's eyes glow white like burning frost, it's teeth are vicious and its large, sharp claws propel it across the icy plateau.
  258. [2012-12-19 17:55:00] <Kkat> 3Get_Lost looks ready to run, or hide... or hide on somepony who is running.  But she hoofs over some bandages quickly.
  259. [2012-12-19 17:55:56] * Mitzi decides to try it her way anyways and runs out a short distance away from the train depot, raising her arms and standing up to her full impressive height (~9ft). She roars viciously.
  260. [2012-12-19 17:56:17] * Bookwright hurridly wraps them about Mitzi's huge head and ears, hopefully muffling the coming sound some.
  261. [2012-12-19 17:57:00] * Bookwright nods, "Alright folks! Make all the noise you can! Go!"
  262. [2012-12-19 17:57:09] * Noble_Heart spread her wings to keep in the air, her shield still glowing dimly as she watched the approaching timberwolves, preparing herself to cast a spell the moment it became clear it was needed.
  263. [2012-12-19 17:57:20] * Bookwright puts a hoof in his mouth and blows a piercing whistle. And another. And another.
  264. [2012-12-19 17:58:21] <Kkat> 3The lead timberwolf lets out a pained cry, skidding as it swiftly changes course.
  265. [2012-12-19 17:58:53] * Shatara takes a deep breath, and lets loose the loudest eagle screech he can muster.
  266. [2012-12-19 17:59:13] * Mitzi winces through the noise, even with the bandage plugs helpign some. Still, if her size and intimidating sound could help, she would stick to it.
  267. [2012-12-19 17:59:24] * CopyCat follows Bookwright's lead and whistles as well, hoping that they can avoid a fight.
  268. [2012-12-19 18:06:35] * Kid gave a sigh of relief. Her ears were ringing. "Woo! Ya'll know how t' lay down th' noise!" She put away her pot and still, fastening it to their usual places on her back. "... Well. Now that they're leavin'..." Time to loot the building~
  269. [2012-12-19 18:06:50] * Noble_Heart slowly descends from the sky as the timberwolves seemed to retreat. "We suggest moving on swiftly now. Before the sun sets or the timberwolves return."
  270. [2012-12-19 18:07:38] <Kkat> 3The other wolves begin doing the same, letting out yelps as the party's noise-making hurts their ears, driving them off... at least for now.  Eventually, however, their hunger will override their senses, and they will try again.
  271. [2012-12-19 18:08:10] * Shatara sees the immediate threat head for the hills, and swoops down to help Kid search the depot.
  272. [2012-12-19 18:08:24] <Kkat> 3Soon, the timberwolves are merely shadows in the storm.  Then, there is no trace of them at all.
  273. [2012-12-19 18:08:26] * Mitzi now knows what a Timberwolf is, and thinks, if the party hadn't been hurting her with their noise as well, she might have had a chance with them
  274. [2012-12-19 18:08:37] * Bookwright stops whistling as the wolves depart, "Alright, they're gone for now... but I think they'll be back sooner or later. Let's turn this little shack upside down and move on before they work up the nerve to come back."
  275. [2012-12-19 18:08:59] * CopyCat breaths a sigh of relief. "Oh thank goodness."
  276. [2012-12-19 18:09:41] * Bookwright walks into the little building calms himself, and focuses his magic.
  277. [2012-12-19 18:09:42] * Mitzi looks around the group, wincing as she unbandages her ears; "Next time, Uh shud try first."
  278. [2012-12-19 18:10:54] * Noble_Heart nods her head in agreement to Bookwright. "Yes. We are not certain it is right to be taking from those so long gone. But We know as well that this place should not be our stopping point either."
  279. [2012-12-19 18:17:44] * Bookwright frowns, and shrugs after a moment, "Well, if you never look you'll never find... Nothing interesting recorded around here though. Couple... train tickets, and that's it. This must be a train station."
  280. [2012-12-19 18:18:46] * Mitzi looks to Bookwright; "Wut's a train?"
  281. [2012-12-19 18:19:23] * Shatara continues to search for anything interesting with Kid. Luggage? Shelves? Registers?
  282. [2012-12-19 18:20:00] <Kkat> 3Bookwright's spell illuminates several tickets scattered across the floor.  Most are to various cities in old Equestria, although he finds a couple to "The Crystal Kingdom".  They have stamps of Luna's government and note the bearers held diplomatic status, although the tickets lack details.
  283. [2012-12-19 18:21:36] * Bookwright "It's an... ah... Um. It's a huge iron and steel vehicle that rides on a pair of steel rails laid on the ground. It's tremendously strong, and can pull a long series, or 'train' of cars along behind it. Before the war, they were used to transport huge amounts of stuff and ponies across long distances efficiently."
  284. [2012-12-19 18:22:43] * Mitzi nods; "Stronger dan Ur?"
  285. [2012-12-19 18:22:54] * Noble_Heart looks off in the direction Shatara had previously indicated. "We think We should move on soon, before light fades completely."
  286. [2012-12-19 18:23:07] * CopyCat just follows Noble_Heart.
  287. [2012-12-19 18:26:14] * Kid nods. "Sounds good. Those Timberwolves, they'll be back. An' I don' plan on bein' here when they are."
  288. [2012-12-19 18:27:06] <Kkat> 3Between Kid and Shatara, twelve caps worth of pre-war bits and a couple suitcases with pre-war clothing are uncovered.  (Tuxedo, four dresses and one male outfit that is garishly colorful and looks more appropriate to a tropical island -- all in "damaged" condition.)
  289. [2012-12-19 18:29:55] * Kid counts the clink-clank of coins by dropping them from one hoof to another. "Figure ah could get a lil' from these fer' novelty value. Found 'em on th' track. Why would folks throw good caps t' get flattened like that?"
  290. [2012-12-19 18:31:10] * Noble_Heart shuffles a forehoof. "We are uncertain, but We recommend moving on." She shook snow from her coat again, breath clear in the cold air.
  291. [2012-12-19 18:31:37] * Mitzi rubs her head gingerly, her ears still ringing.
  292. [2012-12-19 18:31:39] * Shatara puts some of the clothing into his pack, figuring he could perhaps make a blanket or just thicken his underbarding with them.
  293. [2012-12-19 18:31:59] * Bookwright nods, "Alright. Let's get going. Those timberwolves aren't going to stay away long, and I'd like to be inside the Re-Acclimation Center before they return."
  294. [2012-12-19 18:33:10] * Mitzi nods and slips her rifle back over, looking around for their next destination...
  295. [2012-12-19 18:33:14] * Kid nods, then puts her new caps gingerly away.
  296. [2012-12-19 18:34:47] * Kid takes a look at the dresses. "... Ey'. Shatara. Mind if I get one a' those dresses? Uh. They might sell good."
  297. [2012-12-19 18:35:33] * Shatara quirks a brow towards the filly. "Err, sure, knock yourself out." He tosses a bundle towards her.
  298. [2012-12-19 18:35:34] * Mitzi would not look good in a dress. At least not any pony dress
  299. [2012-12-19 18:37:56] * Kid blinks, then gives a blushing look towards the party as she puts them away. She always wanted a dress. Just, um. She never wanted to admit- aw shit copycat's listening, shit
  300. [2012-12-19 18:38:39] <Kkat> 3The sky gets darker.
  301. [2012-12-19 18:39:14] * Noble_Heart presses onwards towards their final destination, trying to keep the snow and ice out of her eyes and wings and mane. With some success.
  302. [2012-12-19 18:39:49] * Kid follows Noble_Heart.
  303. [2012-12-19 18:39:50] * Bookwright "C'mon folks, let's get-a-goin'!"
  304. [2012-12-19 18:41:46] * Mitzi lets someone who actually knows the way lead, keeping an eye out on anything that might be coming behidn them
  305. [2012-12-19 18:42:25] * Shatara takes to the air, using his pipbuck to guide the others on the most expedious path.
  306. [2012-12-19 18:45:25] <Kkat> 3The caravan companions follow Shatara as the griffin flies ahead into the storm.  But even as you near where the facility should be, there's... nothing.   Nothing at all.  Just a long, dark, snow-shrouded plateau extending into the grey of evening...
  307. [2012-12-19 18:45:39] <Kkat> 3Shatara vanishes in a twinkle of light.
  308. [2012-12-19 18:46:01] * Noble_Heart peers into the darkness and snow. "Shatara!?" Spreading her wings and beating harder to rush towards where the griffin had vanished.
  309. [2012-12-19 18:46:04] * Mitzi sees Shatara vanish and runs for it in alarm, expecting trouble.
  310. [2012-12-19 18:46:49] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart rushes towards where Shatara vanished... and is gone.
  311. [2012-12-19 18:47:45] * Kid blinks. Wait, what? STOP. STOP KID. STOOOP. "Noble! Shatara! Where are y'? Where did y' go?"
  312. [2012-12-19 18:47:55] <Kkat> 3Mitzi is close behind, and when Noble_Heart disappears in front of her, there is no time to stop.  A breath later, Mitzi has vanished as well.
  313. [2012-12-19 18:49:31] * Kid shudders. "Mitzi! MITZI! Where are y' Mitzi?!" All of her friends are gone. All of her friends are gone! Not again!
  314. [2012-12-19 18:51:03] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
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