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Oct 20th, 2020
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  1. Finding Nemo Gamecube
  3. #1. Treatment plant has two unused sections of the stage. Most stages are divided by little cutscenes where the characters swim from one section to another, so we'll name each section by a letter (A, B, C, D, E, etc.) Treatment plant's entire A section goes unused outside of the opening cutscene, with nemo starting in the B section. Beyond the end of the stage is an entire harbor that can't normally be seen due to the heavy fog in the stage, but it's unknown if that area was playable at all. The harbor can be seen in treatment plant's extras movie.
  5. #2. The hud icons for tad, sheldon, and pearl in the race in Going to School are stored out of bounds. I need pictures, of course.
  7. #3. There are 3 extra bouncy jellyfish stored out of bounds behind the start in Jellyfish Race. I don't know what they do.
  9. #4. There's a sky texture above the blowhole at the end of whale chase, but the fog makes it impossible to see.
  11. #5. Document the many differences in the dentist's office across the various tank stages
  13. #6. In the cutscene at the drop off, sheldon isn't actually swimming out to the butt, but in fact an extra piece of chain floating above the cliff
  15. #7. In hide and seek's bonus minigame, there are 3 rings of bubbles floating above mount wannahockaloogie out of bounds. Collecting them does nothing.
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