Hydrogen peroxide 1

Aug 4th, 2015
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  1. 77882Re: Using H202
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  3. drtammygrimeApr 22
  4. Hi Brevan
  6. I've been trained in H202, but haven't used it. I'd love to clarify a few questions.
  8. Do you use d5W or NS?
  9. Drip over 1.5 hours?
  10. Start at .5cc of 3% and increase by .5cc with each IV up to a max of 3cc?
  11. Do you add b vitamins?
  12. Do you have to add DMSO? HCl? (I find HCl hurts and I stopped using it)
  13. When do you use peroxide over vitamin C drips? Does it work better? I'm thinking of chronic infections that need high dose C, but peroxide may work quicker and be cheaper..
  14. If it gets painful, is there an antidote?
  15. Much sclerosing?
  17. Thanks so much!
  18. Tammy
  20. Tammy Grime, ND. 1508.
  21. Toronto, Ontario.
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