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Evangelion 3.0+1.0 summary

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Mar 8th, 2021
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  1. >Misato’s group has a way to undo the effects of the 3rd impact in small spaces
  2. >Asuka, Shinji, and Rei Q are picked up and rescued by a truck
  3. >The truck takes them to a village
  4. >Toji’s in the village and he’s a doctor, he’s married to Hikari and they have a baby called Tsubame
  5. >Kensuke is there
  6. >They’re all there in this Ghibli-esque village
  7. >Shinji is taken to the place where he’s going to be staying and Asuka’s there and she’s full-on naked, except for the eyepatch
  8. >Shinji and Asuka are supposed to live together. When he first arrives, she's naked and she is all 'yeah this is my body' but Shinji pukes because of PTSD
  9. >She’s wearing the same type of explosive choker that Shinji was wearing in the previous movie that was used to kill Kaworu
  10. >When Shinji sees the choker, he vomits and drops
  11. >Later on, he’s not eating, he’s not doing anything; he sees Asuka again and catches a glimpse of her choker underneath her clothes and throws up again
  12. >Shinji is basically catatonic in grief over Kaworu
  13. >Asuka says something along the lines of: “you throw up at the sight of me, what’s wrong with you. How can you throw up when you’re not eating anything?”
  14. >She force-feeds him protein bars and then leaves to be alone
  16. >Rei Q begins to become "more of a person"
  17. >She asks what hello means, what good morning means, how to express yourself when you’re happy that someone has done something for you, and she learns how to say thank you
  18. >She sees Toji’s baby and wonders why the baby’s so small
  19. >The obaasan all love her and want her to have a name because she's not Ayanami and they give her a fake one
  20. >Rei sees cats for the first time and is confused. She later likes the cats"
  21. >Hikari breastfeeding is real. Rei gets confused and Hikari has to explain
  22. >Rei wears her plugsuit during most of it. She doesn't know what a bath is, and tries to get into the public bath with her plugsuit before being corrected
  23. >Asuka is staying in this town to protect it and Rei is helping out around the town (planting rice, picking vegetables) and becoming more of a person
  24. >Shinji is starting to come around a bit, his friends are there for him
  25. >Kensuke shows Shinji how they fish and shows Shinji "the thing that is keeping the 3rd impact effects away" and one of the people working there is Ryoji Kaji
  26. >Kaji is wearing a radiation suit; he takes the mask off, and this Kaji is revealed to be Misato and Kaji’s son named Ryoji Kaji
  27. >Misato and Kaji got it on, Misato was left with child and Kaji did not survive the 3rd impact. This explains Misato’s feelings in the previous movie and behaviour towards Shinji (Some people are pointing out that Misato's treatment of her son is similar to Gendo's treatment of Shinji)
  28. >Rei Q tells Shinji that she wants a name and that she would like him to give her a name
  29. >Shinji tells her “you’re still Ayanami”, and Rei is like “ok, that’s my name, I’m glad for that”
  30. >Rei has an LCL deficiency; if she stays outside the tank she’ll die and she’s been outside the tank for quite some time
  31. >Rei cries near Toji's/Hikari's baby when she realizes she's going to die. She wonders why she's so sad
  33. >She knows she won’t really make it but she returns to Shinji
  34. >She gives him Gendo’s tape player and thanks Shinji for giving her the name and for everything
  35. >The LCL corruption changes the colour of her suit to the point where she’s wearing the white suit from the anime series; she’s wearing her classic suit
  36. >This misleads the audience into thinking that she’s going back to normal, but it’s an LCL pop moment (yikes LOL)
  37. >This apparently got a bunch of gasps from the theatre
  38. >Shinji decides that he’s going to help Misato to return the world back to normal
  39. >Misato is not super thrilled with Shinji and they’re confining him to his space
  40. >Asuka and Mari go to visit him
  41. >Mari re-introduces herself to Shinji and comments on his smell
  42. >Asuka says to him something along the lines of “when you were making our lunches, I did start to like you. I did, I liked you. But, that was a long time ago, that was when I was a child”
  43. >Asuka's glad that she finally got to tell him that
  44. >Gendo’s got Eva 13 and they’re in the epicentre of the impact
  46. >Misato and her ship have to go destroy Eva 13 so that they can undo the damage that has been done
  47. >A battle scene between an army of skull Evas (Evangelion with skulls for faces basically LOL) and repaired Eva 2 and Eva 8 commences>Asuka and Unit 2 see the crucified Unit 13 and Asuka goes to smash the core with a weapon that is meant to smash the core
  48. >She goes to hit it and an AT field stops it
  49. >This is when Asuka removes her eyepatch and out of her eye comes a restraining bolt (it's keeping the power in check)
  50. >When she was absorbed into the angel in movie 2, it did corrupt her
  51. >Asuka goes beast mode
  52. >She's basically like "Your AT field means nothing to me” and rips through it, goes to stab Eva 13
  53. >Then Eva 13 wakes up, Eva 2 is ripped to shreds (bruh)
  54. >Gendo is going to merge with the ascended Eva 13 and he is confronted by Misato on the ground
  55. >Gendo turns around, looks at her, they have a short talk, and he gets shot right in the face by Ritsuko
  56. >His visor is cracked; Ritsuko shoots him several more times and he goes down
  57. >Gendo picks up his brains from the ground and puts them back into his head
  58. >Behind his visor, there’s nothing
  59. >His whole being is hollow and filled with angel light
  60. >It’s too late, he’s going to be merging with Unit 13
  62. >Gendo is in control of Unit 13 and is bringing about the final impact
  63. >Shinji’s there and tells Misato to let him pilot Unit 1
  64. >Misato is basically like “yeah, well I guess there’s nothing else that can be done”
  65. >Toji’s sister, Sakura, and one of the new recruits are like “no, Shinji keeps fucking up wtf, why are we letting this happen again”
  66. >Misato’s like “trust me on this one”
  67. >Toji’s sister, Sakura, and one of the new recruits are like “no” so she proceeds to shoot Shinji and Misato takes the bullet for Shinji
  68. >Misato and Shinji have a heart to heart convo
  69. >Mari scoops Shinji up in her Eva and gets him into Unit 1
  70. >Inside Eva 1 is Rei II
  71. >Rei’s sitting in his spot and has long hair, she lets Shinji take over
  72. >Shinji goes berserk
  73. >Shinji in Unit 1 vs Gendo in Unit 13
  74. >They fight throughout the world of Evangelion, throughout various environments
  75. >They clash first in the environment of the Sachiel fight, then in Shinji’s classroom, etc.
  77. >Gendo is like “you can’t win this fight ”
  78. >Shinji is like “Look, I just want to talk about this”
  79. >Gendo and Shinji are on the train; they talk
  80. >Shows Gendo’s backstory: he was alone and didn’t care about people but met Yui and Yui made him feel things. When she died, he decided that he would do anything to be with her again
  81. >Shinji goes up to Gendo and an AT field pops up in front of Gendo
  82. >Gendo’s like “no, you cannot penetrate my barrier”
  83. >Flashback to Gendo sending Shinji away: He says goodbye to Shinji and hugs his son goodbye and leaves
  84. >Shinji takes the tape-recorder out of his pocket and effortlessly pushes it through the AT field and is like “this is yours”
  85. >Gendo gives up and Gendo departs the train with closure
  86. >Shinji turns around and Kaworu is on the train
  87. >Kaworu gets introspection about obsession
  88. >Kaworu kind of has a saviour complex and Shinji wanted to cling onto someone
  89. >They talk and get their closure
  90. >Now, it’s just Shinji
  91. >Now, the scene shifts to a movie studio LOL
  93. >There are Evangelion costumes hung up on the shelf, miniatures of the ships, there is a little potato sack with Tsubame written on it LOL (???)
  94. >Shinji is now talking with Rei
  95. >They’re like “what are we going to do? What’s this new world going to be like?”
  96. >Shinji says in English “It’s going to be like a ‘NEON GENESIS’”
  97. >They kind of tease that the additional impact is going to be a loop and it'll set it up for the original TV series
  98. >Shinji’s like “well, maybe we can have Mari along this time”
  99. >Shinji remembers the original anime. He remembers Kaworu in it
  100. >Shinji is in Eva 1 and has the sphere which is now a combination of the Lance of Longinus and the Lance of Cassius (hope and despair combined)
  101. >Shinji is going to stab himself with the Eva and control the 3rd impact
  102. >There are literal flashbacks to End of Evangelion
  103. >Giant Rei comes back but this time it's weird hyperrealistic fucking cgi shit
  104. >Misato sacrifices herself and WUNDER by smashing the ship into the giant Ayanami head
  105. >Before he can stab himself with the sphere, he is pushed out of the Eva by Yui
  106. >Yui is like “no I got this”
  108. >Two sets of arms wrap around the Eva and it’s Eva 13 (it’s Gendo)
  109. >Gendo and Yui are now reunited, they smile at their son
  110. >There's now a red, LCL sea
  111. >Shinji tells Asuka that he liked her too, tells her to take care of Kensuke
  112. >Asuka gets closure through Mari and Kensuke as well
  113. >Shinji goes to EOE ending beach and basically is nice to Asuka instead of fucking choking her
  114. >Shinji tells EOE Asuka he really did love her but they can't be together because toxic
  115. >The impact happens
  116. >It’s the opposite of what happens in End of Evangelion
  117. >All of the Evas are shown and you hear Shinji say “Goodbye, All of Evangelion”
  118. >He’s literally saying goodbye to all of the Evangelions (double-meaning!)
  119. >It’s the third impact in reverse
  120. >Instead of everyone exploding into LCL and losing their form, they get their form back
  121. >The Evas turn into people, the people turn into men and women and children and animals and pets, it all comes back
  123. >Then, it shows Shinji alone on a beautiful beach
  124. >It’s not the classic End of Evangelion beach with red waves and a giant Rei head in the water
  125. >It's a beautiful, serene beach
  126. >The camera cuts back to the waves and now instead of being in colour, it’s black and white and then rough pencil sketches
  127. >Then Mari’s Evangelion pops up out of the water and she’s like “Goodbye Evangelion 3.0+1.0” LOL
  128. >Mari and Shinji are at the beach together
  129. >Then, we flash forward to a train station
  131. >On one side of the tracks, there’s adult Shinji waiting for a train or somebody
  132. >On the other side of the tracks, there’s adult Rei and adult Kaworu having a conversation, Asuka is there too
  133. >There are differing accounts as to whether or not Asuka is present at the final train station scene
  134. >Kaworu and Rei are standing next to each other with Asuka off to the side in the end
  135. >Adult Mari comes up to Shinji and surprises him
  136. >Mari is like “Are you ready?”
  137. >Shinji is like “Open the door"
  138. >"Get on the floor"
  140. Nah, jk
  141. >Shinji is like “Yeah let’s go”
  142. >Then, they pull back and it merges seamlessly from animation into a live-action shot of Japan
  143. >Adult Shinji and Adult Mari go off and enjoy the “real world”
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