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  1. # How do I correctly archive my files? (PC)
  3. If you put files onto MEGA or any other file site without first .rar'ing them and changing their name, they'll most likely be deleted very quickly. Here's how to protect your files correctly:
  5. Use WinRAR
  7. You can use alternatives (7-Zip and Win-Zip are popular) but this guide will specifically address WinRAR.
  9. Using 7-Zip will create .7z files. Newer versions of WinRAR can open these but some older versions cannot and may cause headaches for the community.
  10. Right click on the file or folder (depending on the type of file you're archiving) and select "Add to archive..."
  11. First, change the "Archive name" to something inconspicuous.
  13. Many users title their archives something clever having to do with the file or just the initials of the file.
  15. Community.S02E03.rar is NOT an acceptable archive name, for example.
  17. Please keep your file names discreet and your archives password protected for the safety of the site and yourself.
  18. Next, click the "Advanced" tab and selected the "Set password..." option.
  20. This is where you will type the password for the file. Now select the box titled "Encrypt file names".
  22. This makes sure you cannot see the files inside the archive without first entering the password.
  23. If your file is large (1GB+), you may want to split it into multiple files so users can more easily download it. MEGA seems to have some trouble uploading and downloading large files. Select a file size that works well for you.
  25. Under the "Split to volumes, size", input your desired file size. Be sure to select the correct unit for your file size (usually MB).
  26. Click "OK" and you should be good to go.
  27. If you click "Mode" you can change this to "Fastest". This changes the compression mode.
  29. Most files (movies and music) don't allow for much compression so your rar file size is going to be almost the same size as the original file.
  31. Clicking "Fastest" should decrease the time your computer spends archiving the files.
  32. If you do choose to break your file up into multiple parts, your file will be made with the same file name, each appended with a different part number.
  34. For example: O12-7.part1.rar, O12-7.part2.rar
  36. All part files will need to be present before the file can be fully extracted.
  38. How do I correctly archive my files? (MacOS)
  40. Use LueRAR2 or BetterZip
  41. Do my files need to be password protected?
  43. Yes. Archiving files without a password allows the possibility of people outside the site gaining access to your files. If they find something they like, they may link it on a more public platform. This may cause the file to get flagged and in turn, your MEGA account to get flagged. It's another layer of security and it takes so little time to add, it's not worth not doing it.
  44. What should the password on my file be?
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