[PTFG] The Trial Ch. 2

Mar 9th, 2015
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  2. >You shift around under the covers as you prepare to greet the dawn of a new day.
  3. >That's strange you don't remember you bed being this soft.
  4. >Them again, you don't remember the last time you actually slept on your bed.
  5. >You also don't remember ever getting up to go to your bed.
  6. >Whatever.
  7. >You raise your arm to your face and rub your eyes with the back of your wrists.
  8. >Man, you need to have your arms sometime, you don't think they should be this hairy.
  9. >You sleepily crease open your eyes.
  10. >When you do you see the back of your wrist is covered in soft grey fur, bit of it disheveled about where you rubbed your face with.
  11. >Your entire arm is covered in it.
  12. >Ah, that's right, you're a pony now.
  13. >How could you forget something so obvious...
  14. >groan.
  15. >You know you actually thought about getting to be one of the adorable little devils, but you wish you at least had a choice in the matter really.
  16. >Heck if given the choice, you probably would have wanted to be something cool like a griffon, or a dragon.
  17. >Or an owl
  18. >"Hooh"
  19. >Ye- huh?
  20. >"Hooh, hooh"
  21. >You look to the source of the random hoot hooting and find an owl standing perched on a tortoise in the frame of a fluffy looking window.
  22. >Wait what?
  23. >Looking closely, you think you can recognize these two.
  24. >It's Owlicious and Tank.
  25. >You know its them because the propeller on the tortoise's shell is a dead giveaway.
  26. >But why are they in the window, though.
  27. >Certainly they didn't come all the way to your room just to greet you, right?
  28. >Actually wait, no, that's not possible. Last you remember your room was trashed before you left to go to the bar with blue fast and hang with apple hat.
  29. >Then after a long night of poppin bottles, you went back to-
  30. >Oh, right.
  31. >That explains why the window is so fluffy, it's made of cloud.
  32. >You think.
  33. >If you remember, most of rainbow's room was supposedly solid.
  35. >And it's safe to assume that the rest of the house is like that as well, except for windows apparently.
  36. >Besides that, yeah, now you remember where you are.
  37. >And now you remember why the bed is so soft.
  38. >And now you remember-
  39. >Ah, boy...
  40. >Slowly, you turn around.
  41. >At the end of your 180° bed roll your face is filled with a myriad of color.
  42. >In a quick breath, your nostrils are filled the the scent of fresh rain as well as a faint musk.
  43. >The soft texture of free flowing follicles pressing can be felt even through your the line of fur that covers your muzzle.
  44. >Evidently, you got a face full of rainbow mane.
  45. >Okay, now is not the time to be absorbing the various things you can sense from this moment.
  46. >Raise your head to see if,
  47. >"ZZzzzZZZZZzzzzZ"
  48. >Yep, she's still asleep.
  49. >You sigh.
  50. >You raise the covers and look underneath.
  51. >It would seem that little you has taken it upon himself to stand prone and ready, saluting you as he awaits his next order.
  52. >However, he didn't take into account that his current position left him unable to properly perform many tasks.
  53. >Apparently, he has gotten himself wedged within a dark tunnel with only one viable means of escape.
  54. >Incidentally it also seems that it will take more than a little effort to assist him.
  55. >Boy, It's really in there...
  56. >You're not sure how you're going to do this without waking her up.
  58. >Maybe you can think of something to calm yourself down?
  59. >Think sad thoughts, think terrifying thoughts, think unreasonably disturbing and grotesque thoughts.
  60. >Think of a bus full of whimpering babies stuck in the middle of a road with a flat tire sitting horizontal in the middle of a highway with many cars speeding down with no sign of stopping.
  61. >The cars driven by weeping puppies and kittens all hugging each other as they prepare themselves for a very untimely end.
  62. >Think of stray grandmas slowly attempting to make their way to the buss at a snails pace in a valiant effort to save the babies before their inevitable demise.
  63. >You open your eyes to look at your stranded spelunker.
  64. >Fucking Diamonds.
  65. >You sick, sick bastard.
  66. >How can you live with yourself.
  67. >Probably not very long if you can't get your self "out" of this "situation" in time before a certain brash winged equine regains consciousness.
  68. >Well, it's not exactly like you know how she could react.
  69. >But you've seen how temperamental or quick to assume she can be sometimes from the screen.
  70. >You mean, it's not like she hasn't matured over the duration of the showing.
  71. >You're sure she won't do anything extreme.
  72. >But you've seen many things in your time watching the many random shit on the computer that encompass social situations and awkward, or highly critical situations moments surrounding them to know of the many possible ways this can go.
  73. >And not a lot of them say anything good about this one.
  74. >Of course, that could just be the panic setting in again.
  76. >There is always the lubrication option, but how are you gonna get all the way to anything without waking up sleeping beauty.
  77. >You could try spitting, but you aren't exactly flexible enough to get the right angle, reach down there, and aim properly enough to get in a good one.
  78. >Or are you.
  79. >Nope, don't want to think about that.
  80. >You being flexible in this body is the last thing you want to think about when referencing both dick and ass at the same time.
  81. >To put it bluntly, you really are stuck here.
  82. >Well, you could always try...
  83. >Pulling it out.
  84. >Yeah, you know, this is stupid idea,
  85. >But what If
  86. >You could just
  87. >Somehow dislodge yourself by pulling your hips back a bit.
  88. >You mean, it's pretty simple right?
  89. >You take another look down and notice the half-dried ropes of cum still clinging to both of you at the entry point.
  90. >Hmm, maybe you can use this.
  91. >You raise your head again to look at the snoozing mare.
  92. >Okay, let's see what happens.
  93. >You gently lift the covers off you both and fix yourself into a comfortable enough position.
  94. >This gives you a better view of what you're dealing with.
  95. >Wow, that really doesn't look like it'll move.
  96. >As you adjust yourself, it seems a bit of your sticky baby batter is still leaking out.
  97. >That means it's still moist enough to act as lubrication in this moment.
  98. >Physics be damned.
  100. >With that bit of reassurance in mind, you tentatively stretch a hoof around the sleeping pegasus when she suddenly shifts a bit.
  101. >You freeze and watch to see if she moves again.
  102. >You sigh in relief as she remains inactive for the most part.
  103. >This might be harder than you thought, knowwhati'msayin.
  104. >You successfully place your hoof on the other side of her by, gently putting more pressure in as you set yourself for better balance.
  105. >It takes all of your concentration to slip your other hoof out from under her.
  106. >You're treated to another scare as she shifts again, this time mumbling in her sleep.
  107. >"No pinkie. no more cupcakes... I'm too *yawn* stuffed..."
  108. >Her hooves curl up to her and grab the arm you're trying to move, effectively locking it in place.
  109. >Shit, this is getting even more complicated.
  110. >Maybe you should try rolling her over.
  111. >Using your other hoof to support yourself, you lift yourself up just a bit over the form of Rainbow.
  112. >Thankfully, as you do, she rolls more onto her stomach.
  113. >Her arms separate as the slide to either side of her head on the pillow, and like that your arm is now free.
  114. >Well, that worked out rather nicely.
  115. >Now for the real problem.
  116. >You hang prone, lifted by your forearms to hover above the conked out girl mumbling random things in her dreamy state, unaware of the situation at hand.
  117. >You gulp
  118. >You flex your hips, and slowly, you begin to pull back, trying to get your body into a proper arch.
  119. >You hear the sound of something sticky being moved, and see your prick slowly, but surely making some minor headway, a bit more of your spooge leaking out along the sides.
  121. >You feel like you're making some progress as see the half point begins to make itself visible.
  122. >You smile, a nervous sweat starting to form on your forehead.
  123. >Just a couple more inches...
  124. >You keep going until you feel as though you are about at the head.
  125. >One more good light tug should be enough now.
  126. >You can feel the cool air brushing over your exposed length, signifying a work well done, but not quite complete.
  127. >You relax your arms and clench your buttock for a last good pull.
  128. >Suddenly, the grip around your still wedged in prick tightens, and you nearly lose balance in reaction to this unpredicted occurrence.
  129. >You bite your lip and look down to see Dash beginning to stir underneath you.
  130. >Her forelegs stretch themselves out as she yawns to her awakening.
  131. >She plants her hooves into her pillow and her hips begin to rise.
  132. >Slowly, all of your efforts become undone as she re-inserts your twitching length back into her depths.
  133. >Your legs are buckling, all four of them, as she continues her stretching until you are once again buried near to the hilt, her sphincter never relenting in it's hard squeezes along the way.
  134. >Her wings flare out and flap a little, they themselves extending as far as the can, cracking like a whip with on flap and staying in that position as she reaches the peak of her exercise, her back coming into contact with your underbelly
  135. >Slowly her head begins to turn slowly.
  136. >"Good morning~" she says as she looks at you with a grin.
  137. >Your body twitches about as you try your damnedest to stay up after going through all of that.
  138. "G-good mrnngn..."
  139. >You say through gritted teeth, a nervous smile growing on your own face.
  140. >Well, it's certainly a better reaction than what you would have expected.
  142. >Actually, you did expect something like this, but it was somewhere in the low 5%-11% for being unrealistic.
  143. >This like something straight out of those piss poor fanfics.
  144. >"Hm, it looks like we might have a problem here." she says, wiggling her hips just a tad, causing you to quiver more.
  145. >"I think I know the solution."
  146. >You look down to her with an eyebrow raised.
  147. >It took a bit of concentration just for that little effort.
  148. >Suddenly her wings flex a but, with a couple of soft flaps, before flaring back out again.
  149. >Her hind legs begin to bend a bit, and her forehooves seem to take a grip on the sheets.
  150. >The her hips clench a bit as well.
  151. >You think you know what's about to happen.
  152. "Okay, Rainbow, let's not be too reckless he-"
  153. >"Hyah!" She gives her wings might flap and her hips buck up.
  154. >With an unknown force of power, you are thrown into the air, slipping out of her with a pop.
  155. >You go sailing off of the bed, landing on your back on small pile of balled up sheets on the floor.
  156. >Your turn to your side and prop yourself up, shaking your head of the momentary disorientation brought about by the shock of the event.
  157. >Well, at least you're free now.
  158. >You lock up to see rainbow continuing her stretches on the bed.
  159. >You watch as she comes to a stop then sighs.
  160. >She then brings a hoof to her head and grimaces, "Ah... maybe that was too much."
  161. >Her tail flicks out and she hops off of the bed.
  162. >She walks over to your downed form and smirks.
  163. >"Well, that was certainly one of the more 'interesting' wake ups I've had in a while." she says.
  164. >She extends a hoof out to you, and you hesitate before grabbing it.
  166. "Hold on now. You're not mad?"
  167. >She looks at you, her lips quivering a bit before sticking back into that grin of hers.
  168. >"Mad, why would I be?" she waves her hoof to gesture for you to grab it.
  169. >You do and she helps you up.
  170. "Well, you know. No reason. Just the fact that you woke up with me pulling my dick out of your arse. Nothing special."
  171. >You mean seriously, after how fucked up she was last night, you don't think she knows about anything that happened.
  172. >And at the same time, she was under the effects of whatever that soap was you used yesterday.
  173. >She shrugs, "I think I remember a bit of the things that happened last night. I remember feeling kinda hot around the time when AJ left, and when we stepped outside the bar. Despite the cold."
  174. "Hot?"
  175. >She raises her eyebrows at you.
  176. "Oh, yeah."
  177. >"Yeah. I think I can figure out what happened next." she says turning around.
  178. >You watch as she just walks off in a direction.
  179. "Wait, where are you going?"
  180. >"Where else? To the bathroom. I have to get cleaned up after what happened last night."
  181. >Right...
  182. >You look down at your cock, now slipping back into it's sheath.
  183. >Your crotch is still covered in the remnants of all the excitement.
  184. >You furrow your brow.
  185. >"You know, you could always join me if you want."
  186. >She's looking at you from the bathroom doorway, a sly grin on her face.
  187. >You feel the blood rush to your face again, as well as a stirring down below.
  188. >You immediately bring your legs together, quickly shaking your head.
  189. "Nope, I'm good right here."
  192. >Not that you don't want to go another round and probably have some kinky shower sex.
  193. >You think it might be a bit too early in your time here for this.
  194. >She snickers, "Don't say I didn't ask."
  195. >She turns and closes the door.
  196. >After a moment, you hear a shower start running and you sigh.
  197. >what_are_you_gay.jpg
  198. >Most people would take a chance like that at the drop of a hat.
  199. >And yet, you let your sense get the better of you.
  200. >That might have even been your last chance to actually get to taste the rainbow.
  201. >Even if she kinda just hinted otherwise.
  202. >Congratulations on being a massive faggot.
  203. >You groan.
  204. >You walk back over to the bed and take a good look at it.
  205. >Wow, that's one huge stain right there.
  206. >You'd think someone wet the bed.
  207. >Well, actually, yeah, that kinda did happened.
  208. >At least these aren't any kinda sheets that you'd have to be cleaning.
  209. >Oh yeah, that's right you're supposed to be like, the help now at Twinkie Spittle's castle, now right?
  210. >If you remember, you were supposed to start around 8am this morning, or something like that.
  211. >Oh god, you hope you aren't late.
  212. >You whip your head around looking for a clock, finding one on the nightstand.
  213. >You quickly go over to it and look at the time.
  214. >7:27 am
  215. >Phew, that was a close one.
  216. >You still have about thirty minutes to spare on ya, and more importantly, no blood will be shed today!
  217. >You hope.
  219. >Ms. Teardrop seems like the kinda strict mare who also has a short fuse.
  220. >She might come for you about a quarter early just to make sure you are ready.
  221. >You gotta get back to the castle fast before that happens.
  222. >But then there's another problem.
  223. >You're in a cloud in the sky.
  224. >How the hell are you gonna get there in time from here?
  225. >And then there's the smell.
  226. >Are you really gonna travel the halls of the castle with all those staff members and such who would no doubt be up and around already, smelling like booze, sweat, and other things?
  227. >Yeah, that would probably make for an awesome conversation.
  228. >["Oh, hey, aren't you that no pony that's supposed to be starting here today or something?"]
  229. ["Yeah, I am."]
  230. >["Oh, coo- *sniff sniff* hey what's that smell"]
  231. ["That? Oh, uh, it's nothing I just had a little jog this morning."]
  232. >["Hmm. No, I think I recognize this smell. It smells like-"]
  233. >Click
  234. >The door to the bathroom creaks open as Rainbow steps out, a cloud a steam pouring through in her wake.
  235. >"Whew. Alright Mica, shower's yours if you- Whoa!"
  236. >You dash right past her into the cloud of vapor, slamming the door behind you.
  237. >"Well, I guess If you gotta go, you gotta go. Soap's in the dish, sponges and towels are under the cupboard. I only have one bush, but I guess I can share. Try not to use too much water, you might drain the cloud."
  238. >You quickly hop into the shower, ignoring everything in the room but the soap bar.
  239. >It looks normal enough.
  240. >"Oh, and careful with the water, I might be a little-"
  241. >You turn the knob on the faucet.
  242. "Kyaa!"
  243. >You immediately jump back out, slipping on the floor and landing flat on your face.
  244. >"Cold."
  246. >You can hear her laughing on the other side of the door, "I tried to warn ya."
  247. >You groan, removing your face from the tiled surface of the bathroom floor, your main coming down and hanging over your eye obscuring half your vision.
  248. >You turn back to the shower and feel the water.
  249. >It's slightly warmer now, but it doesn't seem to be heating any further than that.
  250. >It'll have to do.
  251. >You step back in under the water, standing completely in the range to get used to the temperature.
  252. >Completely forgetting that you can't into hooves, you grab the soap bar and it slips out of the dish.
  253. >You curse as it slides all they way back to the drain.
  254. >"You okay in there, Mica?"
  255. >You bend down and take the sap in both hooves, and it slips out between them.
  256. >You groan.
  257. "Just dandy."
  258. >You step out of the shower again and look for some sort of cloth you can use.
  259. >You find one and hold it in both hooves.
  260. >You use it to grab up the soap and lather it up.
  261. >The soap inevitably slips out of your grasp again, but by then you have enough suds on the cloth to not need it anymore.
  262. >You proceed to tediously scrub yourself down, getting all the filth, sweat, and other things off of your body until you can see only one color on your matted grey coat.
  263. >Your main whips you in the face and you wince as it gets in your eye.
  264. >Stupid long ass hair.
  265. >After a while you complete your washing, dry up, and step back out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around your head, since that seems to be the only use for it at this point.
  266. >You quickly use it to draw out your main, before frustratedly tossing it back into the bathroom.
  267. >It lands neatly on the rack near the tub.
  268. >You'd think if she has herself a mansion her bathroom would have a bigger shower.
  270. >You look across the room and see Rainbow posing in front of a body size mirror wearing some kind of shirt.
  271. >It's a darker blue than her own coat with a collar and a crest on the breast of it.
  272. >The image on the crest looks like a wing and a cloud.
  273. "What are you doing?"
  274. >She stops and turns to look at you.
  275. >"Haha, dude, what's up with your mane?"
  276. >You look up at the hanging bank in front of your face.
  277. "I don't know, what's wrong with it?"
  278. >She gestures you to step in front of the mirror and you do.
  279. >Your mane looks like it was attacked by a frightened cat.
  280. "Huh. It turned out better than I thought."
  281. >You lie.
  282. >Work with hooves is shit.
  283. >You didn't even try to fix this thing up.
  284. >You just wrapped a towel over it to dry and that's it.
  285. >She chuckles, "That Teardrop lady is going to have a field day with you.
  286. >At the mention of the name you start to panic again.
  287. >You snap your head to look at the clock again.
  288. >7:41am
  289. >Exactly how long were you in that shower?
  290. >You back look over to Rainbow who has gone back to doing her little poses again.
  291. "What's that you're wearing."
  292. >She stops and turns to you again.
  293. >"Well, obviously it's a shirt."
  294. >You deadpan.
  295. >"Heheh. Actually," she strikes a pose, "It's my new uniform!"
  297. >She strikes another pose.
  298. "I didn't know there weather ponies actually had uniforms. I mean, I know the ponies at the rainbow factory wore like, white lab coat things and brim hats or something..."
  299. >You remember that episode of Sonic Boom.
  300. >You mean the Sonic Rainboom episode of MLP.
  301. >All the ponies featured as workers at the rainbow factory wore something similar or another.
  302. >"I don't think I actually told you I was a weather pony," she says.
  303. >You bite your lip.
  304. >Right, "weather pony" wasn't the term she used.
  305. >"Or did I..." she shrugs. "Hmm, maybe I did."
  306. >Phew
  307. >"Anyway. Usually, we really don't. But I got privileges! Wonderbolt reserves and cadets get their own uniforms to wear to stand out amongst the regular workers! That way, If Something needs to be done, or an emergency Wonderbolt related call is made, they can easily pick us out from the crowd."
  308. >She puffs out her chest, "And I'm one of the star cadets!"
  309. >You look at her shirt, and sure enough, there is a star one of the pockets on the shirt, right underneath the crest.
  310. "Huh, that's pretty cool."
  311. >"You mean awesome!"
  312. >Beep Beep.
  313. >The beeping noise draws your attention back to the clock.
  314. >It's beeping, but the clock reads 7:45.
  315. >It's probably an alarm.
  316. >You feel the panic coming back again.
  317. >"Well, I gotta go to work now. Want me to give you a lift back to the castle?"
  318. "Yes, please!"
  319. >She rears back at your volume.
  320. "Eh... sorry."
  321. >"Eh, don't worry about it. Come on." she walks over to the doorway leading to the balcony.
  322. >You follow her.
  324. >She starts flapping her wings and hovers a bit into the air.
  325. >She turns around and extends both her hooves out to you.
  326. >"Grab on!"
  327. >You look down at your hooves.
  328. >You want to ask how, but you're worried she's gonna question you about it.
  329. >You look at her nervously.
  330. >She quirks a brow at you, then smirks.
  331. >"You're not still thinking about /that/ are you?" she asks.
  332. >You think about her question.
  333. >You feel a blush coming in again.
  334. "W-what? No. Not until you mentioned it at least."
  335. >You trail off.
  336. >She floats down behind you and grabs you under your arms while you're distracted.
  337. "Whoa, hey, wait a second, I'm not ready."
  338. >Not this again.
  339. >"Don't worry, I got ya. I AM the best flier in all of Equestria, you know."
  340. >Yep, it's happening again.
  341. >You gulp.
  342. >Sixty seconds of girly screams and flailing later, you are now a quivering mass of fear on the dirt road in front of the castle.
  343. >Two guards stationed outside eye you warily before resuming their post as neutrally as they normally would.
  344. >Your mane must be even wilder now than a few moments ago.
  345. >Rainbow hovers in the air above you, dusting herself off and straightening out her uniform.
  347. >"Well, here you are, Mica. I gotta dash to work so I can show off my uniform some more."
  348. >You get up as she begins to float of.
  349. >She stops mid air and turns around, "Oh and say hi to Twilight for me."
  350. >You dust yourself off and wave a hoof to her.
  351. "Yeah, sure thing."
  352. >You wonder what she's up to right now anyway.
  353. >"See you later stud." she winks.
  354. >You freeze.
  355. >She starts laughing as she flies off into the distance. "So easy."
  356. >She's not gonna let that rest so long as it bothers you as much is she?
  357. >You sigh.
  358. >You turn back to the castle and walk to the doors, stopping short to look at the guards.
  359. >You look to see them eyeing you funny again, before their eyes shoot forward.
  360. >You tilt your head to the side.
  361. >You walk to the doors and push them open, stepping inside.
  362. >Don't have time to be standing out here right now.
  363. >You gotta find that wreckage of a room of yours.
  364. >As soon as you hit the hallway, you dash for the stairs and make way to your room.
  365. >A good bit of exercise later, you finally make it to your room, panting heavily out of breath.
  366. >Looking to the wall mounted clock on the other side of the hall, you see the time is 7:53.
  367. >Good, you still have time to get ready.
  368. >You step into your room an, ooooooooooh yeah.
  369. >You're room's a mess.
  370. >The door is hanging off the hinges, and clothes, towels and blankets are thrown about the floor.
  371. >You don't remember it being this messy when you left.
  372. >Stepping further inside, you look at your bed.
  373. >It seems that most of the sheets have gone missing.
  374. >As well as a certain piece of clothing that you dread to remember.
  376. >You don't even wanna know what happened to those.
  377. >Speaking of clothing, you just realized something.
  378. >The only things you have to wear in this room are more fucking maid outfits.
  379. >Yeah, there's no way you're putting those on again.
  380. >"I was wondering when you'd get back"
  381. >You freeze.
  382. >That voice came from the door to the room.
  383. >You turn around and see
  384. >Ms. Teardrop standing in the doorway, ever scowling, ever pruned.
  385. >"You're late."
  386. "What? Late?"
  387. >You look to the clock on the dresser.
  388. "I still have three minutes to get ready."
  389. >She starts to walk towards you, and you flinch.
  390. >She doesn't say a word as she steps in front of you and begins to examine you.
  391. >You don't move a muscle as she looks you over.
  392. >"Hmm... Uhg. You're mane is all in a mess again. What did you do to it? Did you get into a fight with a blow dryer?"
  393. >You want to rub your shoulder, but you just remain still as she undergoes her inspection of you.
  394. >"No, this will not do at all. Come with me."
  395. >You relax a bit as she walks by you.
  396. >You turn around and see her heading to the dresser.
  397. >You sigh.
  398. >"Do not worry, I will not be making your hair into a style like that again. Now that I know what you are, you can rest assured that your mane will be done fittingly, yet professionally."
  399. >Oh, that makes you feel so much better.
  400. >You're still-
  401. >"Quickly!"
  402. >Eep
  403. "Yes Ma'm!"
  405. >You walk over and take a seat on the chair again.
  406. >Staring back into the mirror, you see the complete travesty that is your mane.
  407. >Holy shit.
  408. >That looks pretty badass on you.
  409. >Look like some kinda weird, punk, rock star thing going on.
  410. >You see a pair of scissors and a comb float up next to you as Ms. Teardrop steps behind you.
  411. >"Alright, hold still while I do this. If you don't want to lose any of your hair, I suggest you stay put."
  412. >You nod.
  413. >You close your eyes and sigh as she begins to snip, comb, and tug away at your mane.
  414. >"Hmm... There's something wrong here..."
  415. "What's wrong?"
  416. >"Your mane... It's not cutting. I mean, of course it is, there is hair all over these floors. But it keeps growing. What is wrong here. Are you doing this?"
  417. >She sounds frustrated.
  418. >You quickly shake your head no.
  419. >"Is your mane enchanted, then? Is this some sort of hereditary thing from your family? I've heard some things about some ponies that-" She looks to you and pauses.
  420. >You look at her in bewilderment.
  421. >Hereditary, what? What's she going on about."
  422. >"Nevermind. I think I have an idea. Turn around."
  423. >You do so, closing your eyes again.
  424. >You hair a few more snips and such before she stops.
  425. >Then you feel your hair being tugged a bit, followed by the snapping of what sounds like something elastic or rubber.
  426. >You don't feel the hair laying on the back of your neck anymore.
  427. >You can still feel a bang hanging over the side of your face though.
  428. >What did she do?
  430. >"Alright, I'm finished. You may look now, tell me what you think."
  431. >You open your eyes again.
  432. >You look at yourself in the mirror.
  433. >Your main is, well, a bit less curly than it was before, that is to say, the last time she styled it up.
  434. >The black bit still hangs a bit over your right eye, obscuring most of your vision, while the white bit is still short as ever.
  435. >Well, at least it's not all straight-like.
  436. >You don't know what you'd do if she made you have bookie again.
  437. >The thing that catches your eye- yes eye.
  438. >As in singular.
  439. >You still have a blasted bang covering a bit of one of your eyes, goddammit.
  440. >-is the thick bit of hair hanging behind your head.
  441. "Is that a... ponytail?"
  442. >"Quite right. I thought it was a fitting way to keep your mane looking more neutral, what with the fact that I could not remove any of it. I thought I might as well just tie it up a bit with a rubber band. What's the matter? Do you not like what I've done?"
  443. >That last question sounded rather threatening.
  444. >Well, besides the fact that you now look like a hippie who forgot his glasses.
  445. "N-no!"
  446. >She bears down on you.
  447. "I-I mean, I don't find anything wrong with it! I like ponytails! Yeah! They're awesome! You did an awesome job Ms. Teardrop!"
  448. >You smile nervously.
  449. >She seems to calm down a bit, a soft smile on her face.
  450. >"Well, I wouldn't say I did that well, nor would I go far as to put ponytails on such a pedestal."
  451. >Her horn lights up, and something dark hits you in the face without warning, "Her, put this on."
  452. >You rake the fabric from your face and take a look at it.
  453. >"Don't worry, It's not another maid outfit. The princess saw to it that you had an entire wardrobe change. Initially, you were supposed to have a closet with similar attire, but apparently, your set got mixed up."
  454. >Yeah, you're sure that's what happened.
  456. >"I have no idea why the princess didn't question your uniform when she first saw you after entering the room. I suppose, though, with the commotion that brewed up from the very beginning of her arrival, it may have slipped her mind. Take a look at it."
  457. >You attempt to lift it up, but can't because fucking hooves.
  458. >She sighs, "Ah, yes, right. I forgot about that bit. Here, let me assist you."
  459. >She takes the uniform in her magical grasp, and unravels it to show you.
  460. >Oh sweet, It's a suit, kinda thing.
  461. >Instead of a full jacket, you get a sleeveless button vest, the shirt is a white with long sleeves. It also comes with a white-striped black necktie.
  462. >You feel a tugging sensation.
  463. >"Step off of the chair and allow me to assist you in your dressing. I will not question how you were able to dress yourself before, but we are currently as pressed for time as it is. Now, hop off."
  464. >You comply.
  465. >"Arms up. Balance."
  466. >You're not sure what she meant by that, but push yourself off the ground and do what you think is natural and attempt to stand upright.
  467. >She nods, seeming that you did the right thing.
  468. >You struggle to hold your balance as she finally dresses you.
  469. >"There. You may look upon yourself before we begin." She steps to the side to reveal the mirror on the closet door.
  470. >You step in front of it get a look.
  471. >Huh, You don't look to bad actually.
  472. >Still kinda more fair looking than you'd like, but hey, at least it's not outright sissy.
  473. >You hope.
  475. >"Hold still, I forgot something." she says, stepping in front of you.
  476. >You feel something sharp poke you in the chest.
  477. "Ow!"
  478. >"Quiet." You feel the left side of your chest on the vest of the suit.
  479. >"There." She steps back away from the mirror to allow you to see just what she put on your chest.
  480. >There is a pinned badge on the vest of the suit with a crest symbolizing the cutie marks of the princesses.
  481. >The one most visible is the pink Jewish star-like one for Twilight's mark.
  482. >"This is your household badge.
  483. >"You shall always wear it with your uniform." she points to her chest. "The larger crest represents the order in which you work directly under. Whereas this castle belongs to Princess Twilight, and she being the only power living within these walls, she is who your crest will represent. Wear it proudly."
  484. >You nod, turning back to look at yourself in the mirror again.
  485. "So, uh... What now?"
  486. >"Now, you begin your job." she walks back to the door to the room and turns around. "You can start by cleaning this room. It's an absolute mess in here.
  487. >You look around the room.
  488. >Ah boy, this is gonna be a good start to the day.
  491. >You stand leaning against the stick of the broom and wipe a sweat from your brow, sighing.
  492. >You're finally done.
  493. >You're room has been successfully cleaned.
  494. >The pile of clothes you wore yesterday have been properly stored in a bin in a corner of the room near the bathroom door.
  495. >The bed has been fixed, with a spread thrown over it, folded back like a lip stopping short of touching the bed head.
  496. >Two pillows rest on top of the lip, neatly placed symmetrically proportional to either side of the bed, with the gap between them set as an even split down the middle of the bed, seemingly at measured distance from the imaginary line.
  497. >You know because you measured it.
  498. >The bed is a bit too small on its own for just one person.
  499. >Well, pony.
  500. >You're sure an actual person couldn't fit on the bed unless they were particularly short.
  501. >Besides, one pillow on a bed doesn't look as nice, despite the crippling loneliness it can bring upon someone without a significant other to share it with.
  502. >Not that such feelings really affect you, anyway.
  503. >You usually use a second pillow for L8 night snuggies cuz snuggle sleeping is totes comfortable.
  504. >You also have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night if you don't have anything to hug in your sleep.
  505. >You don't know why though.
  506. >Maybe you should get that checked out.
  507. >All the carnage brought about by the kamikaze kaleidoscope mare have been undone by your hands.
  508. >Er, hooves.
  509. >Even the floors are sparkling now, as if you had laid a mop or a fresh layer of polish or wax, even though the only tools you used in your task was a broom and your wits.
  510. >When it comes to cleaning up your area though, you’re no slouch.
  513. >You take great pride in keeping your local environment as neat as you can stand it.
  514. >You never cared as much about your own appearance, although you do take care to keep yourself well groomed and neatly shaven.
  515. >Even if your focus isn't really to catch eyes, you'd be damn if you ever let yourself look like some unshaven flabby cheese finger.
  516. >Doing it all with hooves though, you had a bit of trouble getting the work done.
  517. >Especially since you're most used to doing it on two feet.
  518. >You weren't sure how you were supposed to sweep while on all fours.
  519. >And a certain presence has dissipated from your subconsciousness, so you couldn't ask for any magical assistance.
  520. >You don't think they're all gone, if what they said was to be believed.
  521. >But they did say they'd only help you out when you actually need it, and as much you wish this was excusable.
  522. >You're really stranded.
  523. >You look up to the pointy thing sticking out of your head.
  524. >You're gonna need to learn how to use that, like seriously.
  525. >You stood on your hind legs as you worked, perfectly balanced using your tail as well as concentrated sweeping motions as an off and on counterweight.
  526. >This effort meant you had to take a few short second breaks in between, and you almost considered giving up.
  527. >Of course you did have a little... incentive.
  528. >You're not sure how the other races are capable of something like this.
  529. >Still no sign of those underwear though.
  530. >Good riddance to that.
  531. >"Well done, Mica. To say I am impressed by your work would be an understatement. You really are capable of handling yourself without magic. I cannot imagine how it must have been, being a unicorn yet not know how to control your own magic." says Ms. Teardrop, approvingly.
  532. >Well, it's not like you have been doing this your entire life.
  533. >"And the way you handled the broom," she gestures to you, "it is as if moving around like that, on two hooves, is second nature to you."
  534. >You laugh nervously.
  535. "Heheh, yeah. Second nature..."
  537. >She walks to the bed.
  538. >"I must say, you took great care in fixing the bed. Everything is neatly done, well placed, not so much as a crease noticeable to the naked eye. It's hard to believe you were suppose to be-"
  539. >She stops herself.
  540. >You think you know what she was about to say.
  541. >"Ahem, well, yes. Wonderful job, Mica. I can see you don't need me to teach you how to properly clean and set a room. However."
  542. >She turns around and walks back to the door, "I'm not so sure if you can actually stay in this room anymore, what with this door being broken in."
  543. >She turns back to you, still leaning on your broom.
  544. >You don't feel like going back to your fours right now, you just started to get comfortable in this position.
  545. >Well that, and you haven't figured out how you'd go about your decent without re-introducing your face to the floors again.
  546. >"What exactly happened in here, your room looked quite a mess this morning."
  547. >It's good to hear her talk to you like normal for once, after how she was yesterday.
  548. >Maybe working with her won't be so bad after all.
  549. "Yeah, well, about that."
  550. >And just as you utter those words, you feel a pressure begin to rise in the room.
  551. >"You weren't throwing a tantrum after my little scolding last night, were you?" she asks.
  552. >She gives off a vibe that implies "choose your words wisely."
  553. "N-no ma'am of course not!"
  554. >The intensity of her gaze falls a little, but she still holds.
  555. >"Then enlighten me. What could have caused such a catastrophe to fall upon one of the rooms within the walls of a Princess's castle?"
  556. >You gulp.
  557. "W-well, I didn't do it! I mean, I left my clothes on the floor, but I didn't break the door! It was that blue pegasus! She busted it down trying to get me to go out with her!"
  558. >You blush when you say that.
  559. "T-to the bar! To hang out at the bar."
  560. >She raises a brow at you in your panicked sense of self-correction.
  562. >You wonder about that yourself.
  563. >You mean, there's no reason for you to be flustered about what you say like that.
  564. >It's not like you slept with her or anything.
  565. >Oh wait, no, you did.
  566. >And on your first night in Equestria to boot.
  567. >Last night in fact.
  568. >Okay, so, maybe your random flustering isn't so random.
  569. >Well, at least you know you're not falling in love with her after that,
  570. >Just still embarrassed in reference to the fresh happenings that-
  571. >Ms. Teardrop clears her throat and your thoughts go blank as you shift your attention to her, "Well, I suppose the door issue can be excused."
  572. >"Ms. Dash can be a bit... tenacious at times, I've seen. A lot of the Princess's friends share similar traits in fact, once they've set their minds on something. Even the seemingly weaker willed has possibly the strongest heart of them." she says, seemingly in admiration.
  573. >"Still, that doesn't explain all the clothes, blankets and such haphazardly tossed about the room."
  574. "Well, she did kinda tackle me off the bed and we careened halfway across the room. But even then, I don't remember the room being that messy when I left... Maybe I didn't get a good look at it."
  575. >Ms. Teardrop hums, "Well whatever the case, be sure that the next time you have a similar encounter, try not to let things escalate as much as they have."
  576. >You rub the back of your head, remembering last night.
  577. "Uh... Yeah..."
  578. >You clutch your stomach as you’re suddenly afflicted with pain in your abdomen.
  579. >You also clutch your head as the hangover you were supposed to have this morning finally hits you.
  581. >Maybe this hangover was the actual cause for that migraine you had during your sleep spell trial break thing.
  582. >You drop the broom and keel over in minor agony.
  583. >Ms Teardrop actually rushes over to you and pulls you to here like a mother would her child if they'd fallen.
  584. >"Mica, what's wrong?" she ask, worriedly.
  585. >You twitch around in her embrace before a noise is heard.
  586. >Your stomach growls.
  587. >A stray tumbleweed seems to roll in out of nowhere, through the open doorway and out through a conveniently open window.
  588. >award_silence.jpg
  589. >"Have you even eaten anything last night?"
  590. >Well, you swallowed four pints of apple flavored alcohol.
  591. >Which is why your head is killing you right now.
  592. "Actually, I haven't eaten anything since I got here..."
  593. >Ms_Teardrop_Anime_sigh.gif
  594. >She begins stand, helping you up.
  595. >"I suppose our first stop this morning should be the cafeteria."
  596. >You pause.
  597. "A cafeteria? In a castle?"
  598. >"Well of course. Where else do you think the staff here get their meals from?"
  599. >You shrug.
  600. >She begins to walk toward the door and inspects it.
  601. >"Hmm, yes, this is rather troublesome. Perhaps I should give word to the princess, she have to arrange to have this thing fixed. Perhaps a certain janitor might need to be called in. Nonetheless, you won't be staying in here tonight it seems. Not until this door is fixed at least. Although, there are still many vacant rooms available, you may not need to come back here in any event.
  602. >Speaking of which, didn't rainbow say something about getting you a sweet room with a view?
  603. >You hope she remembers that, it sounded pretty cool.
  604. >Rainbow can be pretty cool.
  605. >"Come along, Mica."
  607. >You follow behind Ms. Teardrop as she steps out into the hallway, making your way by her side.
  608. >As you walk the halls you begin to examine the path again, re-familiarizing yourself with the layout as you cross hallway after hallway.
  609. >On the tour around here, you don't think you've actually seen the cafeteria.
  610. >Or if you did, maybe you don't remember it.
  611. >Maybe you just were just distracted by something.
  612. >Or rather, trying heavily to ignore that something.
  613. >You continue to absorb the inside of the castle so you can imprint it into your mental map more properly.
  614. >Turn by turn, corner by corner, door numbers, windows, etc.
  615. >You wonder if all these rooms belong to staff members.
  616. >You couldn't imagine Twilight would already have that many staff in her castle already.
  617. >Your head starts hurt again and you start to lose pace with her, grimacing as the pain in your stomach becomes ever present.
  618. >Why didn't you actually eat food yesterday...
  619. >She gives you a worried glance before she says, "Don't worry, it's just another turn and the door is right there."
  620. >You follow her around the corner, and true enough, there is a set of double-doors just at the end of the hall.
  621. >The scent of freshly baked bread and melted cheeses, some fried vegetables, and even the fruity fragrance of freshly squeezed orange juice and brewed coffee, hot chocolate, and herbal tea can be smelled as you draw near.
  622. >How you can discern those things individually from even this distance is beyond you, but you can probably chalk that up to pony senses.
  623. >You find yourself drooling as you come closer to the doors.
  624. >"Mica, please, have some decency. You are about to make a first impression on your fellow staff."
  625. >That sounded more like an order than a precaution.
  626. >You close your mouth, swallow, and wipe up the spittle around your mouth with the back of your hoof.
  628. >Ms. Teardrop sighs.
  629. >You finally arrive at the entrance and she pushes the doors open, letting out the noise of numerous conversations, dragging chairs, and the clatter of plates being placed upon trays.
  630. >The inside of the castle's cafeteria is about as big as you would expect it to be.
  631. >And the number of ponies in here is... more than you could count actually.
  632. >They are all wearing either maid outfits, and you can barely make out any of the male staff.
  633. >Actually most of the male staff sitting around seem to be pre-duty guards, having conversation, their helmets set on the tables beside their plates.
  634. >Are you the only male staff on hand not in guard duty in this castle?
  635. >Suddenly you feel self-conscious.
  636. >One of them among the crowd looks vaguely familiar.
  637. >You guess Twilight does have a lot of staff now.
  638. >The only reason you can't count them is because it is just sea of collected color to you in your weakened state.
  639. >And the noises is doing a number on your headache.
  640. >You cringe even more as you follow Ms. Teardrop deeper into the room, making way to the serving line as you do so.
  641. >Once you arrive Ms. Teardrop says, "Alright then, make sure you have yourself a good breakfast. You're going to need the energy to hold you off until lunch this afternoon. I will return for you in about twenty minutes. By then, I expect you have already eaten, and be ready to begin your day proper."
  642. >She begins to turn around.
  643. "Wait, you're leaving me here?"
  644. >She stops and looks back to you, "Well now, you're a full groan stallion. You should be able to handle yourself. I am your supervisor for a duration, but surely you do not expect me to hold your hoof and spoon feed you, do you?"
  645. "Well, no, bu-"
  646. >"Good, then, you can wait here on the line until you can get yourself served. Now, if you actually do need me, I will be sitting over there by that table." she says, pointing across the hall in a direction.
  648. >You follow her hoof to a small round table with a small handful of other older looking mares dressed in maid uniforms.
  649. >A lone, elder looking unicorn stallion sits among them.
  650. >Your stomach grumbles again and you put a hoof to it to calm it down.
  651. >"Do well to make up for yesterday. I can guess you haven't had so much as a morsel part from liquor since your arrival." she says, beginning to make her way over. “You could also try to make some friends while you’re here.”
  652. >With that, you stand alone on the line, the only company with you being a line of strange ponies and a few empty trays.
  653. >You turn and look at the trays, then raise a hoof.
  654. >You sigh.
  655. >You carefully nudge at the stack and push off one of the trays sit at the top.
  656. >It slides out of place and falls off, landing on the smooth surface of the counter with a clattering noise.
  657. >You hope no one heard, or saw that.
  658. >You make way to close the gap with the rest of the line, sliding the tray with you as you go.
  659. >You take in the scent of all the food readily available to you in pans for self-serving purposes, with spoons, pokers and ladles laying near or in each.
  660. >As you move along the line you take in the sight and scents alike.
  661. >There are trays of many kinds, but what catches your nose are a few things familiar.
  662. >Sliced apple, Freshly toasted whole wheat, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and omelets.
  663. >All of this looks pretty good and you can't figure out what to pick out first.
  664. >You move along the line picking out from the assorted goods.
  665. >You figured out the way to hold the small utensils would be to just let this world's physics do it's thing and ignore the fact that you can somehow grab onto things with just the underside of your hooves.
  666. >Got this weird phantom limb thing going on.
  668. >The powers that be begins to work against you as the scooper clasped in your nonexistent grasp begins to quiver as you begin to become more aware of what you are currently performing which should no doubt, as wired by your human brain, be an impossible task.
  669. >You quickly erase these existential thoughts by replacing them with not-giving-a-fuck because you're currently too hungry to care as much.
  670. >And like that, the quivering stops as the universe falls back into balance.
  671. >You look into the pan before you at the starchy disk-shaped treat before you.
  672. >You think it's a hash brown.
  673. >You've never had a full sized hash brown before, except for the ones you've tried to cook yourself.
  674. >Any other place you've been to that served them gave them to you in bite sized pieces.
  675. >You begin to reach for it when-
  676. >"Oooh! The last one! Lucky!"
  677. >-it is quickly snatched away in the blink of an eye.
  678. >What the hell?
  679. >You turn to your left to look at a plum colored earth pony mare with a long rosy rose mane that curls at her shoulders.
  680. >"Oh, I just know that This time it's gonna be good!"
  681. >She smiles brightly as she fixes her yellow thin rimmed glasses on her face and observes the fright spud she just placed onto her plate.
  682. >Among her selection lays a few slices of apples, a stack of two pancakes with hip topping and a cherry, and besides that she sets the hash brown.
  683. >She balances her tray in one hoof, somehow managing not to drop the glass of Orange juice resting beside the plate.
  684. >How in the fuck-
  685. >Nah, don't question it.
  686. >She stops beaming at her now completed meal and notices you staring.
  687. >She shies back a bit and chuckles nervously.
  688. >"Oh, sorry, uh... you didn't want that did you?"
  691. >Well, yeah duh.
  692. >How the fuck didn't you notice me reaching for it, ya blind cu-
  693. "Hmm, nah. It's okay, you can have it."
  694. >Damn that thing looks tasty.
  695. >"You sure? Because, If you want, I could split this thing down the middle so you can have a piece.." She says, somehow raising her other hoof to grab her fork withou-
  696. >Don't. Question. It.
  697. "Mm... Tempting offer, but... I'll see what Else I can grab from the line."
  698. >"Suit yourself. These hash browns are pretty good." she says as she sets her hoof back down. "Hey, you know, I don't think I've ever seen you around here before."
  699. >You take another step down the line as she begins to scan you.
  700. >Every inch of you, adjusting her glasses every so often.
  701. >"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I haven't seen you here before. Are you new here?"
  702. "Uh, yeah."
  703. >You nervously reply.
  704. "I'm just starting here today actually."
  705. >"Oh wow, that's great! What's your job here, what do you do?"
  706. >She's starting to make you more than a bit uncomfortable with her sudden invasion of your personal space.
  707. >Actually, that's a good question.
  708. >What is your job?
  709. >Before today, you were almost going to be a maid, if certain events never occurred.
  710. >You don't think with the number of staff above you, there aren't many ranks you could be.
  711. >But the only male term you can think of to describe you would be butler.
  712. >But you don't think that is the correct term.
  713. >Maybe "The help?"
  714. >No, probably something less inherently demeaning in title.
  715. >You'll have to ask Teardrop about it later.
  717. >"By that suit, I'd think you were supposed to be the butler. But ol' Mr. Duskhoof is sitting right over there."
  718. >She points off in the direction Ms. Teardrop left you in.
  719. >The old looking stallion is sitting there listening to the mares at the table talk about whatever it is middle aged castle-staff women talk about, nodding when they seem to include him in part of the conversation.
  720. >Ms. Teardrop is sitting next to him, doing more or less the same, the others continue to gab, laughing and what not.
  721. >It's almost weird to see that lady looking so casual.
  722. >Guess she really left a strong impression on you for it to be like that.
  723. >Or rather, a sense of oppression.
  724. >You're not even sure what it is about her that just compels you to bend to her will.
  725. >Maybe it's an old person thing.
  726. >She notices you looking and nudges the elderly stallion, nodding in your direction.
  727. >He looks toward you, smiles and nods.
  728. >You flinch, not knowing what to do, and just nod back.
  729. >Teardrop sighs, and the old man twitches a bit.
  730. >Actually wait, you think he just chuckled.
  731. >It's hard to tell from here.
  732. >"Actually, come to think of it, why are you wearing that uniform. Shouldn't you be in a maid's uniform?" she asks.
  733. >Before you can reply, she continues "Then again, I guess maybe these uniforms can be a bit uncomfortable, and at times inconvenient. Hey, say, maybe, can you get me something like that too? Actually, no wait, I have something like that I can wear already at home. But it's already there for my other job, and I can't just ask my boss If I can wear it somewhere else. If it got messed up he'll kill me. Hmm, is it even allowed for me to be wearing anything else? Are you some kind of special case, newbie? Maybe I can talk to-"
  734. >And like that you tune her out.
  735. >This girl here needs an off button.
  736. >Can you believe she's still going?
  737. >You step further in the line, and she stays behind you, still pattering on about whateverthefuck.
  739. >A scent you didn't notice before drifts under your nostrils as you pass by another pan.
  740. >A scent very familiar to you.
  741. >A scent that you would not, for the life of you, to be present in this place for few reasons to name.
  742. >Something that you'd possibly think would be considered at the very least cultural taboo amongst the herbivorous creatures of this country, only found in the higher, more populated areas of society of Equestria, where carnivores and omnivores roam.
  743. >Actually, come to think of it, Ponyville did seem to be a lot bigger than it was featured on the show.
  744. >Actually, Ponyville wasn't necessarily that small to begin with, but it still looks to be bigger than intended.
  745. >You look down into the pan and what you see confirms your thoughts.
  746. >Right there, laying before you on a fine sparkling metal platter, in all its greasy glory and sizzling goodness.
  747. >Motherfucking, Bacon.
  748. >You have to consciously stop yourself before your mouth hangs open and you start drooling again.
  749. >Is that... real bacon?
  750. >Or is it that fake ass disgusting sounding hay bacon like from that Epic something fanimation you saw on YouTube that one time that later became a t-shirt in hot-topic.
  751. >You think.
  752. >You've never actually been inside of a hot-topic, or at least, not long enough to notice any of the pony-relate merch since you were there last.
  753. >You stare intensely at the captivatingly aromatic strips before you.
  754. >Well, only one way to find out right?
  755. >You null your senses to the world, letting your hoof work on auto-pilot as you reach for the clamp and grab- HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING-
  756. >and drop the bacon onto your plate right next to your eggs n toast.
  757. >If all goes well, this is going to be the breakfast of champions.
  758. >You drop the the clamp back in the pan, and it lands with a clang.
  759. >This seems to snap the mare next to you out of her little spiel and she looks to see what you just did.
  761. >She takes a sniff at the air and her nose wrinkles slightly at the scent.
  762. >She looks to your plate, "Uhg, is that bacon? Like actual bacon?"
  763. >You look down at your plate at the golden brown strips of the gods.
  764. "I don't know. Is it?"
  765. >She takes another, reluctant sniff and replies, "Yeah, that's what it smells like. Who put this thing here, it's supposed to be hay! Rottie must've mixed the meals up again up again. Where does he even get this stuff from, anyway?"
  766. >Rottie? What kind of name is that?
  767. >"You should probably throw that away. Trust me, I've tasted actual bacon, and it was disgusting. Only few ponies can actually stand the stuff. And then there's those ponies that work in the guard during the night, but those guys are a bit of the strange kind. To me anyway. I can hardly even stand the smell of it."
  768. >Well, you're a pony and you don't find anything wrong with it.
  769. >Maybe it's because you grew up eating this kinda thing?
  770. >You just shrug at the mare.
  771. >"Seriously? Well, it's your funeral, don't say I didn't warn you. Hey, you're new here right?"
  772. >You attempt to reply, but she cuts you off again.
  773. >"You probably don't know anybody here, then. Why don't you come sit with me?" she asks, smiling brightly.
  774. >You grunt, turning in some random direction.
  775. "I think I'll pass."
  776. >You like the high energy types usually, but right now your head is killing you.
  777. >You don't think you could stand to be near this mare for too long right now.
  778. >You suddenly feel a hoof wrap around your neck, and you stumble a bit, nearly dropping your tray.
  779. "Hey, what are you-"
  780. >"Come on, don't be like that. I have a nice empty space we can sit. Actually, you were headed right for it with the way you turned. Why don't we just go right over there?" she says, pulling you along.
  781. >You have trouble trying to keep balance, hold the tray in a hoof, and keep pace with this overbearing menace of a mare as she carries you to the empty table with four chairs situated near a window.
  783. >You utter a few curses as you almost fall more than twice because of this chick's shenanigans.
  784. >She seems blissfully unaware of the perilous situations she's literally dragging you through.
  785. >She finally stops, pulling out a chair for you, and sitting on the opposite site, dropping her tray onto the table and adjusting her glasses.
  786. >She smiles at you and you just deadpan at her.
  787. >"Well, what are you waiting for? Take a seat!"
  788. >You groan, resting your tray on the table, sitting in the chair, and trying your best to scoot forward.
  789. >You shift around in the chair trying to get into a comfortable position as you are not used to sitting down like this.
  790. >How the hell do ponies- oh there we go.
  791. >You stop moving around and stare at the tray you have made out for yourself.
  792. >You have one plate with eggs bacon and toast before you.
  793. >Beside that is a cup of coffee, sweetened with honey and a light hazelnut creamer, and a smaller plate with a few apple slices.
  794. >Yeah, this'll help a bit.
  795. >You raise a fork and poke it into your eggs.
  796. >They smell delicious.
  797. >You stick a fork full into your mouth and you're overcome with the taste of meh.
  798. >You've make better.
  799. >It's just staff food anyway, can't expect it to be exquisite.
  800. >You continue digging into your breakfast, finally realizing just how hungry you are.
  801. >Within seconds most of the eggs and apples on your tray are gone, one of the two slices of toast have went missing, with only a third of the other left.
  802. >You've sipped halfway through your coffee too, but you haven't touched the bacon yet.
  803. >It's been about five minutes since you've sat down, and the gabby mare has yet to utter a word, simply watching you inhale your food as she goes through her own normally.
  804. >Not that you care, you're fucking starving.
  805. >You can feel your headache beginning to wane a little.
  807. >Your hunger bar is definitely getting full now.
  808. >You think though, that it is time for the moment of truth.
  809. >You stop forking everything on your tray and stare down at the delightfully crisp specimens laying on your plate.
  810. >The mare in front of you stops eating as she watches you take your fork and stick it into one of the strips, slowly pulling it close to your face.
  811. >You take another whiff, just to be sure.
  812. >Yeah, that definitely smells like the real thing, but then again, what effect might it have on you as you are now?
  813. >You gaze at the sizzling strips hovering before you and gulp.
  814. >Here goes nothing.
  815. >You open your mouth, close your eyes, and chomp down on the fork.
  816. >You feel a jolt go through you as you did.
  817. >You bit the fork too hard.
  818. >That indescribably uncomfortable feeling of your teeth clamping onto the hard thin metal of the fork sending shivers through your body.
  819. >You twitch a bit as you endure it.
  820. >"See, I told yo-"
  821. >You take the for out of your mouth and begin to chew.
  822. >Your eyes spring open as you do, and you begin to chew slower, savoring the flavor.
  823. >Your jaw motions become more deliberate as you enjoy the wondrous flavor of the bacon that lays on your tongue, crumbling under the grinding of your molars.
  824. >After a moment or two, you finally swallow.
  825. >You mouth hangs open and your eyes dilate as you stare into forever.
  826. >Pic related
  827. >The mare raises her brow as she looks at your gaping and staring off into space.
  828. >"You alright there? I don't think it was that bad."
  829. >She starts to wave a hoof in front of your face. "Hey. HEY!"
  830. >You immediately snap out of it and inhale the rest of your food.
  831. >By now, your coffee is cool enough, having been halved, that you just gulp it down.
  833. >You lean back into your chair and sigh happily, a plume of steam escaping your gullet with a small burp.
  834. "Ahh, that hit the spot."
  835. >The mare looks at you funnily.
  836. >"And the bacon?" she asks reluctantly.
  837. "Best. Bacon. I've ever. Had. I don't know who this Rottie is, but he can sure work a skillet."
  838. >Although, maybe it's just your new tongue being more sensitive to the taste of things.
  839. >You weren't really a biology major, so you're not entirely sure how that works.
  840. >Her nose wrinkles again, "Euch, whatever you say." She continues to eat her meal, forking into the pancakes.
  841. >"I still think it's totally gross." she says with her mouth full.
  842. >She swallows.
  843. >"By the way, I didn't catch your name."
  844. >You step out of bliss and look to her.
  845. "Wazzat you say?"
  846. >"Your name, what is it?" she repeats.
  847. "Isn't it a bit rude to ask someone's name without giving them your own? Especially after dragging them halfway across a room just to eat with ya?"
  848. >You'd fold your arms for effect, but they are currently too numb.
  849. >She hums, "Yeah, I guess you're right. My name's Serendipity!"
  850. >She smiles at you, adjusting her glasses again.
  851. "Mica."
  852. >You say flatly, taking one last gulp from your cup, before remembering that it's empty.
  853. >Damn these ponies, they drive you to drink.
  854. >"Ooh, that's a cool name! It even matches the crystal in your cutie mark! Almost. I mean, it looks kinda like a mica." she says, leaning out of her seat to look under the table and getting a good look at your ass.
  855. >You cross your legs uncomfortably.
  856. >Is that what that thing is?
  857. >Huh, you would have never guessed.
  859. >She raises back up, "My cutie mark is a half glass with a mini umbrella in it, an orange slice on it, and a single ice cube inside! For me, that mean's I'm good with tropical drinks! At least, that's what I think it means. I got it while I was helping my dad make one of his fruit flavor hard ciders when I was a filly. Of course, he never let me have any of it, so I just made the regular stuff for myself until I was older and fully understood my talent. But hey, it was still pretty good!"
  860. >She has a nostalgic smile on her face.
  861. >"What about you?" she asks.
  862. >You pull back.
  863. >You have no idea what your cutie mark means.
  864. >You'd think it would have something to do with your special talent.
  865. >Personally, you never really found out anything you were especially good at.
  866. >Mostly things you were especially not bad at.
  867. >And while you were passionate in some of those, it still never really felt fulfilling really.
  868. >But at the same time, isn't a cutie mark supposed to represent that, more or less?
  869. >A, supposedly, mica crystal, and now that you get a look at it, some bit of twinkles or sparkles or whatever.
  870. >What the hell /does/ that mean?
  871. >Thinking back, you remember in the dream you had last night that the... let's call her a fairy for now.
  872. >The fairy told you that the crystal that came with you is more or less related to your trial.
  873. >Is that related to it?
  874. >Maybe you have some sort of affinity to it.
  875. >All this hard thinking is probably gonna bring your headache back so you'll cool it for right now.
  876. >You shrug and say what is more or less the truth.
  877. "I'm not really sure. It just kind of popped up on my a- erm, flank one day. I mean, I just woke up and it was there, and I have no Idea what it means or what it's for."
  878. >She sips her juice, "Wow, that's really strange. Maybe you really are a special case."
  879. >You quirk a brow at her and lean forward over the table.
  881. "Now what's that supposed to mean..."
  882. >The quickly sips her cup, realizing what she just said, "N-no that's not what I mean!"
  883. >You narrow your eyes at her.
  884. >She starts waving her hooves in front of her defensively, "No that's not what I meant at all. I meant special case like... you know?"
  885. >You raise a brow at her.
  886. >She chuckles nervously and looks away, picking her cup back up and sipping it again.
  887. >Wow, you really seem to have gotten to her.
  888. >Maybe It's time for a bit of revenge here for her almost causing you to spill hot ass coffee all over yourself and waste some damn good bacon.
  889. >You open your mouth to speak, but then you get a strangely feeling of dread wash upon you.
  890. >"Well hello there, didn't expect to see you so soon this morning."
  891. >Excalibur_face.png
  892. >"You wouldn't mind If I joined you two, now would you?" he asks.
  893. >You glance to the side and see the commander standing beside the table, his helmet hovering beside him, along with a tray, and that signature calm smile on his face.
  894. >You hate that smile of his.
  895. >You can't read him well, and you don't know what he's thinking.
  896. >But it's safe to assume what he's thinking, isn't anything good.
  897. >At least in reference to you.
  898. >Of course maybe it's just your paranoia, and disgust, getting the better of you.
  899. >But you're not taking any chances.
  900. "Actuall-"
  901. >Your companion for the morning practically spits out her juice. "C-c-commander! U-uh, yeah, su- I-I mean no. We, don't mind at all! Sir! Sit anywhere you like, sir!"
  902. >She bites her lip.
  903. >He chuckles at her then looks to you.
  904. >You deadpan at him.
  906. >"Well, If you insist." he says, the yellow-orange stallion walking round the table and taking the seat adjacent to you.
  907. >He places his helmet on the ground beside him and the tray on the table. On the tray is a cup of tea with the bag still in it, and a half slice of an orange and kiwi on a plate.
  908. >On another, a small half eat slice of bread with some spinach and an egg sitting on top.
  909. >He turns slightly in his seat so he can better face both of you at the same time and you scoot over.
  910. >Just a smidge.
  911. >Only a bit to the corner of the table.
  912. >"So!" Serendipity clears her throat, "To what do we owe the pleasure, Commander Shinespark, Sir?"
  913. >"Oh, nothing, really."
  914. >He looks over to you, "I just saw a friend of mine sitting over here, and couldn't help but come over to have a nice chat over breakfast."
  915. >Her eyes widen and begin to quickly shift back and forth between you and the smiling soldier.
  916. >"Oh." she says.
  917. >You groan.
  918. >"You know the commander?" she asks, looking to you.
  919. >"Well," he replies, "We've actually met only yesterday at the train station. After a bit of a walk to the castle, and the tour I gave through it, and a certain little mishap last night," You slink further away at that, "I can say we've become quite close."
  920. >"Oh wow. Is that true Mica?"
  921. >You grunt.
  922. "Well, something definitely happened yesterday..." you say dryly.
  923. >You look blearily across the table to your new friend, who has her mouth covered and seems to be mouthing something to you.
  924. >She gestures as she asks *"Did you tw-"*
  925. "No!"
  926. >You shout.
  927. >That draws the attention of a couple of the ponies nearby.
  928. >You shy back into your chair away from all the eyes as they all slowly go back to their own business.
  930. "Goddammit..."
  931. >You feel your face become heated again after you just embarrassed yourself.
  932. >"Alright, you didn't have to be so loud. Sheesh." Serendipity, says.
  933. >Shinespark chuckles again, and starts at his meal.
  934. >You sit quietly as Serendipity attempts to start a conversation with him.
  935. >She's stuttering a lot and sipping at her juice every so often.
  936. >Like so much so, you wonder if there's even anything still in it.
  937. >You hear hear her ask a few questions concerning about the tour, to which Shinespark doesn't say too much about.
  938. >Then he goes on to tell her about the dinner last night.
  939. >"O-oh, a Dinner for the Princess! Wow! So is that the thing that happened last night that you were talking about?" she says, looking over to you.
  940. >You look up.
  941. "Uh? Y-yeah, something like that."
  942. >"It's a bit close to that, yes. I think Mica looked really cute wearing that maid uniform while serving us last night." he says with a grin.
  943. >"So you Did wear the maid uniform!"
  944. >Grumble
  945. "Yep..."
  946. >They continue talking about the dinner.
  947. >Serendipity starts blushing, furiously sipping at the cup, as he goes into detail about how you served the drinks last night.
  948. >You'd try to shut him up if you weren't too embarrassed about it to do anything.
  949. >You had no idea that what you were doing, or rather how you were doing it, was so...
  950. >You think you need another bath.
  951. >Their conversation is cut short when you hear Ms. Teardrop clear her throat.
  952. >You look up to see her standing over your side of the table with an unamused look on her face.
  953. >"Good morning, Commander." she says.
  954. >"Good morning, Ms. Teardrop." he says, nodding to her. "Good morning to you too, Mr. Duskhoof."
  955. >You look to the side to see the graying old unicorn stallion, who nods in response.
  957. >"G-good morning, M-m-miss. *gulp* Miss Teardrop. Mr. Duskhoof" Serendipity says, bowing her head low.
  958. >They both acknowledge her with a nod.
  959. >"Good morning to you too, Ms Serendipity." Ms. Teardrop says.
  960. >She looks to you.
  961. >"Mica, I would like to introduce you to someone. Please stand."
  962. >You comply.
  963. >"This wise stallion here is Shade Duskhoof, the castle's butler. He will be your supervising officer and work trainer for the duration of your employment. Say hello and introduce yourself."
  964. >You nod and straighten up.
  965. >"Hello, Mr. Duskhoof, I am, to my knowledge, the most recently applied and accepted staff member working under the crown in the Princess Twilight Sparkle household." You bow. "My name is Mica. Just Mica."
  966. >You straighten back up, looking a the old gray stallion with a whitish graying mane.
  967. >You wonder just how old this guy is.
  968. >He doesn't say anything, just looking at you with an "eye closed" smile.
  969. >You begin to sweat.
  970. >Did you do it right.
  971. >Suddenly, he nods and raises a hoof.
  972. >For a moment you look at it perplexed, before something clicks in you and you bring your own hoof to meet his.
  973. >He gives it a firm shake, or at least as firm as one his age can make.
  974. >"Yoroshiku." he says.
  975. >You blink.
  976. >You glance over to Ms. Teardrop, who doesn't give a response.
  977. "Y-You too?"
  978. >He smiles slightly wider and lets go of your hoof.
  979. >Teardrop turns around and begins to walk, "Good, Now If you'll excuse me, I-"
  980. "Wait! Um, Ms Teardrop. Quick question."
  982. >She looks back to you over her shoulder, her brow twitching at being interrupted. "Yes, Mica?"
  983. >You stiffen.
  984. "Um... I thought You were going to be showing me how to do my work, Ma'am. Are you not supposed to be the one teaching me how to..." you look around the room, "you know?"
  985. >She sighs.
  986. >"Well, yes, that, well. I will still be teaching you how to do that, but that will have to wait until either later in the day, or on your days off. Until then, in those other times, your training will be handled by the butler, Mister Duskhoof, as he is not only your only male supervisor, but also the only male worker in your general area of employment. As such, you will be performing tasks under his watch and guidance. You will do will to listen to him and cause him no trouble. Otherwise, you will have to answer to me. Is that understood?"
  987. "Yes ma'am."
  988. >"Good. Now, is that all?" she asks.
  989. >You nod.
  990. >"Then I will be off. Ms Serendipity!" she says.
  991. >"Ha! Yes, Ma'am!" Serendipity quickly responds.
  992. >"Hurry and finish with your breakfast. You are due to work on the third floor in ten minutes. I would like to see you up there before I get to the other end of the castle."
  993. >Wait, how would that even be possible?
  994. >"Yes, ma'am! Of course, ma'am!" she hastily begins to chew at her food, sipping at her- okay what the hell how is there even anything in that cup. Did she somehow get refills when you weren't looking?
  995. >Ms. Teardrop leaves the cafeteria through the double-doors.
  996. >You look to the smiling old stallion in front of you.
  997. "So..."
  998. >He nods, then turns around, leading toward the same exit.
  999. >You raise a brow and begin to follow him out.
  1000. >Behind you, the two begin to make conversation again.
  1001. >As you're about to walk through the doors, you hear Serendipity shout, "Mica's a what!"
  1002. >Today's kicking off pretty nicely.
  1004. ---------------
  1006. >You follow behind the old man as he leads you through the hallway.
  1007. >You've left the cafeteria a while ago, and he hasn't so much as said a word yet.
  1008. >Being in this silence after coming out of that noisy area with that talkative mare does much to calm your head a bit, especially now that you have a full stomach.
  1009. >But after walking for who knows how long going to who knows where, following behind this guy...
  1010. >Isn't he supposed to be teaching you how to like, do a thing?
  1011. >Or give you instructions, or at least tell you about what he has planned?
  1012. >Or anything?
  1013. >He's just walking along calmly, seemingly at peace with the world and with himself.
  1014. >As you walk the halls, you pass by a few more ponies working the castle.
  1015. >Some of them look familiar.
  1016. >Probably the background ponies around Ponyville. None of the honorable mentions, though, but you guess the staff had to come from somewhere
  1017. >Even some of the patrolling guards... actually they all kind of look the same.
  1018. >Maybe that headcanon about royal guard armor is true?
  1019. >Or maybe these guys are imports, their plating is kinda the same as Celestia's "Dawn Guard".
  1020. >Unlike the guards at the entrance to the castle, though, they pay you no mind.
  1021. >Much to your relief.
  1022. >It's weird though.
  1023. >Thinking back to those two guards, the look they were giving you...
  1024. >It wasn't the kind of look that would make you want to scrub off with bleach.
  1025. >Which is a refreshing thought in itself.
  1026. >You don't think you look, /that/ good.
  1027. >Even if, as you look now, you'd fuck you, if you didn't know better.
  1028. >But more than that, it seemed like they were suspicious of you.
  1029. >But why would they be?
  1030. >Actually no, why wouldn't they be?
  1031. >Random pone pops up on train car that stops in Ponyville.
  1032. >With it came a large magical surge or whatever Commander Crick said.
  1033. >Those two happen to appear in the same room.
  1034. >And now you find out, your mark probably resembles the very object that is supposedly the source of the disturbance.
  1036. >That would imply that those two guards are the guards of the same group tasked with handling the retrieval or detainment.
  1037. >That would also imply that not that many ponies are aware of the thing, or at least your proxy to it.
  1038. >Thinking about this gives you a feeling of unease.
  1039. >If that thing is actually supposed to be important to you, rather than some random coincidence upon your arrival, then maybe you should actually look into it.
  1040. >You think that yesterday Twilight told the guards carrying the case to transfer it into her study?
  1041. >Probably her private study, if no one really knows about it but her and few guards.
  1042. >You wonder if she told any of the other mane cast.
  1043. >You look ahead of you at the silent old Butler that you're tailing behind.
  1044. >Come to think of it, he seems pretty damn old, does he even remember you're with him?
  1045. >He hadn't looked back to you since you left the food room.
  1046. >You consider calling to him to get his attention, but decide against it.
  1047. >Maybe you can use this as an opportunity.
  1048. >Probably try to actually get on track with this trial thing.
  1049. >You're still not even sure what the trial actually IS.
  1050. >You mean, yeah, you'll have to "survive life as a pony in Ponyville".
  1051. >But out of an entire season's worth of episodes, only like 3 or 6 times, anything chaotic that directly affected the town actually happened, not including the premieres and finales.
  1052. >Actually, out of 22/10(s3) episodes, that's still kind of a lot.
  1053. >But even then, it usually just revolved around the mane six and their pussy whipped bitch-baby.
  1054. >Don’t be mean, he has a name.
  1055. >And you know it.
  1056. >Definitely.
  1059. >You don't think you're really going to get swept up in all the madness just because you exist here now anyway.
  1060. >Or at least you hope not.
  1061. >It's not like you have some kinda deep connection to the them.
  1062. >Oh wait, you do.
  1063. >You're living in Twilight's castle right now, that's its own recipe for disaster.
  1064. >You're not sure what happened in the time between the castle's erection and your transdimensional vacation trip, but probably ain't good mojo.
  1065. >Just by having met Pinkie, you're no doubt gonna get dragged into some sort of shenanigans.
  1066. >Maybe you might finally get to ask her how- oh wait Twilight tried that, sort of.
  1067. >Oh, and you really got into a /deep/ /connection/ with Rainbow Dash last night, didn't ya.
  1068. >Yeah you can't forget that.
  1069. >The chain of events that would be inspired by that...
  1070. >The very thought makes you quiver.
  1071. >If this was some cheap fanfiction... it might turn out pretty well, actually.
  1072. >Depending on the writer.
  1073. >If the writer was a messed up sadistic fuck, then you'd be fucked.
  1074. >Well technica-
  1075. >You shake your head.
  1076. >Now is /not/ the time to be thinking about that this.
  1077. >You have more than enough motivation to ditch the geezer and make some headway, he probably already forgot about you anyway.
  1078. >You glance around the hall to make sure if anyone was watching you, then take another at the elderly stallion ahead of you.
  1080. >Seems clear to you.
  1081. >Barely anyone here in these halls anyway. It's like, what, 9?
  1082. >If you had a watch...
  1083. >How would you even operated witho-
  1084. >Oh, right, you're a unicorn now.
  1085. >Soon...
  1086. >You ease into a slower pace behind the stallion, putting more distance between you two to make your escape easier.
  1087. >Not that he's even paying attention, you think, but better safe right?
  1088. >You're about to turn off when he clears his throat.
  1089. >Shit!
  1090. >Did he know!?
  1091. >"We're just about there now."
  1092. >You curse under your breath, you wasted all that time lost in thought.
  1093. >You sigh.
  1094. >You bothe pass through the end of the hall and you are temporarily blinded by a grand ray of light.
  1095. >Once your vision clears, you peer out to see just where he was taking you.
  1096. >You appear to be standing in the castle foyer.
  1097. >More accurately, you are standing atop the peak to which the flight of stairs lead.
  1098. >The light that left you with temporary blindness seems to be reflecting off of those god damned walls, the source unknown.
  1099. >But it might as well be anywhere with this much brightness.
  1100. >He walks over to the center rail of the dual stairway foyer's flight, and gestures over the edge.
  1101. >You hesitantly step forward, your burning eyes still adjusting after that random flash
  1102. >Once you stand at the rail, you look over.
  1103. >And quite a sight.
  1105. >So /this/ is where all the ponies in the castle are.
  1106. >You thought the reason it was so empty in the halls was because the ponies were going about their jobs, or maybe still in the lunch room, or maybe the castle was still too short handed.
  1107. >But from the looks of it, the castle is far from it.
  1108. >What the hell, was everyone on a day of yesterday?
  1109. >A shit tone of ponies rush and shuffle about on the ground floor before you, heading this way and that.
  1110. >Some of them cutting corners here and there, bumping into each other, but not saying much in the way of a pardon as they all seem to be too busy with something else.
  1111. >There are guards statue'd about, not doing anything to contain the madness.
  1112. >Some of them look especially stiff, and another few shivering.
  1113. >Just what the hell is going on down there?
  1114. >It's a good thing you got back early, you wouldn't want to have gotten caught up in all that mess.
  1115. >"M-Mr. Duskhoof, sir!"
  1116. >You jump, startled by the sudden wail of a new presence.
  1117. >You turn to see a frazzled looking mare in a maid uniform.
  1118. >Are all the mares here maids?
  1119. >Actually wait.
  1120. >You look over the crowd below.
  1121. >They're ALL maids
  1122. >Except for the guards, there isn't a single stallion in that sea of black and white.
  1123. >Not that you mind it at all, but shit.
  1124. >Are you the only other butler?
  1125. >Suddenly you get a flashback to Ms. Teardrop's words.
  1126. >>""He is not only your only male supervisor, but also the only male worker in your general area of employment."""
  1127. >>End Flashback
  1128. >Suddenly you feel self-conscious.
  1129. >You squirm around a bit as you turn back to face the the frantic maid talking to the old butler at a hundred miles per second.
  1131. >Oh boy, we have another one.
  1132. >No, wait, she seems rather stressed, maybe that's it.
  1133. >The old stallion just smiles and nods as the mare continues her panicked report, seemingly coming to a close.
  1134. >When she finally stops, she takes a deep breath.
  1135. >She starts panting heavily, having used up all her air.
  1136. >She looks like she's about to collapse.
  1137. >Duskhoof walks to her and places a wrinkled hoof onto her quivering shoulder.
  1138. >She looks him in the face as he nods, then she smiles.
  1139. >She then turns around and walks off down the hall, back in the direction you just came.
  1140. >You quirk a brow at that, and give the old man a questioning look.
  1141. >He sighs, mouth closed, breathing out through his nose, and steps back toward the railing.
  1142. >He looks serious now.
  1143. >You step back as he takes the center.
  1144. >He raises a hoof and fiddles with his tie.
  1145. >Looking him over, his uniform is a bit more full than yours.
  1146. >He is wearing a full, long sleeved coat over his own set, and his badge has an accent on not just the Sparkle crest.
  1147. >The Sun and Moon crests also have stronger presence on it.
  1148. >Not sure how this information is relevant to the moment.
  1149. >But damn if it ain't obvious what it means.
  1150. >After giving his tie a final tug, he clears his throat.
  1151. >Loudly.
  1152. >He didn't exactly shout the "Ah-hem", but you felt a wave flow through your body, and up to your ears, and you almost crumble at the pressure.
  1153. >You see the ponies down below all come to a sudden stop, or trip, falling flat onto their faces.
  1154. >The one's still standing stay stock still like deer in the headlights, frozen completely mid-action of whatever they were doing at the time.
  1155. >Its funny to see some of them still standing, mouth open wide, potted plant in hoof? balanced on two hooves.
  1157. >In unison, they all turn to follow the sound to the source of the sudden interruption.
  1158. >And like soldiers in a squad, along with the actual soldiers, they all make a neat... ish formation on the floor below.
  1159. >The ponies holding the plant struggle to keep balance, but push through it to hold a position as the butler opens his mouth to speak.
  1160. >"Hello, everyone. How are you? I'm fine, thank you."
  1161. >You don't know why, but the way he says that makes you snicker.
  1162. >He has an accent.
  1163. >Like that kind of accent.
  1164. >And he sounded just like a certain cat, but you can't remember which one.
  1165. >You put a hoof in front of your mouth to hide that, and pretend to clear your throat.
  1166. >You notice that he has his head slightly turned to the side, and get the feeling he's looking at you.
  1167. >You flinch.
  1168. >His smile softly returns back to his face and he takes a slow breath.
  1169. >You relax, maybe it was just your imagination.
  1170. >"It is great to see you all well and awake again this morning. Ms. Sundial has just informed me that we may be cutting it a bit this morning."
  1171. >He pauses.
  1172. >The crowd below doesn't seem to have stirred an inch since they stopped.
  1173. >Actually, that's not true.
  1174. >It seems the plant holders have stealthily set their pots down and gotten to more comfortable stances.
  1175. >You zone out as you look over the ponies standing below, all listening intently as the old butler begins to give them all some sort of speech or something.
  1176. >Wow, that's a lot more ponies that you were expecting to see in here.
  1177. >You mean, it's not exactly a townsfolk, but the crowd looks about a third as much as you think stood around Trixie's... er... carriage in the first episode she showed up in.
  1178. >What was is called again?
  1179. >Ghostbusters?
  1180. >Ha, no, that's utterly stupid, and completely unrelated.
  1181. >Um…
  1183. >"...and at my side to assist in, well, assisting you all, we have a new worker on our team..."
  1184. >Boost Catchers?
  1185. >Trick Trackers...
  1186. >G-goose Cookers?
  1187. >Maybe it wasn't a two-word...
  1188. >Trix of the Trade maybe?
  1189. >No that was the second one...
  1190. >Or was it a fanfic?
  1191. >Gah, you're no good with names.
  1192. >You stand there staring at the ground, scratching your head, trying to figure out the name of the first episode Trixie showed up in.
  1193. >You don't even know why you're even bothering, you never really tracked the names before.
  1194. >Only the ones that really stood ou- why is it suddenly so tense in here?
  1195. >You look up.
  1196. >The butler is looking to you, smiling that old person smile, and it curves ever slightly in recognition of your acknowledgement.
  1197. >He nods over the balcony.
  1198. >Huh?
  1199. >You look in the dire-
  1200. >You gulp, and and your knees buckle.
  1201. >10's of pairs of eyes stare up at you from below.
  1202. >Their gazes judge you, size you up, and absorb all of you, soaking in your visage like a sponge to water.
  1203. >Or maybe you're just panicking again.
  1204. >If you're quickening breath is anything to go by.
  1205. >What happened?
  1206. >Why are they all suddenly looking at you now?
  1207. >Did you do something wrong?
  1208. >Did you do something suspicious?
  1209. >Are you not supposed to gaze down into nothingness while the butler is giving a speech!?
  1210. >Wha-
  1211. >You're pulled from your thoughts by the gentle touch of a caring hoof of age.
  1213. >You can barely see them, but his eyes catch with yours as he smile at you reassuringly.
  1214. >"Don't worry, it's okay. Just introduce yourself, as you did this morning." he says.
  1215. >You look over the railing, then back to him.
  1216. >He nods.
  1217. >You sigh, and give him a nervous smile back.
  1218. >Introduce yourself?
  1219. >With all these pe-ponies staring up at you so intensely?
  1220. >You mean, you're not one for stage fright.
  1221. >But as you are now, you're not exactly comfortable with having so many eyes on you at once.
  1222. >Not with what you look like now.
  1223. >Not with what happened yesterday.
  1224. >Not after- uff.
  1225. >The old man just shoved you!
  1226. >Gently, but still!
  1227. >Well, no time like the present, you guess.
  1228. >You gulp.
  1229. >You look down at the collection of ponies staring up at you.
  1230. >The maid's making up the majority.
  1231. >In your life as a llllaaaaaadddiiiiiiessss maaaaaaaaaaannnn, you've never had this much women staring at you at once.
  1232. >To say you're nervous right now... wouldn't be too far from accurate.
  1233. >You can handle yourself naturally if this were a normal- ah fuck it, you're stalling yourself.
  1234. >You take a deep breath before speaking.
  1235. "Goodmo23rrnii!!"
  1236. >You literally squeak-cough up your words, as well as half a gallon of marinara.
  1237. >You inhaled too much air.
  1238. >You gasp for breath as you collect yourself, and look down to be greeted by the uncertain looks of the ponies below.
  1240. "Eheh, sorry. Must have been something, uh, wrong with the b-bacon this morning, heh."
  1241. >You wheeze, the nervous smile returning.
  1242. >Some of them look somewhere between disgusted and appalled, not to say they aren't trying to hide it, but it is to say they aren't hiding it well.
  1243. >Smooth, like sandpaper.
  1244. >You look back to Mr. Duskhoof for some help with your fuckup.
  1245. >He motions for you to go on.
  1246. >You return your gaze to the crowd, and clear your throat.
  1247. >Alright let's try this again.
  1248. >In your manliest voice.
  1249. >You open your mouth and speak.
  1250. "Good morning, fellow workers of the Sparkle Royal Household."
  1251. >You just sound like a fuggin lesbo.
  1252. >You glance back to the butler to see if you said that right, and he nods.
  1253. >You take that as a yes.
  1254. "It is very nice to meet you all, today, and I am honored to be working here in this castle with you, here within the walls of the crown. I hope that I can get along well with all of you, should I greet you personally, and would like that we get w-well acquainted."
  1255. >Fuck, you stuttered that last part.
  1256. >Hope they don't take that the wrong way.
  1257. "I am, as of today, working as the uh..."
  1258. >Quick, think!
  1259. >Gah, you should have asked about this sooner!
  1260. >What are you.
  1261. >What the fuck are you!
  1262. >What are the names of the male staff in castles n shit?
  1263. >Butler?
  1264. >N-no, Mr. Duskhoof's the butler, it's that guy.
  1265. >Um...
  1266. >Footman! That's it!
  1267. "Fo-"
  1268. >No wait, pony terms.
  1269. "Hoo-hoofman?”
  1271. >You ask, more than state.
  1272. >You spare another quick glance back to the butler, and he nods once again.
  1273. "Hoofman, yes. My name, is Mica."
  1274. >You bow as you finish.
  1275. >Once again, silence returns to the room.
  1276. >You raise your head again, look to the crowd below.
  1277. >They've mostly lost their looks of disgust, and taken on the expression of either wonder or acceptance.
  1278. >But the silence is still killer.
  1279. >You feel a hoof land on your shoulder again.
  1280. >"Yes, everyone. This is your new hoofman, Mica! Your First Hoofman! Please, treat him well. Give him a warm welcome."
  1281. >At that, the maids begin to stamp their hooves on the ground and shout their greetings and welcomes from below.
  1282. >You sigh, expecting that to somehow have gone much worse.
  1283. >You attempt wave and bow toward any of the louder welcome shouts coming from below.
  1284. >Ponies sure are open with this kind of thing.
  1285. >From up here, their expressions look a bit genuine, but how can you tell at this distance.
  1286. >You feel a slight nudge to your side, and turn to face the smiling old butler once again.
  1287. >"Why don't you go down and greet your fellow staff personally, then?" he says.
  1288. >You blink, was he reading your thoughts?
  1289. >You can't tell with that expression of his.
  1290. >What's with the uncertain smiles in this place.
  1291. >Suddenly, you hear a horn sound in from the outside, coming in the direction of the main doors of the foyer.
  1292. >You hear the maids below all gasp, and they begin to panic again.
  1293. >The old butler sighs beside you, and shakes his head.
  1294. >His expression turns serious again.
  1295. >You get a feeling of trepidation.
  1296. >He clears his throat again, and the ponies once again stop panicking.
  1298. >"Everyone, stand formal in your practiced positions, we are about to greet royalty."
  1299. >The follow his instructions and form a neat line, making a gap at the rug that leads off from the entrance.
  1300. >The fanfare grows louder as they close in.
  1301. >Greet royalty?
  1302. >This may be in vain, but you hope that doesn't mean what you think it means.
  1303. >You would have hoped this kind of meet and greet would have at least happened after a few more days.
  1304. >"Oh, Mica, you're already here!" comes another new voice from behind you.
  1305. >You turn to see Twilight entering in from the hallway with the commander in tow.
  1306. >"I guess you've already been introduced to the staff then?" she asks, looking to Mr. Duskhoof.
  1307. >"Yes, he has, Princess." he replies in your stead. "And only just in time."
  1308. >She nods to him, "Thank you, Mr. Shade." She begins to make her way down the steps, the other two following behind her.
  1309. >She turns back to you, but before she says anything, you know what she's about to say.
  1310. >You follow them down the stairway, being sure to put some distance between you and chief grief.
  1311. >He notices and throws you a sharp grin.
  1312. >You huff.
  1313. >That shouldn't be getting to you.
  1314. >How does that rustle you.
  1315. >Why.
  1316. >So much why...
  1317. >A voice from the outside can be heard, "Now welcoming, the sovereign of the Sun, Ruler of Day, Honorable in Harmony, (yada yada, more unnecessary titles. get on with it)... of peace! Entering! Princess Celestia!"
  1318. >The doors slowly open, and a bright light shines through.
  1319. >A tall equine silhouette stands at the center of the glare, something long jutting out where the head should be.
  1320. >Shapes of wings flare out at her sides as she enters with all her majesty.
  1321. >All the ponies, other than sparkle, bow as she steps in.
  1322. >All you can do is gaze in awe at the sight that you behold.
  1323. >Princess motherfucking Celestia walks into the foyer with head held high.
  1324. >Let's just hope nothing bad comes of this.
  1326. ---------------
  1328. >The Radiant Deity, emissary of the sun, glides down the aisle of ponies, taking slow, gentle strides with her long, alabaster, gold clad hooves.
  1329. >Her eyes dance over her subjects from head to head, each one with their own low to the ground, though reacting slightly as if they could feel the moment her gaze lands upon then.
  1330. >Each of them, she takes in with a soft disarming smile gracing her lips.
  1331. >Her gaze falls upon the four of you stood ahead of her, and you feel its warmth wash over you, tugging at your woes for a tender embrace.
  1332. >Or it would, if you didn't feel like you were about to flip your shit.
  1333. >Under the mercy of her visage, you feel compelled to bow, but stricken by fear, your body refuses to respond.
  1334. >Your eyes are wide, your legs stiff, your breath caught, sweat leaking from your forehead.
  1335. >If you ever thought ponies couldn't sweat, that notion is tossed out the window.
  1336. >You can feel the droplets ebbing off the sides of your chin.
  1337. >Your eyes dart to the side and across the crowd as you hope no one notices your obvious distress.
  1338. >As you sharply glance to the three beside you, you are relieved to find they are all looking straight ahead.
  1339. >This almost makes you relax until you return your peering to the front.
  1340. >Your heart begins to race faster, and you resist the urge to bite your lip.
  1341. >She's fucking looking right at you!
  1342. >You gulp.
  1343. >You're boned for sure.
  1344. >She's gonna see right through you.
  1345. >She's gonna read your mind, check your thoughts.
  1346. >There's going to be an interrogation.
  1347. >And chains!
  1348. >And cuffs and muzzles and rope!
  1349. >They'll have you plastered against cell wall.
  1350. >They'll have your ass stuck out facing the bars, your legs spread wide, separated by some kind of bar thing, your tail tied at the hilt, to fully display your delicate bits.
  1351. >And every day, the stallions in the town- no, everyone and their mother will come for their own turn with you.
  1352. >And the first will always be-
  1354. >"Excuse me-"
  1355. "You can't have my booty!" You scream loudly in a high pitch.
  1356. >You stare blankly, eyes bulging, teeth clenched, chest heaving heavily as you start to hyperventilate, and all you see is blurred
  1357. >It takes a moment for your panicked brain to re-register where you were.
  1358. >When your vision refocuses, Celestia is stood directly before you.
  1359. >You specifically.
  1360. >She has a worried look on her face, reaching a hoof to you, maybe in comfort "Are you-"
  1361. >You gasp and reflexively swat her hoof away, and if your eyes could get wider...
  1362. >There are shocked gasps sounding through the room.
  1363. >You think you hear the clink of metal.
  1364. >Oh god, what the fuck did you just do?
  1365. >What the fuck did you just say?
  1366. >You don't hold back on biting your lip, your eyes darting again, to find that all eyes around the room have now taken liking to your person.
  1367. >Your chest pumping becomes more furious now.
  1368. >All this attention, your sudden outburst, Celestia being Right Fucking There!
  1369. >Shit, you're fucked for for sure!
  1370. >Like actually fucked!
  1371. >You don't want it to end this way, not like this!
  1372. >You don't want to go to the rape dungeon!
  1373. >You drop to the ground and cover your head preparing for the worst, when you feel something soft drape over you.
  1374. >You chance to look up to see Celestia is on her haunches, a wing extended out and around you.
  1375. >She looks down into your fearful eyes with a gaze so warm, you now really feel a bit of the sudden stress beginning to peal.
  1376. >You try to look away as shame comes over you, but a hoof stops you short, placing itself under your chin, almost forcing you to keep contact.
  1377. >But you realize this isn't true.
  1378. "I-I... I... I-" you try to stutter an apology, but she shakes her head.
  1379. >"Don't worry, it's alright."
  1380. >Great.
  1381. >Not only did you embarrass yourself in front of an audience with possibly one of your most autistic panic sessions, toward a goddess princess, but now she's taking pity on you.
  1382. >You're starting to feel a little light headed.
  1384. >That panic attack just now must have really taken it out of you.
  1385. >You guess you could take another early break again.
  1386. >That food really did fill you a while ago.
  1387. >You wonder though, you were never this prone to panic before, you were pretty good at keeping your emotions in terms of fear more or less in check with passive thinking.
  1388. >Maybe the shock of the transport and transformation actually hit you somewhat and you're feeling it still.
  1389. >It's only been a day right? Maybe it takes longer to get used to.
  1390. >But whatever, you can truck it out.
  1391. >You have a Goddess Princess hugging you into her bosom, even after you yelled in her face and promptly slapped her hand away.
  1392. >You mean hoof.
  1393. >Even if she says it's alright, you should still properly apologize.
  1394. >Actually no, that makes it even an even more important apology.
  1395. >Shakily, you rise under her wing, lightly pushing off of her.
  1396. "No, Your Highness, it is not alright. That was wrong of me, I... I don't know what came over me."
  1397. >You really don't.
  1398. >Like seriously, what were those conclusions?
  1399. >You need to chill, freaking out like that can't be good for you.
  1400. >She pulls her wing away, and you sit upright.
  1401. >Actually no, you make your way to stand, albeit weakly.
  1402. >Wow, energy well spent. And the day just started too. Where did it all go, like seriously.
  1403. >Fuckin blood, this is why you never did sports.
  1404. >You sigh looking to the ground, before looking back to her and making eye contact.
  1405. "I'm sorry, Princess Celestia. I will accept any consequences to my actions."
  1406. >You just hope they don't actually involve getting raped.
  1407. >She takes a moment to examine you, you react by attempting to show fake resolve.
  1408. >Gotta show some kinda form of loyalty or something, right?
  1409. >She closes her eyes, then gently rises to a stand herself.
  1410. >"Very well."
  1411. >You flinch at the tone in her voice.
  1412. >What. You didn't expect her to actually take you up on that.
  1413. >You look up to see if she's serious.
  1415. >From this angle it looks like she has her muzzle raised high, her eyes cast down toward you in a condescending manner.
  1416. >She releases you and comes back to her full height, standing over your prone form.
  1417. >Her lids are lowered halfway as she stares you directly in the eyes even as so.
  1418. >Oh shit.
  1419. >Why did you have to open your big fat mouth.
  1420. >You gulp again.
  1421. >"The actions you had just committed can be, by law, be considered treason. The punishments for such a thing, since it has last been done, have been quite... severe, in a word."
  1422. >The gravity in the room shifted, weighed down but the silence of everyone else, and the rarely, if ever, dark tone of Celestia's voice.
  1423. >"Some of them cannot be spoken of in public." she looks around the room, observing the worried and shocked expressions of the onlookers.
  1424. >All they can do is watch as their benevolent ruler takes on a visage they had never personally witnessed.
  1425. >"... However." She lowers her face.
  1426. >The intensity of her stare could cripple a man, and if you were standing, you'd sure to fall to your knees and beg for mercy.
  1427. >"You did apologize, and stated that you are willing to accept your fate, despite your pardon. Therefore, I will leave you with a simple task for atonement."
  1428. >She leans down to you, her muzzle slowing as she comes close to an ear.
  1429. >You're stricken with fear, and wait with caught breath for her to utter her words of damnation.
  1430. >It feels like hours before you feel her breath graze your pinna.
  1431. >"Calm down."
  1432. >...
  1433. >She pulls back.
  1434. >On her face sits a cheeky grin.
  1435. >She looks around the room with the same look.
  1436. >The only ponies unaffected by the entire thing seeming to be the old horse and Sergent Shithead.
  1437. >Okay, that last name might be harsh and uncalled for, but you're short on good insult names to describe the less than tolerable high-ranking twat.
  1438. >Sparky looks to be aghast, expectantly more so than the rest of the room.
  1439. >"O-oh, my. Maybe that was a bit much."
  1441. >You're not faring much better yourself, being the direct recipient of her attempt at a dark gag.
  1442. >You can barely hear anything over the thumping in your own chest.
  1443. >You just sit there staring at her in shock, terror, and bewilderment, a bit of anger building and wavering within.
  1444. >That could have been our end.
  1445. >You don't even think you're breathing.
  1446. >No seriously, you're starting to feel a little light headed.
  1447. >Celestia flinches and quickly turns back to look at you.
  1448. >She starts to speak, but the words come out muffled, despite her seemingly speaking clear.
  1449. >Your visions starts to blur as well, images doubling in the center of your vision and fading in the corners.
  1450. >You think you feel yourself teetering.
  1451. >You hear more voices begin to pick up around you.
  1452. >A figure approaches you from the side, but you feel a bit too limp too move.
  1453. >You feel a bit tired right now.
  1454. >Maybe you shouldn't have eaten so quickly, or maybe it's the food itself.
  1455. >Ponies aren't actually supposed to eat meat right?
  1456. >Like, the girl kinda implied they do, but maybe it's like drinking.
  1457. >Only some ponies can actually handle it well, even if they like it or not.
  1458. >Y-yeah.
  1459. "mmmso fuggin terd gaz. Immago slip nrr."
  1460. >You gracefully fall to your side.
  1461. >You land on something soft.
  1462. "Thanks for the pillow..."
  1463. >More muffled voices.
  1464. >Your mouth opens and you think yawn before you finally pass out.
  1466. ---------------
  1468. >You come to some time later, your eyes opening to gaze at a glistening magically lit ceiling light, an eerie dim sphere of energy with a lighter mist flowing around it.
  1469. >Pretty, you think.
  1470. >You open them more, slowly though as your eyes quickly adjust, revealing more of the room in respect to the direction in which you peer at the light.
  1471. >It is quite dim though, and safe to look at.
  1472. >It really is pretty, a softer kin to gold, a color you cannot name. If only because you don't know the names of all the colors.
  1473. >Shit, you aren't a hue enthusiast, no one can expect you to know these things.
  1474. >You don't even know where you are, but looking to the ceiling, it looks like you're still in the castle at least.
  1475. >And feeling around, shifting under a sheet, you're on a really soft bed.
  1476. >Softer than the one in your room, but still a lot less softer than the one in Dash's, but soft all the same.
  1477. >So soft, unnng.
  1478. >You squirm under it and revel in
  1479. >thu soffniss.
  1480. >You let out exaggerated moans and sighs, twisting and rolling around in utter comfort, trying to take in all this soft.
  1481. >You finally stop with after finding the position you like most when you sleep, sprawled out, legs spread in either direction, arms hugging the pillow like a teddy.
  1482. >You lay in that position, resting in silence for a good while until a voice cuts through.
  1483. >"We seem to be enjoying ourselves quite a bit there, don't we?"
  1484. >That voice, it didn't come from your head.
  1485. >It came from the side.
  1486. >The bedside.
  1487. >You grimace, rolling over to look find who it belongs to.
  1488. >And who else could it be.
  1489. >He sits there with the faintest smile on his face, unfazed by the intense glare you are sending his way.
  1490. >He just heard you basically writhing in orgasmic pleasure, and probably has been there the whole time.
  1491. >Watching.
  1492. >Waiting for the right moment to speak up.
  1493. >Quite good timing too, and you'd laugh if it wasn't at you.
  1494. >It makes you feel sick.
  1496. >"It looks rather inviting now, actually." he leans over the edge "Maybe it is about time I took a res-"
  1497. >You pitch up.
  1498. "Bitch you stay right the fuck there, and don't you fucking move, or I swear to God I'll-"
  1499. >He stops, raising his hooves in defense. "Woa, hey, I was just kidding. No need to stress yourself any further, you've already passed out once for the day."
  1500. >You-
  1501. >Oh right.
  1502. >That does explain why you're in a room, on a bed, that you have no recollection of ever making your way to.
  1503. >Heck, last you remember, you were in the castle foyer talking to-
  1504. >W-
  1505. >She was joking right?
  1506. >Dear God, you hope Celesta really was kidding about all that.
  1507. >Some sick fucking joke she pulled too, nearly gave you a heart attack.
  1508. >Or maybe that's exactly what you did, and that's exactly what happened.
  1509. "Where the fuck am I anyway..."
  1510. >You whisper under your breath.
  1511. >The commander picks it up anyway.
  1512. >"There's no need for such language. As for your question, this would be your new bedroom." he says.
  1513. "Oh."
  1514. >You look around at the room a bit more.
  1515. >The bed itself doesn't really look all that much bigger than the last one you were on. There seems to be change in location for the windows and such though.
  1516. >Immediately, a thoughts you, as you look back to the commander wide eyed, before bolting out of bed.
  1517. >You make a beeline for what you think is the closet, briefly fiddling with the knob because OMG WTF R HOOVES before yanking it open.
  1518. >You stare at the wardrobe before sinking down to your haunches as a wave of relief hits you.
  1519. >"Oh, yes, you don't have to worry about your clothing arrangements being mixed up this time. Ms. Teardrop personally made sure that you had the right uniform placed into your new stay."
  1520. >God bless that old ghost.
  1521. >"Although..." you feel a presence upon you. "If you want, I could always go and get your old-"
  1522. >You shove him away.
  1523. "Dude, fucking, seriously. Fuck off!"
  1524. >He chuckles, "If you wish... but..."
  1526. >You don't like the sound of that 'but'.
  1527. >"I have recently been assigned a new role as Commander, this evening."
  1528. >You sigh.
  1529. >You think you know where this is going.
  1530. >"Our princess, Twilight Sparkle, has given me the task of watching over you for the night and observe your condition after your little... episode."
  1531. >Just great.
  1532. >Of fucking course.
  1533. >Thank you Princess Sporgle, for the thoughtfulness you have.
  1534. >You give another more exasperated sigh before getting up and closing the closet.
  1535. >"I get the feeling you're not too thrilled to be sharing my company."
  1536. >You turn around and deadpan, suddenly feeling too mentally exhausted for a proper glare.
  1537. "Gee, I wonder what gave you that idea."
  1538. >"Oh, come on, I've only been teasing you a bit. Surely it isn't /that/ much of a bother?"
  1539. >Well, sure, once or twice, you probably wouldn't even give a shit.
  1540. >That's a pretty strong probably, all things considered.
  1541. >If it was one of your old friends, it could be comical banter or something to laugh at when you get this shit over and done with.
  1542. >But fuck, you've never had to ever deal with something like this.
  1543. >And this nigga really gets on your nerves with it.
  1544. "Okay listen, man."
  1545. >You begin to approach him.
  1546. "I'm real tired of your shi-"
  1547. >And trip the fabric of sheet tossed off after your rush to the closet, shouting.
  1548. >You ram headfirst into the commander, and the two of you topple over.
  1549. >Then you hear the door burst open in that moment, a familiar mare's voice shouting in.
  1550. >"I heard a noise! Is everything alri-"
  1551. >You rub your head in pain after that little fuck up, rising off of the balled up sheets that softened your landing.
  1552. "Y-yeah, it's fine. Just tripped on a fuggin..."
  1553. >You open your eyes and look at the blushing face of Serendipity.
  1554. "You alright over there?"
  1555. >She titters a bit, "Y-yeah, I-I... I seem to be interrupting. Maybe I'll just-"
  1556. >You feel a movement under you, and your body freezes.
  1558. >You begrudgingly look down to see that what you thought were balled up sheets, were not simply balled up sheets.
  1559. >"It's not everyday that I would get pinned down like this. Not that I mi-"
  1560. "Shut it. Serendipity, It's not what it looks like."
  1561. >Why the fuck did you say it like that.
  1562. >Now it really looks exactly like that.
  1563. >"O-oh don't mind me. I-I'll just... knock next time."
  1564. >She backs up toward the door, "I'll just give you two some priva-"
  1565. "No!"
  1566. >You try to get off of the commander, but your hooves are somehow ensnared in a twist of the sheets that ended up covering you both.
  1567. "Don't leave me alone with him. Give me some help over here."
  1568. >"Yes, please, Miss Serendipity, why don't you join us?
  1569. >You feel a heat coming to your face at the implication.
  1570. "I said shut it!"
  1571. >Serendipity's only gets that much redder as she stuttered, "W-well, n-not that I mind. I-I mean... w-with the C-commander. I'm.. I've heard some things..."
  1572. >Oh fuck.
  1573. >She sounds like she's actually getting into it.
  1574. >You struggle to escape the grip of the sheets, while she shifts around in indecision, muttering something about stamina.
  1575. >The stallion below you seems to find amusement in the situation.
  1576. "D-don't just lay there you cheeky little..."
  1577. >You feel something brush across your rump.
  1578. >"Little...?" he says with a grin.
  1579. >Words are far beyond you right now, in fear that a single misstep could be your /end/.
  1580. >"Don't worry, it's just my hind leg. Alright, I'll get us out of this."
  1581. >His horn begins to glow, and you feel the fabric lifting around you.
  1582. >You feel the snare around your hooves undo themselves, and jump away as quickly as you could.
  1583. >You curl up against the wall beside the closet and check to make sure that was just his fucking leg.
  1584. >To your relief, it was, although in that position, you get an open view of-
  1585. >”Enjoying the view?”
  1586. >Fuck! Shit!
  1587. “No!”
  1588. >Why did you shout that out loud!
  1589. >You quickly shift your view to the still babbling mare standing near the doorway.
  1591. "H-hey!"
  1592. >She snaps out of it. "W-what. Oh, um. I mean, y-yes. I wi-"
  1593. >You cut her off.
  1594. "No! Just, no. I don't to have want anything... uhg. Let's change the subject."
  1595. >You look outside the window, seeing the moon pretty high in the sky.
  1596. >You've been out pretty long.
  1597. >You feel like headed again and begin to sway slightly.
  1598. >"Oh right! Mica, Are you okay?" Serendipity rushes her way over to you, holds you upright and
  1599. begins poking you in various places.
  1600. >With each poke you let out an oof.
  1601. >You catch her hoof.
  1602. "Stop, I'm fine. I just got a little too excited."
  1603. >She pauses, that blush returning.
  1604. >"T-too e-e-e-exci-" her eyes begin to drift lower, but you catch her chin halfway.
  1605. "Not like that!" you short minded shit!
  1606. >You push off of the ground and stand, patting out the dents she put into you.
  1607. "Now. I can understand why... he's here."
  1608. >You say, pointing in the general direction.
  1609. "But why are you here?"
  1610. >"Why wouldn't I be? I have to check up on my new friend that I've only just met this morning who suddenly passed out only a while after leaving the lunch room. I told you not to eat that that bacon!"
  1611. >Your stomach rumbles at the mention of food.
  1612. >Her ear perks at the sound.
  1613. >"Ha, I thought you might be hungry too, You haven't eaten anything since this morning right?"
  1614. >As if from thin air, she produces a tray, with what looks to be a small garden salad on a plate, a fruit bowl, some water, and a quarter loaf of bread, balancing it on with one hoof.
  1615. >You could barely do that with one hand.
  1616. >You examine it.
  1617. "Isn't this a bit much?"
  1618. >Your stomach rumbles again and you clutch it.
  1619. >"Do you really want to complain?" she says, pushing it towards you. "I mean, it doesn't have any, uhg, /meat/ on it or anything, but after how I heard you acted, I thought there could only be one reason. I even went ahead and told everypony as much! So here!" she holds it out to you expectantly.
  1620. >How does she expect you to take- oh.
  1622. >You look down to your hooves.
  1623. "U-um..."
  1624. >She looks to you confused.
  1625. >"I'll take that for you." says the commander, using his magic to take the tray and place it on a nightstand by the bed.
  1626. >You grumble out a thanks and sigh.
  1627. >You look the mare over.
  1628. >She's wearing a different kind of uniform from her maid's.
  1629. >Actually, it looks kind of familiar.
  1630. >She notices you looking her up and down, but doesn't get confused.
  1631. >"Oh, right! I have another job besides working here at the castle!"
  1632. "Yeah, it looks like much. That uniform... is that from the um. The Rusty Nail, or whatsit?"
  1633. >"Horseshoe." she corrects, pointing to a little embroidered crest on her white button collared shirt.
  1634. >Along with it is a rusty green colored skirt that extends past her midsection over her flanks.
  1635. "Huh. I wouldn't have thought it."
  1636. >"Yeah, actually, I've-" You hear a beeping sound.
  1637. >This makes her jump.
  1638. >"Wait, quick, what time is it!" she says, cupping your face in a panic.
  1639. "Um, I don't-"
  1640. >"It is... about half past seven. Why?"
  1641. >She gasps and dashes to the door, inadvertently tossing you back to the ground.
  1642. >You hit your head to the foot of the bed and curse.
  1643. >"Whoops! Sorry, I didn't mean to do that. I'm just in a hurry. I'm gonna be late! Actually I'm already late! Gotta go! Enjoy the salad! Rusty's gonna kill me..."
  1644. >You rub the back of your head.
  1645. >"Need a hoof?" he says, extending one out to you.
  1646. >You shake your head and try to sand on your own.
  1647. >You slip on the sheets again, hit the bed again.
  1648. "Ow fu-mm..." you groan and let out a sigh.
  1649. "Fine."
  1650. >You raise a hoof reluctantly, and he pulls you to a stand.
  1651. >You have no idea what to do right now, and the food looks tempting too.
  1652. >You wordlessly make your way back onto the bed, sit beside the nightstand, and stare at the tray before you.
  1653. >More specifically, at the fork on it.
  1654. >How the fuck are you supposed to use that with hooves
  1655. >How the fuck did she even get it on there?
  1657. >Maybe magic, or at least levitation, works like... imagination or something.
  1658. >Like controlling a dream
  1659. >You think of something, feel it into existence, and the rest just happens.
  1660. >You concentrate on the fork, and try to imagine it beginning to float.
  1661. >Suddenly it levitates into the air.
  1662. >Are you doing that?
  1663. >Wait, no, that's not your aura color.
  1664. >It pokes itself into the salad, grabbing a good bit, and hovers it's way to your face.
  1665. >You push the fork away with a hoof.
  1666. "Hey, I'm not that weak or hurt. I can feed myself, thank you very much."
  1667. >The fork drops back into the plate. "Are you sure? I remember hearing that you may be having some... difficulty with controlling your magic. I could teach you right now, how to lift your fork."
  1668. >Learn how to do basic magic from him?
  1669. >You don't want to learn anything he could teach you, let alone how to magic.
  1670. "I'll pass. Miss Teardrop said she'd teach me how to ‘lift things’ anyway."
  1671. >"Very well, but then how do you suppose you will feed yourself then."
  1672. "Like you said, I've come this far, right? And aren't there like, the earth ponies without magic who can do this?"
  1673. >"Oh, of course, you're right. I'm sorry, it just concerned me about a unicorn who couldn't even use magic. One might assume that to be quite the handicap, I mean, it's only natural to want to help."
  1674. "Yeah well, I don't need your help, see?"
  1675. >You reach for the fork on the plate, shakily attempting to grab it between the joint of your hoof.
  1676. >You manage to hold it for like a second before it slips out, dropping and flicking the edge of the tray, the reaction flinging the bit of of salad into your face.
  1677. >"Hmhm, see?" he levitates the fork back up, picking the bits of salad off of you and sticking them back on, putting it back to your face. "Now say 'ah'."
  1678. >You push it again.
  1679. "Take your fork, and shove it. I don't need to use utensils anyway."
  1680. >You lean over to the tray, barely keeping balance on the bed, and take a quick chunk out of the loaf.
  1682. >You jerk back quickly before you fall, and quickly chew up the bread in your mouth.
  1683. >It's a really fucking dry piece, which makes it hard to swallow., but you soldier it, trying to soak in as much saliva as you can.
  1684. >After a moment, you manage to take it down, exhaling softly.
  1685. "See, I can do it."
  1686. >"Maybe you should drink some water with that." faint smile.
  1687. >You just shake your head, bending back over with your mouth open to take another bit.
  1688. >"So..." he watches as you literally try to choke down another piece of the bread.
  1689. >And in an implicit way states, "I heard you like to eat meat."
  1690. >You stop mid chew.
  1691. >This is gonna be long night.
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