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Apr 8th, 2021
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  1. Ubuntu Bionic 3.3.0 shortlog:
  3. - Significant performance improvements
  4. CPU arch, RAM, GPU, general latency, etc optimizations.
  5. Affects gui, apps, games, emus, etc
  6. - Significant deep sleep power draw fixes
  7. Now almost all non-needed devices power off on deep sleep and ram is set to appropriate frequency.
  8. (Touch panel, LCD, Joycon charging and many more devices now power off in deep sleep as they should)
  9. - IO scheduler was changed to provide way faster storage IO
  10. - Released 15 MiB extra ram
  11. - Fixed voltage calculation for OC. It should provide more stable overclocking
  12. - Refactored thermal management
  13. Fan profiles are now the same with HOS
  14. Added failsafes, throttling and force power off when very high temps for the board are reached
  15. - Faster boot times
  16. - Fixed issues with Joycon charging and Hori power on resume
  17. - Fixed Power button issues
  18. - Touch improvements
  19. - Added Hori and Obirds rail support
  20. - OTG now allows deep sleep, even if linux resides in a USB SSD.
  21. - Various USB fixes
  22. - Allow fuel gauge to wake up system and power off gracefully on empty battery
  23. - Added support for many 3rd party docks
  24. These include Genki, Zenscreen, Nexdock and anything else that uses similar methods
  25. Basically, the support should reach 100% (docks that support DP via pin D)
  26. - Fixed issues with fast charging when docked on boot
  27. - Fixed other issues with charging on certain edge cases
  28. - Fixed DP/HDMI when plugging console while sleeping
  29. - Fixed DP/HDMI when already docked and waking up
  30. - Dock led indicator now has a breathing light when sleeping
  31. - Add exFAT partition support (boot driver still needs to be FAT32)
  32. - Enabled 1GB ZRAM swap
  34. - Status messages on booting
  35. - Seamless display booting (needs hekate higher than v5.5.4)
  36. - Disabled sandboxing in Chromium in order to enable GPU acceleration
  37. Night and day difference. Existing users can add --no-sandbox to their desktop shortcut.
  38. - Disabled screen blanking on idle. Dimming/Screensaver is still there and can be disabled in Brightness & Lock.
  39. This will help with games/emus where gamepad is used and it does not reset idle times like mouse/keyboard.
  40. - Fixed apt repo urls
  42. - NVPModel is revamped
  43. Allow changing power profiles via touch
  44. Added handheld power profile
  45. Added fan profiles
  46. Added automatic profiles based on handheld or docked
  47. Added USB 3.0 disable toggle for boosting WiFi 2.4G and Bluetooth signal
  48. OC profiles now do not require enabling overclock flag in sysfs
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