Mar 21st, 2018
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  1. Anon awkwardly looked down at the three cornered and frightened fillies. Her grin was becoming a little forced. Tears shermered in the corner of the trio’s eyes as they fearfully stared at her extended tentacle as if it were a sword. Anon glanced down at her tentacle. Oh. She had been essentially holding a knife to their throats.
  3. Anon’s grin fell and she hastily withdrew her serrated tentacle. “Sorry! Sorry, forgot about the pointy bits! Why don’t I…” The blades slowly retracted into the tips of Anon’s fleshy tendril arms with a grotesque sounding shlick. The bone slowly transformed into cartilage and became reabsorbed into her flexible flesh.
  5. “There! Childproofed and safe!” She reached her tendril out to the fillies again with an awkward smile. “Hoofbump?”
  7. Applebloom slowly lifted her foreleg and pressed it against the tip of Anon’s squishy tentacle arm. She slowly blinked her tears away but still seemed frightened and apprehensive with a hint of curiosity as she felt the squishy tendril pressed into the soft frog of her hoof. She looked up at Anon. “Ah-are, you an alien?”
  9. Anon thoughtfully slithered a tentacle up to her chin, rubbing it thoughtfully, she chuckled. “I most certainly am!” She smirked at them with an air of superiority. Anon was goading their questions, toying with them.
  11. “Do-do you gobble up fillies?” Sweetie Belle fearfully asked with her eyes wide.
  13. The three fillies were intently staring at Anon’s filly face which broke out of its thoughtful trance to gaze at the fillies one by one. Anon surreptitiously lengthened and slid three tentacles across the forest floor that quickly and quietly slid towards the fillies and slid themselves slowly around their barrels as Anon answered. “Mayyyybeeee…”
  15. Anon then proceeded to yawn, she closed her eyes, tilting her head and pinning her ears backwards. Her mouth opened, revealing a nightmarish set of sharp, jagged teeth. She quickly opened her jaw much wider than possible for a normal pony, her cheeks stretching and splitting apart. Her teeth were jagged and began to tilt outwards towards the fillies as her maw grotesquely widened. Her lips peeled back away from her horrifying rows of shifting teeth and her face widened, her jaw beginning to stretch wider. Her mouth opened like a blooming flower, her teeth tilting outwards, jaw and mouth stretching open with frightening elasticity, widening in order to enable the monster to eat a filly whole in one bite. Then, the monster’s tongue stretched out of its mouth in a display of length and flexibility. The tongue it curled upwards, the muscle stretching as the sound of a yawn escaped the gaping maw. The maw was wide enough that it was the only thing the fillies saw, it obscured the rest of her face including her eyes, forehead and mane, the monstrous maw filled their vision, saliva dripping down the razor sharp jagged teeth and long tongue. Surprisingly, the yawn coming from the monstrous maw was soft and melodic like one would expect to come from a filly. It was an abomination, the monster still retained the innocent sounding voice of a filly that it did not deserve to have.
  20. The monster tightened its tentacular grasp around the fillies’ barrels for added effect as if she was going to toss them into her huge mouth. Anon felt the fillies shake in fright within her grasp, she was starting to feel a bit guilty. Eh, she had scared them enough. Anon decided to cut the prank short before it really went too far. Suddenly, the teeth straightened themselves back up and her tongue retracted. Her mouth narrowed itself, her jaw morphing itself back into what it was before. Anon smiled and smacked her lips in apparent appreciation of her yawn, her teeth and face looking perfectly normal and small. Anon relaxed her tentacular grip around the fillies.
  22. “Naw, I’m just playing with you! I’m a friendly alien!” Anon smiled mischievously at the fillies. She looked at the fillies who had their mouths open in what looked like silent screams, their eyes had a thousand yard stare in their depths.
  24. “Snrk-” Anon snorted. She could not keep from laughing. For all of the times those little shits had made her life a living hell, she finally got them back. She fell over, literally rolling on the floor laughing as her tentacles curled around themselves in glee, she released her grip around the fillies as her tentacles stretched and curled around themselves uncontrollably as she laughed with her high pitched filly voice. Tears clouded her vision as she continued to laugh. The fillies shocked faces now began to tear up with frustration and anger at the cruel prank. Sweetie began to cry and Scootaloo comforted her, telling her it was alright. Applebloom stomped up to Anon and angrily kicked her. It seemed to have no effect, the tentacles had no bones to bruise against and the flexible flesh easily absorbed blunt blows. “Why did you do that, you big bully! You made Sweetie Belle cry! You also made me cry…” Applebloom sniffed as tears leaked from her eyes and she sat down on her flank as her urge to cry overwhelmed her will to yell.
  26. Anon heaved herself upright with her tentacles, her head once again perched on top of her many tentacular arms and trailed the tip of a tentacle below her eyelid, drying her tears of laughter. She sighed as her vision cleared of tears and she looked up to see Applebloom and Sweetie crying while Scootaloo glared at her. “Why do you have to be so mean, Alien? What did we ever do to you?”
  28. Anon sighed and rolled her eyes. “Alright, I’ll concede that what I did to you what a bit mean but you girls have been pranking and annoying me for ages. I think you girls have have had it coming.” Anon looked at the filly’s confused and skeptical looks, frustrated tears staining their faces.
  30. Applebloom responded first, too confused to keep crying. “What in the world are ya talking about?”
  32. Anon smiled, her mischievous side edging out of her again. “Aww, don’t remember me? I even told you my name! It’s me, Anonymous!” Anon spread two of her tentacles wide apart like one would usually do with their arms.
  34. Applebloom looked more confused but somehow some sort of recognition reached her eyes. She furrowed her brows. “Anon? Is ther really you? How in tarnation-?”
  36. “It’s a long story,” Anon Interrupted. “Short story is that I’m a filly now, oh and I’m also an alien shapeshifter.” You’re lucky to have found me. I really don’t think you would have survived that manticore without me. You should be thanking me!” Anon smugly smirked.
  38. Sweetie Belle explosively sighed, gowling in frustration. “That is why you don’t have any friends, Anon! You’re mean and don’t think of anypony else’s feelings!”
  40. Anon’s smirk fell. Ouch, that one hit home. It was saying something when Thingpone, a being that carelessly assimilated ponies and birthed them back out again recognized her lack of social skills. She looked at the fillies in a new light, seeing the tears on their faces and how frightened they still where. She looked at them each in turn, it was painful to admit but she was kind of a bully. Anon relaxed her tentacles, they slackened like shoulders would slacken in defeat.
  42. “You know, you’re right.” Anon was silent for a few seconds and she looked up at the fillies. “Are you familiar with my roommate? Her name is Amber.”
  44. Scootaloo smirked. “You mean your fiiiiiiilly friend?”
  46. Anon scowled and her face turned red. “Yeah, yeah, her! She’s not actually a pony. She’s an alien shapeshifter that can engulf ponies and change their biology. She engulfed me and transformed me into a filly as a punishment to help me learn ‘the magic of friendship,’” Anon rolled her eyes, “or something like that… I don’t think she realized by transforming me and,” Anon’s face soured, “giving birth to me that I would inherit her shapeshifting abilities, but here we are!” Anon sighed.
  48. “So, I guess I wanted to say that I’m sorry for scaring you. I should not have done that. Do you think that maybe…” Anon twiddled two tentacles in front of her nervously. “That we can be friends?” Anon smiled awkwardly, hope in her eyes.
  50. The Cutie Mark Crusaders glanced at each other, their mouths twitching and their eyes having a hint of mirth in them. “What do you think, girls?” Applebloom said with mock uncertainty. “Do you think we can let a big bad bully be our friend?”
  52. Anon’s expression fell dramatically. She did not catch the subtle playfulness in their expressions. “I understand, it’s fine. I wouldn’t want to be my friend either.” She began to slink away, her tentacles slithering on the ground glumbly as she began to lose hope.
  54. “Oh, Anon! We were just playing with you! Come here and give us a hug! We’ll turn you into functioning member of society! Perhaps we’ll even get you a cutie mark!”
  56. Anon turned around with hope in her eyes. “Really?”
  58. “Yeah, come over here!” said Applebloom.
  60. Anon gleefully began to skuttle over to them, no longer slithering on the ground. The CMC hesitated. “Err, you know Anon, I’m not trying to be rude but you said that you can shapeshift, right?” Anon nodded. “You think you can shift back into a pony before you hug us? Those tentacles look a bit creepy, they make you look like a spider.”
  62. Anon smiled annoyingly. “Nah, I’ll do it later. If I did it now, then I wouldn’t be able to hug all three of you at the same time!”
  64. “Ponyfeathers,” swore Applebloom.
  66. Faster than they could react, Anon scuttled forward and curled her tentacles around all three of them, giving them all hugs. They all squirmed in her grasp, a little embarrassed.
  68. “While I have you all here, trapped within my hug. I need you all to promise you won’t tell anypony about me or Amber being aliens. I also want you to call me Green Hornet when we’re around other ponies. I want my true identity kept a secret. If you tell anypony about either of those things, especially Twiggles, then I will have to gobble you up.” Anon threatened, smiling to show off her shapeshifted row of very sharp canine teeth.
  70. Sweetie squirmed inside of Anon’s tentacular grasp. “I don’t know, Anon. This is a very big secret to keep! Shouldn’t we be more responsible and tell our sisters?” Applebloom nodded in agreement.
  72. Anon grinned at them, she had an offer that they could not refuse. “I’ll help you go pranking~” Anon said in a singsong filly voice. She saw the thought stew in their minds. “Just imagine what you could do with a shapeshifter like me at your side!” She had them now, she could see the desire building within them.
  74. “Deal!” blurted Scootaloo.
  76. “Great!” said Sweetie. “Now can you get off of us? This is starting to get a little weird.”
  78. “Starting?” Anon said in disbelief.
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