Eight Views of Yukkuri Menu Translation

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  1. Food ごはん
  2. --------------------
  3.     Yukkuri Food ゆっくりフード
  4.         High Class Yukkuri Food 高級ゆっくりフード
  5.         Yukkuri Food ゆっくりフード
  6.         Spicy Yukkuri Food 激辛ゆっくりフード
  7.         Gross Yukkuri Food げろまずゆっくりフード
  8.         Auto feeder not set 自動給餌樽セットしない
  9.         Auto feeder set 自動給餌橡セットする
  10.         Place food 餌皿を置く
  11.         Feed directly 手渡しで食べさせる
  13.     Sweet-sweet あまあま
  14.         Assorted cookies クッキー盛り合わせ
  15.         Cake ケーキ
  16.         Hand fed cookie クッキー手渡し
  17.         Place food 餌皿を置く
  18.         Feed directly 手渡しで食べさせる
  20.     Special スペシャル
  21.         Mister Bacon Rice ペーコンごはんさん
  22.         Mister Carbo(nara) カルボさん
  23.         Place food 餌皿を置く
  24.         Feed directly 手渡しで食べさせる
  26.     Not good いまいち
  27.         Weeds ざっそう
  28.         Garbage 生ごみ
  29.         Place food 餌皿を置く
  30.         Feed directly 手渡しで食べさせる
  32.     Food config 餌設定
  33.         Food size adjust 餌分量調節
  34.             Small 小
  35.             Medium 中
  36.             Large 大
  37.             Extra large 特大
  38.         Auto feeder settings 自動給餌機設定
  39.             Always feeding 常に給餌
  40.             Daily 一日
  41.             1 meal (a day) 一食
  42.             2 meals (a day) 二食
  43.             3 meals (a day) 三食
  45.     For high quality foods like Sweet Sweets or Special foods (or High Class food when the Yukkuri is used to bad food), it might do Happiness~ (pee pee) on the ground in between bites if it has low intelligence. You can train it to not do this.
  46.     For low quality foods like Not Good or Gross foods (or Normal food if its taste buds are spoiled), if the Yukkuri has high scum levels it will refuse to eat the food until it is very hungry. If it is very scummy (like 500+) it will take a poo poo inside of the plate after it refuses.
  47.     Only one plate of food can be placed at a time. If the Yukkuri is very hungry and there is an empty plate, it will sometimes try to lick the plate. If it is very hungry and there is poo poo on the floor, it will reluctantly eat the poo poo, raising the fullness a very small amount.
  48.     The spicy food will inflict -100 damage each time the Yukkuri eats it. Despite this, it will never learn not to eat it. Does not raise fullness or poo poo.
  49.     The cake is different from other food in that it has no plate and the Yukkuri will keep eating it without taking a single break between bites until it is gone.
  50.     I have no idea what the difference between the two special foods are, maybe somebody can find out and tell me in the future?
  51.     The hand fed cookie is very different from any other food in that it is food you hold with your cursor. The Yukkuri will try to run and jump towards your cursor if you're holding it. If you hold it just above the Yukkuri's head, it will stop jumping and just tremble in excitement. If you move your cursor off screen, it will get mad and throw a tantrum.
  52.     In general, the pecking order for food goes like this: Sweet sweets > Special > High Class Food > Normal Food > Gross Food > Weeds > Trash.
  54. Care お世話
  55. --------------------
  56.     Cleaning 清掃
  57.         These options delete items from the Yukkurarium.
  58.         Clean waste そうじ
  59.             This removes any poo poo or pee pee in the Yukkurarium.
  60.         Wash 洗う
  61.             Using this on a Yukkuri with "Dirty" status will remove the status.
  62.         Put away 片付ける
  63.             This is used to delete most objects, like toys and food. The Yukkuri will react to many of these things being put away, and will also react if they're put away while being used, like the toilet while it's heading there to poo poo, or the corn puff right as she's about to jump on it during hunting practice.
  65.     Disposal 処分
  66.         These options delete Yukkuri from the Yukkurarium.
  67.         Bury 埋葬
  68.             This will remove a dead Yukkuri from the Yukkurarium and move it to the backyard. You can find the backyard in the "Outside" menu. In in there will be a headstone/popsicle stick with the cause of death and number of days alive on it. Interestingly enough, you can also use this command on a living Yukkuri, and it will say "Buried Alive" on the headstone.
  69.         Discard 捨てる
  70.             This will release the Yukkuri into the wild. There will be no entry in the backyard. Supposedly, the stats of the discarded Yukkuri will subtly affect the average stats of Yukkuris in the wild, so discarding a smart one might make the others smarter. Not sure if discarding a dead one will affect the stray stats.
  72. Action アクション
  73. --------------------
  74.     Hands 素手
  75.         These are actions you take with your hands.
  76.         Hold gently やさしく持つ
  77.             Pick up a Yukkuri gently and hold it with your cursor. It will say it's flying in the sky~ and have -20 stress each time it speaks. You can drop it, and if it's high enough, you will hurt it and do -20 health and -50 fullness. A newspaper floor will increase the "safe" vertical drop distance.
  79.             You can also hold it to the ground with different stages depending on how far down you drag your cursor.
  80.             1. It will wiggle its bottom and cry it's being cruuuuushed! Does no damage, but it will be afraid and run away from you when you let go.
  81.             2. It will desperately try to hold its insides in and speak very slowly. May automatically go to stage 3 when enough time passes.
  82.             3. It will puke out its insides and be squashed from the bottom. This is an INSTA-KILL.
  84.             If there is poo poo available, you can hold it down and rub its nose in bloody battlefield dirt. This will inflict the "Dirty" status and add +240 stress.
  86.             Simultaneously holding the Yukkuri down and moving the cursor left or right will smear it on the ground (Try a diagonal downwards motion). You can adjust how far the smear mark goes by being careful and dragging it slowly. This is also an INSTA-KILL. Disabled on newspaper floors.
  87.         Hold strongly 強く持つ
  88.             Pick up a Yukkuri with a strong grip. Mostly functions the same as the last one, except this time the Yukkuri is being crushed and doesn't enjoy it at all. It will try to wiggle its way out of your hands and will succeed eventually, smacking into the floor and doing fall damage. This adds +80 stress on pickup, but -100 stress when it escapes and -100 when it lands, ironically making this action a net benefit for stress. It will still be afraid of you after it lands, though.
  89.             (Force Adjustment) (力加減)
  90.                 Adjusts how strongly you're holding the Yukkuri. Moving it right up to the midway point will increase the time it takes for the Yukkuri to escape. Having it in the right half of the scale will instead make you hold the Yukkuri so hard it will eventually vomit out its insides, becoming an INSTA-KILL. Moving it right past the midway point will decrease the time it takes for this to happen.
  91.         Rub rub すりすり
  92.             Click and hold over a Yukkuri to have it do rub rub with your cursor. Reduces stress by -80 to -2250 on click and each time it talks.
  93.         Roll 転がす
  94.             Hold the Yukkuri and move your cursor left or right to roll the Yukkuri. It will be happy at slow speeds, but very sad at high speeds. After the latter, it will be afraid of you, and will automatically be sad the next time you roll it, no matter how slow you do it.
  95.         Flick でこぴん
  96.             Does -1 damage. Launches a koyukkuri a short distance and just flicks an adult on the forehead. You can bounce a koyukkuri off the wall. Will make it afraid of you afterwards, unless it's an adult, which might puff at you instead.
  97.         Slap ビンタ
  98.             Does -1 damage. Launches the Yukkuri and makes it slide a very far distance. You can bounce it off the wall. Will make it afraid of you afterwards.
  99.         Punch ぱんち
  100.             Does -100 damage. Punches the Yukkuri from up top. Can induce ANTI-YUKKURITIS with high amounts of stress. Will make it afraid of you afterwards.
  101.         Shake the house おうちを揺らす
  102.             If there is a house and the Yukkuri is inside it, clicking this will shake the house. Any Yukkuri inside will be alarmed, and if they are sleeping, this will wake them up.
  103.         Hold the accessory おかざりをもつ
  104.             Pick up the accessory off the Yukkuri. It will try to get it back. If you hold it up in the air, it will try to jump towards it, with no success. Drop the accessory and it will run towards it and put it back on. If there is an alcohol lamp, you can hold it over it to ignite the accessory. This is impossible to put out and the Yukkuri will try to lick lick it, but it won't help. Might induce ANTI-YUKKURITIS at high amounts of stress.
  105.         Confiscate accessory おかざり没収
  106.             Will make any accessory you click on disappear. The Yukkuri will obviously be very sad about this.
  107.     Tools 道具使用
  108.         Needle まち針
  109.             Click on the left or right of the Yukkuri to pin its feet on the ground. Click on the middle to put a pin in its forehead, which will shake itself out after a while. Does not do any actual damage. Will work while it is hanging and while it is on its back. Will make it afraid of you afterwards.
  110.         Ruler slap 定規ビンタ
  111.             Does -1 damage. Launches the Yukkuri a much shorter distance than the normal slap. You can still bounce it off the wall. Will make it afraid of you afterwards.
  112.         Hammer ハンマー
  113.             Does -300 damage. More often than not will automatically kill a koyukkuri. Can induce ANTI-YUKKURITIS with high amounts of stress. Will make it afraid of you afterwards.
  114.         Gimlet キリ
  115.             Gimlet isn't a common word, but it's the closest I could find to being equivalent to the Japanese word. It's pretty much a small handheld auger.
  116.             For a koyukkuri, it will lift it up and insert a gimlet into it's anyaru. Does +120 stress when you put it in and each time it talks. For an adult, it will insert it into its forehead, which you can move left and right like a metronome and add ridiculous amounts of stress in the process. Does not do any actual damage. Will make it afraid of you afterwards.
  117.         Heated gimlet キリライター
  118.             The gimlet is heated red hot with a lighter and put into the Yukkuri. This is an INSTA-KILL for a koyukkuri, and will do significantly more damage over time to adults.
  119.         Gently hang やさしく吊るす
  120.             Puts pet clothes on the Yukkuri and hangs it up in the air. This will make it very happy. You can left click the Yukkuri to swing it around. If it becomes sad for a certain reason, such as clicking and swinging it too fast, or leaving it hanging for too long a time, it will want to be let down. If it is not let down, it will eventually vomit its insides out of uneasiness, becoming an INSTA-KILL. If the Yukkuri is just about to poo poo, hang it up and it will poo in its pet clothes. After it realizes, it will very much want to get out of its clothes, and will also eventually vomit its insides out of uneasiness if nothing is done, becoming an INSTA-KILL. You can hang the Yukkuri above an alcohol lamp, and the pet clothes will catch on fire. The Yukkuri will try to struggle to get out, crying about how it needs water and doesn't want to die, before it is burned to ashes. This is another INSTA-KILL.
  121.         Hang 吊るす
  122.             This also hangs the Yukkuri, except instead of using pet clothes it just puts the hook inside the Yukkuri. It will be crying and screaming the entire time. It cannot die of uneasiness while hanging though, and holding it over the alcohol lamp will only burn its feet instead of lighting it up, so ironically this is the hanging option that has less potential for abyuse. Will make it afraid of you afterwards.
  123.             (Length of string) (ひもの長さ)
  124.                 Adjusts how high or low the Yukkuri is hanging. It must be lowered to the bottom for it to reach the alcohol lamp.
  125.         Rotor ローター
  126.             Click and hold a Yukkuri to use a vibrator on it. It will be very happy about mister tickle tickle. After a while, its peni peni will come out. It will hop around with it out and sometimes hump the air. If there is a Reimu doll, it will go to it and hump that too. If you hold the rotor over it after the peni peni is out, it may ejaculate. If health and fullness are low, this may actually be an INSTA-KILL for the Yukkuri, and it will keel over with a content look on its face. A Yukkuri with high intelligence might actually realize this is coming, and will look and act very scared before a potentially lethal ejaculation happens.
  127.         Confine in box 箱閉じ込め
  128.             Places the Yukkuri in a dark and scary box. Adds +100 stress when you put it on, +50 stress every time it talks, and -50 stress after you take it off. You can use a hammer to bash the box and scare the Yukkuri, adding +200 stress each time.
  129.         Cut peni peni ぺにきリはさみ
  130.             If the peni peni is out after using the rotor, this will cut it off. The Yukkuri will cry about losing mister cherry and how it can't be a parent anymore (despite pregnancy not requiring the peni peni). Can inflict ANTI-YUKKURITIS at medium levels of stress. If that doesn't happen, using the rotor on it will make it feel happy, but it will no longer raise its peni peni.
  131.         Cut hair はリかん
  132.             Shaves the Yukkuri bald. Is irreversible. Has a chance of inflicting ANTI-YUKKURITIS at high levels of stress, but only if you let it finish its crying without interfering.
  133.         Cut accessory 裁ちはさみ
  134.             Cuts the accessory into scraps. The Yukkuri will try to lick lick it back together. After a long time, this will surprisingly work and the scraps will be glued together into a little ball that the Yukkuri will wear instead.
  135.         Cut stalk えだきりはさみ
  136.             If a Yukkuri is pregnant with a stalk, this will cut it. The babies will be left to die on the ground and the parent will try to lick lick them back to health until it realizes they've taken it easy forever. Has a chance of inflicting ANTI-YUKKURITIS at medium levels of stress on the parent.
  137.             (Put in a jar) (瓶に入れる)
  138.                 Cuts the stalk, but keeps it alive in a jar. The babies will still be born in time.
  140.     Change position 体勢変更
  141.         Place on back あおむけ
  142.             Places the Yukkuri on its back. Will stay there for a few seconds, then get back up. You can still do things to it if you're quick enough.
  143.             (Forced) (固定)
  144.                 Like before, but this time the Yukkuri is tied down to a seat of punishment and cannot get up on it's own. Adds +5 or +10 stress each time it talks. Flicking, slapping, needle, gimlet, rotor, and other actions have special effects while the Yukkuri is on its back. In particular, you can place the needle in its mamu mamu and the gimlet in its anyaru. Putting the needle in has a chance of inflicting ANTI-YUKKURITIS at medium levels of stress, and will add +100 to +300 stress each time it talks while it's inside. The gimlet will do +100 stress each time it talks.
  145.     Talking 声かけ
  146.         Gentle words やさしい言葉
  147.             Say nice things to it. If used while Yukkuri is waking up from sleep, will add +3 to +6 affection.
  148.         Cold words つめたい言葉
  149.             Say mean things to it. Will take -1 to -3 affection when used.
  150.     Accessory Settings お飾り設置
  151.         Hold the accessory おかざりをもつ
  152.             Same as in the Hands menu.
  153.         Confiscate accessory おかざり没収
  154.             Same as in the Hands menu.
  155.         Marisa type まりさ種
  156.             If this is on, the Install Accessory functions will drop Marisa hats.
  157.         Reimu type れいむ種
  158.             If this is on, the Install Accessory functions will drop Reimu ribbons.
  159.         Install Accessory (for koyukkuri) おかざり設置(子ゆ用)
  160.             Drops a koyukkuri accessory in the Yukkurarium.
  161.         Install Accessory (for adult yukkuri) おかざり設置(成ゆ用)
  162.             Drops an adult Yukkuri accessory in the Yukkurarium.
  164. Train 教育
  165. --------------------
  166.     Prohibit 絷止
  167.         Prohibits "happiness" after eating 飲み込む前のしあわせ一禁止
  168.             Tells the Yukkuri to not do Happiness~ (pee pee) while eating high quality food. Might refuse if affection is low. Even if it says it understands, it might still do Happiness~ the next time, and you might have to use this multiple times for this to sink in.
  170.     Order 命令
  171.         Drag poo poo to the toilet うんうんをトイレに片付けなさい
  172.             Only appears if there is both a toilet available and poo poo on the ground. It will slowly drag the poo poo to the toilet. +45 stress is added each time it talks, which is a lot in this instance, so stress can build up very quickly depending on the distance. The likelihood of success for this is highly dependent on a high affection level. Sometimes you can spam this and it may say yes after multiple attempts of saying no.
  174.     Teaching 学習
  175.         Poo poo dance うんうんたいそう
  176.             Will have koyukkuris do the poo poo dance and poo on demand. Adults will not do the dance and just gaze proudly at the koyukkuri (even if there are none of them around. Might fail if its poo poo stat is low.
  177.         Hunting practice かりのれんしゅう
  178.             Summons a corn puff you can place on the floor. The Yukkuri will think it's mister caterpillar and will pounce towards it. You can left click the corn puff just before the Yukkuri catches it to make it move and have the Yukkuri land on its face, making it ask mister caterpillar not to run away. If the Yukkuri is full or if it has high scum levels it will refuse, the latter saying it's too noble for doing such a thing.
  180. Item アイテム
  181. --------------------
  182.     Furniture 家具類
  183.         Normal toilet ノーマルトイレ
  184.             A toilet to do poo poo in. May need to scold it in order to have it poo in here. If the toilet is put away while the Yukkuri is going here to poo, it will be confused and try to desperately hold its poo in until it can't anymore. Very funny.
  185.         Sandbox toilet 砂つきトイレ
  186.             Functionally the same as the normal toilet, Not sure if there is a difference.
  187.         Auto flush toilet 自動水洗トイレ
  188.             Same as the normal toilet, except it automatically disposes of any poo poo within it.
  189.         Leaves 葉っぱ
  190.             Supposedly if these are available, the Yukkuri will drag leaves into a house and make a bed out of it. I've never seen it happen though. Maybe it got broken in subsequent patches?
  191.         Water bottle 給水機
  192.             Relieves constipation if a Yukkuri drinks from it. Not sure what else it does.
  193.         Toilet paper tube トイレットぺーパーの芯
  194.             Provides a safe space for the Yukkuri to hide in. It will either run towards and hide in this while it's afraid, or just hide in this playfully while idle. You can flick/slap it while its hiding to make it wiggle its bottom and make it very confused about how you managed to find its safe space.
  195.         Clay pipe 素蛦きの土管
  196.             Functionally the same as the TP tube. Not sure if there's a difference.
  198.     Toys おもちゃ
  199.         Marble ビー球
  200.             When the Yukkuri is idle, it may choose to play with the marble. It will kick the marble back and forth across the floor.
  201.             NOTE: This functionality ofter breaks with new patches so it may not work on the current version.
  202.         Slide すべりだい
  203.             When the Yukkuri is idle, it may choose to play on the slide. It will climb up the steps slowly, then slide down. If it has low intelligence, it will try to climb up the slidey part of the slide and repeatedly fail until it gives up and cries. You can place it on top of the slide. It can occasionally ask for you to place it up there, and might puff at you if you don't.
  204.         Trampoline トランポリン
  205.             When the Yukkuri is idle, it may choose to play on the trampoline. It will jump up and down, getting higher over time, until it stops.
  206.             NOTE: This functionality ofter breaks with new patches so it may not work on the current version.
  207.         Pebble 小石
  208.             A treasure for the Yukkuri. When placed it will instantly notice and beeline towards it. It will declare it its mister treasure. Will occasionally put it down and be happy about it. If you slap it (or flick it when its a koyukkuri) it will drop it and will dash towards it when she realizes its missing. You can put it away while this is happening for more hilarity.
  209.         Pretty stone きれいな石
  210.             Functionally the same as the pebble. Not sure if there's a difference.
  211.         Clear dice クリアダイス
  212.             Functionally the same as the pebble. Not sure if there's a difference.
  213.         Reimu doll れいむ人形
  214.             A doll of Reimu the Yukkuri might occasionally do rub rub with. If the Yukkuri is horny and has its peni peni out via rotor, it will want to vigourously do rub rub with it more often.
  216.     House おうち
  217.         From what I can tell all these houses do the same thing, they just look different. The Yukkuri will be amazed when you first place it down, then venture inside and declare it its easy place. It will go inside when it goes to sleep, and will sometimes just go in then out quickly for no reason. You can shake the house while it's inside.
  218.         Cardboard house ダンボールハウス
  219.         Tree house 木のおうち
  220.         Mushroom house きのこ型ハウス
  222.     Floor 水槽
  223.         Nothing 何もなし
  224.             The default floor.
  225.         Newspaper 新昭紙
  226.             Increases safe dropping distance for Yukkuris and prohibits smearing on the ground.
  227.         Soil 土
  228.             Not sure what the difference is from the default floor.
  229.         Sandpaper 紙やすり
  230.             Will make it painful for the Yukkuri to move normally. Whenever it tries to move, it will cry that mister footsie hurdz like a mountain goat, adding +5 stress each time it talks. Eventually it will learn to roll around for movement to reduce pain; how long it takes for it to learn depends on how high its intelligence is. After a while it will actually enjoy rolling around like this and reduce -15 stress each time it talks.
  232.     Abuse equipment 虐待器具
  233.         Alcohol lamp アルコールランプ
  234.             Places an alcohol lamp in the Yukkurarium. You can hold a Yukkuri over it to burn its feet. This is effectively an INSTA-KILL, as even though it is still alive, it will be unable to do anything afterwards like eat food. You can also hold an accessory over it to light it on fire. This may induce ANTI-YUKKURITIS at high stress levels. The Yukkuri will cry while it is burning, and will try to repair it via lick lick after the fire is extinguished, but ultimately will be unable to do anything. You can also lower a hanging Yukkuri over the lamp, and its pet clothes will catch on fire. After a while, this will be an INSTA-KILL for the Yukkuri as it burns to a crisp.
  236.     Medicine おくすリ
  237.         Orange juice オレンジジュース
  238.             Restores a Yukkuri to maximum health. Does not heal burnt feet or anti-yukkuritis, however.
  239.         Sperm paste 精子餡
  240.             Will impregnate an adult Yukkuri and have it grow a stalk of three baby Yukkuris. If the Yukkuri is intelligent, it will question why it is suddenly pregnant. The stalk will take 3 ingame days to grow. You can cut the stalk, and choose to put the babies in a jar so they may still grow, or just kill them.
  242. Freezer 冷凍庫
  243. --------------------
  244.     Thaw 解凍
  245.         Will unleash this Yukkuri upon your Yukkurarium.
  246.     Dispose 処分
  247.         Same as the "Dispose" option in the "Care" menu.
  248.     Return 戻る
  249.         Go back to the main screen.
  251. Debug デバッグ
  252. --------------------
  253.     These stats and buttons only apply to the #1 Yukkuri. To view and edit stats for other Yukkuri, go to the Edit Values menu.
  254.     Scum level ゲス度
  255.         How scummy it is. Determines how willing it is to do certain things, like hunting practice or listening to scolding. Also slightly changes dialogue and makes it say words like "scum", "slave", "trash", "punish", "shitty", "great", "noble", "strongest", etc. If this is above 500, it will have more additional dialogue and will do extra shitty things like taking a poo poo in food it doesn't like. Maximum of 1000, but peak effects will happen far before that.
  256.     Intelligence かしこさ
  257.         How smart it is. Determines how receptive it is to teaching, if it will do pee pee after eating good food, whether it will do poo poo in a toilet without scolding, how long until it learns to roll around in sandpaper, etc. Unintelligent Yukkuri will poo poo upside down on itself and make itself dirty. Maximum of 1000, but peak effects will happen far before that.
  258.     Affection level なつき度
  259.         How much it likes you. Determines how willing it is to eat weeds and trash or listen to your teaching like dragging poo poo to the toilet, etc. Highly affectionate Yukkuri will want to do rub rub with your cursor. Maximum of 1000, but peak effects will happen far before that.
  260.     Fullness 満腹度
  261.         How full it is. Increases by eating food. It decreases 1 per second on the default "fast" speed. When it reaches 0, health will start decreasing instead.
  262.     Health 体力
  263.         How healthy the Yukkuri is. By default for your initial koyukkuri, it is 300. The maximum value could increase by feeding it good food and treating it well. The Yukkuri will die if it reaches 0, unless it dies from an INSTA-KILL before that. If health is low and fullness is above 0, health will automatically increase. It will also increase during sleep. Using orange juice will restore it to maximum health.
  264.     Stress ストレス
  265.         How stressed out it is. Affects how sad it is on average, and how likely it is to undergo ANTI-YUKKURITIS with something that triggers it. Maximum of 50000.
  267.     Growth level 成長段階
  268.         Child 子ゆに
  269.             Press this to instantly make the Yukkuri a child.
  270.         Adult 成ゆに
  271.             Press this to instantly make the Yukkuri an adult.
  272.     Pleasure state 快便状態
  273.         It will say this if it is not constipated.
  274.     Constipated state 便秘状態
  275.         It will say this if it is constipated.
  276.         Constipate 便秘に
  277.             Press this to constipate the Yukkuri.
  278.         Cancel 解消
  279.             Press this to unconstipate the Yukkuri.
  280.     Operation test 動作テスト
  281.         Start 開始
  282.             What this button does changes depending on what new feature the dev wants to test at the moment. More likely than not, it does nothing on the current version. Previous applications for this button include automatically trigger family members doing rub rub, or instant poo poo.
  283.     Sub, loop level サブ,ループレベル
  284.         I have no idea what this means
  285.         Show 表示
  286.         Hide 非表示
  287.     Edit values 数値変更
  288.         Goes to the edit values menu.
  290. Edit values 数値変更
  291. --------------------
  292.     Many of the terms in this menu are also in the debug menu, refer back to those for translations.
  293.     Full health 成長直前に
  294.         Press this to set health to max.
  295.     Zero fullness 満腹度ゼロ
  296.         Press the GO underneath this to set fullness to zero.
  297.     Poo poo (comes out at 50) うんうん(50で放つ)
  298.         Poo poo stat. When it exceeds 50, it will want to poo poo.
  299.     うんうんの素(2ずつ減るよ!)
  300.         Not sure how to translate this exact phrasing. It's kind of a poo poo buffer? When the Yukkuri is eating this stat fills up, then this stat goes down as the poo poo stat goes up.
  301.     Reflexes 運動神経
  302.         How quick the Yukkuri moves. I haven't noticed a difference, but you might.
  303.     Fear level 恐怖レベル
  304.         How scared the Yukkuri is of you. I haven't noticed a difference, but you might.
  305.     Growth count 成長カウント
  306.         Number of days it's been alive. When it hits 31 for a ko (a full ingame month), it will grow up to be an adult the very next time it falls asleep.
  307.     Just before growth 成長直前に
  308.         Press this to automatically set growth count to 31.
  310.     元飼いゆ補正
  311.     野良数補正
  312.     対人恐怖補正
  313.     野良かしこさ補正
  314.     野良なつき度補正
  315.     野良ゲス度補正
  316.     野良舌肥え補正
  317.         No idea what any of these do. Supposedly these control the average stray stats?
  319.     Fullscreen フルスク
  320.         Makes the game fullscreen. Considering how low the resolution is, not really worth it.
  321.     The current one is X 弄っているのはX匹目
  322.         'X' being the number of the current Yukkuri.
  323.     There's no yukkuri そんなゆっくりいないよ
  324.         Shows up for numbers that don't apply to any Yukkuri in the Yukkurarium.
  325.     Next yukkuri 次のゆっくりへ
  326.         Moves up +1 Yukkuri.
  327.     Previous yukkuri 前のゆっくりへ
  328.         Moves down -1 Yukkuri.
  330. Record 記録
  331. --------------------
  332.     Save, load, etc
  333.     This has 3 normal save slots, a "Shortcut" save slot, and a button to load autosaves.
  335. Option オプション
  336. --------------------
  337.     Game speed ゲームスピード
  338.         Changes how fast time passes ingame. This affect the rate of fullness and health changing. By default it's set to Fast, which is 1 real second = 1 ingame minute. Honestly, even Fast is kinda slow.
  339.     Shortcut key settings ショートカットキー設定
  340.         Can use this to set up keyboard shortcuts. Match a key to a function.
  341.     Menu tab memory メニュータブ記憶
  342.         IDK what this does?
  343.     Graphics quality 青景処理
  344.         Change between Normal and Light graphics settings. Normal is default. I gotta say, this game is surprisingly hard on my laptop.
  345.     Scold settings memory 叱る設定記憶
  346.         Toggles whether the Yukkuri remembers scolding.
  348. Basic Screen 基本画面
  349. --------------------
  350.     Aren't you easy? ゆっくりしてんじゃない?
  351.         Doesn't do anything. Just decorative text?
  352.     Screenshot 画面保存
  353.         Takes a screenshot and puts it in the game folder.
  354.     X days Xにちめ
  355.         How many ingame days the game's been running.
  357.     Skip to morning 時間を朝に
  358.         Skip to 7:00. Only available during nighttime hours.
  359.     Skip to night 時間を夜に
  360.         Skip to 20:00. Only available during daytime hours.
  361.     Sleeping only: fast forward 睡眠中限定:少し早送り
  362.         Skip forward an hour and a half. Different from the above in that it doesn't reset the game scene. Only available when one of the Yukkuris are sleeping.
  364. Outside 外出
  365. --------------------
  366.     I'm not sure what the exact differences between the areas are, other than you're more likely to have increased/decreased stats depending on the area. I assume Yukkuris in the forest can be less intelligent, and Yukkuris in the alley can be more scummy?
  367.     Forest 森
  368.     Home 自宅
  369.         Your yukkurarium and where most of the game takes place.
  370.     Backyard 裏庭
  371.         Your Yukkuri graveyard. Read the Cleaning section for more info.
  372.     Park 公園
  373.     Alley 路地裏
  374.     Square 広場
  376.     There are certain hints in a Yukkuri's dialogue to tell what they're stats are. These signs aren't a 100% certain indicator, but they apply sometimes.
  377.     >High intelligence ususally say "da ze/no ze" less often.
  378.     >High intelligence talks more often about specific things it can do, like using the toilet or not caring about food.
  379.     >High scum talks more assertively (like "Quickly take me", or "Make me a pet" without saying "Please") and says words like "excellent" more often.
  380.     >Low intelligence has a smaller range of phrases it can say. It might also say more assertive things like high scum does.
  382. Scold Toggle しつけ設定
  383.     Don't scold しない
  384.     Scold 叱る
  385.         Clicking this toggles whether or not scolding is on. When it's on, clicking on a Yukkuri with no functions selected will scold it, and it will also apply a scolding effect to many actions like flicking. slapping and hammer + box. Scolding is the primary way to train your Yukkuri. The main use cases are when something objectionable is happening:
  386.         >When the Yukkuri is starting it's poo poo animation and there's a toilet available, scold it and it will remember the toilet and head there to poo. Do this repeatedly until it starts heading to the toilet on its own. This is how you potty train your Yukkuri. It is far easier to scold it to go to the toilet beforehand than to order it to drag the poo poo to the toilet after the fact. How long it takes to learn will depend on intelligence, and a smart enough Yukkuri won't even need to be trained at all. Sometimes it will just ignore the scolding, and that's when you know you have a real shithead on your hands.
  387.         >When it's complaining about food before it eats. If it's a nice Yukkuri it will understand and be grateful, if it's scummy it will get mad and puff at you. Not sure if continued scolding for this will train it to not complain.
  388.         >When it's begging for seconds or sweets after it eats. If it's a nice Yukkuri it will understand and be grateful, if it's scummy it will get mad and puff at you. Not sure if continued scolding for this will train it to not beg.
  389.         >Some other stuff I'm probably forgetting
  391.         Using it when none of the above is happening will give it +80 stress and make it say it's doing nothing wrong.
  394. Key Concepts
  395. --------------------
  396. Afraid
  397.     After various degrees of physical abyuse, the Yukkuri will be afraid of you. It will automatically run away from your cursor until it can cower in the corner, and will add +40 stress every time it talks. If a TP tube or clay pipe is available, they will beeline towards it. The fear will go away over time, and in some cases will disappear if you offer them food.
  399. Anti-yukkuritis
  400.     A Yukkuri can undergo anti-yukkuritis, which in the context of the game means you've mindbroken the Yukkuri. It will have unfocused eyes and can only say variations on "Yu!" and "Easy!". In practice, this is pretty much an INSTA-KILL for the Yukkuri, since it will be unable to do anything else for the rest of its life. If you slap it sideways, it will stay there without trying to right itself. There are certain triggers for this, some more dependant on high stress than others:
  402.     Possible with medium stress:
  403.     Cutting off it's peni peni after using the rotor
  404.     Putting a needle in its mamu mamu while it's forced down
  405.     Cutting off a stalk with babies on it
  407.     Possible with very high stress:
  408.     Punching it or hammering it
  409.     Cutting its accessory
  410.     Placing it or its accessory in a fire
  411.     Shaving it (only if you let if finish crying without interfering)
  413. Constipation
  414.     If the Yukkuri is fed low quality food, it might become constipated. When it tries to poo, it will either only work after multiple tries or never work at all. After being constipated for a while, it will actually dread poo poo time and be sad whenever it does it. There are two ways to solve this: start giving it higher quality food or have it drink from the water bottle.
  416. Dirty
  417.     There are 2 way to achieve the dirty status: if it's intelligence is very low and it poo poos upside down onto itself, and if you rub it in poo poo on the ground. This doesn't affect too much, other than making it sadder in general and having other Yukkuri hesitant to rub rub with it.
  419. Family
  420.     A Yukkuri can recognize other Yukkuri as part of it's family. This applies if you pick up certain Yukkuri close in a cluster in the wild, or impregnate an adult and have the babies be born. There are two general relationships: daddy and little one, and little sis and big sis.
  422. Growing up (adult and child)
  423.     A koyukkuri will grow up to be an adult in its sleep after 31 ingame days have passed. You can also pick up an adult Yukkuri in the wild. They will have less slurred dialogue than kos do (like saying "easy" instead of "eajy" or "da ze" instead of "da je"). Adults react differently to certain actions than kos do, like the gimlet or flicking. Adults are the only ones that can get pregnant and grow a stalk.
  425. Happiness~ (Pee pee)
  426.     The Yukkuri will do Happiness~ in 2 instances: if it's eating food far above what it's used to, and randomly during sleep. The former might be able to be fixed by continuously using "Prohibit "happiness" after eating" in the Train menu, but how effective it is may depend on its affection level. The latter might only happen if it has low intelligence (not confirmed).
  428. Reimu and Marisa (& future updates)
  429.     For the longest time this game only featured one baby Marisa (the game was informally called "Maricha game" because of this.) But through recent content updates, functionality like adulthood, multiple Yukkuris, impregnation, Yukkuri families, and Reimu were added. Reimu right now is still in general more buggy than Marisa is, and as of 1.19 adult Reimu still isn't implemented yet. In the future the dev plans to add features like fighting and breeding between Yukkuris.
  431. Rub rub
  432.     There are two kinds of rub rub: between you and between other Yukkuri. Both methods reduce stress by significant amounts. For the former, you can trigger it using the menu, but if its affection is very high, she will automatically seek out rub rub with your cursor. It will chase your cursor and if you hold it over her she will rub rub until she's satisfied. If a Reimu doll is available, it will also want to rub rub with the Reimu doll in lieu of your cursor. For the latter, this will happen randomly between family members. Two Yukkuri will say they want to rub rub then come together and do so. Having "dirty" status will have the receiving Yukkuri refuse to do so, and a missing accessory will have the receiving Yukkuri not recognize the other. Both will result in cries of "Why would you do thaaat?"
  434. Poo poo
  435.     After eating, the Yukkuri will likely want to do poo poo. Unless it is intelligent, it will likely do poo poo outside of a toilet unless you train it. A poo poo on the ground will make nearby Yukkuris puff at it and ask why it's there. You can pick up a Yukkuri and rub its face in it. If the Yukkuri has 0 fullness and low health (<50 for instance), it will eat its poo poo out of desperation, which will restore a very small amount of fullness.
  437. Sleeping
  438.     At night, the Yukkuri will go to sleep. It will dream of easy things like becoming a dosu, lowering stress by -10 to -15 each time. Will choose to sleep in a house if one is available. Fullness will decrease at a reduced rate and health may increase. Will reduce stress every time it sleeptalks. If a koyukkuri is old enough to grow up, it will grow up while it sleeps. It might make pee pee in the middle of the night and be woken up. If their health is very low, it will go to sleep with a sad expression.
  440. Spoiling taste buds
  441.     If you feed your Yukkuri higher quality food, it will get used to the quality and get sad/mad when it eats normal quality food. Likewise, if it is used to low quality food, it will be very happy if it eats normal food. Similarly, if it is used to being fed often, it will have a quicker threshold for when it becomes hungry.
  443. Stretch stretch
  444.     Doing stretch stretch is a common thing Yukkuris do while idle. This is its natural way to reduce stress. The stress reduced is random but it will generally reduce more stress moving left and right than straight up or down. I've seen -5 and -20 for the latter and -90, -120 and -140 for the former.
  446. Yukkuri-to-Yukkuri Interactions
  447.     The only Yukkuri-to-Yukkuri interactions programmed in right now are between family members, so if you place two randoms in the Yukkurarium together one won't react if something happens to the other for the time being. Yukkuris can do rub rub with each other as mentioned above, and can also come to the rescue of other Yukkuris. If you hurt one of them, like with flicking, the others will run towards it while it's crying and do lick lick until it's happy again. If you're doing something that hurts one for an extended amount of time like holding it down to the ground or hanging it with a hook, the others will puff puff at you for around 30 seconds until they give up. If you kill one, the others will be shocked and slowly back away from the corpse.
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