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McMMO Suggestion - Pleasured (New)

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Jun 20th, 2012
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  1. Indeed I shall in simple steps....
  2. When you type /McStats a bunch of skills are displayed.
  3. Now if the player had mcmmo.skills.hide.stats.mining permission...
  4. When they typed /McStats ALL the skills would show EXCEPT MINING
  5. However the player CAN still gain Experience in Mining!
  7. Now with the other Permission, you can Disable the Skill Notifications!
  8. If the play has mcmmo.skills.hide.notifications.mining
  9. When they leveled up, It WOULD NOT show 'You've just leveled in Mining (3)'
  11. This is Perfect for PVP Servers as they Don't want players to see the Gathering Skills in /McStats
  12. But then they CAN Gain Experience in Gathering Skills! So no XP Loss!
  14. Also the NO XP GAIN Permission where the player/group can't gain Experience in certain skills...
  15. If the player has mcmmo.skills.disable.mining
  16. When they Mine, they wont receive any Experience in Mining
  18. We can take this further by only Selecting Blocks...
  19. If the player has mcmmo.skills.disable.mining.diamond
  20. When the player/group Mines Coal and Iron, they will still get Experience
  21. But when the player/group Mines Diamond, they Wont get any Expereience because the permission is Disabling Mining XP in Diamond.
  24. All Players have Power Levels that show their Total Level.
  25. Arcane XP shows the Players Total Experience. and Would be shown under Power Level when typed /McStats
  27. [New Suggestion]
  28. - Skill
  29. - Protection
  31. By taking damage you gain Experience in the Skill: Protection
  32. Every level of Protection increases your Armor Defense
  33. At selected levels you can equip better Armor... Example
  34. Protection Armor Levels:
  35. Leather_Chestplate: 1
  36. Leather_Leggings: 0
  37. Iron_Helmet: 5 #Requires level 5 to wear Iron Helmet
  38. Iron_Boots: 4
  39. Gold_Chestplate 25 #Requires level 25 to wear Gold Chestplate
  40. Diamond_Leggings: 50
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