Mercenary Blade and Ironbreaker Blade

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  1. Mercenary Blade - C
  3. A unique style built upon with trial by fire on the battlefield, honed in the chaos of clashing armies, this style of swordsmanship boasts high offensive capacity in an effort to dominate a foe with brute force, overwhelming the opponent by the use of heavy, powerful strikes. With broadsword in hand, a user hurls themselves into combat with crushing overhands and broad sweeping cuts, able to break an enemy battle line with this rain of savage blows.
  5. Ironbreaker Blade - B-rank Upgrade
  7. Building upon a background of soldiery, Ironbreaker Blade requires the user to hurl their full weight behind the strikes of a one-handed broadsword, using their mass and a measure of raw brute strength to crush right through their opponent's guard. Focusing purely on offense, the user takes up a wild style of fighting, able to tear right through even the ranked lines of infantry by simply smashing their way straight over them.
  9. [Cannot be parried if user's strength is greater than target's]
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