FAQ: Stray

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  1. FAQ:
  2. Q: Where the hell is stray?
  3. A: Stray will need some rest after his DDR marathon. DemonhuntersMC will be streaming for him tonight! | FTB Beta 0.7 Hardcore - Demonhunters Playing so Stray can rest - 21.00 GMT
  5. Q: So who are DemonhuntersMC and what are your spec.
  6. A: You can find his twitch here and all his spec.
  8. Q: How do you destroy all blocks like that?
  9. A: ConnectedDestruction/BlockBreaker Is the mod that allows entire veins of ore to be mined. Stray uses a custom version you can download here and install it into 'coremods'. You need to install bspkrsCore from into 'mods'.You will also need his configs try the !config command.
  11. Q: What mods are you using?
  12. A: This is a list of the mods Stray uses.
  14. Q: so what are the config?
  15. Here's stray's complete config folder including treecapitator and connected destruction/blockbreaker this is the same config that DemonhuntersMC use aswell.
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