Pokemon Red E4 practice FAQ

Exarion Nov 13th, 2014 (edited) 138 Never
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  1. Q: What are you doing?
  3. A: I am practicing the Elite Four section of a Pokemon Red any% glitchless speed run.
  5. Q: Why?
  7. A: I haven't practiced this section enough, and it's both very important and very difficult to execute in a speed run with a specific goal time. Also, I realized today that I calculated a bunch of damage ranges for the Elite Four incorrectly.
  9. Q: Why play Red when you have a 1:50?
  11. A: I really like speedrunning this game, and when I'm tired, I can do it a lot better than Emerald, Yellow, or other games I'm less familiar with. Also, I'm not satisfied with my time and level of play, and I want to improve.
  13. Q: Why have separate splits and goals for practice?
  15. A: To make it more fun for me and the viewers, and to simulate a run that needs to save a certain amount of time to meet my goal.
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