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  1.     What makes you think you would be the best choice for moderator? with me having more experience than most, with "moding" people, and plugin know how, i think i could be a person that could get things done if people ask me to do it. if it falls in line of what im allowed to do of course.
  3.     What is your age? 16
  5.     Do you have access to the mumble server? yes
  7.     Approximately how long have you been playing on the server? im a newer member, havent really been talking that much to the other players that aren't in the mumble chat.
  9.     How often are you on every day? (hours) so far 1 - 4 sometimes 5, that would probably stay about the same if i do obtain moderator. im also on during the busiest times of the day, as well as mornings.  
  11.     What do you feel sets you apart from the other candidates? i feel that i have more experience for moderating servers than most people for the amount of time ive spent doing it.  
  13.     Do you have any experience with plugins? yeah, most servers now run pretty much the same plugins, the only ones i might have trouble with are the "economy" plugins.
  15.     Do you have previous experience with leadership roles? (If so, what position?) 2 moderator positions on smp and pvp servers, aswell as an admin position on a creative server to help with permissions and griefers.
  17.     What position are you looking to fill? (General Gameplay Mod, Plugin Dev) general gameplay mod.
  19.     How do you think you would benefit the server if you were chosen?
  21.     Are you willing and able to become knowledgeable in all the server plugins with haste? yes, but i might need reminders every once and a while.
  23.     What do you do with your freetime? skating and minecraft, 8 times out of ten ill choose minecraft.
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