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  1. [22:15] Rook asks, "What're you afraid of?"
  2. [22:16] Nereida says, "It sounds silly.."
  3. [22:16] Nereida asks, "But I'm afraid of all things unknown- but isn't everyone?"
  4. [22:16] Nereida exclaims, "Oh and spiders!"
  5. [22:17] Nereida says, "There's bees too, but their more of an irritation than a fear. I hate the noise they make."
  6. [22:17] Rook says, "Ah... That's not too silly."
  7. [22:18] Nereida says, "Though flying beetles are the -worst- with noises! But I give them a pass because their blind and have no idea where they fly off too."
  8. [22:18] Nereida asks, "Hmph, what are you afraid of?"
  9. [22:19] Rook continued to face Nereida but looked to the side.
  11. "... Nothin'."
  12. (Rook)
  13. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. [22:20] Nereida scoffed in disbelief, folding her arms across her chest.
  17. "I don't believe that for a minute," She said, shaking her head. "Everyone's afraid of something."
  18. (Nereida)
  19. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. [22:25] Rook let out a sigh. "Fine... Stuff like... If I ever got into an ally fight and my opponent had a knife. That's scary, I could die. Especially when I was only 5."
  23. He paused. "... Thought recently, I learned that I think I'm afraid of things changing too fast. It sounds dumb, but I like being a nobody farmer from the poor district. I don't want any of that to change 'cause some annoyed crime Syndicate wants it to."
  24. (Rook)
  25. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. [22:49] Rook didn't pay much mind to the girls gasp and simply shrugged his shoulders. "Why try to... 'climb the ladder'? It's not like I gotta be a knight or part of the upperclass to be happy." he shook his head.
  29. "Actually, I wish more people would just be happy with what they've got and be happy..." he lowered his eyes. "Everytime I see someone try to 'get more' something terrible happens."
  30. (Rook)
  31. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  33. [22:57] … He has a point there, but does it really ring true? Most of the wealthier people she has watched pass by while she's tilling in the fields look super happy in their expensive clothes, and speaking their expansive lingo whilst sauntering about. Perhaps, perhaps she's taking things at face value when she watches, maybe it's all just a façade but not for the naïve farmgirl. "And when was the last time that happened to you?" Nereida inquired, pretending to pay no mind to his happiness statement. "When was the last time somebody close to you fail at getting on the top of the food chain?" To say that the old man from months before's comment bothered her was quite the understatement.
  34. (Nereida)
  35. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  37. [22:58] Nereida says, "There's nothing wrong with wanting to reach for the stars."
  38. [23:03] Rook shook his head. "People fail all the times, but it's when they succeed is when something bad usually happens." he answered.
  40. "I've seen people steal and kill for enough money just to leave Sudbury. And I always hear rumors that the nobles in the upper class just have people do their killin' for 'em." he sighed.
  42. "If you try to climb up honestly, you get killed or screwed by scumbags trying to stay on top. But if you cheat and kill to climb up then you're a scumbag yourself. I'd rather just be a farmer and ignore it all..."
  43. (Rook)
  44. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  46. [23:05] Nereida says, "There must be another way! One that doesn't involve murder."
  47. [23:05] Nereida says, "Or cheating."
  48. [23:06] Rook says, "... I guess if you have a big group of people all willing to die for you, then you could have the man power to defend yourself while climbing up."
  49. [23:07] Nereida says, "... That's that's terrible..."
  50. [23:07] Nereida says, "I never thought the whole world can be so... s-so cruel."
  51. [23:07] Rook says, "Yeah, that's why I don't like it."
  52. [23:08] Rook says, "Well, of course it's not 'everyone'... But... It only takes a few."
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