ESS adapters

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  1. ESS adapters are pieces of hardware that manipulate the way your console understands your analog input.  Bottom line is that they make ESS tricks quantifiably easier by increasing the range on the stick where ESS works.  I think they should be banned on that basis.  Here are my counterpoints to the main arguments I have seen from people who disagree:
  3. "But then why not ban all controller adapters?" A controller adapter does not change the way the game enacts your inputs.  Moving the buttons around in space to better suit your hands is the only thing that's happening there.  I like the shape of an N64 controller so I use an adapter for it.  However this is just a preference. It does not make anything ACTUALLY easier toaccomplish in the game.  I could be just as good on a GC controller if I got used to it.  A controller adapter is analogous to pitching a baseball right-handed or left-handed.  People who are good at both can be equally skilled; there is no inherent advantage.  An ESS adapter would be like using a pitching machine instead of a human pitcher.  It takes the skill away from your teams ability to pitch precisely, and makes it unfair in the league standings to say your team is doing well, especially for those teams that can't afford a pitching machine.  Can you really say your team is better just because you are higher on the leaderboard?
  5. "Speedrunning is just for fun, let people do what they want."  If you are arguing this, at what point does it stop?  We've had rules for years.  Should people start using banned glitches in certain runs because they think it would be more fun?  I mean, feel free but don't submit to the leaderboard and expect to compare with your friends.  Speedrunning isn't a solo venture anymore. It hasn't been for a long time as we have moved to twitch and social media to further the progress of games together.  It's like golf.  Sure it may feel like a one player game as you trek alone between the holes.  And maybe you're aiming to get a personal best under par for the course.  But in the end you're at the PGA tour and you want to fairly compare to your friends. If you want to improve your personal best time by using an ESS adapter, that's perfectly fine.  But submitting to the same leaderboard as those who don't use it and saying you deserve the higher rank is silly.  Competition IS a part of speedrunning.  It's friendly competition and we all want everyone to improve.  But saying it doesn't exist is naive.
  7. "How would you prove it?"  I don't even understand this argument.  Who cares?  This isn't a witch hunt.  You make rules and hope people are honorable enough to abide by them.
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