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  1. I've just recently started playing Magic Arena, and have barely watched this version of the game to be played, so this feedback is that of a new player in that regard.
  3. 1) Add hotkeys. This one you're probably aware of, but I can't submit feedback and neglect to mention this. The ones I feel like I'm sourly missing are mostly:
  4. a) a button for confirm and/or pass,
  5. b) a button for cancel
  7. 2) Add some options.
  8. a) enable single-click to play a card (not forcing double click or drag & drop)
  9. b) allow "boxing" to select multiple permanents (for example when declaring attackers, you should be able to box a couple of creatures and select them for attack)
  10. c) change the audio background noise to be controlled by Ambience slider instead of SFX in Audio controls. There's a background noise that is constant when playing, and it is for some reason behind the SFX slider, which forced me to play with SFX off, which in turn made me turn all sounds off.
  12. 3) Adjust front-page event design to be able to list all current/coming events. At the time of writing it looks like this:
  13. Arena Play Modes (attached MTGArenaArenaPlayModes.PNG)
  14. - Sealed Ravnica Allegiance
  15. - Traditional Draft Ravnica Allegiance
  16. - Ranked Draft Rivals of Ixalan
  17. All Play Modes (Attached MTGArenaAllPlayModes.PNG)
  18. - Sealed Ravnica Allegiance
  19. - Traditional Draft Guilds of Ravnica
  20. - Traditional Draft Ravnica Allegiance
  22. Personally I wasn't actually aware you could see the events when you pressed play, so I tried using the front page interface the game was showing me, as I could see some events there. I was looking for Ranked Draft Rivals of Ixalan but couldn't find it, until I clicked on the button to only show 'Arena Play Modes'. I feel like the button to change between Arena Play Modes and All Play Modes is unnecessary and complicates matters further, as it's unclear what it even means. What is an Arena Play Mode? Why do I not see Ranked Draft Rivals of Ixalan under All Play Modes?
  24. Suggestion:
  25. a) Remove the button to change between play modes
  26. b) List all ongoing and upcoming events on the right sidebar on the front page interface and make the right part "scrollable".
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