[RGRE?] Smiley Limey

Feb 26th, 2017
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  1. >Mares shake their heads as they silently watch as a fuming Limestone leads Anon back home
  2. >Limestone's left eye is twitching (daring anypony to gaze into it) and her snarl would make a manticore think twice before trying to eat her
  3. >Her herdmates - her own sisters, but that isn't TOO odd for earth ponies - walk behind her and Anon at a more sedate pace, clearly hesitating to follow her
  4. >Their ears are flopped down and their heads are lowered
  5. >They cast anxious glances at Limestone, but quickly avert their eyes back down to the ground as they walk, dragging their hooves
  6. >That poor, poor Anon
  7. >The mares can tell that Anon's going to fall down some stairs and into a door knob as soon as he gets home.
  8. >They can only hope that his other herdmates will be able to control Limestone and keep things from getting too out of hoof.
  10. >Meanwhile, back at the Anon house, things are a flurry of activity
  11. >Pinkie, Maud, and Marble Pie all bolt like startled herd animals as soon as the front door closes
  12. >One runs into the kitchen (to hide under the sink like she usually does)
  13. >The other two run upstairs (one will hide under their large bed, and the other will find the laundry basket and jump inside, covering themselves with Anon's dirty clothes)
  14. >Limestone collapses and lets out a long-suffering groan.
  15. >"Those bucking mares..."
  16. >Anon picks her up and hugs her boneless frame close to him, humming sympathetically
  17. >He sits down on the floor and leans back against the wall, allowing his alpha mare to sprawl out against his chest and stretch her limbs out
  18. >"I'm going to bucking kill them someday, Anon..." she murmurs, nuzzling his cheek
  19. >Anon scratches Limestone behind the ears and feels a shiver run through her body.
  20. >"M-Maybe later, though..."
  21. >Limestone rests her muzzle against the crook of his neck, and all is well.
  22. >His herdmates will come out of hiding in time for dinner, and Limestone will soon be back to her usual cheery self.
  25. Dramatic reading:
  26. Thank you, based CaptainAnonymous <3
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