Harold/Benoit C-A Supports

Jul 1st, 2015
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  1. C RANK
  3. HAROLD: Benoit, my man. It can't be fun sitting out here yourself.
  5. BENOIT: I'm fine...
  7. HAROLD: Come, let's join the others.
  9. BENOIT: No, I'm fine... I'll just make them uncomfortable.
  11. HAROLD: You'll make them uncomfortable?
  13. BENOIT: Yes. I'm this large, and my face is also... like this. That's why everyone is afraid of me. It's always been this way...
  15. HAROLD: I never thought you'd have those sorts of worries. But, be at ease, for I, Harold, shall solve your problems.
  17. BENOIT: Solve them? You can do that?
  19. HAROLD: Of course. There's nothing I can't do. Now... hm, here's the plan. You and I will walk back to the others with huge smiles on our faces. When they see you suddenly acting cheery, they'll ask, "What's the matter?" and you'll laugh and say, "this is how I really am."
  21. BENOIT: I think even I could manage that much...
  23. HAROLD: Of course, that alone won't solve everything. However, it's important to make progress step by step. Alright?
  25. BENOIT: Y-yeah, alright...
  26. ---
  27. B RANK
  29. BENOIT: Uuuu.... Uaaaaaaahh... They only got even more scaaaaared!
  31. HAROLD: Sorry... I never thought that would happen... We walked back smiling, as we planed. And then, you asked, "How is everyone doing?" Everyone looked a little nervous, but that was a good smile you had. Everything was going well until this point.
  33. BENOIT: Yeah...
  35. HAROLD: But, regardless of your smile, there was this weird look on everyone's faces. I had my doubts. It was as if they were seeing something abnormal... And in the midst of that, you said, "This is how I really am." Then, an eerie growl came from behind you. And when we turned around, we saw...
  37. BENOIT: A giant horde of Nosferatuuuuuuu!
  39. HAROLD: So basically... we walked back smiling while leading that giant horde of Nosferatu behind us. Thus, when you said "This is how I really am," it took on a shocking new meaning. I'm sorry. This is all my fault. My impossibly bad luck brought this upon you...
  41. BENOIT: It's over for me...
  43. HAROLD: No, not yet. Don't make such pessimistic oversimplifications. Master Kamui and the others refused to believe you could be the commanding the Nosferatu. We'll need to make our new plan as soon as possible, but, hm... Yes, I've got an idea.
  45. BENOIT: What idea? I don't want to fail again.
  47. HAROLD: Hahaha, have no fear. This plan is guaranteed to succeed. Let's make our preparations straight away.
  48. ---
  49. A RANK
  51. HAROLD: ... Sorry. I never thought we'd go through such an unexpected turn of events once again...!
  53. BENOIT: You don't need to apologize...
  55. HAROLD: No, at least let me break everything down. I thought that if you could cook everyone a meal, they'd have a better impression of you. Cooking can help you communicate without words. As long as it's good, everyone's happy. But, you told me you weren't a good cook. So, I suggested we grill steak.
  57. BENOIT: It was a good idea... and I did actually cook the steak, too...
  59. HAROLD: The issue is what happened afterwards. I didn't expect to see anything when I turned around, but there, standing behind us, was a slew of bears...
  61. BENOIT: My guess is the smell of meat lured them over.
  63. HAROLD: I raised my fists and prepared for battle, but I caught a hook from a bear and passed out. How shameful! You have my sincerest apologies.
  65. BENOIT: No, I told you, there's nothing you need to apologize for...
  67. HAROLD: Huh? What do you mean?
  69. BENOIT: Let me tell you what happened while you were passed out. Indeed, everyone else was surprised to see the bears too. Some of them were screaming. But, I said, "These bears aren't bad guys." As to the reason I said that, that's because those bears were my good friends.
  71. HAROLD: Huh?
  73. BENOIT: I was born in a farming village. I played with the animals of the forest since my earliest days, and those bears were my old friends from back then.
  75. HAROLD: But that fierce hook...
  77. BENOIT: They told me they attacked you because you made fists at them.
  79. HAROLD S-so that's why...
  81. BENOIT: I calmed everyone down, and explained the situation to the bears, and shared our food with them. We all ate the meat together, and Master Kamui said, "The way he befriends animals is proof of the purity of his heart," and everyone nodded in agreement. I was nearly brought to tears...
  83. HAROLD: D-did that really happen while I was passed out...?
  85. BENOIT: This is a present for you. The bears made it with me as thanks and apology.
  87. HAROLD: A charm?
  89. BENOIT: Yes, there is a honey-colored stone set in it. It should protect you from evil... You said to me that strange things often happen to you. I hope this can ward them off...
  91. HAROLD: I'm touched by this gift. Thank you. If you're ever in need of help, let me know.
  93. BENOIT: You too... If animals ever attack you, give me a call.
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