Oct 8th, 2019
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  1. Welcome to your new pack for Windows Never Released and Never Released Operating System: Operating System Mockup Kit Plus!
  2. It is unofficial tool for software fiction, and Windows mockups, feel free to use it, and be a pro.
  3. All credits in a "READ ME FIRST" folder, and if author of some resourse is not credited, complain about it in server.
  5. Files: 69203
  6. Unpacked Size: 7,5 GB
  7. Packed Size: GB
  8. Based of: OS Graphic Kit 1.2 SP1, OS Sounds Kit 1.2, OS Photoshop Stuff 1.2, OS Camera Photos 1.2, Project Toy Terrier Milestone 5, WNR Base Kit Milestone 3
  9. Current version: RTM (October 2019 Release)
  10. Times that need to download is based of your internet connection
  11. Unpacking OSMK+ is based of strength of your PC (can be up to a hour for a 4GB RAM laptop)
  12. You can say about feedback and bugs at https://discord.gg/AJP7yPk
  13. Need 7-zip for unzipping this pack.
  15. Requirments:
  16. A decent PC, 15 GB of free space
  17. At lest decent knowlenge of operating systems and windows mockups (so-called Windows Never Released)
  18. Graphic editor (paint.net, GIMP, Photoshop, or something simular to them)
  19. Patience
  20. At least satisfying skills.
  22. Link for OSMK+:
  24. Home website for OSMK: https://osmk.lh11.xyz/
  25. Home arcticle for Project "Toy Terrier": https://www.deviantart.com/denisnikolaev/art/Windows-Never-Released-base-for-Paint-net-beginers-810105976
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