Fucking adorable Roxy and Minty movie time

Jan 7th, 2014
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  1. >day watching a movie at Anons house
  2. >you are Minty
  3. >and yes, it’s another Roxy story so gather round
  4. “You girls keep watching, I’m going to fetch more popcorn”
  5. >Anon gets up and Roxy does not seem too happy about it
  6. >she’s been a bit frightened by the movie and clinging to her father
  7. >another scary part comes up and Roxy tries her best to look it without trying to hide somewhere
  8. >you smirk
  9. >Roxy notices this and steels her mind to not avert her eyes, she must have taken that as a challenge
  10. >you focus more on Roxy than the movie
  11. >she hides her face behind her hands as yet another scary part comes up and desperately looks around for cover
  12. >oh you can’t take this anymore
  13. >you lift your wing open and shield Roxy from the screen
  14. >now just to wait for her to loudly claim that she did not need any help
  15. >but
  16. >Roxy gets up and sits behind you and hugs your neck, burying her face into your fluff
  17. >welp, this is surprising
  18. >but you nuzzle your head against Roxy’s head lovingly
  19. “...thanks”
  20. >Oh how precious
  21. >Anon walks into the room and sees the two of you like that
  22. “...the movie too scary?”
  23. >Roxy removes her face from your fluff
  24. “No!”
  25. >”Yes”
  26. >Roxy stares at you angry
  27. “Well, let me change the movie real quick”
  28. >Anon turns the lights back on and Roxy backs away from you, embarrassed
  29. “Minty, come help me pick up a movie”
  30. >before you have the chance to fully get up Roxy is already at Anons side, pointing to the movies she would like to see
  31. >you roll your eyes and make your way to the two of them
  32. “No Roxy, let’s let Minty choose”
  33. >Roxy seems a bit heartbroken, holding her favorite cartoon movie
  34. >oh why not
  35. >”Actually Anon, I wanted to see that movie too”
  36. >Anon raises his eyebrow at you as Roxy’s face lights up in a big smile and she gives you a hug
  37. >only to embarrassedly pull back once she notices what she is doing
  38. >you give Anon a sincere smile as you walk back to the TV with Roxy
  39. >”Come now Anon, put the movie on”
  40. >Anon chuckles a bit and puts the movie on as Roxy sits next to you, eyes glued to the screen in excitement
  41. >the rest of the movie goes on normally and by the end of it Roxy is sleeping against your body
  42. “Here, let me carry her off to bed”
  43. >Anon picks Roxy up gently and carries her off to sleep as you take the now empty bowl of popcorn and carry it to the kitchen
  44. >as you return you find Anon sitting lazily on the couch, looking a bit tired
  45. >”Had a rough day?”
  46. “Yeah, I’m exhausted”
  47. >you settle down onto the couch next to Anon
  48. “You and Roxy are starting to get along much more better”
  49. >you chuckle slightly to yourself
  50. >”Yeah, who knows for how long, but it’s a nice change”
  51. >Anon rubs his neck and bites his teethes together
  52. >”Feeling stiff?”
  53. >Anon blushes and quickly takes a look at his crotch and you break out laughing
  54. >”Haha hah I m- hahaha meant your neck”
  55. >Anon blushes even more now
  56. “Yeah... been killing me all day”
  57. >”Get down”
  58. >Anon looks at you questionably
  59. >”C’mon, get down to the floor, sit in front of me”
  60. >Anon does what he’s told and you start to massage his shoulders and neck for him
  61. “Oh that feels nice”
  62. >Anon relaxes under your hoofs as you keep massaging him for a while
  63. >”So Anon, want to return the favor~?”
  64. >there is no response
  65. >you take a closer look at Anon and find that he has fallen asleep
  66. >”Anon, wake up...”
  67. >you gently stir Anon awake
  68. >Anon opens his eyes, yawns and looks around, before spotting you, grinning down on him
  69. “Huh, must have been even sleepier than I thought, how long was I out?”
  70. >”for a while~”
  71. >Anon raises an eyebrow that the peculiar ring in your voice
  72. >”You should go to sleep if you are that tired, I’ll even tuck you in”
  73. “That actually sounds lovely Minty”
  74. >the two of you make your way to Anons bedroom and Anon lies down onto the bed as you pick up his blanket and fly up to him
  75. >but before you can tuck him in, Anon suddenly catches you and flips you onto his bed with him
  76. “How about I put you to bed?”
  77. >...
  78. >oh screw it
  79. >your eyes turn onto seduction mode
  80. >”I would love that~”
  81. >suddenly Roxy walks into the room while sleepily rubbing her eye, wearing a cute pajama
  82. >Anon quickly gets off of you and lies next to you on the bed
  83. “I had a bad dream....”
  84. >Before either one of you can say anything Roxy just climbs onto the bed and climbs on top of the two of you and instantly goes back to sleep
  85. >Anon and you exchange looks
  86. “Well, want to sleep here tonight Minty?”
  87. >”Yeah, let’s go to sleep”
  88. >Soon Anon falls asleep too and you are the only one up
  89. >your eyelids start to feel heavier, and as you fall asleep you catch yourself thinking it would not be a bad thing to be a part of this family...
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