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Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 40: Northern Blues (Part 23)

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  1. [2013-06-12 13:22:25] <Kkat> 3The sky has begun to grow dim as dusk sets in.
  2. [2013-06-12 13:22:32] <Kkat> 3Bookwright "Well, I really don't want to sleep inside the freezing coffin if I can avoid it here, but I think we've spent too much time dawdling here doing other things to get to Stable-Tec before nightfall, and I don't relish the idea of traveling in the dark.
  3. [2013-06-12 13:22:41] <Kkat> 3CopyCat tactlessly sends a suger-fueled thought to Shatara and the group. {Hey, we could make little piles of coffee cups around the building so anyone approaching would knock them over and make noise... these are tasty. Omnomnom.}
  4. [2013-06-12 13:22:48] <Kkat> 3Bookwright gives CopyCat a look of unreserved horror
  5. [2013-06-12 13:22:53] <Kkat> 3The fire engine is largely repaired and is awaiting an arcane flux regulator.  As Noble_Heart and Mitzi finish the grave marker, the others are looking at the Joe's Donuts & Java as a potential place to bed down for the night.
  6. [2013-06-12 13:23:00] <Kkat> 3The chocolate sprinkles are chocolatey.
  7. [2013-06-12 13:23:06] <Kkat> 3Shatara 's eyes go all @.@ as bizzare, coffee cup and sugar related thoughts get forced into his mind.
  8. [2013-06-12 13:23:15] <Kkat> 3Kid cracks up. (CopyCat, you can't eat all those sprinkles! Ya'll gon' get a wicked tummy ache.")
  9. [2013-06-12 13:23:22] <Kkat> 3Bookwright <CopyCat, eat all the sprinkles you want! Yaaaaaay sprinkles! So delicious! So yummy! So sprinkly! Yaaaaaaay!>
  10. [2013-06-12 13:23:27] <Kkat> 3Bookwright bows before ozymarious
  11. [2013-06-12 13:24:27] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Forty: Northern Blues (Part Twenty-Three) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH01FhqMdc8
  12. [2013-06-12 13:24:35] <Kkat> 3-- Session Begins ---
  13. [2013-06-12 13:31:36] * Kid slumps. "So, wait, hold up. What do we need to get this goin' again, Shatara?" Sprinkles. No, wait. Damnit, Copycat!
  14. [2013-06-12 13:34:02] * Noble_Heart slowly peels herself away from the grave marker as the last markings were finished. "We thank you." She bowed her head to Mitzi before slowly moving towards the donut shop.
  15. [2013-06-12 13:34:31] * Get_Lost yawns and curls on herself, tapping at her helmet while scrolling trough all the vision options she has... util she activates night vision and takes a look around
  16. [2013-06-12 13:36:06] * CopyCat munches slowly. Sprinklessprinklessprinklessprinkles.
  17. [2013-06-12 13:37:00] * Get_Lost hey, copycat, if you eat too many sweets your plot will become a epic poem...
  18. [2013-06-12 13:37:07] * Bookwright watches CopyCat and the Sprinkles warily. Can never be too careful around sprinkles.
  19. [2013-06-12 13:37:08] <Get_Lost> ""
  20. [2013-06-12 13:37:35] * Get_Lost "those things are meant to be nibbled... also, they last loger..."
  21. [2013-06-12 13:40:01] * Shatara blinks at kid. "Huh..? Oh! Uh...the truck needs a new arcane flux regulator...one of them Military wagons by the Zebra camp might have one..." why didn't we check those while we were there? he ponders, being increasingly distracted by thoughts of sweet sugary goodness.
  22. [2013-06-12 13:40:55] * CopyCat offers whats left of a box to Get_Lost. "Would you like some? They're pretty tasty... The colourful ones are pretty pretty, too."
  23. [2013-06-12 13:41:47] * Get_Lost "surte, thanks" noms a couple and smiles "it's incredible how long they did last, isn't it? oh well... what now?"
  24. [2013-06-12 13:44:29] * Kid grits her teeth. Candy. No. Grenadine. No. Jelly- She forced her mind into the topic at hoof. "Shatara. Wouldn't they have that arcane whosiwhatsit 'r, I 'unno, somethin' close at the Stable-Tec buildin'?"
  25. [2013-06-12 13:46:23] <Kkat> 3One of the boxes of sprinkles contains chocolate ones.  The second a rainbow of colors.  The last has only sprinkles that are white, pink, lavender and purple.
  26. [2013-06-12 13:47:53] <Kkat> 3The candy is sweet and oh-so-sugary.
  27. [2013-06-12 13:49:27] * Shatara shrugs. "Dunno. Depends if they have any pegacarts around there."
  28. [2013-06-12 13:50:23] * Bookwright hrms, "Well, we should figure out if we're coming or we're going. It will be dark soon, and I don't relish, mustard, or catsup the idea of being out there in the dark."
  29. [2013-06-12 13:52:58] * Get_Lost "can't we simply tune down the all thing? i mean, it was supposed to be flown byt pegasi, but wehave a lot more flight power here... if we keep the whole engine under the security parameters by far we could directly bypass that piece"
  30. [2013-06-12 13:54:23] * Kid folds her forelegs, one ear pointed up, one ear parallel to the ground, and both eyes closed. "I think it best that we jus' leave it here for a while 'n go to th' Stable-Tec Buildin'. Best case, y' find one. Worst case, we do that thing Get said to get to that one thing we found way back. Let's not get caught up in th' dark.""
  31. [2013-06-12 13:55:16] * CopyCat munches from the third box of sprinkles and experiences a sudden desire to sing lullabies at such a volume it would be classed as 'assault'.
  32. [2013-06-12 13:55:22] * Get_Lost "ah, stable tech! i bet you would have let me try if i was a stabletech pony instead of a solaris..." pouts
  33. [2013-06-12 13:56:21] <Kkat> 3Bookwright notices a collapsed signboard behind the counter with a listing of "This Month's Specials".  Including the Crystal Empire Cruller, Marshmellow Java-Chip Supreme, banana nut cake donuts, and a donut called "The Twilight Sprinkle".
  34. [2013-06-12 13:58:20] * Get_Lost "but yeah, i guess going to the stable building is the best option at the moment.... maybe we can also find out something about dr amore..."
  35. [2013-06-12 13:58:55] * Noble_Heart finally made her way into the donut shop, searching after the source of her sister's errant thoughts. "We have finished Our duty."
  36. [2013-06-12 14:02:48] * CopyCat holds a box out to Noble_Heart and says simply: "Sprinkles."
  37. [2013-06-12 14:02:56] * Get_Lost since they are going back in the cafe, she follows the group and starts checking for survived tech
  38. [2013-06-12 14:03:12] * Bookwright turns to Noble_Heart, "You're done inscribing the names too? Good. We were just deciding on a plan of action. I say we send out some fliers with Shatara to protect him while he salvages a flux capacitor from a wagon near the zebra camp."
  39. [2013-06-12 14:03:43] * Shatara pokes at a box of sprinkles.
  40. [2013-06-12 14:04:36] * Kid 's eyes open with a rather severe gesture. "And what th' hell do the rest of us do?"
  41. [2013-06-12 14:06:25] * Bookwright tilts his head to the side. "Make camp, naturally."
  42. [2013-06-12 14:06:34] * Get_Lost notices the freezer and wisely decides that a massive refrigerator mst have massive engine and resistances. that could mean, useful components for... ah... a freeze cannon! or stuff
  43. [2013-06-12 14:06:55] * Get_Lost readies her tools and starts demolishing the thing
  44. [2013-06-12 14:09:02] * Bookwright watches Get_Lost go to it with a fury. "Well. I guess we should eat the ice cream now, because it's not gonna last."
  45. [2013-06-12 14:10:10] * Kid stomps. "Bookie. I hate t' tell you this severe, 'cause I like you, but you gotta get this through your thick skull. Never. EVER. Split a group up like this unless ya'll can live with not seein' 'em come back."
  46. [2013-06-12 14:10:12] <Kkat> 3The freezer unit is classic earth pony technology.
  47. [2013-06-12 14:10:17] * Get_Lost "ice cream makes you get fat! you can't really forfait science for a spoon of noms!"
  48. [2013-06-12 14:11:32] * Noble_Heart frowns and contemplates that. "The zebra camp is dangerous. The turrets still function, and anti-aircraft guns are there as well. We would not recommend returning there without great care." She taps her chin thoughtfully. "but the Stable-Tec building seems a good alternative choice. They will likely have means to move large cargos to and from the city easily."
  49. [2013-06-12 14:11:52] * Mitzi seats herself near Bookwright, "Yu can help me read more ponee squiggles while we camp?"
  50. [2013-06-12 14:12:17] * Bookwright "I soitenly can."
  51. [2013-06-12 14:14:00] * Shatara steals some of CopyCat's sprinkles while the others debate.
  52. [2013-06-12 14:14:05] * Mitzi smiles, "Maybe, unce Uh've learned to read dem, Uh can read ponee books und learn more uv yer sciuns und arts tu take back wit me."
  53. [2013-06-12 14:15:30] * CopyCat uses her wings to gently rock a box of sprinkles like it was a foal in a crib. "Hush-a-by baby on the tree top, when the winds blows the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks the cradle will fall..."
  54. [2013-06-12 14:15:38] * CopyCat lifts the box above her head, "And down will fall baby, cradle and all," she finishes, pouring the last few pieces into her mouth.
  55. [2013-06-12 14:15:45] * Kid blinks at Mitzi. She has never, ever seen someone willingly want to learn science and artsy stuff that didn't have their leg twisted into it or... Well, look like Bookie.
  56. [2013-06-12 14:17:14] * Mitzi notes to Bookwright, "Uh want tu be gud at more dan just breakeen tings."
  57. [2013-06-12 14:17:31] * Get_Lost after a dozen of attempts at aproaching the fridge's principles of working, the mare taps her chin "i think it's a fridge..."
  58. [2013-06-12 14:18:34] * Get_Lost "unless we are interested in making something like a self-creating-ice-ice-sled i don't think we will get something useful from it.... still ,a sled that makes its own trail where to slide seems fun to me"
  59. [2013-06-12 14:20:15] * Get_Lost "or a snowball cannon.... or a brainfreezing gun... or a cryogenic chamber.... or a sub-zero based lifeform based on metal and nitrogen...."
  60. [2013-06-12 14:23:08] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly and shakes her head, moving to settle down near her companions.
  61. [2013-06-12 14:24:36] * Mitzi offers Noble_Heart a smile, feeling that she and the initially cold alpha pony had made some real progress towards friendship with their previous conversation.
  62. [2013-06-12 14:25:17] * Bookwright offers Noble_Heart some sprinkles. "Try the chocolate ones. They're chocolatey!"
  63. [2013-06-12 14:26:00] * Noble_Heart peers down at the sprinkles with a curious expression. "Are you certain We should? Given their effect on Our sister, We might worry about their... Intoxicating effect upon Our kind."
  64. [2013-06-12 14:26:46] * Bookwright is too busy chewing to answer. Instead, proffers a box of sprinkles at Noble_Heart.
  65. [2013-06-12 14:27:29] * Get_Lost comes back from the fridge... she will come back to that thing later, now she wants noms too "is there something else or just sprinkles? not that i don't like them..."
  66. [2013-06-12 14:28:35] * Mitzi has no idea what chocolate is
  67. [2013-06-12 14:33:49] * Bookwright finishes munching. "Sho, um, do you guysh want to go get a fluxsh capashiter tonight or not?"
  68. [2013-06-12 14:34:17] * Noble_Heart looks down at the box and sighs quietly, floating a small amount out to try for herself.
  69. [2013-06-12 14:35:15] * Kid folds her legs. "Are we in any hurry?"
  70. [2013-06-12 14:35:40] * CopyCat licks the inside of a now-empty sprinkle box. There had to be something left... just a little something...
  71. [2013-06-12 14:36:44] * Shatara blinkblinks at CopyCat.
  72. [2013-06-12 14:38:15] <Kkat> 3The outside gets darker.  Soon, night sets in.
  73. [2013-06-12 14:38:50] * Bookwright points at the darkened night sky. "That's what we might have hurried to beat."
  74. [2013-06-12 14:39:17] * Get_Lost "we could use it when we leave the crystal empire... until then, with plasma hurling robbots, i think it's safer traveling on ground, if you ask me"
  75. [2013-06-12 14:39:37] * Get_Lost "also, i like the idea of resting here...."
  76. [2013-06-12 14:40:21] * Bookwright has his dreams of watching the alicorns hauling the firewagon from a good seat in the firewagon shattered
  77. [2013-06-12 14:42:11] * CopyCat looks at Shatara with a serious expression (and a box of sprinkles) on her face. "It is getting dark. We must beware of Heffalumps and Woozles."
  78. [2013-06-12 14:42:29] * Kid frowns. "Welp. Fuck."
  79. [2013-06-12 14:43:10] * Kid huffs. "Copycat!" She shouts. "You and your sugar-rushed flank take first watch."
  80. [2013-06-12 14:43:25] * Get_Lost "also, ponies are daylight animals. it's common knowledge that ponies fall asleep at nighta-zzZzZzZZZzzZz"
  81. [2013-06-12 14:44:39] * CopyCat comes to attention and salutes with a hoof. "Aye aye!"
  82. [2013-06-12 14:45:50] * Bookwright dodges out of the way of CopyCat's wildlly swinging limbs.
  83. [2013-06-12 14:46:06] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly and shakes her head with a face-hoof, gently extending a wing to shelter Kid. "We suggest sleep for now. We will take second watch."
  84. [2013-06-12 14:46:57] <Kkat> 3Somewhere in the distance, the group hears music cheery playing in the night.
  85. [2013-06-12 14:47:53] * CopyCat tilts her head. "Don't worry Bookie, we're not under attack yet--  Oh! I heard something, was that an attack?"
  86. [2013-06-12 14:48:36] * Shatara pokes his head out a broken window in attempt to hear a bit better.
  87. [2013-06-12 14:50:36] * Kid just about opens the door and lets fatigue of this horrible week of surgery, explosions, bone breakages and pain just drift away. Sadly, this couldn't happen. She fetched her shotgun. "Call out first if it gets close, trail it if it starts driftin' off. We can't risk hurtin' a friendly folk, but we gotta know if this is a friendly folk first."
  88. [2013-06-12 14:51:10] <Kkat> 3The music is tinny, cheerful and features a lot of accordian.
  89. [2013-06-12 14:51:47] * CopyCat hovers off the ground slightly, as if lifted by sheer excess energy. "Is it an attack I should ask it if it's an attack I'm going to ask it if it's an attack byebyeseeyoulater!" she says without gaps as she floats out the door.
  90. [2013-06-12 14:53:14] * Bookwright walks slowly behind CopyCat as she drifts forwards on the power of sugar alone.
  91. [2013-06-12 14:53:24] * Shatara flaps after CopyCat.
  92. [2013-06-12 14:54:05] * Noble_Heart groans as she stands and rushes after CopyCat as well. She had doubts it was more than an automated Sprite Bot... But the possibility it wasn't was worrying.
  93. [2013-06-12 14:57:37] <Kkat> 3http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH01FhqMdc8
  94. [2013-06-12 14:58:23] * CopyCat actually uses her wings once outside and gains some height to look around
  95. [2013-06-12 15:10:30] <Kkat> All three of the flyers spot the little pink robot floating through the empty streets, belting out a song of happier days.
  96. [2013-06-12 15:12:47] * CopyCat flys towards it carelessly. "Hullo there!"
  97. [2013-06-12 15:13:56] * Noble_Heart speeds up to try and keep in pace with CopyCat. Curiosity was quickly winning over worry, though.
  98. [2013-06-12 15:14:19] * Shatara perches on something convenient and observes CopyCat's investigation of the forlorn little bot.
  99. [2013-06-12 15:19:09] * Bookwright can see that CopyCat has found something! He follows on the ground.
  100. [2013-06-12 15:21:06] * Noble_Heart banked in flight to stay close around CopyCat. "Be careful. Though it may appear friendly, it may still carry weapons."
  101. [2013-06-12 15:21:41] * Shatara cautiously observes.
  102. [2013-06-12 15:22:42] * CopyCat makes a scruchy face. "But it's soo cute!"
  103. [2013-06-12 15:27:10] <Kkat> The little bot, a peculiar spritebot design, turns towards CopyCat and cheerfully calls out, "Hello!"
  104. [2013-06-12 15:27:48] * Bookwright arrives behind CopyCat. Eyes the 'bot curiously.
  105. [2013-06-12 15:27:55] * CopyCat grins. "Hey there little guy, how are you today?"
  106. [2013-06-12 15:32:31] <Kkat> The pink spritebot cheerfully responds.  "I'm having a very happy day.  Are you happy?"
  107. [2013-06-12 15:33:22] * Kid brings up the rear after the fliers and Bookie totally left her behind. "Ah could do with m' legs not breakin' every day or so." She grumped.
  108. [2013-06-12 15:33:30] * Bookwright quotes a children's song, "'Happy happy joy joy'..."
  109. [2013-06-12 15:34:35] * Noble_Heart came in for a landing, regarding the sprite bot curiously. "Is it not rather late for you to be playing such loud music? Not that We do not appreciate the attempts at enjoyment."
  110. [2013-06-12 15:35:07] * CopyCat nods. "Very happy! We found suger sprinkles and they were yummy. Are you here with friends music bot?"
  111. [2013-06-12 15:37:40] <Kkat> The pink spritebot flies, bobbing, towards CopyCat and pauses, seeming to scan each of you.  "I don't remember seeing you before.  That means you're new!  Welcome to the Crystal Empire!"
  112. [2013-06-12 15:37:46] * Bookwright is rapidly becoming concerned with how the sugar rush is affecting CopyCat's brain. He is visibly worried.
  113. [2013-06-12 15:40:12] * CopyCat pats the spritebot on the head. "Yes we are new! I'm CopyCat, this is Noble (who is my sister or something), this is Bookwright (who worries too much), and the grumpy one behind us is Kid!"
  114. [2013-06-12 15:43:43] * Noble_Heart briefly waves a wing. "We have not been here long. It has been..." she pauses briefly in thought. "Interesting."
  115. [2013-06-12 15:44:41] <Kkat> The sprite bot makes a happy little sound.  "That's wonderful.  I love meeting new friends and welcoming them to the Crystal Empire.  It's great here!"
  116. [2013-06-12 15:46:03] * Kid half-lids her eyes. Interesting is a very interesting way of putting it. "Broke my flank. Twice. Got an eye implant against my will. Worse for m' friend who got jus' about everything replaced. Least I can see now." It's too late in the evening to hold up any sort of deception.
  117. [2013-06-12 15:46:33] <Kkat> The bot continues, "I'm Pink-E, and I'm the Official Welcome Party Spritebot for this amazingfantastic kingdom!"
  118. [2013-06-12 15:46:51] * Bookwright boggles at CopyCat. Who in equestria uses parentheses in conversation, much less actually says "parenthesis" when doing so!?
  119. [2013-06-12 15:48:37] * Kid blinks and then sidles up to Shatara. "Hey. You. Might this thing have one o' them thingajigs you need?"
  120. [2013-06-12 15:50:27] * Noble_Heart tilted her head to one side. "It must be very lonely. This place doesn't seem to get many visitors, from what We can see."
  121. [2013-06-12 15:53:13] * CopyCat gets an idea. "Oh, Pink-E! Could you do us a really big super duper favour?"
  122. [2013-06-12 15:54:38] * Bookwright can't decide if sugar rush CopyCat is more fun than usual or not.
  123. [2013-06-12 15:54:53] <Kkat> 13"What's wrong with parenthesis?  I like parenthesis!"
  124. [2013-06-12 15:57:39] * Bookwright "I like them too, but how did you know what I was thinking?"
  125. [2013-06-12 15:58:35] <Kkat> 13Pink-E nods.  "I don't see many visitors.  Which only makes the new ones even more extra special!"
  126. [2013-06-12 16:02:10] * CopyCat smiles and continues. "Pink-E, we're planning a surprise party in the donut shop so we've got to keep very quiet in there... so quiet that you might think ponies inside were asleep. We want you to keep on the lookout for... other guests who have arrived late. When you see them you should play loud music so we can hear and then run away quickly to join us in the shop. Do you think you could do that for us?"
  127. [2013-06-12 16:03:11] * Kid yanked her head back a little ways, her eyes widened in horror and mouth clenched shut. Shit! Another fucking mindreader! No, this is bullcrap! I barely just got over one of them I could /tolerate/, now there's this shit!
  128. [2013-06-12 16:04:30] <Kkat> 13Pink-E bleeps happily.  "I'd love to help!  Surprise parties are the best parties!  Especially if they are surprise welcome parties!"
  129. [2013-06-12 16:05:02] * Shatara reaches a wing out top pat the clearly distressed Kid.
  130. [2013-06-12 16:05:03] * Kkat 13adds, "And I can bee quiet to.  Even though they won't let me be librarian anymore."
  131. [2013-06-12 16:06:40] * Noble_Heart chuckles slightly and then tilts her head to one side thoughtfully. "You have an interesting and unique style amongst the sprite bots We have seen. Were you created based on someone in particular..?"
  132. [2013-06-12 16:07:14] * CopyCat hugs Pink-E with a wing. "Thank you! I bet you make a super librarian. You'll have to show me tomorrow when the party is over."
  133. [2013-06-12 16:09:43] <Kkat> 13Pink-E bloops sadly.  "Nuh-Uh.  He revoked my library card!"
  134. [2013-06-12 16:10:11] * Bookwright "Who is 'he' and why did 'he' revoke your library card?"
  135. [2013-06-12 16:11:22] * CopyCat adds extra parenthesis for Bookwright. "((He sounds like a meanie.))"
  136. [2013-06-12 16:14:22] <Kkat> 13Pink-E answers, "The head librarian.  Professor Paladin.  And after I did everything he told me to, too!"
  137. [2013-06-12 16:15:43] * Bookwright grins suddenly. "Professor Paladin, eh? Tell me more about him, please."
  138. [2013-06-12 16:21:07] <Kkat> 13Pink-E answers promptly.  "He's the head librarian!"
  139. [2013-06-12 16:22:12] * Bookwright "Ah, I mean, more than that. What's he like, how his wife is, what he eats for lunch. That sort of thing."
  140. [2013-06-12 16:23:45] <Kkat> 13Pink-E adds, "He was my boss until he kicked me out of the library for breaking a stupid rule that says dubstep is too noisy."
  141. [2013-06-12 16:24:45] <Kkat> 13Pink-E whines, "It's been two hundred years.  Everything Vinyl Scratch did is, by definition, classic music!"
  142. [2013-06-12 16:24:55] * CopyCat tilts her head. "Did you drop too much?"
  143. [2013-06-12 16:26:33] * Kid gets an idea in her head. Maybe this thing isn't just a headache waiting to happen, or an alarm clock in case baddies got too close. "Hey, that buildin' with the big friggin' bubble around it. That place, is that th' library?"
  144. [2013-06-12 16:27:10] * Noble_Heart frowns and tilts her head to one side. "He sounds like a jerk."
  145. [2013-06-12 16:30:21] <Kkat> 13Pink-E nods.  "He hasn't even come out of his room in centuries, so I don't know what he has for lunch.  Probably sour-krout."
  146. [2013-06-12 16:31:05] <Kkat> 13Pink-E turns to Kid and bleeps.  "Yep.  That's the Crystal Empire Library!"
  147. [2013-06-12 16:32:09] * Bookwright cocks his head at the robot. "Uh, can you tell us how to get our own library cards?"
  148. [2013-06-12 16:34:12] * Kid lets a smile creep onto her face. Holy shit, Jackpot! She made a note to remind herself to do her happy dance when they got back inside and outside of visibility of the robot. "Uh. Yeah! What Bookie said! Is there some way fer us t' go visit th' library? We're kinda bored and, uh. Nerdy."
  149. [2013-06-12 16:34:13] <Kkat> 13Pink-E answers happily.  "You have to apply for them in the library!"
  150. [2013-06-12 16:34:55] * Kid feels her smile deflate. "Which is right now in a big shieldy bubble. So no way in fer us."
  151. [2013-06-12 16:35:12] * Bookwright "Right, so... how do we get into the library?"
  152. [2013-06-12 16:39:56] <Kkat> 13Pink-E answers readily.  "You're supposed to have a library card!"
  153. [2013-06-12 16:40:18] * Bookwright ...
  154. [2013-06-12 16:40:26] * Bookwright "Can we borrow yours?"
  155. [2013-06-12 16:41:16] * Shatara blinks. "So...to get in the library, you need a card...but to get a card, you need to get in the library...?"
  156. [2013-06-12 16:41:40] <Kkat> 13Pink-E bloops.  "Professor Paladin revoked my library card.  Now I have to use the secret visitor's entrance instead."
  157. [2013-06-12 16:42:15] * CopyCat pipes up. "What if we found an overdue book that belonged to the library and wanted to return it-- Secret Visitor's Entrance you say?"
  158. [2013-06-12 16:42:20] * Bookwright lets out a sigh. "...Okay. Can you show us the secret visitor's entrance please?"
  159. [2013-06-12 16:42:40] * Noble_Heart taps her chin. "Well We'd really like a chance to read some books sometime soon. What do you say you spend the night with us? It must be dark and lonely after the sun goes down. Then perhaps sometime later we can go together?"
  160. [2013-06-12 16:45:31] <Kkat> 13Pink-E bleeps.  "Sure.  No problem!  I can make it part of the tour!  You are taking the tour, right?"
  161. [2013-06-12 16:46:26] * CopyCat nods. "We will be Pink-E. After the slumber party."
  162. [2013-06-12 16:48:28] <Kkat> 13Pink-E cheers, bobbing up and down happily.
  163. [2013-06-12 16:53:06] * CopyCat turns to the others. "Shall we get back to the Sprinkle Palace? I'm still happy to take first watch, and Pink-E can join me!"
  164. [2013-06-12 16:53:53] * Bookwright watches CopyCat's face twitch with sugar-fueled excitement. "Ah... yeah, sure."
  165. [2013-06-12 16:54:18] <Kkat> 13"Yay!  I promise to play my music really, really quiet!"
  166. [2013-06-12 16:55:02] * Noble_Heart yawns quietly and stretches her wings. "Mmmh. That sounds wonderful to Us."
  167. [2013-06-12 16:55:25] * Kid coughs. Okay, now we just had to keep watch and make /damn/ sure that the annoying little robot didn't get shot. For the love of Celestia and Pip and Luna and all those ponies that are fucking off and watching us from afar and thinking that we shouldn't fuck up to not fuck up.
  168. [2013-06-12 17:04:01] <Kkat> 13Pink-E breaks into song, playing a scratchy, old music recording and actually singing along with it.
  169. [2013-06-12 17:08:30] * Bookwright trudges back to Camp Sprinkles.
  170. [2013-06-12 17:10:23] * Kkat 13sings, "Tonight it's a party, and we're gonna party like we're Pinkie!"  Wub! wub! wub!
  171. [2013-06-12 17:10:30] <Kkat> 13Pink-E sings, "Tonight it's a party, and we're gonna party like we're Pinkie!"  Wub! wub! wub!
  172. [2013-06-12 17:10:44] * Kid goes back into the donut shop to sleep, more collapsing onto a booth seat for a bed than lying down. When she does finally dream, it's not a very peaceful one. Phantom and real pains blended together. The music that Pink-E played worked it's way into her subconscious, distorted and drawn out too many scales down. She felt the reality, that if she fucked up now and let that little robot die,...
  173. [2013-06-12 17:10:45] * Kid ...she would never see real daylight again. So she had to not fuck up. Don't fuck up. Don't fuck up. Don't fuck up.
  174. [2013-06-12 17:14:05] * Noble_Heart settled quietly by Kid's side, her wing laying gently around the smaller pony as she worked her way to sleep. Mild annoyance at the ongoing noise drowned out by the unsettling feeling she was missing something important.
  175. [2013-06-12 17:16:00] * CopyCat , meanwhile, sings along with Pink-E enthusiastically (but quietly) until her sugar high inevitably dies down and she falls asleep, her head resting on the floating spritebot.
  176. [2013-06-12 17:18:19] * Bookwright tries to get as comfortable as possible. After shifting position a bunch of times, ends up resting his head on Shatara's fuzziness.
  177. [2013-06-12 17:18:43] * Shatara wriggles awkwardly.
  178. [2013-06-12 17:26:47] <Kkat> 13The night passes... and soon the light of dawn casts scattered and scarred reflections across the Crystal Empire ruins.  Light pours in through the shattered windows, kissing the ponies, hellhound and griffin.  As does a smell that is vaguely reminiscent of baking bread.
  179. [2013-06-12 17:27:42] * Bookwright mumbles sleepily, "Jus' fife mur minutes, please..."
  180. [2013-06-12 17:28:47] * Shatara groans a bit and stretches.
  181. [2013-06-12 17:31:50] <Kkat> 13Somewhere nearby, those awakening hear magical energy fire.
  182. [2013-06-12 17:33:07] * Shatara half-awakedly fumbles for his rifle at the sound of pew-pews.
  183. [2013-06-12 17:33:08] * Bookwright 's eyes snap open. Drawing Pew-Pew as he made for the doors, he shouts, "Up and at 'em! Gunfire!"
  184. [2013-06-12 17:33:13] * Kid rises from a fitful rest. Don't fuck up. She staggers to four legs, eyes a little puffy and bloodshot. She looks at everyone, seeing if something's gone wrong, especially for Pink-E. Bread. Is that just a mental thing or is that real? It really didn't matter, not after Kid heard the magical energy fire. Don't fuck up. She drew her trusty weapon and went through to get everypony on them.
  185. [2013-06-12 17:33:14] * CopyCat jolts upright. "I'm awake! I wasn't sleeping, or dreaming about eating a giant pink gobstopper..."
  186. [2013-06-12 17:34:33] * Kid shakes her head. On it, rather. Shit, she's more tired than she thought.
  187. [2013-06-12 17:35:15] * Bookwright opens the door and peeks out, looking for the source of the gunfire.
  188. [2013-06-12 17:35:25] * Kid leans in. "Bookie. Copycat. Where's the little robot?"
  189. [2013-06-12 17:36:26] * Bookwright slurs, "I dunno whur the little robot ish. Maybe that'sh the shource of the shooting?"
  190. [2013-06-12 17:36:34] <Kkat> 13The little robot is not in sight.  The sound of magical energy fire seems to be coming from outside and around the back.
  191. [2013-06-12 17:37:33] * Noble_Heart rose to her hooves swiftly. She stifled a yawn as she twitched her ears in the direction of the fire. "It may be Pink-E practicing in the morning, or greeting the sunrise. Sprite Bots commonly carry small energy weapons." She turned, somewhat less panicked than the others, to head in the direction of the fire.
  192. [2013-06-12 17:37:34] * Bookwright steps outside and begins to go around the back, edging slowly and with Pew-Pew at the ready. "Little robot, is that you?"
  193. [2013-06-12 17:38:55] * Kid starts sprinting for the back. Don't fuck up. Little robot, don't fucking die, please. She got ready for a fight, and quick.
  194. [2013-06-12 17:39:27] <Kkat> 13The little pink spritebot calls out cheerfully in a mechanical approximation of a whistle.  Just around the back corner, you can see the bot hovering over a makeshift fire pit.  It is shooting bits of metal to heat them up enough to... it looks like it's trying to cook donuts.
  195. [2013-06-12 17:39:29] * CopyCat shakily gets to her hooves and works out which is her left hoof side after only 3 guesses. "I Don't know where she is... and if there are teeth marks in her I don't know about those either."
  196. [2013-06-12 17:41:15] * Bookwright lowers his weapon, adrenaline rush subsiding, "O...kay. Robot, what are you doing...?"
  197. [2013-06-12 17:41:57] * Shatara rounds the corner and blinks at the cookingbot.
  198. [2013-06-12 17:43:09] * Noble_Heart tilts her head the smiles a bit. "Cooking breakfast, We are fairly certain."
  199. [2013-06-12 17:43:54] * Kid feels her heart forcibly relax, against her will. "... Little robot. I ferget your name. What's yer name?"
  200. [2013-06-12 17:45:15] * Bookwright gives the "donuts" a though olfactory inspection.
  201. [2013-06-12 17:45:22] * Bookwright *thorough
  202. [2013-06-12 17:46:51] <Kkat> 13Not the normal way to cook bread, but it seems to be effective.
  203. [2013-06-12 17:49:11] * Bookwright observes, "You, ah, cooked us breakfast. Uhm. Thanks?"
  204. [2013-06-12 17:51:21] <Kkat> 13Pink-E exuberantly declares, "A good breakfast is the best way to start a bright, cheerful day!"
  205. [2013-06-12 17:53:07] * Bookwright turns around and goes back, calling over his shoulder, "I'll, ah, get the others then."
  206. [2013-06-12 17:53:35] * Bookwright walks briskly into the building. "False alarm. The robot is making us breakfast. Go around back and have some."
  207. [2013-06-12 17:54:53] * Kid 's ears droop. "... I think it best if we eat up and get goin' to th' secret place ya'll talked about." She wasn't feeling hungry after that scare.
  208. [2013-06-12 17:55:54] <Kkat> 13Pink-E notes, "The sprinkles were all gone, but I was able to find frosting!"
  209. [2013-06-12 17:56:43] * Shatara blinks. "err...does anyone remember what condition the frosting was in...?"
  210. [2013-06-12 17:57:05] * Bookwright "Ask the ensugar'd one."
  211. [2013-06-12 17:58:38] <Kkat> 13Pink-E admits, "The frosting needed to be melted."
  212. [2013-06-12 17:59:41] * CopyCat drags herself towards breakfast. She seems drained and lethargic, her sugar crown having tumbled down.
  213. [2013-06-12 18:01:28] * Kid just shakes her head. "I'm good, I don' trust th' icing here if they didn't. Let's get goin'."
  214. [2013-06-12 18:01:31] <Kkat> 13The robot finally turns to Kid, "My name is Pink-E.  And I'm the Official Welcome Party Spritebot for the Crystal Empire!  Welcome again!"
  215. [2013-06-12 18:02:08] * Kid breathed through her teeth. "Yeah. Pink-E? Please. Lead th' way to that library entrance. Please."
  216. [2013-06-12 18:03:27] <Kkat> 13Pink-E bobs.  "But everyone hasn't had their breakfast yet!"
  217. [2013-06-12 18:03:33] * CopyCat rubs her head. "My headss hurtss... I think I have a horn growing on the inside."
  218. [2013-06-12 18:03:41] <Kkat> 13"After breakfast, we will start the tour!"
  219. [2013-06-12 18:04:08] <Kkat> 13--- Session Ends ---
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