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  8. shapeshifter Keith Kogane (sheith, Supernatural or Superpowers AU, x for starter): x
  9. Sick!Keith Kogane, x for starter: Oh, God... He did /not/ feel good. Driving for so long in the summer heat might have been nice, if not for the fact that Keith was suddenly feeling bad. He kept shifting in the passenger side, trying to get comfortable when nausea made his stomach slosh and churn, but he couldn't hold himself together. A little belch had something hot splashing up Keith's throat and he sat forwards, fumbling the glove compartment open. "Need a bag--!"
  10. shapeshifter Keith Kogane (sheith, Supernatural or Superpowers AU, x for starter): (( i can rp shiro :D did you have anything in mind about a setting? like, i like the thought of them being on a road trip to somewhere? ))
  11. Sick!Keith Kogane, x for starter: (( I left that open so we can do that!! ))
  12. shapeshifter Keith Kogane (sheith, Supernatural or Superpowers AU, x for starter): (( aright cool :D if i write something in my reply that you'd like to change, feel free to say as much and i'll edit the reply!))
  13. Sick!Keith Kogane, x for starter: (( Same goes for you and my replies! ^^ ))
  14. shapeshifter Keith Kogane (sheith, Supernatural or Superpowers AU, x for starter): Shiro was a good driver. He prided himself in driving calm and as still as it was possible on busy roads or long highways on high speed like they were driving now. He prided himself in being good at multitasking so he was good at concentrating on driving all while he could talk to his passangers or sing loudly to whatever song the car's radio was playing. Shiro could even druve at night and although just as anyone it made him slightly anxious, he was still confident in his abilities and quick reactions. He even could say he /liked/ driving. And in his late teens and early twenties he had even participated and won many (maybe sort of illegal but psshh-) street races on a beautiful motorcycle. However, you can't blame Takashi Shirogane for freaking out a little when, in middle of the highway, his boyfriend announced he was going to throw up. In Shiro's beautiful car. "What- We're on the highway!" He couldn't just drive to the side! "I-in the glove compartment are plastic bags-" Shiro moved a hand to roll down the windows a little, as to let the upcoming stank out but not freeze them all to death with the wind. "Baby, I'm sorry, I can't- Hold on, hang in there, we've got a rest stop ahead!" Just a couple minutes. It was for an hotel, which was good enough for now. After slowly and carefully changing lanes, Shiro placed a warm hand on Keith's back.
  15. Sick!Keith Kogane, x for starter: Keith's movements were becoming more frantic as he dug through the glove box, although the window being rolled down made shivers run right up his back and momentarily averted his focus. But, he was quickly brought back to focus; he did /not/ want to ruin the leather of the seats, especially because this was Shiro's car. His really /nice/ car, with the alloys Keith envied, and- a sick cough caught in Keith's throat and he made a panicky noise as he shoved a variety of shit onto the floor from the box. Another cough had a little bit of bile coming up, which Keith did his best to keep back as he yanked a plastic bag free of the roll. Just in time, though Keith only had it opened halfway when his rest-stop coffee came back up, half in the bag and half over his shirt and jeans. At least he managed to catch the second wave in the bag, though his cheeks were burning with embarrassment as he burrowed deep into the plastic. By the time they reached the rest stop, Keith was cringed in on himself and clutching the bag for dear life, apparently still straining to bring something up despite not having much in his belly to begin with. His hair was clinging to his neck and forehead, but Keith shivered against the open window beside him. "I am so sorry," he managed between every little bout, not daring to lift his head out of shame.
  16. shapeshifter Keith Kogane (sheith, Supernatural or Superpowers AU, x for starter): Shiro had to really put himself together to get them to the stop safely, all of his instincts screaming to just let go of the steering wheel and help Keith. Or rather, the instincts that cared for Keith deeply as there were also instincts making Shiro have to roll the window down on his side a little bit further and him to take deep breaths. He was fine. But Keit wasn't. The moment he parked their car, albeit a little sloppily with in his haste, he turned to Keith. Shiro wasn't proud of his cringing at the sight and smell, but he still got out of the car quickly to get to Keith's side. Opening the door, he sighed at Keith's apology and obvious embarrassent, clear for Shiro to see. "It's aright, baby," he said, rubbing Keith's back as he reached into the glove compartment for tissues and into the backseats, a bag there with water bottles. Shiro was /prepared/. He was one of those people who needed to overplan everything lest they forget everything essential. "Keith. Look up." But Shiro barely waited for a reaction before he was wiping Keith's face, then pressed the water bottle into Keith's hand. "Drink. I'll get you a shirt from your bag." With that Shiro stood up once more, doing as he was told, breathing once more after he had been holding his breath for the most part. He could /not/ get nauseous now. For Keith.
  17. Sick!Keith Kogane, x for starter: Keith hardly blamed Shiro for cringing, because the smell was making /him/ want to gag. Or, rather, it was making him gag over and over into the bag which he was currently white knuckling. He was gagging into the bag again as Shiro opened the door beside him, and was grateful for the warm hand on the back now the brisk air from outside made him shiver. It took Keith a minute to oblige, and when he did his nose was running and his lips sheen with bile. He was immediately mopped up, and Shiro pressed a bottle of water into his hand. Although he was about to argue, Shiro headed off and Keith only sighed, taking a long drink and then setting it in the cup holder. He couldn't stop shaking, and he braced himself over his knees, trying to pinch the bag closed with one hand to rid himself of the smell. He didn't want to look at his ruined shirt or the stain on his jeans, lest he set himself off again. Instead, he took another swig of water, and took a few slow, nauseous breaths. "Shiro, you don't have to-- we're on the hard shoulder."
  18. shapeshifter Keith Kogane (sheith, Supernatural or Superpowers AU, x for starter): Shiro couldn't help his heart aching for Keith as he heard the heaving and gagging, so as he quickly got not only a clean shirt but also a sweater. Getting back to Keith, he hung the clothing items over the back of Keith's seat for now. "I do have to, exactly because that's where we are. C'mon, I don't know when we'll get to a proper rest stop or motel and I'm not sure if continuing to drive will make you feel worse or better. So I don't wanna risk it." Also because the fatigue was starting to weigh down on him. And, Shiro would have taken that as an excuse to stop for the night but he also knew Keith would feel extra guilty for not being able to take over the wheel. Or worse: He might insist to do so despite the sickness. God knows, Keith Kogane was capable of doing that. "Gimme that," Shiro said gently, taking the bag of puke into his hand, hastily tying a knot into the bag, shuddering at the slipperyness of it and trying not to think about how that was definitely puke on his fingers which he wiped off. "Can you stand? Changing clothes will make you feel better." And it would keep the vomit from potentially getting onto anything in Shiro's precious car.
  19. shapeshifter Keith Kogane (sheith, Supernatural or Superpowers AU, x for starter): (( torn between them finding a motel soon or just a gas station and them being too tired to drive so they sleep in the car, huddled together for warmth hahaha ))
  20. Sick!Keith Kogane, x for starter: ( that is such a cute idea honestly, and Keith would definitely try and take over the wheel - maybe they try and find a motel, but Keith eventually just gives up and pulls over somewhere and all but drags Shiro into the back seat :') ))
  21. shapeshifter Keith Kogane (sheith, Supernatural or Superpowers AU, x for starter): (( aright :'D i don't know if shiro would let keith drive like that tbh hahah ))
  22. Sick!Keith Kogane, x for starter: (( He'd probably try, but may end up just giving in and crawling in to the back seat ahead of Shiro :'D ))
  23. shapeshifter Keith Kogane (sheith, Supernatural or Superpowers AU, x for starter): (( true hahah ))
  24. Sick!Keith Kogane, x for starter: ((I imagine Keith would argue but he's weak to Shiro so he'd probably give in easily enough!))
  25. shapeshifter Keith Kogane (sheith, Supernatural or Superpowers AU, x for starter): (( yeah, i hc their dynamic during arguments like that beung who can out-stubborn who hahah ))
  26. Sick!Keith Kogane, x for starter: (( Oh same!! I think Keith when he's sick would try and be as stubborn as he usually is, but can't deny he'd kill for some cuddling tbh hahah ))
  27. Sick!Keith Kogane, x for starter: Keith didn't really like the idea of continuing to drive, but it wasn't like they had a choice. After all, they were on the side of the highway, and Keith was stinking up the car with his gross clothes. He pursed his lips a little, reluctant to really give over the bag since even Keith could appreciate it was pretty disgusting - but Shiro took is like a champ, and was swiftly moving on to coax Keith into moving. He could, but he was a little scared that if he moved wrong he might drip onto the seats. So, pressing his lips together tightly, Keith slowly tried to shuffle out of the car without causing too much damage. Successful, at least, but now Keith was out of the car the air felt icy on his skin, and he couldn't stop shivering. His cheeks felt hot, and he was starting to wonder if he was carsick, or sick-sick. "It's freezing," Keith groaned, starting to pull his shirt off over his head.
  28. shapeshifter Keith Kogane (sheith, Supernatural or Superpowers AU, x for starter): (( brb ))
  29. Sick!Keith Kogane, x for starter: (( Okay! ))
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