Batting A Thousand (One Shot)

Nov 5th, 2014
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  1. >Night Duty Unto Death in Equestria
  2. >Be Dizzy Dancer
  3. >It has been six months since you joined the Royal Night Guard Recruits and your training comes to an end
  4. >You have worked tirelessly to attain your first rank and find yourself before both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna on this auspicious occasion
  5. >Every fiber in your being explodes like a million fireworks, but you show nothing more than the stoic demeanour of the elites
  6. >The Princess of the Sun speaks first to you in her usual charming coolness
  7. >”Dizzy Dancer of House Escapade; we welcome you this night.”
  8. >You bow smoothly in response
  9. >”Verily! We are pleased to see how far you have grown in your time here.”
  10. >The Lunar Princess holds her head high and her majestic mane shimmers in the moonlight
  11. >”It is with open arms that we welcome you to join the ranks of Equestria’s finest soldiers.”
  12. “Yes, Princesses, it would be my honour.”
  13. >Princess Celestia steps down from her throne and slowly begins approaching you
  14. >Her wings spread wide and her horn swells with magic
  15. >Awe-inspiring, if ever you have seen!
  16. >” Sir Dizzy Dancer… Do you swear on your hide to protect the lands of our rule for all time?”
  17. >You nod and stare ahead
  18. “Yes, Princess!”
  19. >Princess Luna soon steps down and joins her sister in both pose and magic
  20. >The two circle you slowly and you steel your will for whatever may come
  21. >”Sir Dizzy Dancer… Do you swear on your wings to protect the crown at all cost?”
  22. “Yes, Princess!”
  23. >The two stop as Princess Luna stands before you and Princess Celesta behind
  24. >They speak in a chilling unison as their wings fold to their sides
  25. >”Sir Dizzy Dancer… Do you swear on your lineage to serve only us?”
  26. >For a brief moment, you hesitate
  27. >You try to think of exactly what the Princesses mean
  28. >There is little time to contemplate their words, however, as a sudden force catches your back legs from behind
  29. >”Hmm, Sir Dizzy Dancer seems to have reservations, dear Sister.”
  30. >Princess Luna’s magic glistens before you are forced to your knees
  31. >You feel your back legs parted quickly
  32. >”I fear he may. We must have absolute loyalty.”
  33. >From your current vantage point, you see the imposing form of Princess Luna
  34. >On your knees, the Princess can easily stand over you
  35. >She strides in a deliberate manner over you until her tail hangs before your nose
  36. >A wet sort of something drips from above and you shift your eyes
  37. >The Princess’ shame is vividly displayed for you and she makes a knackered sound
  38. >”Sir Dizzy Dancer, show us your loyalty.”
  39. >You take the hint as the Princess of the Night nudges ever closer
  40. >Sticking out your tongue, you make your first move
  41. >A guttural sound, almost like the purr of lion, rings out
  42. >It makes you pleased with yourself and you stretch your tongue a bit further
  43. >The Princess is simply soaked, mostly before you even started, and her tangy lust fills your throat with each pass
  44. >Her taste is curiously pleasant, though you really cannot place the exact flavor
  45. >Honestly, it is not bad
  46. >The muffled voice of the Princess of the Sun fills your dulling mind
  47. >”I believe he is ready for his trial.”
  48. >You are suddenly yanked from beneath Princess Luna
  49. >Princess Celestia takes your head in her magic and forcibly kisses you
  50. >Her tongue is hot and she wastes no time in exploring your mouth
  51. >Despite your best efforts, you feel your own maleness raise to the occasion against the cold tiles
  52. >Your aggressor pulls her mouth free and licks her lips
  53. >”Hmm, your kissing could use some practice.”
  54. >Princess Celestia quickly flips you onto your back and you stand to attention
  55. >”The bindings, sister.”
  56. “Bindings?”
  57. >You wonder with your half-conscious mind as Princess Luna looks down to you
  58. >Her horn glows and your body is enveloped in a warm feeling
  59. >It fades quickly enough and you look over your front hooves to find them restraint with ebony magic
  60. >The Solar Princess next uses her magic to cover your belly
  61. >As the spell travels downward, you feel your groin ache with a light squeeze
  62. >Golden magic wraps firmly around the base of your sex
  63. >An unconscious pulse courses into your groin and you feel the magic band tighten
  64. >”Ah, very clever.”
  65. >Princess Luna smiles as she begins eyeing you
  66. “P-Princess?”
  67. >”Yes, Sir Dizzy Dancer?”
  68. “Umm, would it not be better for me to provide you with my services on my own?”
  69. >You smile as best you can and raise your bound hooves
  70. >”Do you object to the restraints?”
  71. >Before you can answer, a solid golden ball is thrust into your muzzle
  72. >”Hush now, soldier. Trust in the system.”
  73. >You try to talk, but the ball wedges your jaw in place
  74. >A bead of sweat forms on your brow as Princess Celestia stands above you
  75. >Her eyes are fiery and a little unhinged
  76. >This is a side to your Princess you cannot say you have ever seen
  77. >With great care, she lays herself upon you
  78. >Your erect self pulses from the warm feeling and maddening pressure before the magic band shrinks further
  79. >Blood seems to rush from your head and you feel hazy as your cruel mistress continues to tease
  80. >Princess Celestia chuckles as she looks to her sister
  81. >”Another fine sword to add to your armoury, dearest Luna.”
  82. >”But, can he wield it?”
  83. >A mischievous and wholly wicked grin crosses the Dusk Princess’ features
  84. >With every throb of your shaft, the Princess’ magic squeezes in return
  85. >You cannot think of a time you have been in more agony than right now
  86. >Princess Celestia slides from your body until you feel heated breath against your exposed skin
  87. >You look up as best you can to see your Princess’ face toying with you
  88. >Her tongue flickers out before caressing one side and you shutter
  89. >Your back legs buck despite you trying to control yourself
  90. >Princess Luna’s face finds its way beside your own on the cold floor and her mouth presses firmly into your own
  91. >Every little touch causes the golden magic to grip you tighter
  92. >Your sex feels swollen to the point of bursting as tears begin to well in your eyes
  93. >A sudden rush of warmth makes your back legs rattle as your feel a long muzzle embrace your length
  94. >The feel of the Princess’ tongue doubles while she swallows you
  95. >You feel like the slightest touch would set you off, but the golden band continues to hold
  96. >Neglected your desperate orgasm, your hips buck against the ground
  97. >You try to tell yourself you are honoured and that you are beyond lucky, but you brain and balls only scream to thrust harder with the distressing need to unload
  98. >Almost as quickly as it began; Princess Celestia pops you from her heavenly mouth and sighs softly
  99. >”I believe this one is ready to accept our gift.”
  100. >Princess Luna smiles and draws away from your face
  101. >”I agree! Let us bestow the gift of the night upon him!”
  102. >You look up with teary eyes as magic pulls the golden gag free from your mouth
  103. >Gasping for breath, you swivel about to see both Princesses on either side of your body
  104. “I-I passed?”
  105. >”Yes, you have!”
  106. >The voice of the Princess of the Night rings in your head
  107. “T-That’s great… Am I free to go?”
  108. >”Not until we give you the powers you will need to guard the darkness.”
  109. >You feel the world tug around you as powerful magic is called upon
  110. >From your laying position, you witness large male protrusions form on both of your captors
  111. “I… I think I’ll be…”
  112. >Before you can finish, Princess Luna fills your once empty mouth with her magically endowed rod
  113. >You are not really sure what to do in this very moment as basic training did not cover any bit of this, but the Princess seems content just to lightly thrust into your throat
  114. >The taste is not awful, you think, as your vision is blotted out by a soft dark belly
  115. >Your backside is slightly shifted upward and you gasp at the realization of what is happening
  116. >A thick, familiar tongue strokes your tight bum down the center in graceful strides
  117. >Honestly, not bad at all
  118. >When it ends, you barely are given a moment to breathe before the Sun Princess’ flaring shaft knocks at your backdoor
  119. >”Surprisingly unsullied…”
  120. >You are not even sure what that means, but thinking is completely useless now
  121. >The moment of penetration makes you wince, but there is no screaming with nine inches of palpable Princess in your muzzle
  122. >You breathe sharply through your nose as a bit of unusually fragrant seed dribbles from Princess Luna
  123. >Swallow feels difficult just do to the thickness of it, but you muscle through
  124. >Your belly burns with an icy sting from the strange liquid
  125. >It is unmistakably the taste of magic; something basics did teach you about!
  126. >Having been focused on suckling Princess Luna like a foal, you only just realize that your butt is being liberally taken
  127. >Despite their sizes, the Princess’ shaft seems to curve, bend, and contour to your every groove
  128. >Princess Celestia grits her teeth as she slides inch by inch deeper into you
  129. >Her belly presses into your unwavering maleness as she closes in
  130. >You only catch a glance at your mistreated sex, but you are certain it should not be such a reddish colour
  131. >The Princess of the Night seems to pick up the pace and you try to finish her as quickly as you can
  132. >Wrenching your jaw to one side, you feel her glide down your throat and gag a little
  133. >Pearly hooves pin your neck and head as Princess Luna lets out a please roar
  134. >The taste of thick, gooey magic floods your mouth at such an alarming rate that you feel it flood up and out of your nose
  135. >Princess Luna keeps your throat plugged as she continues to pulse and spurt into you
  136. >At the same time, Princess Celestia’s movement begin to become jerky and uneven
  137. >You feel as if you will blackout when a sudden pressure releases your engorged shaft
  138. >The maniac Princess picks up the pace and you slide forward with each strong thrust
  139. >Your abused sex leaks over your belly and seems to pour out as the Princess works you over
  140. >With a final rough buck, Princess Celestia hilts herself into you
  141. >A flood of molten magic spills into your backside as you spasm and cum over your chest
  142. >Princess Luna finally releases your face with a sloppy smile on her own
  143. >”T-The ritual is complete…”
  144. >She drags herself to her hooves and you watch as her magical shaft recedes into nothingness
  145. >It is a few more minutes until the Princess in your belly unloads enough to remove herself
  146. >You are battered, sore, and three different kinds of filthy, but you have endured the trials set before you
  147. >Honestly, not bad at all
  148. >As you weakly climb to your hooves, you feel like the ocean is in your belly
  149. >Princess Celestia smiles to you with the face of a caring mother again
  150. >”We have given you all we can. May your hooves stand strong and your wings beat proudly.”
  151. >You simply nod, having no energy to do more
  152. >A sudden feeling of icy hotness slithers up your spine and straight into your brain
  153. >Your front legs give out and you double over back to the floor
  154. >Through blurry eyes, you see the Princesses smiling at your fetal form
  155. >”Be born of the night and be made in an image befitting of me.”
  156. >The Princess of the Night moves a moonbeam over you
  157. >Once bathe in the light, your body is engulfed by etheric matter
  158. >Your ears widen and frizz as sound becomes tangible in new depths
  159. >Feathered wings grow sharp, flexible, and dark in colour
  160. >A pair of fangs push from your maxilla until they hang over your bottom lip
  161. >Your eyes contract as even the moonlight becomes as bright as daylight
  162. >Princess Luna smiles with a warm and loving grin before helping you to your hooves
  163. >”Tonight you join the ranks of the finest Equestria has to offer. Stand tall, Sir Dizzy Dancer.”
  164. >You do as you are told and find your body feeling remarkably energetic now
  165. >You test your new wings and admire your freshly darkened coat
  166. >The large windows open under the pressure of magic and the night air rushes inside
  167. >Without a word, the Princess of the Night and you dive from tower
  168. >Honestly, you have never been happier
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