Project Standard Operations

May 27th, 2020
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  1. ==How To Start An OP==
  2. This document provides simple guidleines on creating an operation (OP). If you have any questions after reading through the guide, ask in general thread.
  3. It is highly recommended that you read all the way through this guide at least once before you start following the steps to create your op.
  5. First things first, check to see if the op you want to start has already been created by someone else or if there's an op with a similar enough topic that you can discuss merging your op with that existing one. After all, there's really no need for 14 different ops all trying to do the same thing, when there could be one thread with all those people working together and getting much more accomplished. If you don't know how to find a list of ops look in warroom section of dough.
  7. '''Checklist'''
  9. Before you move forward with the idea, there are few things you should take into consideration:
  11. -What is the purpose of the op? What are you trying to accomplish? What kind of message are you trying to spread? Make sure that the operation has a foundation that has been thoroughly thought out so that the op doesn't have to suffer later because of poor planning.
  12. -Why should people care about the op? The op is nothing if no one cares about it. Clearly, you care about it so you had better be able to tell the rest of us why we should also care. While we encourage ops, it should also be said that not every grievance and/or government wrongdoing is a reason to rally an op.
  13. -What are the relevant/vital pieces of information relating to the op? Assume nobody else but you know anything about the topic of the op. Gather the more important information that will get people up to speed quickly. (memes and intel)
  14. -How will you communicate the op to the public? Whether you are going to use Facebook, Twitter, videos, press releases, etc. have a solid plan on how to execute and spread the op.
  17. '''Press Release'''
  19. Once you have gone through the checklist, it may be a good idea to prepare a Thread that consolidates the information/data you have collected. This way, you can link people to a single document about your op that will help them get started.
  21. There are also many other services you can use to host the press release, some of the more popular being pastebin and Riseup pad. Note that if you use an etherpad, such as Riseup pad or Titanpad, anyone who has the link to the pad can edit it, meaning that your press release can easily be edited or even deleted entirely (in other words, beware of trolls). On the other hand, etherpads are a very good tool to use to collaborate on press releases, as several people can contribute at once, whereas most paste services (such as pastebin) do not allow edits to be made.
  23. The general format of an operation press release is as follows:
  25. ''Title'': Hopefully this is pretty self-explanatory, much as your title should be. Aim for a short, easy to understand title. You don't want your readers getting bored before they even get past the title!
  26. ''Mission statement'': This is the "Greetings, citizens of the world" section. There are two methods typically used to write this part of a press release (some brave writers choose to try both):
  27. The first is an open letter to your target, letting them know that you mean business. An example of this type of letter can be found here: ''''''
  28. The second is an open letter to your fellow anons that serves as a call to action. An example of this type of letter can be found here: ''''''
  29. No matter how you choose to write your mission statement, make sure that it very clearly explains both the background of your operation and your goals for the operation.
  30. How you can help: Make sure that you give people who want to participate clear directions on how they can help - direct them to your thread, explain what actions are needed, and consider providing a list of any links that may be useful, e.g. social media accounts, tutorials, or news stories.
  32. Pay particular attention to how you are wording your press release. Many ops have failed to attract people simply because of terribly-written press releases. This is not the place to rant about how if X person is elected president, a genocide will occur and volcanoes will explode and night will never end. In other words, present your point of view in a clear, level-headed manner. Hyperbole and sheer ridiculousness will serve only to drive people away from your op - not to draw them in.
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