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Sonic Adventure 2: 180 Emblem Speedrun Route

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  1. With ESG, the route for 180 has changed significantly
  3. -Dark Story then Hero Story as normal
  4. -Last Story is not unlocked because of ESG, so we skip for now
  5. -City Escape M2-4 for Magic Hands
  6. -Crazy Gadget M2-5 to get difficult missions out of the way
  7. -Route 280 M2-4 to get difficult missions out of the way
  8. -Hidden Base M2 for Mystic Melody
  9. -Eternal Engine M2-5 to get difficult missions out of the way
  10. -Rest of Sonic Missions (Apart from Green Forest 5)
  11. -Shadow Missions (faster for menuing)
  12. -Eggman Missions
  13. -Tails Missions without Route 101 M3-5 in order to do the Wrong Warp later on (Faster menuing to do each stage M2-5 rather than use the All A rank button)
  14. -Rest of Rouge missions
  15. -Knuckles missions (Game is re-launched at the end of these to disable ESG)
  16. -Green Forest 5 (for animal collection)
  17. -Re-enter Aquatic Mine and Pumpkin Hill for animal collection
  18. -Chao Evolution
  19. -Chao Karate
  20. -Chao races
  21. -Last Story
  22. -Cannon's Core M2
  23. -Route 101 M3 to trigger Wrong Warp to Knuckle's section of Cannon's Core M3
  24. -Route 101 M4 & 5
  25. -Cannon's Core M3-M5
  26. -Kart Racing
  27. -Boss Rush
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