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  1. 1. To run the "Create-Custom-ISO.sh" program, the following files are required to be in the SAME directory as the script:
  3.   a) CentOS-5.5-x86_64-bin-DVD-1of2.iso (not included here)
  4.   b) CentOS-5.5-x86_64-bin-DVD-2of2.iso (not included here)
  5.   c) comps.xml
  6.   d) rpm.list
  7.   e) ks.cfg (to create a kickstart image only)
  9. NOTE: You will need to copy the two CentOS 5.5 DVD images to this directory in order to run the script.
  10. Also be aware that you do not need to modify the "rootpw" or "user" fields in the "ks.cfg" file; this is done within the script when you run it.
  12. 2. To create an image file, you must change permissions to make the "Create-Custom ISO.sh" file executable. The options to run the "Create-Custom-ISO.sh" program are outlined below:
  14.   USAGE: Create-Custom-ISO.sh -k | -r filename
  16.   OPTIONS:
  17.   -k  Create a DVD that installs CentOS automatically using a customized kickstart file.
  18.   -r  Create a customized CentOS installation DVD that boots with user interaction.
  20.   You must enter either "-k" for a kickstart DVD or "-r" for a regular DVD.
  21.   A valid (in Microsoft Windows) name for your new ISO file is also a required argument.
  23. 3. You may modify the supplied kickstart to your own needs. Note that the (modified) groups and software listings can be found in the "comps.xml" file. If you decide to customize further and add new software or software groups, you need to resolve all dependencies for RPM packages, add the names of all required RPM files to the "rpm.list" file, add any (new) RPMs to the all_rpms folder (once the script creates it) and lastly, you need to add any new groups and RPM package installation names to the "comps.xml" file. CentOS will automatically resolve all your dependencies at installation time (provided that you have all the necessary packages included in the image and your comps.xml file is correct).
  25. I have tried to make this revision of the CentOS 5.5 installation software more compatible and intuitive for a user to install in a virtual environment; the streamlining of groups and rearrangement of software packages were meant to make an installation that was more suited to a smaller hard drive installation. Feel free to add or improve on any of the supplied scripts or configuration files (such as getting the checksum for the created image to function).
  27. Happy coaster burning!!!
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