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  1. John seems like kinda a dick already and I'm only a few lines in. "He laughs at me, but that's expected in marriage, also he's super into being logical and explaining things."
  3. Yeah the very next line is talking about how he doesn't believe her and thinks she's hysterical lol. What an asshole.
  5. Ironically the real "logical" thing to do here would be, I don't know, listen to the woman and if she thinks being social and working will help, actually, say, try to measure progress somehow with that vs what he wants her to do? So he's not actually logical at all, like many people who claim to be super into "critical thinking and rationality"
  7. "I get so unreasonably angry with John sometimes" yeah weird how being treated like your opinions don't matter and patronized makes you angry.
  9. "take the top room so you get a lot of air" is basically the only intelligent thing this dude has done so far
  11. It seems fairly normal when you're under a lot of stress to have fairly minor things set you off, so knowing that you'd think John would actually take care to make sure she's as comfortable as possible instead of, you know "laughing at your wife because the wallpaper annoys her"
  13. Here she's talking about how writing is the only thing that actually calms her down and he's telling her its' the one thing she totally shouldn't do of course. She seems like a very creative person which is a good thing but she married some dude who wants to erase all creativity from the world apperantly
  15. John keeps feeding her and she's talking about how much he must love her. John seems like the type of guy who wants to think he's right, and desperately needs people to look up to him for advice so he can see himself as an "expert". I know a lot of guys like this, it's mostly because they're insecure.
  17. She's fixating on the wallpaper and this moron continues to tell her to shut up basically. Doctors should listen to their patients--she doesn't seem unreasonable and prone to continue fixating on things, so covering up the paper seems like the least he could do, if he wasn't a self centered asshole.
  19. She's talking about marks and stuff on the paper--it wouldn't surprise me if all the stress she's under gave her a psychotic break and she made the marks herself and repressed the memory at this point. You can only push someone so far.
  21. "Jennie wanted to sleep with me--the sly thing!" heh this line aged interestingly
  23. Yep she had a psychotic break because dude wouldn't listen to her
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