Mar 31st, 2016
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  1. --- XCOM GENERAL ---
  3. General Information
  4. XCOM2 trailer:
  6. Official site:
  8. XCOM2 Released DLC and Expansion:
  11. OpenXcom
  13. Files needed to play openxcom (The only files you need. No need to buy the game from anywhere)
  15. Phoenix Point Backer Build 3
  18. --- Questions ---
  20. >What the fuck are these XCOM games?
  21. XCOM 2, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and its expansion Enemy Within, are tactical, turn-based squad strategy games.
  22. You are heading an international paramilitary covert force focusing the best and brightest minds and
  23. most capable soldiers (lol) from across the globe to respond to the threat of extraterrestrial enemies.
  25. Gameplay is separated into two major components: in-field deployments of a tactical force against the
  26. enemy unknown and known; and a global geoscape where you monitor the world at large and develop your singular
  27. hidden base of operations while trying to keep the world at large on board with XCOM's ability to
  28. defeat the alien menace.
  30. >Wasn't there an older game?
  31. MicroProse/Mythos developed UFO: Enemy Unknown (marketed as X-COM: UFO Defense in North America) as
  32. a tactical, turn-based squad strategy game. The game had a more elaborate tactical and global overview.
  33. Generally speaking, soldiers' actions were limited by personal Time Units, soldiers could be firing
  34. upon tiles without regard for what was in them (or actively hitting those tiles because of what was on
  35. them), and you had multiple bases of operations globally.
  37. XCOM2 and XCOM: EU (not X-COM, mind you) are basically streamlined, modernized games to revitalize the genre.
  38. That doesn't make X-COM any less enjoyable for its own sake!
  40. It's a fantastic game and if you want to play it, it's highly recommended that you use OpenXCOM for the optimal
  41. X-COM experience.
  42. Just click around, the site has all the details you need to get started.
  43. -Vintage PirateZ (It's an overhaul, just download and it works right out of the box)
  47. >What is this talk about expansions?
  48. XCOM 1 and XCOM 2 have their own full expansions, as well as other released dlc. The dlc are pretty optional.
  50. War of the Chosen is an expansion for XCOM2 providing much-needed depth, combat options,
  51. and great mission variety. The key features the expansion offers are new means of upgrading
  52. soldiers (ie. ability points), a new global threat in the form of the Chosen and the Lost, a smattering of new
  53. enemies, new map tilesets, and new Faction Classes along with Covert operations.
  55. Enemy Within is an expansion on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, providing much-needed depth, combat options,
  56. and means to mitigate global panic the better. The three key features the expansion offers are two
  57. new means of upgrading soldiers (ie. Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuit troopers and Genetically Modded
  58. troopers), a new global threat in the form of transhumanist terrorists, and a smattering of new enemies
  59. to face provided by the aliens.
  61. >Why is the gameplay a shit? Fucking percentages to hit? I MISSED A 65% SHOT!
  62. That's XCOM, baby.
  64. The game and its genre are a game of mitigating and minimizing enemy opportunities to attack you,
  65. and for you to optimize your attempts to hit the enemy. Keep that in mind, and try to make your
  66. attempts to hit enemies higher versus their opportunities to fire at your dudes.
  68. Like, don't keep your (non-MEC/non-SPARK) guys out of cover with enemies present, ever.
  69. Try not to uncover hidden territory with your last dude if you can't salvage an escalating situation.
  70. Try not to have people out of cover when you reveal enemies either without them being able to move.
  72. --- Modding ---
  74. >Okay, the game's easy. Or I hate the way the dodge works in the game. Or I want more content.
  75. >What do?
  77. For XCOM2:
  78. Just head to the Steam Workshop and start picking what you like. You can find cheats, bugfixes,
  79. cosmetic mods, so many voice packs, more voice packs, gameplay changes, and eventually complete
  80. gameplay overhauls.
  81. Also recommend is this alternate mod launcher that makes managing a large mod list much more manageable and lets you save different
  82. mod list profiles:
  83. Currently, WotC has broken many old mods. Many are being updated, so be sure to search "WotC" in the
  84. workshop to bring up the mods that have been updated to work with the expansion.
  85. Check out the recommended mod list that is in the OP (if you are playing vanilla X2). If for some reason
  86. you can't use Steam Workshop (BUY THE GAME) or you don't want to use it, check out the Mega Folder link in
  87. the OP (only good for the base game, not the expansion), and if you ask nicely, a kind anon might upload it for you. Also you can
  88. check out Nexus Mods and instead of the steam workshop.
  90. >What else should I know about if I want to mod me some XCOM?
  91. You want to mod anything else as well? Download the complete SDK on steam and get Notepad++ to start
  92. exploring the .ini files. Also this handy picture guide has some more specific details on working with
  93. mods and how to retain your modifications:
  94. There is a dedeicated XCOM 2 modding discord that pretty much all X2 modders frequent:
  97. Check out these modding tutorial videos:
  98. XCOM 2 Animation modding:
  99. XCOM 2 Modding Youtube series:
  101. For XCOM1:
  102. Most of us modding XCOM: EW run the Long War mod. In short, it fixes alot of issues the base game has.
  103. It also substantially adds to the game's difficulty (in some fashions artificially so), and adds a better
  104. general gameplay experience, barring some niggles (Long War's air gameplay is notoriously divisive).
  106. Wiki, also for non-modded XCOM: EU/EW
  108. >Oh shit this is all new and what the fuck do I do?
  109. Read this FAQ. And consider looking through the assorted modlists, below, as well. Don't hesitate to ask
  110. dumb questions, however, that's what we're here for.
  111. FAQ:
  112. Modlist:
  113. >I keep crashing to desktop on loading particular maps in Long War. Probably the liquor store one. I dunno what the fuck?
  114. Open up your editor of choice (that had better be Notepad++, anon) and do the following:
  115. Open defaultmaps.ini
  116. Find: patch_liquorstore
  117. Replace: patch_liquorestore (there's an extra "e" in the filename that isn't accounted for in the ini setting)
  118. You should make two changes.
  119. Save. Apply. Murder ayys.
  120. >So what builds can you suggest me?
  121. Builds are widely available, and it's always a good idea to ask in the /xcg/ thread itself.
  122. That being said, have a bunch of links with information from longstanding players like Beaglerush, Ferrard
  123. Carson, and REDS (ok, so he's not a legendary player, but his class guide is still the most up to date) for your viewing:
  124. (Most up to date, I recommend starting here)
  128. >Enjoy your stay in /XCG/, but don't go alone, take some time to peruse these links to familiarize (or catch up) with all XCOM related content, memes, and news.
  130. Julian Gallop (creator of the original x-com) is making a new X-COM like game with 4X components called Phoenix Point. Check
  131. out this AMA and the website to get a feel for what to expect:
  134. (A different more recent Q&A from a live streams)
  136. /xcg/ XCOM 2 character pool
  137. (for submissions)
  140. Picture collection of 900+ images related to xcom and /xcg/:
  143. All XCOM 2 Art Work in high quality:
  146. A namelist that an /xcg/ anon put together with suspected xcg members:
  149. And some /xcg/ off-duty ADVENT shenanigans:
  152. >Anything else?
  153. /vg/ /xcg/ is full of mentally healthy people with no sexual deviants at all. We do not make art of questionable
  154. artistic merit, nor endorse mods of such nature. You should definitely NOT follow this below link. There is NO smut
  155. whatsoever. Lewd stuff is for degenerates. Which we aren't.
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