Frozen Golems

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  1. Runes-symbols with meaning and magical power. Carving them on something grants the object abilities based on the rune.
  2. Mastery-only known runes can be mastered. Mastered runes grant greater effects and also can be carved onto golems. Mastering a rune means you know how it works in relation to other runes and what order to carve it in along with others. This is gained through meditation and enlightenment. Attempting this with an un mastered rune results in a dysfunctional golem or when adding runes, death.
  3. Obtaining Runes-they are obtained by physical contact or close presence with a representation of the idea the rune stands for. This may require repeated contact if the rune is more subtle or is more abstract than concrete. Mastered runes can be further mastered, focusing on specific portions of a more general idea. For example, a sharpness rune might come from the battle rune, or heat from fire.
  4. Usage-a rune must be mastered before it is used on a golem. However, it does not have to be mastered to be carved into an object. The effect will not be as powerful though. Only three runes may be put on an object, with great instability, nine runes may be put on a golem. You do not have to worry about what runes are put on a golem, just as perspective on complexity.
  6. Fire-when the carved symbol is traced, it weakly ignites flammable materials in close proximity.
  7. Motion-(required for golems, though life is more powerful) makes moving the object easier and may grant it some sort of semi-independent motion, wheels rolling too long after being pushed.
  8. Language-grants a golem the power of speech, may have other uses.
  10. Runes not known or mastered
  11. Fear, Strength, Water, Rune, Protection, Battle, Death, Life, Growth, Air, Slowness
  12. Runes known but not mastered
  13. Light, Darkness, Stone, Ice, Courage
  14. Runes known and mastered
  15. Fire, Motion, Language
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