Poncho FEMTO (3.0 Ed)

Mar 21st, 2019
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  1. Name: Poncho
  2. Race: Griffon
  3. -Racial Traits:
  4. --Griffon Flight: You can fly, and have a +1 bonus to dive bomb attacks from high altitude (making such an attack ends Flight). This is about as taxing as running at full speed. You may also carry more than a pegasus while flying
  5. --Falcon Burst: Natural reflexes give you the advantage when faced with immediate danger. Your first attack in combat is Instant in addition to its other properties.
  6. Gender: Male
  7. Age: 22
  8. Talents:
  9. -Healing Hugs (Special Talent, Recharge 3)[Instant, Automatic]: Proximity to your target (though not necessarily touch) allows you to pump much more energy into your spells! Your next use of either Heal or Healing Bond is automatic, but its recharge is increased by one due to the rather inefficient usage of energy.
  10. -General Talent: Despite changing your ways, you're still a competent smuggler. You receive a +2 to concealing items.
  11. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  12. Alignment: True Neutral, Good-leaning
  13. Class: Druid (Cleric/Shaman)
  14. -Multiclass Skills:
  15. --Animal Totem, Mystic (Instant, Automatic, Self, Recharge 4 post-effect): Shapeshift into a Mystic Animal, gaining a +1 to a known spell roll, and gain a two-point Cleric or Shaman skill, chosen when Animal Totem is learned [Healing Bonds].
  16. -->Healing Bonds (Recharge 3)[Spell, Ranged]: Send out a chain of energy that restores full hits and one wound to up to three allies. On Crit the targeted allies remain bound together, allowing the next Cleric skill you cast on them next turn to affect all of them.
  17. -Free Skill (Cleric):
  18. --Heal (Spell, Recharge 1): Restores full hits to a single target. On a crit, restore one wound. On a Crit-Fail, cause one wound of damage.
  19. -Class Skills:
  20. --Bolster (Automatic, Recharge 2 post-effect)[Spell, Ranged]: The next time the target would fall helpless, they are instead restored to full hits and do not lose a wound.
  21. --Mend (recharge 1, spell): Stitch an body back together with magic, regenerating grievous injuries such as lost extremities, damaged vital organs, and internal bleeding. This also restores a wound on your target, and can act as a recovery roll on a helpless target. On Crit you fix up your target better than they were before, giving them 2 Temporary hits
  22. ---Inure (Recharge 1, Spell): Shield an ally with protective magic, blocking 5 hits worth of damage. An ally can only have one Inure on them at a time. On Crit the shield slows an enemy when they strike it, allowing the Inured ally to retaliate with a Bonus Action of a basic attack that turn against that enemy only.
  24. -Inventory:
  25. Baton (Single Weapon)
  26. Flashlight
  27. PDA
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