Breakfast - The climate climax

Apr 28th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >... Each day is worse than the last.
  3. >Hexferry has been able to successfully invade your life, though you show no signs of it.
  4. >There are three times she attempts to ruin you: while you're walking to the market, while you're in the market, and while you're walking back from the market.
  5. >Luckily, she hasn't done more than one of those in the same day.
  6. >Unfortunately, she has done one of them every single day since you left the hospital.
  7. >She always tries to make small talk.
  8. >Because you care about anything she has to say.
  9. >Brilliant logic.
  10. >You do your best to tune her out, but she's always so close, it's difficult to think of anything else.
  11. >Every word she says is filth in your eyes, but she doesn't stop speaking.
  12. >She won't stop until she wins, you know that from experience.
  13. >"Golden Corral said Sepia is better now, but..."
  14. >This time, she's decided to pester you on your way home.
  15. >You've had to draw more often; drawing helps calm you down.
  16. >... Unfortunately, your crayons help been taking many casualties.
  17. >Your blues and greens are easily your most used colors, so they wear down fast.
  18. >... If you don't break them due to stress.
  19. >She really is getting under your skin.
  20. >"... And we'll check on them again tomorrow. Meisa said Sepia's on her way to recovery."
  21. >... Sometimes, you can drown her out.
  22. >... Drown her...
  23. >"I've never seen the flu do that to someone. That still bugs me."
  24. >Someone was sick or something.
  25. >Cool.
  26. >You care so much about poor... Masa, or something.
  27. >You're sure, if you cared about anyone beside yourself, you'd care about the things Hexferry was talking about.
  28. >Unfortunately for her, you simply don't care.
  29. >"Miss Hexferry!"
  30. >Great.
  31. >The orange filly runs up to Hexferry, eager to indirectly be with you.
  32. >She only approaches you when Hexferry is around, and she doesn't show up nearly as often as Hexferry.
  33. >She's just extra, occasional salt on the wounds Hexferry opens.
  35. >"Hey, Poppy."
  36. >They've become closer due to their shared drive to make you miserable.
  37. >"Miss Butterscotch said it'll get really cold tonight..."
  38. >Your visions blurs a little.
  39. >You can still hear their voices, but you can't understand them. They sound distant.
  40. >... Cold...
  41. >You're already wearing two jackets, a hat, a scarf, two pairs of pants and a sock on each hoof; it's going to get worse?
  42. >You hate Autumn.
  43. >More, though, is your hate of Winter.
  44. >Darkness, snow, wind...
  45. >Cold...
  46. >An orange blur dashes ahead of you.
  47. >The world still exists, you forgot for a bit.
  48. >That blur becomes the orange filly, who turns back and waves to you and Hexferry.
  49. >"Goodbye, Miss Hexferry."
  50. >"Have a nice night, Poppy."
  51. >The filly looks at you for a moment, then turns and rushes away.
  52. >She still doesn't have the nerve to acknowledge you.
  53. >Good, no one should ever acknowledge you.
  54. >That doesn't stop the annoyance next to you.
  55. >The mentioned annoyance sighs listlessly.
  56. >"She's a good kid. She's interested in you, you know."
  57. >Obviously.
  58. >No one can say anything you care about and don't already know.
  59. >Hexferry just failed in both categories.
  60. >... You really wish you never had to leave your beautiful home.
  61. >Everything was fine before this fly started darting around you.
  62. >Why can't she bug someone else? You have a life.
  63. >She should stop trying to convert you; you're path is already set in stone.
  64. >You care for no one besides yourself, your heart doesn't have room for anyone else.
  65. >... Your heart loves too much already. After all, you love beauty, cleanliness, baths, shampoo, conditioner, hot water, heat, fire, the sun, crayons... and yourself.
  66. >Life with only the necessities would be perfect.
  67. >Instead...
  68. >... Your house is in view.
  69. >"Well, that was fun."
  70. >As fun as that joke was funny.
  71. >Not at all.
  72. >She veers off to her own home.
  73. >"I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"
  74. >You just continue to your sanctuary.
  75. >"Good night, Shimmer."
  76. >...
  77. >Hate is too weak of a word.
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